poison meatballs

You have to ask what kind of a sick “person” would leave poison meatballs in a park for innocent dogs to find but that’s exactly what someone did at a park in Boulder County, CO.  As of this writing, at least three dogs have been treated after eating the poisoned treats and more may have been affected as well.

Animal control found numerous raw meatballs laced with rat poison scattered around Gunbarrel Park in the dog park on Buckingham Road. At least a half dozen have been found by animal control and they are being tested for human DNA to see if it can lead back to the sick person who did this.

The raw meatballs initially found Monday night in a neighborhood park located at 5150 Buckingham Road. contained green chunks of rat poison, according to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. The meatballs are slightly larger than an average key, as can be seen by the picture.

Vets are warning people that may have visited the park to be aware of the symptom of poisoning; including a lack of appetite, pale gums, breathing trouble and fatigue. If you notice any of these symptoms immediately take your animal to the vet. Symptoms may take a day or two to show up.

“If there’s any suspicion your dog ate any type of poison, it’s best to seek emergency care, immediately,” Dr. Jen Bolser, the chief veterinarian at Boulder Valley’s Humane Society said.

If anyone has information that would assist in the investigation, we encourage them to call the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at (303) 441-4444. You may reference case number 14-1915.  To read more: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/poison-meatballs-found-in-gunbarrel-park-at-least-three-dogs-treated-video