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Cruelty beyond comprehension. These cowards have been convicted of random acts of cruelty crimes for their brutal, hateful, heartless, vicious, merciless and murderous acts of Animal cruelty. Please vote for tougher laws to stop people like these.

Bunnies Drowned at Ohio Petland by a flippen stupid wench.... Posted it on Facebook too Duhhhh

Written by PETA

Update: The Petland store has closed, and the employee has been charged with cruelty to animals. Click here for details. Warning: disturbing image.

Drowned rabbits


This photo was taken in the back room of a Petland store in Akron, Ohio, and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Carlisle, who can be seen grinning as she holds two dead, soaking-wet rabbits by the scruff of the neck—rabbits she just drowned while on Petland's time clock. On Carlisle's Facebook page, she confirmed a friend's guess that she had drowned these two rabbits and wrote, "[T]he manager took the pic for me. [S]he reminded me that there were people outside as [I] was swearing at them to just hurry up and die but then she was so kind as to take this picture."

These horrific deaths followed what was apparently an equally horrifying life for these rabbits. Other comments Carlisle posted made it clear that the rabbits were drowned after sustaining agonizing injuries when they were allowed to "attack and eat each other." The rabbits suffered from "deep wounds all over," "an eye missing," what Petland staff "suspected was a broken jaw," and paralysis from the waist down—injuries that would not have occurred had these animals been provided with proper care and supervision.

Undercover investigations have revealed time and time again that companies that breed and sell animals are concerned about profits, not animals' well-being. We are urging Petland to think long and hard about what this incident makes clear: The company has no business selling any animals.

Read so more: https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?page=UserActionInactive&id=2385


Dog Fighting Ring Bust at Home Day Care Center.

From Left to right: Lance Webb, Charles Sutton and Martez Anderson.

A home day care center at 2101 S. Third Ave in Maywood, IL, was the scene of a gruesome dogfighting ring bust yesterday. Scarred, injured dogs and puppies, equipment, and a bloody garage were found. Three men were arrested and charged, Charles Sutton, 42, and Lance Webb, 27, both of Maywood, were charged with felony dogfighting and Martez Anderson, 38, of Maywood, who kept the fighting dogs at his house, was charged with being a felon in possession of an unsprayed or unneutered dog, a misdemeanor. Three homes were raided, one being the day care where 10 children were being cared for.  In a garage behind the house, not far from where the children played, an aggressive pitbull was chained, the garage walls and floor spattered with blood, equipment including syringes, medication, break sticks and harnesses were found.  The dog that was chained up there was in pathetic shape, his chest “shredded” and his penis almost completely bitten off. “Kids were playing on a swing set just 10 feet away from a vicious fighting dog and blood-stained floors,” Sheriff Tom Dart said.

IL Dogfight - puppyIn a nearby house, 2025 S. Sixth Ave., rented by ex-convict, Martez Anderson, was where the dogs were kept. Anderson charged about $60 a month to house the dog. At that residence they found a female pitbull with three four-month-old puppies. It looked as if the puppies had already been in fights, perhaps used as bait. One of them was already scarred and had an eye ripped out. They were kept in urine soaked wire cages, no food or water and were all severely emaciated. Another dog was found in a shed behind the garage, severely scarred, it’s leg broken so badly that it was twisted around backwards and another dog in a crate behind the shed in such bad shape it could barely stand. In yet another house at 2027, right next to the ex-con’s house, they found more dogfight training equipment and yet another malnourished puppy. “All of the dogs that we got yesterday were in horrific condition,” Sheriff Tom Dart said while cuddling a puppy taken during the raid. “The people who work on this have done this for years as you know and this is as bad as we’ve seen the animals.”Sutton's wife, who ran the licensed daycare, of course denied any involvement and said the children were never around any of the dogs or equipment. By late Wednesday thought, she did surrender her license and close the day care.“This day care home operator complied with our request today to surrender her license with cause,” Kendall Marlowe, DCFS spokesman said. “This day care home is now closed, and we will monitor the home going forward to ensure that it does not reopen.

Read more: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/dogfighting-ring-bust-at-home-day-care-center-video

Charges Upgraded for One Suspect in IL Dogfighting Ring

IL Dogfight - Martez AndersonWhen I first did the story about the dogfighting ring that was uncovered at a home day care center in Maywood, IL, I was surprised that one of the suspects was only charged with a misdemeanor. Martez Anderson, 38, who kept the fighting dogs at his house, was charged with being a felon in possession of an unsprayed or unneutered dog, a misdemeanor. The other two suspects, Charles Sutton, 42, and Lance Webb, 27, both of Maywood, were charged with felony dogfighting. There’s been some changes since then.

After police reviewed the evidence, they upgraded the charge against Anderson to felony dogfighting and when he showed up for his buddies’ hearing, was promptly rearrested. It was after he was arrested that they found a video on his cellphone of a man setting a dog on fire!! If you recall, Anderson was the guy who denied everything saying, “That’s crazy. They’re little puppies. They’re barely walking. They probably could have did with a bath,” and claiming that the one puppy lost its eye when a door fell on it. I’m hoping no one actually bought in to that BS!! Looks like the bricks in the wall are piling up higher and higher for this scum. The police are going to examine the video and see if there’s any links to Anderson or Sutton and Webb. Bail for all these of these big tough men is set at $500k.  Glad to see that this is being taken seriously!

 Read more:  http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/charges-upgraded-for-one-suspect-in-il-dogfighting-ring/comment-page-1

IL Dogfight - Lance Webb

Lance Webb

IL Dogfight - Martez Anderson

Martez Anderson

Dogfighting Ring at Daycare Center

In September a dogfighting ring was busted at a Maywood, IL home daycare center where 10 children were being cared for just feet from where fighting dogs were secured. Three houses were raided, three men arrested and of course they all denied any involvement despite the evidence of the scarred and injured dogs and dogfighting equipment.



kathybauck1I’m gonna make this one quick because I am disappointed and disgusted.  The verdict came in today on Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennel, or I should say previous owner because she transferred ownership to her husband and daughter and is listed only as an employee now.  She was acquitted on the two most serious charges, two felony animal abuse charges but she was convicted of the four misdemeanor charges, one animal cruelty and three counts of torture.

There’s no doubt that only being convicted of misdemeanors her sentence will be minimal and she’ll be back to torturing and abusing dogs again. While on the stand she threw as much blame for everything that she possibly could on Jason Smith, the man who shot the undercover video which showed some of the most appalling and horrific images of life inside a puppy mill.  She claimed he sabotaged her operation in effect causing many of the problems. She had an excuse for pretty much everything.  You can read more of the detail of her testimony in The Fergus Falls Journal.  She really paints herself as a victim, targeted.  Hmmph! Bauck was arrested in August of 2008 and initially charged with 9 counts of felony animal cruelty, torture, and practicing veterinary medicine without a license. She also has a history of complaints and citations. You can read much more background, including all the original charges HERE and more information, including the infamous video which her lawyer attempted to have suppressed, HERE. Sadly, between her arrest and the trial, charges were dismissed and downgraded and now we see the final verdict.  Last Saturday Bauck was at the Buckeye Dog Auction in Ohio getting rid of over 200 dogs and is also expected to be back at the auction in May to dump more dogs. A sentencing hearing will be held April 24 following recommendations from Otter Tail County Probation. This bitch can say what she will, try to lay blame wherever she can get away with but she has more then a decade history of abuse and the only innocent victims are the dogs and puppies in her kennel from hell.


Massive puppy mill raided in Hickman County Nashville TN.

Nearly 700 dogs were rescued from a massive puppy mill operation in Hickman County Wednesday. The dogs were seized from a 92-acre farm on Ed Lyell Road in Lyles, about 55 minutes west of Nashville, after they were found to be living in deplorable conditions. Officials reported the dogs were crammed into cages and crates littered with feces, with little or no food and water. In addition to the hundreds of dogs, several other animals were also seized. Some were also found dead. The raid is being called the largest animal rescue ever conducted in Tennessee. The district attorney said they were led to the farm, known as Pine Bluff Kennels, after receiving several tips. Over 100 volunteers helped transport the rescued animals to a makeshift shelter where they will receive the proper veterinary care. Investigators believe the breeder was selling the dogs online. She will be given 15 days after her first court date to post a seizure bond on the animals. If she is unable to post bond, the animals will be surrendered to Hickman County, placed in Humane Society shelters and be put up for adoption. An investigation several years ago surrounded the same Hickman County farm. While there was court action, there were no convictions. No arrests have been made or charges filed in Wednesday's raid.


Justice for Holly, dragged dog, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Holly survives being dragged 2 miles behind truck in Port St. Lucie; extensive injuries.

A 31-year-old man was arrested on 3rd-degree felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly dragging a dog nearly 2 miles behind his pickup truck.

According to Port St. Lucie Police Department reports, Napoleon Davis, who told police he was homeless and living with a brother in the 1500 block of Iffla Avenue, said he was taking the dog to the Humane Society of St. Lucie County because his relatives would no longer take care of it.

Police spokesman Tom Nichols said the cab of Davis' truck "was full of stuff, and rather than clean it up and put the dog up there where it belonged, he put it in the back (of the truck)," tying the dog to a post in the truck bed with a 15-foot leash Monday morning.

The dog, described as a small pit bull mix, apparently jumped out of the truck near Paar Drive and Darien Street and was dragged to the 3200 block of Rosser Boulevard, a distance of 1.9 miles, according to police.

Nichols said two people tried to stop the truck, "but it just kept going" before another pair of passers-by managed to stop Davis. "The first people (who tried to stop the truck) called 911," Nichols said, "and (Davis) called 911 once he stopped." Nichols said Davis told police he didn't know the dog had jumped out of the truck.

Davis was being taken to the St. Lucie County Jail late Monday morning, Nichols said. The dog was taken to Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie. "She's in pretty rough shape," Dr. Leonard Fox, a veterinarian at the clinic, said of "Holly," the name given to the dog because of the Christmas season. "She has road rash everywhere; and treating road rash is like treating a burn victim. You can't stitch the wounds together. She'll have to have her bandages changed every two to three days for a month."

Fox said the worst injuries were to the dog's feet, which he said "look like ground beef." "She was dragged so long on her back legs that what you might call her big toes were worn down to the bone," Fox said, adding that at least three of the dogs toes will have to be amputated in surgery planned Tuesday.

Fox said the dog weighs 42 pounds and is between a year and 18 months old. Treating the dog is expected to cost from $1,000 to $1,500, Fox said. David Robertson, operations manager at the Humane Society's animal shelter in Fort Pierce, said that estimate "could be just the tip of the iceberg. She's got some really horrific injuries."

Fox said his office will donate some of its services, and the Humane Society is dipping into its emergency fund money. "We'll do whatever it takes," Fox said. "She's a good dog. She hasn't given us a hard time, hasn't tried to bite anyone, even with all the work we've been doing on her. I think she appreciates what we're trying to do."




Puppies 'Viewed as Livestock' in Amish Community, Says Rescue Advocate

Exclusive Access: Cutting-Edge Facilities or Puppy Factories?

The Amish are widely viewed as plain, peaceful people. Reclusive and private, most people only catch glimpses of them as they make their way through the hills of Pennsylvania's Dutch County in buggies.  A "Nightline" investigation into a secret world in Amish Country. But some of their perfectly manicured farms are home to a secret world. Lancaster County has been called the puppy mill capital of the U.S., and the trade is largely dominated by the Amish. It is a world most people never see, but undercover video shot by Main Line Animal Rescue provides a startling look. Hundreds of puppies can be seen stacked in crate on top of crate. Most of those puppies will eventually be sold to pet stores, but their mothers will likely never know a home other than this. The female breeders live their life producing litter after litter... until they can't any longer. Bill Smith, the founder of Main Line Animal Rescue, says that the dogs are then disposed of -- sometimes euthanized, sometimes shot. And it's perfectly legal.


"Unfortunately if a kennels breeds less than 60 dogs they can shoot them," he said. "If it's over 60 dogs they can't be shot." That's why Smith spends so much time driving the country roads of Amish country, rescuing dogs from breeders. On the day "Nightline" visited, he convinced an Amish farmer to give him a female golden retriever who could no longer breed, in exchange for some free dog food. The dog -- who spent her life in a cage -- struggled to walk. "When they come out of the rabbit hutches they walk like crabs because they don't know what it's like to walk on a proper surface," Smith said. "They drag their bodies." There are about 300 licensed breeders in Lancaster County, and rescue workers estimate another 600 unlicensed facilities operate in barns and sheds. Those breeders go to great measures to avoid discovery. Smith says some even "de-bark" their dogs. "The farmers, the Amish and the Mennonites, they pull the heads back and then they hammer sharp instruments down their throats to scar their vocal cords so they can't bark," he said. "So that way they can have 500-600 dogs in a barn and no one knows. As we said, it's an industry of secrecy." Secretive and profitable. Breeders can make upwards of half million dollars a year. The Amish breeders sell the dogs at auctions and the puppies at pet stores.

If you'd like to read more:



Senior James Mills, Sr. Convicted of Beating Dog to Death Video

James Mills

In court on Thursday, James Mills, Sr. was found guilty of brutally beating his son’s girlfriend’s dog, a 9-year-old rottweiler mix named Penny, to death with a metal fence post. If you watch the video, you’ll see how he calmly and emotionlessly showed how he used the metal post, or at least says how he did anyway.

Deputies report that the dog was not vicious or aggressive in any way.  Mills just entered Penny’s kennel, initially he says, to give the dog water, but tired of hearing the dog bark for two days, he took a metal pipe and hit her 3 or 4 times.  By the time his son and girlfriend returned, Penny was dead. Would it have been so hard to him to just give Penny some attention and not at the end of a metal pipe!  You can imagine that Penny was probably all excited to see him come over and open the kennel.  She probably thought she was going to have some fun, get a little TLC and what does she receive instead??  A metal pipe bashed over her head 3 or 4 times then left to suffer and die, alone and in pain.



Joshua Kyle Stitt

Litter of puppies beaten to death, dog stabbed Oregon City, OR (US)   Man was in the U.S. Marines

County: Clackamas

Charges: Misdemeanor, Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Joshua Kyle Stitt
 An Oregon City-area man reportedly discharged from the U.S. Marines for mental instability is set to be charged today in the beating and stabbing deaths of seven dogs. Police said Joshua Kyle Stitt, 21, who lives on South Central Point Road, south of Oregon City.

Case Updates

A Oregon City man who slit a dog's throat and beat six puppies to death will serve 130 days in the Clackamas County Jail. Joshua Kyle Stitt, 21, pleaded guilty Friday to four counts of aggravated animal abuse in the first degree and a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse. John Stitt told deputies his son was discharged from the Marines because of mental problems. Herndon ordered Joshua Stitt to undergo a mental evaluation and to follow whatever treatment is recommended. He also prohibited Stitt from possessing any animals for the five years he is on probation. "If it were up to me, you'd be prohibited from owning any animals for the rest of your life," Herndon said.
Source: Oregon Live - Nov 13, 2009
Update posted on Nov 15, 2009 - 1:50PM

To read more:


Arlington Heights man Kevin Colabuono charged with killing ex's kitten


A 25-year-old Arlington Heights man was ordered held on bond today after he allegedly killed his   ex-girlfriend's 4-month-old kitten by throwing it to the floor of his home over the weekend, Arlington Heights police said. Kevin Colabuono of the 2100 block of South Goebbert Road was arrested and charged Sunday with aggravated cruelty to an animal, a felony. http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/08/arlington-heights-man-charged-with-killing-exs-kitten.html

Case Update:


An Arlington Heights man received 30 months probation after pleading guilty to a charge of aggravated cruelty to an animal in Rolling Meadows Third Municipal District on Monday. Kevin Colabuono, 25, reportedly became enraged after a 4-month-old kitten belonging to his estranged girlfriend urinated on the floor of his residence in the 2100 block of S. Goebbert Road, last August, authorities said.  Colabuono slammed the kitten to the ground, killing it. He then discarded the remains in a Dumpster. As part of his $10,000 bond, Colabuono was ordered to have no contact with animals.

He must also perform 240 hours of community service as part of his plea, said Assistant State's Attorney Mike Andre.
Source: Daily Herald - Dec 15, 2009

Read more: http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/15986/IL/US/#ixzz0o2c5biER


Lucas Xavier Fourmyle

A 10 Day Sentence for Felony Animal Abuse!

Here we have yet another case of justice meting out injustice when it comes to an animal abuser! In mid-June, an 18-year-old Springfield, OR man, Lucas Xavier Fourmyle, decided to play martial artist on a 14-week-old puppy and pummeled the puppy named Buddy so badly with his fists and hands that he ruptured the tiny baby’s liver.

Lane County Circuit Judge Eveleen Henry sentenced Fourmyle, a first time offender, to 10 days jail, 2 years probation and he is to pay $490.48 restitution to the puppy’s owner, the amount of the vet bill. Fourmyle also has to undergo mental health evaluation and any recommended treatment. He also can have no contact with domestic animals or weapons. If Fourmyle completes his “punishment” he can also petition to have the felony removed from his record. Are Oregon’s animal cruelty laws so lax that a felony conviction warrants only a mere ten day jail sentence??



Terry Kleiman

terry-kleimanAbuser Terry Kleiman a heavy weight gladiator put dog in oven. A super heavyweight Gladiator fighter who has been accused of putting his girlfriend, Alex Rouse’s, 5-month-old puppy, Hulk, in the oven and killing, it has been arrested.  According to court records, Kleiman has been charged with felony counts of mistreatment of animals and burglary.

In November, Alex Rouse returned to her home not to puppy cuddles and kisses but to find her puppy stuffed in the oven, dead. Kleiman, who had complained about the puppy and actually joked about putting it in the oven was identified in February by DNA. Police have been on the search for him since then. Kleiman was angry at Rouse because of a recent break-up and wanted to get back at her.  He also told at least two friends, who verified the story, about going to the house and and putting the dog in the oven. Kleiman, 31, a 6′10″, 400-lb super heavyweight Gladiator fighter was apprehended near Escanaba, Michigan and will be extradited to Brown County, WI where he will be charged.

Convicted by a jury of burglary and mistreatment of animals. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison, with 4 years extended supervision. Kleiman is ordered to not own any pets while on this sentence, and any woman he dates has to speak with his parole agent first.  That ought to go over big on a first date.



Michael Anthony Madrigal
Dog beaten in the head with metal pipe
Albert Lea, MN (US)

County: Freeborn

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Michael Anthony Madrigal

A 33-year-old Albert Lea man made his first appearance in Freeborn County District Court Wednesday related to two felony charges of mistreating a dog. Michael Anthony Madrigal, who appeared in custody, was represented by public defender Kevin Rhea. He was in custody related to another charge. According to court records, the mistreatment charges date back to an incident at the end of December 2008. "The animal was described as an apricot female, bully breed mix with three legs," reports state. "The right side of the dog's face was swollen and very sensitive to the touch.

Case Updates

Madrigal was convicted of the charge of mistreating an animal by cruelty, and the charge of mistreating an animal by torture was dismissed. He will now be on supervised probation until July 27, 2011, and if he violates that probation he will be required to serve 17 months at a prison in St. Cloud. He is also required to complete 40 hours of Sentence to Serve time. According to court records, Madrigal acknowledged in a statement to police that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and that they were yelling at each other when the dog snipped at him. Madrigal then "grabbed a metal pole and came back upstairs and hit the dog with a pole," according to the records. When an Albert Lea animal-control officer responded to the call, she found that the right side of the dog's face was swollen and sensitive to the touch. One of its eyeballs was filled with blood.

Madrigal has previously been charged in Freeborn County District Court for terroristic threats, drug possession, trespassing, assault, drunken driving and other traffic-related charges.
Source: Albert Lea Tribune - Jul 30, 2009
Update posted on Jul 30, 2009 - 6:17PM 



Acea Schomaker

Nebraska couple pleads not guilty to animal cruelty charges in cat bong case

April 9, 2009

Acea Schomaker used this homemade bong, consisting of a piece of garden hose attached to a duct-taped Plexiglass box, to calm his 6-month-old cat Shadow, he has said Acea Schomaker, the 20-year-old Nebraska man who was  cited last month for stuffing a cat inside a homemade bong and subjecting it to marijuana smoke, has pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges. His girlfriend, 22-year-old Marissa Vieux, also entered a not-guilty plea.

Schomaker has said he never intended to harm the 6-month-old cat, named Shadow, and only exposed her to marijuana because he'd heard of others calming their pets by blowing marijuana smoke in their faces.  According to Schomaker, Shadow, who was adopted by Vieux two months before the incident from friends who she said were abusive to the cat, had behavior problems. He also faces additional drug charges as a result of the incident and is scheduled to reappear in court April 20.  Vieux is due back in court May 4, Nebraska's KOLN/KGIN radio reports. The cat was reportedly in good condition; she was removed from the home and taken to the Capitol Humane Society in Lincoln. If you'd like to read more:http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/unleashed/2009/04/nebraska-couple-pleads-not-guilty-to-animal-cruelty-charges-in-cat-bong-case.html

Case Update:

Nebraska man pleads guilty to animal cruelty in cat bong case

July 28, 2009 |  

Acea Schomaker, the Nebraska man who was cited in March for placing a cat in a makeshift marijuana bong, pleaded guilty Monday to animal cruelty charges in the incident. Schomaker, who recently turned 21, also pleaded guilty to charges of marijuana possession and being in possession of alcohol while he was still a minor, the Lincoln Journal Star reported. Schomaker originally pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges in April and has said his intention was not to harm the cat, a six-month-old female named Shadow, but rather to calm her. Schomaker will return to court Sept. 18 for sentencing; he could face up to a year in jail, according to the Journal Star. Photo: Acea Schomaker said he used this homemade bong, consisting of a piece of garden hose attached to a duct-taped Plexiglass box, to calm the 6-month-old cat. Credit: Associated Press


Denise K. Withee

Over 20 dogs found dead in field.
Grand Island, NE (US)

County: Hall Charges: Felony CTA Disposition: Convicted Defendants/Suspects: 

Animal Control workers are calling it one of the most disturbing cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen. Nearly two dozen dogs were found dumped in a ditch and scattered around a field near Grand Island. Most were dead with a few clinging to life. The dogs were found Thursday afternoon. There were 23 in all including pugs, labradoodles, Chihuahuas and Yorkies.

By Sarah Schulz
Published: Friday, September 25, 2009 5:42 PM CDT
Denise K. Withee, who was convicted of dumping dead and dying dogs in a cornfield, has been ordered not to own, possess or reside with any animal for five years as part of her probation. Withee, 46, of Hastings, formerly of Mapleton, Iowa, was convicted by a Hall County District Court jury in July of three counts of felony cruel neglect of animals. She was sentenced by Hall County District Judge William Wright Thursday to four years probation for each count. The sentences will run at the same time. Just prior to the judge announcing her sentence, Withee said she intends to stay in Hastings, where she is renting a trailer, and said she is undergoing counseling.

If you'd like to read more:



Tanya Martin

Dog Hog-Tied and Set on Fire

Burned dod, Bobo, slowly recovering

A little 6 year old Yorkie is slowly and painfully recovering after his owner, Tanya Martin, 38, of Lakewood, CO, hogtied him and set him on a burning phonebook on a lighted stove burner.

A neighbor of Martin’s at the Alpine Mountain Vista apartment complex smelled burning and heard the little dog yelping at about 9 pm Sunday night and called the police. When the police arrived, they found Bobo, tied up with speaker wire and laying on his back on top if the burning phone book on the stove. They also found out that the little guy is deaf.Tanya Martin

Case Update
Martin had previously entered a plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in this case. Doctors at the Colorado Mental Health Institute found that she was insane at the time she set the fire. Martin withdrew the plea on April 22 and pled guilty to the class six felony. Terms and conditions of her probation include that she cannot be a caregiver to an animal and that she not use drugs or alcohol. The medication prescribed for her mental illness will also be monitored.

Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details: Dog hog-tied, set on fire - Lakewood, CO (US) http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/14742/CO/US/#ixzz0ufpfmK1W


A Beaufort County judge says 23-year-old Alex Greger can never adopt an animal again.


A Beaufort County judge says 23-year-old Alex Greger can never adopt an animal again.  Greger is accused of some terrible acts that made us all cringe when we heard about them: the brutal torture and killings of dogs he adopted from Lowcountry animal shelters. He was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday.  Greger pleaded guilty to four counts of ill-treatment of animals.  According to investigation results, two of the three dogs he tortured died.
Judge Perry Buckner sentenced Greger to five years behind bars and will not let the nearly six months he’s served at the Beaufort County Detention Center count toward that time.  If he should be granted parole, he must enroll in substance abuse counseling and be subject to random drug tests.  He is also never allowed to adopt an animal from a South Carolina shelter

If you'd like to read more:


Your help is needed. No parole for Juan Daniels. He didn't get it !!!

On January 30 2009, Juan Daniels was sentenced to 9 years in prison for the horrific cruelty he inflicted on his family’s dog, now known as Louis Vuitton.  He was convicted of felony animal cruelty.  It was the longest sentence ever given for animal cruelty in the history of Alabama.  Juan Daniels chained, beat, and set his dog on fire because he wasn’t allowed to drive the family car.  He is now up for parole.  The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles will consider his case on August 24 2010. 

Juan Daniels

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles voted 3-0 to deny early release to 23-year-old Juan Daniels of Montgomery, who was sentenced in 2009 to nine years and six months in prison. That’s a record in Alabama in an animal cruelty case.


Cats tortured, set on fire Rancho Cucamonga, CA (US)

Defendant/Suspect: Timothy Arie Kooyman

County: San Bernardino Charges: Felony CTA Disposition: Convicted

A homeless man on probation for an animal cruelty conviction was found with two tortured cats Tuesday, then linked to a small brush fire possibly started when another cat was doused in gasoline and set ablaze, officials said Wednesday. Timothy Kooyman, 24, was arrested.

Case Update:

A man serving a five-year prison term for the mutilation and killing of cats in Rancho Cucamonga has denied criminal charges alleging he committed similar acts at a Corona motel.  Timothy Kooyman, 26, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Riverside Superior Court to three felony counts of animal cruelty.  Prosecutors accuse Kooyman, a former Upland resident, of luring cats from nearby neighborhoods in February 2008 while he was staying at the National Inn in Corona.  Kooyman allegedly broke the cats' legs, decapitated a cat with an ax, ran over another with his truck, and cut another repeatedly with a razor blade.  Kooyman confessed to the acts after he was arrested in May 2008 for abusing and killing cats in Rancho Cucamonga, according to investigative reports.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in May after pleading guilty to four felonies related to the Rancho Cucamonga animal abuse - three for animal cruelty and one for arson.

Prosecutors had accused Kooyman of setting a cat on fire, causing a small brush fire.
Source: dailybulletin.com - Mar 10, 2010
Update posted on Mar 19, 2010 - 1:19PM



Virginia man who sold videos of pit bull fights

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court appeared poised Tuesday to strike down a federal law that makes it a crime to sell depictions of animal cruelty because the law sweeps too broadly and violates free speech rights.

In a spirited hour marked by wild hypothetical questions, a majority of the justices suggested by their remarks that they thought the disputed statute — used to prosecute a Virginia man who sold videos of pit bull fights — was too vague.

Justice Antonin Scalia questioned whether the law would cover videos of bullfights, which he said some viewers — "contrary to the animal cruelty people" — might believe "ennoble both beast and man." Justice John Paul Stevens asked whether images of animals hunted with bow and arrow might be covered. Justice Samuel Alito, who seemed more sympathetic than most of the justices to Congress' efforts to ban animal abuse images, asked whether laws could target videos of Roman gladiators fighting to the death or even a "human sacrifice channel" on cable TV.

A jury rejected Robert Stevens' claim that his videos had social value. He was convicted of selling depictions of animal cruelty and sentenced to 37 months in prison. He has not served time because of the appeal.



Five Men Plead Guilty to Their Roles in a Dog Fighting Conspiracy

  Robert Hackman          Michael Morgan     

Following the biggest dog-fighting ring bust in U.S. history this summer, some of more than 500 pit bulls are up for adoption. The St. Louis Humane Society has been caring for 407 dogs that were confiscated from a multi-state dog-fighting ring raid in July. More than 100 puppies were born after they were confiscated.                                                                                                

ST. LOUIS, MO—Four men pleaded guilty in federal court today for their roles in a dog fighting conspiracy and selling dogs for fighting purposes, Acting United States Attorney Michael W. Reap announced today. A fifth man pleaded guilty last week to the same charges in the Western District of Missouri. According to the facts filed with the court at the time of the pleas, between January 2008 and June 2009, Michael Morgan, Robert Hackman, Teddy Kiriakidis, Ronald Creach, and Jack Ruppel were involved in  animal fighting ventures and dog fighting competitions. They established and ran various kennel operations to purchase, breed, train, condition, and develop Pit Bull Terriers for participation in the animal fighting ventures. Robert Hackman operated “Shake Rattle and Roll Kennel,” Jack Ruppel operated “Ozark Hillbillys Kennel,” Michael Morgan a/k/a “Missouri Mike” operated “Cannibal Kennel,” and Ronald Creach operated “Hard Goodbye Kennel.” Each defendant admitted that they routinely inhumanely abandoned, destroyed and otherwise disposed of Pit Bull Terriers that lost fighting competitions, did not perform aggressively enough, or that became injured, wounded or disabled as a result of participating in animal fighting ventures.  By pleading guilty, all defendants have agreed to forfeit to the government all of the animals, money, weapons, animal fighting paraphernalia, property, and assets seized by law enforcement officials during their investigation.

  • MICHAEL MORGAN, a/k/a Missouri Mike, Hannibal, Missouri, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit federal offenses and one felony count of prohibitions against animal fighting ventures
  • ROBERT HACKMAN, Foley, Missouri pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit federal offenses and one felony count of prohibitions against animal fighting ventures
  • TEDDY KIRIAKIDIS, a/k/a Teddy Bogart, Leasburg, Missouri, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit federal offenses
  • RONALD CREACH, Leslie, Missouri, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit federal offenses

Each count carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000. Sentencing has been set for December 2, 2009, for each defendant. If you'd like to read more:  http://www.missourinet.com/2009/10/22/dogs-rescued-from-dog-fighting-ring-up-for-adoption/

Another man arrested with connection to this case in New York

Eldon Missouri Man Pleads Guilty to Dog Fighting.
     Jack Ruppel                        

By KSPR News

The ASPCA in New York says four men from Missouri have pleaded guilty to federal dog fighting charges. The men were arrested during the nation's largest dog fighting raid in U.S history in July.
Jack Ruppel of Eldon pleaded guilty earlier this month
He was one of 26 people arrested in eight states when rescuers seized more than 400 dogs.
NEW YORK—The ASPCA(The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has confirmed, through the Humane Society of Missouri, that four defendants in Missouri pled guilty today to federal dog fighting charges stemming from the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history, which took place last July 8.  Four eastern Missouri men--Robert Hackman of Foley, Teddy Kiriakidis of Leasburg, Ronald Creach of Leslie and Michael Morgan of Hannibal--pled guilty today in U.S. District Court in St. Louis to charges connected to the dog fighting raid. Another man arrested in connection with the raid, Jack Ruppel of Eldon, pled guilty to charges on September 4 in federal court in Jefferson City.
The ASPCA assisted the Humane Society of Missouri and federal and state agencies in conducting the raid, which resulted in the rescue of over 400 dogs and the arrests of 26 people accused of organizing dog fighting rings. Arrests were made in eight states, including Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Mississippi.  Dogs rescued from the properties associated with the persons who pled guilty exhibited numerous wounds and scars; one was missing lips; another was missing a leg. Many had internal parasites, ear infections and broken, worn or missing teeth.
Robert Hackman of Foley, Teddy Kiriakidis of Leasburg, Ronald Creach of Leslie and Michael Morgan of Hannibal pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in St. Louis to charges connected to the raid. Another man arrested in connection with the raid " Jack Ruppel of Eldon " pleaded guilty to charges Sept. 4 in federal court in Jefferson City.   Read More:  http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/15616/MO/US/


Michael Vick aka Ookie arrested for illegal activities and dog fighting.

           Original Story: Michael Vick aka Ookie and his attorneys have signed a plea agreement with the U.S. attorneys prosecuting him. Under that agreement, Vick will plead guilty to the charge of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce for illegal activities and dog fighting. As part of that agreement, Vick admitted that he was part of the dog fighting venture known as Bad Newz Kennels which operated out of his Surry County, Virginia home, the place raided earlier this year by authorities who found pit bulls chained to buried car axles and a great deal of dog fighting equipment. Indeed, Vick has admitted he largely funded this illegal venture. Vick has also admitted staging, promoting, managing, establishing, and carrying on dog fights in Virginia and elsewhere. He helped purchase and test and roll fighting dogs. Vick has flatly admitted gambling on dog fights. He has flatly admitted killing dogs by hanging, drowning and slamming them repeatedly on the ground until they were dead. Vick admitted the dog fighting equipment found on the property was used in this venture. That property included the dogs, many of which had scars and injuries; a breeding stand, break or parting sticks used to pry dogs' mouths open during a fight, treadmill, slat mills and other items.  Vick's own father, Michael Boddie, has said his son regularly conducted dog fights even in the garage of their family home in Newport News, Virginia. Boddie was left to nurse the poor battered animals. Those that weren't killed.  

I got one question:     Why did his dad not call the police then or now?

Update August 27, 2007: Judge Henry E. Hudson has accepted Michael Vick's guilty plea and set sentencing for December 10, 2007.  In a press conference following Monday's court hearing, Vick offered, "What I did was very immature, so that means I need to grow up. I totally ask for forgiveness and understanding....  I feel like we all make mistakes. And I made a mistake in using bad judgment and making bad decisions."  Huh?  Yes, okay, "very immature", a "mistake". How about horribly cruel, inhumane and ghastly? Let's hope the judge uses these latter adjectives in describing Vick's dog fighting operation and his brutal treatment of these dogs. 

If you'd like to read more:



176 Arrested in Raid of Texas Cockfight; Birds To Be Euthanized

Author : AHN Posted: January 4, 2010

Parker County, Texas, United States (AHN) – Authorities arrested 176 people over the weekend at a cockfight in northern Texas. According to the Star-Telegram, authorities raided a barn in Parker County where people could watch roosters with one-inch knives attached to their legs fight for $20. The fights had been going on for some time, and Parker County law enforcement officials began surveillance of the barn mid-December. Authorities seized drugs and cash from the scene, as well as 114 roosters that will likely be euthanized. Many of those arrested have been released after paying a fine, but others could be charged with gambling or engaging in organized criminal activity. The Dallas Morning News reported that the cockfight included a raffle of a new motor home and the sale of t-shirts. Cockfighting is illegal nationwide, but activities related to it are legal in several states. In Texas, cockfighting is a felony but possessing birds or implements for cockfights, and attending a cockfight are legal. Birds used in cockfights are bred for speed and strength despite having the evolutionary traits of “a forager and not a fighter,”, according to the United Poultry Concerns. They cannot escape a fight regardless of their injury or exhaustion, the Humane Society of the United States says. The birds’ legs are fitted with spurs, which can either be blades or three-inch long curved picks called gaffs. They commonly suffer or die from punctured lungs, broken bones, and pierced eyes.




Albert White to serve 10 years in prison

March 12, 2009 4:46 PM CDT

 Albert White’s plea agreement resulted in 10 years in prison.
Epworth GA. resident Glen Albert White will serve 10 years in prison followed by another 10 years on probation after entering a negotiated guilty plea to a number of charges including dogfighting, animal cruelty and sexual offenses.

In an appearance before Superior Court Judge Roger Bradley March 5 in Blue Ridge, White entered a guilty plea to charges contained within three separate grand jury indictments.

The charges to which White pleaded guilty were 25 counts of dogfighting, 21 counts of cruelty to animals and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon contained within the first indictment; three counts of child molestation contained within the second indictment; and three counts of child molestation contained within the third indictment.......

To read more:http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/14140/#UPDATES



Elmont NY, USA Man Jailed for Dog Fighting

An Elmont man was jailed Monday after admitting to allowing his pit bulls to fight and prohibiting them from getting veterinary care for their resulting injuries.

Marlon Bernier, 24, was sentenced to 90 days in Nassau County jail and the dogs were removed from his care after he pleaded guilty to menacing and two counts of animal cruelty. Nassau County police found four pit bills collared by heavy chains to trees while a lone and unfettered pit pull was permitted to attack the others in the yard of Bernier’s Virginia Avenue home on May 29, 2009.  The officers called for Town of Hempstead Animal Control Officers to provide assistance to the animals, but Bernier threatened to release the pit bulls to attack the officers if they did not leave, prosecutors said. Bernier was arrested by police four days later. Two dogs were seized and brought to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Police also found weights, tires, muzzles and other equipment commonly used in training pit bulls to fight at the scene. As part of the plea, Bernier surrendered his rights to the pit bulls that were recovered. The court issued an order prohibiting Bernier from having any pets for the next five years.




DeShawn Brown GUILTY in the torture abuse case of ‘Mercy a 10 month old pitbull. 

            For all their posturing and protesting of their client’s innocence, the jury didn’t take long to proclaim DeShawn Brown GUILTY in the torture abuse case of ‘Mercy,’ as the 10 month old pit bull was dubbed by rescuers. Although defense attorney Dan Wyde continued to protest DeShawn Brown’s innocence, the evidence piled up. Witnesses who saw him with a knife then saw the dog cut and bloodied, witnesses who tried to douse the flames engulfing the poor dog then seeing this monster with a gas can. Guess he won’t be laughing now! Brown faces up to 10 years in prison.

Brown faces up to 10 years in prison. The penaltyMercy phase of the case will begin tomorrow. I am ecstatic that justice has prevailed in this case and that the jurors saw through the games the defense put on as their case. Now if we can get a serious sentence I will really say that justice has prevailed!! This needs to standout as a landmark case when it comes to animal abuse!! People have got to start taking animal abuse more seriously. People who do this are a very serious danger to society and the only answer is to remove them from society!!



Rapper DMX pleads guilty to drug, theft charges and Animal cruelty. Then Arrested again !!

Pit bull neglect - 12 seized from rapper DMX
Cave Creek, AZ (US)
County: Maricopa
Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Earl Simmons

Update posted on Mar 19, 2010 - 3:01PM

Rapper DMX is behind bars again. DMX, whose legal name is Earl Simmons and who lives in Cave Creek, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of five counts of probation violations by the adult probation office and is being held in the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office announced. The MCSO wasn’t immediately specific about the probation violations Simmons is accused of committing, but he has had numerous run-ins with the law throughout the Valley involving animal abuse and excessive speeding, according to past reports. In January 2009, A Maricopa County Superior Court judge sentenced Simmons, 39, to three months in jail for theft, drug possession and animal cruelty charges and was ordered to complete an animal offender treatment program. Source: East ValleyTribune Mar 9, 2010


Matthew John Hodges

Man Who Killed Girlfriend’s Dog Sentenced

Mathew John Hodges In August of 2007, Matthew John Hodges, 20 of Wichita was charged with one felony count of animal cruelty after the body of his then girlfriend’s family’s dog was found dead, stuffed in the basement ceiling after being missing for days.

Hodges was staying with the family, visiting with his girlfriend at the end of July when the dog went missing. He’d slept in the basement after attending a baseball game with Mr. Czernicki. The next morning, Dutchess, the Czernicki’s dog of 12 years was missing.

Hodges stood by silent as the family frantically searched for the dog,Dutchess putting up missing posters. On the 31st of July, a foul smell led them to her, stuffed in the ceiling of the basement. Their beloved dog was dead. She’d been killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Now, a year later, the story comes to light.

Apparently Hodges got upset when he saw Dutchess trounce on a kitten and killed the dog. “He kicked the dog, he hit the dog on the head and threw it out of the room” and the dog died, Defense lawyer John Boyd said. “He panicked and hid the dog in the ceiling.” As part of his sentence, handed down Friday, the Wichita man is to have no contact with her or her family. He must serve 120 days on his one-year maximum sentence and will be on probation for a year. Johnson County District Judge James Franklin Davis also ordered him to pay a $500 fine, $250 in restitution and $415 in lawyer’s fees. He also must get a mental evaluation and perform 50 hours of community service.

Oddly enough, if you go back to the original story I wrote and look at the comments, you will see a couple saying that Hodges had been acquitted of the crime, posted by either friends or family. Well, somehow I don’t see Hodges being sentenced if he was acquitted. Wonder what they hoped to accomplish by that??

To read more: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/man-who-killed-girlfriends-dog-sentenced

Daniel Eliseo Zepeda Perez

Abused Mastiff mothers puppies before losing fight for life

Published October 2, 2008 at 9:52 a.m.

A Rifle man has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in a case in which a starving, crippled Mastiff tried to mother her puppies before losing her battle to save herself. Daniel Eliseo Zepeda Perez, 37, will have to pay more than $9,000 in court costs and restitution, and will serve a year of unsupervised probation. Dora, a 2-year-old Mastiff, weighed just 74 pounds when Garfield County Sheriff deputies seized her in June. She should have weighed about 130 pounds, said Tanny McGinnis, spokeswoman for the sheriff's department. Dora had chronic hip pain and a severe infection because of an old injury while in Perez's care. In the days before the seizure, Dora couldn't walk and had to drag her hind end to move about while mothering a litter of puppies, McGinnis said. The dog was kept on a short cable in a dirt area, surrounded by broken ceramic tiles and loose screws, McGinnis said. Veterinarians from the Divide Creek Animal Hospital and the CARE Shelter devoted thousands of dollars of treatment to try to save Dora, but she lost the battle because she was too far gone. Zepeda Perez was ordered to pay $4,000 to the CARE Shelter and $5,584 in fines and costs.

To read more: http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008/oct/02/abused-mastiff-mothers-puppies-losing-fight-life/?partner=RSS

Justice for Ice

ice1114b.jpgA pit bull named Ice was found in an attic in Berkley County, West Virginia, with evidence that its mouth had been duct-taped and chained shut.

ice1114.jpgThe three-year-old dog was emaciated, neglected and abused, with open wounds on its face. Statements given to police say the dog was beaten repeatedly. Witnesses said the abuse had gone on for weeks.

RandallSiford2008-11-14.jpgPolice arrested Randall Siford Jr. and Breshannon Devereux. They are charged with felony animal cruelty. If they’re not convicted, Ice will be turned back over to them.

Kitten thrown against the wall dies. St Paul, MN (US)

Defendant/Suspect: Scott Michael Turner
Incident Date: Monday, May 12, 2008
Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted

Scott Michael Turner is accused of throwing the kitten, named Nilla, against a wall in a St. Paul apartment during an argument with his pregnant girlfriend. The 23-week-old kitten died. "I guess he thought she was paying more attention to the cat than to him," said Lisa Lewis, the neighbor who owned the cat. She said that when she confronted Turner, whom prosecutors charged with felony animal cruelty Tuesday, he said: "She made me mad, and I accidentally threw it against the wall." The cat had a fractured skull and a swollen brain, and its left eye had popped out of its socket, Lewis said. Nilla had to be euthanized. Turner, 29, had been drinking, Panos said. When Turner and his girlfriend starting arguing, he told her to take the kitten back to the neighbor's apartment, Panos said. The woman refused and went into the kitchen. She then heard a loud thud, Panos said. The woman looked around the corner and saw the kitten lying motionless on the floor, next to the wall, Panos said. Turner left the apartment, and the woman called police.

Case Updates
The St. Paul man convicted of throwing a cat against a wall in a fight with his girlfriend was sentenced today to probation in the related crime of making terroristic threats against the cat's owner. Turner was sentenced to seven months in jail on the animal cruelty charge for hurting the cat, Nilla, who had to be put down. He will then be on probation for five years. If he misbehaves on probation, he could serve 18 months.
Source: Twincities.Com - Nov 20, 2008
Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details:  http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/14320/MN/US/#ixzz1MKjEYpj4

Shon Rahrig adopted 6 or 7 cats and a puppy from various local shelters and allegedly abused them horribly.

              Shon adopted a cat from Citizens for Humane Action (C.H.A.) on January 26, 1999. In the early morning hours of February 6, Shon beat the cat, poked out its eye, broke its jaw legs, and left it bloody and in agony in a laundry basket in his apartment. He asked Melissa to come over and get it and take it to Delaware County Humane Society and tell them she found it along the road. She instead took it to Columbus Veterinary Emergency Service (CVES) who humanely euthanized it due to the extensive nature of its injuries. Shon Rahrig, about 30 years old, of Sandbury Blvd, allegedly adopted 6 or 7 cats and a puppy from various local shelters and allegedly abused them horribly, broke their limbs, put their eyes out, etc. Shon was subsequently arraigned and charged with one count of animal abuse. Shon at first plead not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty. On September 29,1999, Judge Pfeiffer sentenced Shon to 90 days in jail (of which 45 were suspended), 5 years probation, mandatory counseling and he was forbidden from owning any living thing during the 5 year probation period. He began serving his sentence on November 1.


Three dogs shot to death, dumped in Saylorsburg, PA (US)

Person of Interest: Arnold Eugene Wheeler

A Saylorsburg man who shot three dogs is being charged with cruelty to animals by state police at Lehighton. Police said Arnold Eugene Wheeler owned the dogs but did not explain why he killed them. They said Wheeler confessed to shooting the animals and disposing of their bodies about 10 feet south of Anchorage Road, just east of Old Route 115 in Ross Township.
Case Updates
Wheeler was ordered to pay a $200 fine and sentenced to 30 days, which he will start serving Feb. 8, in Monroe County Correctional Facility.  This dog was chained up when shot. "But, my disappointment is tempered by the fact that this case has called attention to animal treatment issues and that we need to demand a change in state law on the use of guns to kill pets. Wheeler reportedly has lost his job, family and home and is now staying with a friend out of the area.


Gerald T. Barrett

Judge Wants Tough Sentence for Puppy Abuser

Gerald T. Barrett

UPDATE – 12/19/08 - Judge Hands Down 2 Year Sentence for Puppy Beater

In August, tough guy, 20 yr-old Gerald T. Barrett of Lake Carmel, NY beat his girlfriend’s 4 month-old, 22-lb puppy, Cali, brutally.  He punched the dog at least six times and slammed it into the pavement five more times, breaking her jaw, fracturing several of her teeth, breaking blood vessels in her eyes and causing substantial swelling to her face.

In October Barrett pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty as well as a misdemeanor charge of criminal contempt. After Putnam County Judge James T. Rooney read the pre-sentencing report he said that he couldn’t go along with the plea deal between Putnam County District Attorney’s Office and Barrett’s lawyer recommending he serve six months in jail and five years probation. Judge Rooney said that Barrett deserves to be behind bars… period! Unbelievable! A judge who looks at the reality of a crime and actually wants to sentence someone to a real punishment!!  Not only did he brutally beat a defenseless puppy, he also beat his girlfriend more than once, called her from jail after she had a protection order and tried to get her to drop the charges and was also initially charged with resisting arrest.  Doesn’t sound like whoever wrote up the pre-sentencing report gave him too many good points either. 




 James Kenneth Flohr Jr. will be living a dog's life for the next 30 days -- behind bars in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center.

James Kenneth Flohr Jr. will be living a dog's life for the next 30 days -- behind bars in the FFlohr pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated animal cruelty for beating up his parents' 11-year-old pooch, Spike, in January. He must abide by two years of supervised probation upon his release from jail.

Circuit Court Judge John H. Tisdale said tacking on 30 additional days to the 37 Flohr already has spent behind bars in an unrelated matter would be an appropriate punishment for the animal assault. Tisdale suspended the remainder of a one-year sentence and ordered Flohr to receive a psychiatric evaluation.

Sandra Lambright said Flohr "grabbed the dog by the front paws and held him between his legs and repeatedly punched the dog in the face," according to court documents. Flohr also grabbed a knife and threatened to "cut (the dog's) God d--- guts out." Assistant State's Attorney Kirsten N. Brown urged Tisdale to prohibit Flohr from having contact with any animals while he is on probation.

Tisdale ordered Flohr to remain alcohol- and drug-free, to have no contact with others' animals and "to have no abusive contact with Spike." Spike, a male dachshund-corgi mix, has recovered and still lives with Flohr's mother, Joyce, Brown said

Joyce Flohr covered veterinary bills to treat Spike for a laceration over his right eye, swelling and lacerations on his head and a broken left canine tooth. In court Monday, she did not seek restitution.rederick County Adult Detention Center.


Dog Savagely Beaten with Sledgehammer, Arrest Made Joseph Waters

Joseph Waters 

On Tuesday morning, a man walking his dog in Murphy Candler Park, DeKalb, GA, made a gruesome discovery, a savagely beaten dog wrapped in a blanket and a bloody sledgehammer.

Someone had beaten the dog’s head in with the hammer and left the male, 3-5 yr-old, shepherd mix dog to die a horrific painful death. Robert Kennedy, the man who found the dog barely clinging to life, named him Murphy after the park and took him to get emergency care at VCA Pets are People Too.

Murphy recovering after surgery

Case Update:

One year in jail. Waters will also spend one day a week for the next two years either removing dead animals from DeKalb County roadways or cleaning up or fixing the county’s dog parks.  Waters also must pay the medical bills for the dog and is prohibited from owning any animals. A jury convicted Waters of a felony count of cruelty to animals count for his admission that he meant to kill his dog in the December 2008 attack. The jury also convicted him of two misdemeanor cruelty counts. Tons of excuses from Waters…he was under stress from a failing marriage and not taking his antidepressant or thyroid medication.  And stated he tried to kill his dog because he feared the animal was sick.



Defendant Robert Tracey, of Fort Myers, was sentenced to 4 years of probation for an animal cruelty case that stems from a 2008 arrest. Tracey’s home was found in deplorable condition with feces covering much of the floor throughout the home. Dogs, some in very poor condition, were removed from the home by Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Tracey plead guilty to 4 counts of Animal Cruelty. His probation will be handled through mental health court. He also had to provide a DNA sample since he is now a convicted felon.

As part of his probation, he is also not allowed to own animals, live with anyone who has animals or be involved in the adoption of animals. Tracey was also required to pay more than $1500 in court costs and a fine. Assistant State Attorneys Stephanie Russell and Bryan Kaufman handled the case.

To read more: http://sao.cjis20.org/2010.htm

Dog severely neglected, mouth rotted away in Dyersburg, TN (US)

Incident Date: Monday, Dec 14, 2009
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: George Robertson, Jr

A Dyersburg man who failed to seek medical help for his pet and allowed the dog's mouth to rot away will spend two days in jail.  George Robertson Jr., 50, 1813 Schaffer St., pleaded guilty to a charge of cruelty to animals Tuesday in Dyersburg Municipal Court. He was sentenced to 11 months, 29 days in jail with all but 48 hours suspended. He is to reimburse the Dyersburg/ Dyer County Humane Society for its costs of $233.57 and must also pay court costs. He will be on supervised probation for the remainder of his suspended sentence.  The investigation began Dec. 14 when Judy Robertson took an emaciated black and white rat terrier mix to the animal shelter while her husband was out of town. The dog belonged to her husband, George. She told Animal Control Officer Bobby Turnage that the dog was 16 years old, was sick and needed to be euthanized.  "Although Robertson advised Turnage that the animal had refused to eat, it devoured the food presented to it by the Humane Society as if it were starving," a Dyersburg Police Department report stated.  Judy Robertson told police the dog had cut his lip a month earlier while trying to eat out of a dog food can. The family couldn't afford to take the dog to a veterinarian. Robertson told police the family was attempting to treat the wound and believed it was actually healing.  Dr. Jon Martin of Animal Care Hospital examined the dog and determined that it probably hadn't been fed for two weeks to a month. Martin found no evidence of food in the dog's stomach or intestines.  The wounds on the dog's mouth were at least two weeks old, the veterinarian reported. The skin, muscle and bone on the left side of the dog's face were necrotic and the jawbone was exposed. One-third of the dog's tongue also had rotted away. The vet also reported a "horrible, fetid odor" to the dog's mouth. The dog was having trouble swallowing and was panting.  The terrier, which was estimated to be 3 years old, also had scabs on both front legs, fleas and other problems.  The dog's prognosis was listed as "poor to grave." Martin described this as a case of complete lack of care with obvious signs of abuse. Robertson was cited to city court. The dog was euthanized. The police report noted that the Robertsons had at least three more dogs, all of which appeared to be well fed and in good health.


Dog starved to death locked in crate Cocoa, FL (US)

County: Brevard
Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Christine Dawn Abrams

A Cocoa woman, who neighbors said loved her dog, abandoned him in a crate for two months and then told investigators she knew it would starve to death. Cocoa police on March 13 arrested Christine Dawn Abrams, 29, on a charge of cruelty to animals in the death of her two-year-old German Shepherd, Ella. She is at the Brevard County Jail and faces a $1,000 bond. Neighbors told police they were concerned that they had not seen Abrams or Ella for several months. "It was unusual for Abrams to be away from her home for any length of time," neighbors said. One neighbor peeked through a window of Abrams' home on Peachtree Street and spotted the dead canine inside a locked metal crate. Police searched for Abrams for five hours and found her at a new address on Parapet Drive, less than six miles from her former residence.

Case Updates

Christine Abrams, sentenced to eight months in jail for starving her dog to death, was released overnight from the Brevard County Detention Center -- hours earlier than her anticipated release at 8 a.m. today.

Jail officials told FLORIDA TODAY this morning Abrams was released just before midnight Thursday.

Abrams, 31, is still fighting her conviction, court documents indicate.

She is due in court July 15 for a hearing on an appeal of Brevard County Judge Kelly McKibben's ruling that police did not violate Abrams' rights when they searched her home without a warrant in March 2008. It was during the search that police found the decomposing body of Abrams' young three-legged German shepherd, Ella, locked in a cage.

Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details: Dog starved to death locked in crate - Cocoa, FL (US) http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/13362/FL/US/#ixzz19Ky6JfKF


Third Fort Bliss Animal Abuse Discovered! This Sucks she did not get any time for this.

 Heather OKelley

One more twit for you-all.  She’s got the best hissy fit recorded by a TV field crew that is still online.  Oh, and she was the one that showed up at her arraignment without a lawyer.   She really drives home the statement **Batteries Not Included**  Read all about the whiny little bitch here. She pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charge and was given one year probation, 120 hours of community service and was fined.

Original Story:

  Soldier Heather O’Kelley was deployed 30 days after adopting Sadie and the soldier’s wife went home to visit her family.  She left Sadie in the care of a friend in November 2009.    

This here is Heather O’Kelley, the *friend* of the Fort Bliss family who trusted her with Sadie.   Heather O’Kelley was arrested on charges of animal cruelty on February 3rd.   By Andrea,

Sadie Today

To read the whole story: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/arrest-made-in-the-starved-dog-case-from-fort-bliss


Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010

Dogs removed from Casey County property are brought to Lexington

A neighbor called authorities about the dogs at Cheryl Turner's home last week after witnessing a dog eating another dog, The Lexington Humane Society on Monday picked up about 40 of 111 dogs that had been removed from a property in Casey County because of squalid conditions. "They're all being evaluated today. They're all special needs," said Madison Carey, the Lexington Humane Society's director of development. "A lot have medical needs that really need to be focused on by our vet." She said many of the dogs have mange. Carey said most of the dogs will be placed in foster homes until they are ready to be adopted. Some will be treated in the humane society's intensive care unit. United Rescues of Kentucky coordinated the effort to find shelters for the animals, Carey said. Turner has been charged with second-degree animal cruelty, a misdemeanor. She is scheduled to be in court on Aug. 24.

Case update:

The Casey County woman accused of neglecting more than 100 dogs under her care pleaded guilty Tuesday in Casey County District Court to one count of second-degree animal cruelty. Cheryl Turner, 50, of Chelf Ridge Road will serve 30 days in jail and work 240 hours of community service dealing with animals as part of her plea bargain. She also will undergo mental health evaluations and is banned from owning any animals except for her pet parrot. Turner's official sentence was 12 months, the maximum sentence allowed for second-degree animal cruelty. But the judge suspended 11 of those months as long as Turner does not own any new animals or break state law concerning treatment of animals, a Casey County court employee said Tuesday. Turner will be subject to random searches of her residence in order to make sure she does not bring any additional animals into her home. Turner will serve three days in jail every week beginning Oct. 8. She will have four days out of jail because of a medical condition, the court employee  said. Once her 30 days have been served, she must begin her community service at an animal shelter, humane society or other court-approved organization. She must complete at least eight hours of community service every week until the full 240 hours have been served.


3 dogs found neglected, 2 dead Fort Myers, FL (US)

Frances Danelle Rochford Also known as: Frances Danelle Ernest, Frances Sillett
 History of interpersonal violence

A North Fort Myers woman was arrested after investigators say she neglected to give her dogs food and water. Neighbors watched as three pit bulls sat for hours in scorching heat with no food and water outside a North Fort Myers home.  "They had the chain on the rope to the brick so they let it out in the yard and it didn't escape," said neighbor Rose Johns. Lee County Sheriff's deputies attempted to rescue the three dogs in February from Frances Rochford's home.  One was saved, another found dead, while the third had to be put down. "There was water and electricity to the house," said Lee County Animal Services Director Ria Brown. "There is no need to not provide good food and water."

Convicted: 3 dogs found neglected, 2 dead. Sentence: Rochford was sentenced on one felony and two misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Rochford received one year in jail, one year of house arrest, one year probation, and more than three thousand dollars in fines. In addition she must submit to DNA collection and following her incarceration must undergo random drug testing and mandatory psychiatric and anger management counseling. Once released from jail, she cannot be in the care, custody, or control and any animals or take part in any activities related to animals while on probation.... more...

On August 16, 2010 Frances Rochford was sentenced on one felony and
two misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Rochford received one year in jail, one year of house arrest,
one year probation, and more than three thousand dollars in fines. In addition she must submit to DNA
collection and following her incarceration must undergo random drug testing and mandatory psychiatric
and anger management counseling. Once released from jail, she cannot be in the care, custody, or
control and any animals or take part in any activities related to animals while on probation.

Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details: 3 dogs found neglected, 2 dead - Fort Myers, FL (US) http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/16697/FL/US/#ixzz1Aa16mM3M

Man Accused Of Leaving Two Dogs To Rot In Garden City, Idaho

 "They got skinny enough where you could literally see (their) bones.  It was just skin and bones," said Joe Bunn, the dog owners' neighbor. "I tried to take care of them sometimes, and another neighbor would help out.  There were just so malnourished and just left there to die." Investigators believe Sarah Sowell originally owned the dogs, but abandoned them to her boyfriend at the time, Rick McCusker, who reportedly refused to take care of them.  Investigators say, eventually, Katherine Cagle moved in and also allegedly knew about the horrible conditions the animals were in. But, they say, she did nothing to help the animals. Sowell turned herself in to the Ada County Jail last week. McCusker was arrested Saturday. Both have since bonded out. A warrant has been issued for Cagle's arrest. All three are charged with two counts of misdemeanor Animal Cruelty.  If convicted, they can face up to six months in jail and a fine of $5,000.   KIVI Today's 6 News http://www.kivitv.com/Global/story.asp?S=12073282

Case Update:

Prosecutors have closed the books on an incredible case of animal cruelty in Garden City. They say Rick McKusker and Sarah Sowell chained their two dogs outside and left them, allowing one to starve to death.  They say roommate Katherine Cagle also knew about the neglect and did nothing to get help for the animals.

McKusker will spend 60 days in jail and must take an animal care class at Idaho Humane Society.
Source: KIVI - April 25, 2010
Update posted on Apr 26, 2010 - 12:24AM 

Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/16312/ID/US/#ixzz0o1sFIWAB


Teacher charged with felonies in deaths of two cats in Boca Raton apartment. She is accused of leaving pets without food for weeks.   I thought this was still worth mentioning.


Allison Dinsmore (Palm Beach County School District / March 20, 2009 South Florida Sun-Sentinel... Two cats suffered so cruelly before dying, prosecutors say, that they decided to charge a Palm Beach County teacher with two felonies Monday. Police initially accused Allison Dinsmore, 26, of misdemeanor animal cruelty this month when her two cats' wasted corpses were found in her Boca Raton apartment. Investigators said the Congress Middle School teacher's cats clawed up the apartment in a frantic search for food as they starved for up to a month before they died. The corpses then rotted in the filthy apartment about a month before an apartment manager found them. Dinsmore is not teaching this week because schools are closed for Spring Break, school district spokeswoman Her salary is listed as $36,100. A necropsy determined the cats suffered neglect for weeks or months before dying a slow, painful death from starvation and dehydration.

Possible penalty
Each charge carries a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison.

Case Update: Acquitted
A former middle school teacher broke into tears in West Palm Beach courtroom Thursday, when a jury returned verdicts in her animal abuse trial. After deliberating for five hours, jurors found Allison Dinsmore not guilty of both counts of felony cruelty to animals. Dinsmore, who taught special needs students at Congress Middle School in Boynton Beach, potentially faced up to 5 years in prison on each count. Dinsmore had testified an ex-boyfriend stalked her and was sometimes violent. So she avoided her Boca Raton apartment. Eventually Dinsmore said her life became so "consumed" with fear and school, she lost track of time and stopped feeding the animals. A necropsy showed the cats could have been dead for a few weeks. After the not-guilty verdicts, the former teacher's father, Robert Dinsmore, blasted the State Attorney's Office, School District, and media. He promised lawsuits against them all.

Read more:   http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/15383/FL/US/#ixzz0o2gYOUnk



Animal Cruelty for a badly neglected and abused dog in New Mexico

Philip Narvaez

Convicted in March 2009 of Animal Cruelty for a badly neglected and abused dog.  In August 2007, his dog was found along side a road. The dog’s right hind leg was mangled with nearly two inches of bone exposed and her foot had rotted and turned black so the leg had to be amputated.

He got quite the sweet deal from the state of New Mexico.  He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and 364 days of unsupervised probation in lieu of 364 days in jail.  His fine of $1,000 was lowered to $300, and he was ordered to get mental health counseling. He couldn’t even do that. He repeatedly failed to prove to the court that he was attending counseling.  He even failed to show up at a hearing regarding his violation and the courts had to issue a bench warrant to gain his attention.  The judge said “I am not going to go lightly, this is a blatant violation”, and gave Navarez a whopping 5 days in jail.  That’s not a typo.  FIVE days in jail.


Abuser of More than 50 Dogs Gets Jail, Probation

Robert Brunette Robert Brunette, 46, of Boulder Creek, CO, was arrested this past summer after police responded to a call about “animals crying in pain” at his property at 100 block of Hartman Creek Road. What they found almost defied description; dogs found locked in small cages covered in their own urine and feces, others running loose over the property. Puppies as young as only two days old were rescued. One old dog was found in the cab of a truck where it had probably been living for a year or two, the cushions were torn up, covered in urine and feces, no food or water. Inside the house, animal control and sheriff’s department investigators found one dog locked in a crate with no food or water and a dog that weighed only half what it should have. The dogs, many of them with ribs protruding, had mange, worms and scars. Many were almost wild and had never been socialized. Many were scared and timid, others were covered in scars from fighting, fighting for food with each other.  In all, after puppies were born, more than 50 dogs were rescued. Brunette was known for breeding and selling dogs and trying to create his own line of guard dog. There were also dog skulls and paws scattered around the property and hanging from his “house.” The whole situation turned into a fiasco after he was released and took off, a $50k warrant was sworn out and he was eventually taken into custody again. Initially facing 10 counts of animal cruelty, including felony charges of neglect, Brunette could have been facing up to four years in state prison plus thousands in fines but we should have known that would never happen, even with all the BS surrounding this case.  Brunette was sentenced by Judge Paul Marigonda to one year in jail plus 5 years probation. He will also have to pay restitution in the amount of $150k to county Animal Services Agency to cover the officers’ time, veterinary bills and boarding fees for his dogs. He is not allowed to own dogs and he must undergo counseling.

If you'd like to read more: 


Good news for Dogs Deserve Better and a happy ending too !! 

I think by now everybody in the Dog world knows about this case involving the CEO of "Dogs Deserve Better". She was jailed for trying to save a starving dog.  Doogie who did die later from being starved on a chain. ( see article in little angels we have lost section)



Wonderful News, Happy Ending!
A Miracle for the Two Dogs Featured in this Case As Their Caretakers Decide They Want to Be a Success Story—Release the Dogs to DDB!

Hailey and Kilo after rescue
June 6, 2010, Altoona, PA — Dog In January 2010, Dogs Deserve Better Founder Tamira Thayne was charged with trespassing for providing food, water, and straw to two underweight chained dogs in Lilly, PA. Thayne lost the case in magisterial court, but the charges were not prosecuted on appeal.

In a twist that is being described as miraculous, dog caretakers Jason and Krystal Cann came to her and Dogs Deserve Better in June with the willingness to release the dogs to her organization. On June 6, 2010, everyone got their miracle.


Montgomery Police on the Lookout for Man who Set Dog on Fire

Juan Daniels, 20On September 7, 20-year-old Juan Daniels ‘allegedly’ took the family dog, a 2 year old pitbull, chained him, beat him with a shovel, doused him with lighter fluid and set him on fire. Why? Because he was denied the use of the family vehicle!!

After two weeks the monster who did this still has not be caught! A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Daniels and authorities say when he’s apprehended, he will face a first-degree animal cruelty charge. If convicted, he could receive up to ten years in prison.

The dog that was so cruelly tortured and burned is in the care of a Montgomery vet. The pitbull, ‘Louis Vuitton,’ named after the fashion designer, was burned over 60% of his body and is slowly recovering after two weeks of treatment.

Below are two videos, created possibly by the doctor who is treating Louis, chronicling his treatment. The photos are graphic!

This is the first in series of videos that chronicles the struggles of a dog abuse case! He desperately needs your help! Please comment and feel free to ask any questions! Sorry for the typo in the title. It should read September 7, 2007. Background audio is “Because of You” by Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson

The second video in series chronicling the struggles of a dog abuse case! Week 2 – September 14-19, 2007.

Like the Phanord case, where Derick Phanord tied his pitbull, named Maximus by rescuers, to a tree and doused the poor defenseless dog with gasoline and lit him on fire, this case is getting widespread media attention. Sadly, Maximus did not survive his injuries but prospects are looking good for Louis.

If someone can do something like this to a defenseless animal, what can they do to a human being?  They are a serious danger to our society! The link between animal abuse and more violent crimes has been proven time and time again. Some states are finally getting the message and enacting stronger laws against animal abusers, like the new animals abuse law that went in effect in Texas on September 1.  When is the law going to get serious?? Who is going to explain to a distraught parent that their child was killed by someone who was given a slap on the wrist after killing a dog because the judicial refused to take animal abuse as the serious precursor it actually is to more serious crimes!


Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux's felony animal cruelty charge Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Active Animal Cruelty Charge, Active on the Roster

The AJC reports that Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux's felony animal cruelty charge is still winding it's way through the legal system. Babineaux was charged in February in the death of Kilo, a pit bull-mix owned by his girlfriend. Babineaux's girlfriend said she and Babineaux argued on February 18 and that Babineaux later suggested she return home to check on the dog after she went out to a movie. The girlfriend told police she found Kilo in "severe physical distress". Initial tests showed that the dog died of blunt force trauma to the head, likely by hammer. The dead dog has been frozen and will re-examined by an expert. Jonathan Babineaux is active on the Falcons roster and is projected to be a starter.

To read more: http://www.leavethemanalone.com/2007/08/active-animal-cruelty-charge-active-on.html

Babineaux Cleared

Animal cruelty charges against Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux have been dropped by suburban Atlanta authorities. In February, Babineaux was charged with killing his girlfriend's pit bull mix. An autopsy concluded that the dog died from blunt force trauma to the head. It was alleged that Babineaux had hit the dog in the head with a hammer after fighting with his girlfriend. However, further investigation could not rule out that the dog died from hitting the wall after being spun around on a leash. The dog had a history of unprovoked attacks and a dog trainer had instructed Babineaux to spin the dog on a leash when it became aggressive. So, it seems Babineaux isn't cruel, just too stupid enough to realize that too much spinning makes you uncontrollably dizzy.

To read more: http://www.leavethemanalone.com/2007_11_01_archive.html


House of Horrors; 9 Dead Dogs, 2 Young Children – Only Misdemeanor Charges! VIDEO

Brian Betsy Spin2Last week police were called to a house in Canfield, OH after a woman saw three sickly looking dogs running loose in the picturesque neighborhood.  When police arrived, they found Brian Spin, 38, in the yard of the house at 535 Brookpark Drive along with the 3 sick dogs. Further investigation revealed that three sick dogs were only the tip of the problem that turned out to be a house of horrors in this Canfield house!

Brian Betsy Spin1“The entire house was completely uninhabitable,” Canfield Detective Brian McGivern said. “It was like walking in two inches of maple syrup. That’s how saturated the rugs were with urine and feces.” Piles of trash, debris, feces inches thick, dirt, mold, human waste were found in the home that was inhabited by Brian Spin, his wife Betsy, 32 and they two young sons, 2 and 7 as well as animals, dogs and cats.

Spin DogThere were 9 dogs found in the house, all in deplorable condition! It took 4 days to search the 4,596 sq. ft home, worth (at least it was) almost $350k to even find the dogs. The dogs ranged in age from about a year old to about 6 years old and they were covered in mange, open sores, feces and urine. Three of the dogs died en route to the pound and the other six had to be euthanized because they were so sick. Days later yet another dog was found living in a mattress in a pile of debris in the back yard. The little dog was barely alive.

As horrific as this whole situation is, what makes it even worse is that the only charges that can be leveled are misdemeanor charges!! Ohio has no provision in place for felony animal cruelty charges even after the the horror at High Caliber K-9 Kennels last year where dead and starved dogs were found, brutalized at the hands of the man who was supposed to be caring for them. Croley got a plea deal and for 7 dead dogs and 12 starved dogs, all Croley wound up being charged with was 4 misdemeanors, a measly 30 days in jail and a fine.

Liz Raab, who owned one of the starved, dead dogs, Nitro, a once beautiful rottweiler that when found could not even be determined what kind of dog he was he was so skeletal, has been lobbying, begging and petitioning for stronger animal cruelty laws Ohio.  In March, legislation was introduced but so far nothing has happened and dog deaths continue to pile up with no more than misdemeanor charges!



Expensive Possessions But No Money to Feed Starving Dogs – VIDEO

Aixa RodriguezWilmer Fernandez

UPDATE 8/16/08 – And the Verdict is… GUILTY!! YES!!!

A nice house, expensive cars, a Cadillac and a Lexus, in the driveway, nice furniture in the house but 5 sickly, starving dogs. Doesn’t make much sense but that was the scene a a house in Carrollwood, FL.

Aixa Rodriguez and Wilmer Fernandez are now facing felony animal charges after deputies found the five dogs, one of them barely clinging to life at the home that the couple shared with several children. And not only are these scum animal abusers, they also have racked up domestic abuse charges as well.  Real pillars of society.  


Wilmer Fernandez

He and his wife starved their dog named Casper saying they had no money for dog food in spite of having expensive possessions and a nice house.  Another piece of shit. Sentenced to 15 months in prison, 45 months’ probation, 300 community service hours, more than $1,000 in restitution and said he could never own, possess or care for an animal again. He appealed the length of the sentence but a judge upheld the prison sentence so his ass was tossed back in jail.  Idiot.



Two dogs neglected Greyhounds, abandoned in Watertown, MA (US)

Defendant/Suspect: Kevin Schneider
Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted

Kevin Schneider walked silently down the courthouse steps as an angry group of people taunted him for being an "animal abuser." The Watertown resident has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty after allegedly abandoning his two Greyhound dogs. According to reports, Schneider pushed one dog named Talca from a moving SUV in Connecticut, and left the other dog, Sari, under a bush near a Rhode Island hospital, where it later passed away from severe malnourishment. Schneider pleaded not guilty to the charges and has been ordered by the judge to not have any responsibility or custody over animals. His pretrial hearing has been set for Dec. 27.

Case Update: Schneider was sentenced to 18 months in the county House of Correction, with 60 days to be served. Judge Gregory C. Flynn placed Schneider on probation for two years, during which he is not allowed to own dogs or other companion animals. Schneider also must submit to a psychiatric evaluation. Talca survived and was since adopted.

Matthew Teymant escaped jail time for leaving 64 animals to die in his foreclosed home. Teymant worked as a dispatcher with the Toms River Police Department. In February, police Chief Michael Mastronardy said Teymant never returned to work and had remained on suspension after the discovery last year.

TOMS RIVER - Matthew Teymant escaped jail time for leaving 64 animals to die in his foreclosed home, but the state Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has filed 48 civil complaints against Teymant and his wife, Amanda, seeking as much as $48,000. NJSPCA spokesman Matthew Stanton said Teymant, 30, was served Friday night with 24 complaints against himself and 24 against Amanda Teymant that could bring fines ranging from $250 to $1,000. "We usually file charges both civilly and criminally at once, but we thought the case was so clear to us criminally (that) we stayed away from the civil part and didn't pile it on," Stanton said Monday afternoon. Both Teymants pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in connection with the grisly April 2008 discovery of the dead animals in the home.


April 1, 2009 Punishment does not fit the crime


Monday morning, Superior Court Judge Barbara Ann Villano placed Matthew Teymant, 30, of Barnegat on probation for five years and ordered him to perform a mere 250 hours of community service. Teymant's wife, Amanda, 23, was allowed to enter an 18-month diversionary program that will enable her to avoid a criminal record, and was ordered to perform only 100 hours of community service as one of the conditions. The leniency of the court in this case has illicited a public outcry. Teymant had pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after more than 68 dead animals were found locked in the Barnegat home the couple had abandoned. The defense was that Teymant, a former police dispatcher, took in strays and was trying to find homes for them but eventually became so financially overwhelmed, he could no longer cope with their problems. In all, the Teymants abandoned 68 animals, dogs, cats, turtles, and something so decomposed the police had difficulty establishing that it was probably a ferret. The judge cited the many supported letters from Teymant's neighbors and friends, his lack of any prior criminal history, and the "absence of any malfeasance in parenting his two young sons," one 2 years old and the other 10 months.

If you'd like to read more:



Man arrested for animal cruelty, police chief said it's the worst conditions he's ever seen.


          Scott Gears     



A Farmington man is under arrest on 11 counts of animal cruelty. Macedon police have arrested 57-year old Scott Gears after almost a dozen dogs were found malnourished at a home he owned. A utilities meter reader reported seeing neglected dogs at Gears’ property on Daansen Road. When police found nine Huskies at Gears' home. Six dogs were found inside the house, one of which was in a cage in standing sewage. Three dogs were found in a pen outside and two were found dead.  The Wayne County District Attorrney was contacted and animal cruelty investigators were called to the scene. One of the dead dogs was found in the basement and the other in a bag in the garage. All of the dogs were malnourished and two were no more than skin and bones.  Police say Gears has not lived at this residence for at least six months after he moved to Farmington, but he claimed he would come and check on the dogs every few days. Macedon Police Chief John Colella said the conditions the dogs had endured were the worst he had ever seen. Gears was arraigned in the town of Macedon Court and was remanded to the Wayne County Jail on $2,500 cash bail, $5,000 bond. The Wayne County Humane Society currently has custody of the dogs and they are being evaluated medically at this time.

View police photos from Macedon animal cruelty case (some photos may be graphic)

If you'd like to read more:



Abused Animals From Florida to Oregon

Vikki Rene Kittles to those who know her sparks a variety of emotions.

"She is somewhat legendary in circles regarding animal hoarding," said Randall Lockwood, vice president for research and educational outreach for the Humane Society of the United States.Most recently, Kittles has had 48 cats and six horses taken from her by local law enforcement. But this is far from the first time something like this has happened. From Florida to Oregon and using aliases such as Renee Depenbrock and Susan Dietrich, Kittles has had large numbers of animals taken from her. Kittles said she doesn't want to talk about what's happened in other states. She requested that nothing be written about her past.

"Let (the past) lie as it is," she said. Kittles says the media is largely responsible for the many problems she's had.

The trial lasted five weeks.

"She clearly enjoyed having the legal system cater to her," he said. "She's smart and extremely manipulative." Kittles was sentenced to 210 days in jail for animal neglect and an additional 71 days for contempt of court, according to information from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Marquis said Kittles threatened him, the judge and the jury.

"I'm more afraid of Vikki Kittles than people I've put in prison (for murder)," Marquis said.



Vikki Kittles

Vikki KittlesSince 1982, Vikki Kittles has been run out of Florida, Mississippi, Colorado, and Washington for hoarding animals. In 1993, Kittles faced charges in Oregon when she was discovered keeping 115 sick and dying dogs crammed into a school bus, where they lived in filth, received no exercise, and got no veterinary care for their extensive health problems.  After five minutes of deliberation, the jury unanimously convicted Kittles on 42 counts of animal neglect. She was sentenced to 4 months in jail (plus an additional 70 days for contempt) and ordered not to possess animals.

Kittles has gone on to hoard animals again in Oregon and other states several times since. She has been evicted from multiple residences in Wyoming for hoarding dozens of animals; dogs, cats, and horses of hers have been found in horrible conditions and seized by authorities on numerous occasions. In 2006, a veterinarian in Colorado reported that Kittles had brought a septic and maggot-infested dog to her for treatment, signed an estimate for $2,000.00 worth of care, but could not pay. The dog was confiscated by authorities and euthanized.



Dog Starved to Death in Beaver County, PA – VIDEO

Nicole Spatig

Update 7/15/09 – No Justice for Cruelly Starved Beaver County, PA Dog

Another German Shepherd starved to death in a cage, this time in Beaver County, PA.  Humane officers are calling it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

“The officers, when they went in they found garbage and trash, half eaten food all over the place … a lot of different packages that were ripped open by the cats,” said Chief Daniel Madgar, of the Beaver Police Department. “There were four cats in the residence; litter box piled about two and a half feet with feces. They found a dog in a wire cage, had been dead for quite some time.” “It basically starved to death. Its muzzle and teeth were intertwined with the cage. Its muzzle and teeth were broken. Its lips and everything was just attached to the cage. The dog, as it was in there, trying to bite its way out several times. Finally, as it was dying was trying bite its way out of this cage,” said Madgar. Nicole Spatig, 22 yrs-old, who rents the apartment but doesn’t actually live there, not all the time anyway, says she got sick and her boyfriend was supposed to take care of the dog. She says she didn’t even know the dog was dead but when police investigated they found the windows open and fans on in the apartment. Someone knew the dog was dead. The cats were basically fine although they had no food or water. Spatig claimed that she only fed the cats every other day because they were overweight. Wonder how she missed the dead composing dog when she fed the cats? Police have file 10 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty against Spatig but it is doubtful that she will serve any time because animal cruelty laws at so lenient.

To read more: http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/news-updates/dog-starved-to-death-in-beaver-county-pa-video


Humane Society relocating 130 neglected dogs to Portland.


Credit: Courtesy: Humane Society of Oregon by By kgw.com and AP Staff Posted on August 15, 2009 at 2:28 PM Updated Tuesday, Sep 15 at 9:53 AM          

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Trucks carrying 130 dogs from Eastern Oregon are headed for the Oregon Humane Society in Portland after they were seized from an owner near Burns. Another 70 dogs were scheduled to be confiscated and trucked to Portland. With more than 200 dogs needing help, The Humane Society of Oregon called it one of the state's largest dog rescues in history. Sheriff David Glerup said Friday the dogs' owner, Ted Tellefson, was charged with animal neglect and agreed to surrender most of them. The 57-year-old man was allowed to keep 20 older dogs he's had for years. Glerup said if Tellefson abides by the agreement, the charge may be dropped. said most of the dogs appear to be in good health but were roaming freely and living in pens, house trailers and crates on the rural property a few miles from Burns. Oregon animal advocates coordinated with the Harney County Sheriff's Office and two members of the Humane Society of the United States in the seizure.

This is just some of his neglect arrests:

Tellefson sells a Shiba Inu puppy to a Californian. The dog bites people and is euthanized. February 2009: Tellefson's property  to investigate a non-dog-related issue and sees 200-plus dogs, including some chained without water. Tellefson is charged with 20 counts of animal neglect. March 2009: Glerup and Tellefson agree he will give up all but 20 of his oldest dogs. The sheriff arranges with Oregon Humane Society to pick up the rest. March 13: Oregon Humane Society takes 125 dogs from Hines. March 15: Tellefson and the remaining dogs leave his property. July 1: Tellefson is arrested in Klamath County on accusation of breaking his agreement with Harney County. He has 60 to 70 dogs. July 17: Klamath County charges Tellefson with four counts of animal neglect. August: Tellefson pleads guilty to animal-neglect charges in Klamath and Harney counties. He serves a little over a month in jail and pays a fine and restitution. He is banned from keeping any animals for five years.

 If you'd like to read more:




Woman Convicted In Butler Co. Animal Cruelty Case

A woman whose dog was found with a chain embedded in its neck was convicted Friday on animal cruelty charges.A judge found Lauren Spencer guilty of animal cruelty and having unlicensed dogs, after she admitted she left her dog tied up while she worked.“I just wanted to keep her from getting hit by a car,” Spencer told the judge.The black Labrador retriever had been tied up with a cable, which an animal welfare activist said was thin and had become tangled around the dog’s neck and embedded an inch deep.

See the video below of here court hearing:


Julianna Bennett-Blue, was charged with "animal hoarding". This basically means keeping a lot of animals on your property and not taking care of them. She also has a long history of animal In April of 2005 she plead guilty and was put on probation by the court.

I have written about this because I believe the way Dan and Tara Goleman have handled this family embarrassment helps us see that they are not deserving of the fame, credibility, wealth and influence they currently have. The  woman has a thirty year history of animal hoarding... She moved here in the 80's, and since then, there have been big media goings on...raids on the property in the 80's and a large raid in 1994, removing nearly 150 animals from the property. Neighbors have filed complaints, and we too began registering complaints about the number of neglected animals breaking loose and wandering our road for fear that someone  would hit them and be hurt.  Noise was also a constant.  So, our next door neighbors on Jan 9 or 10 (I can't recall exactly) went out in the morning to get their paper, and found 2 starving  dogs eating a still live llama.   The SPCA begins the process of removing over 100 animals.  Several dead animals are found on the property, both inside and out in various states of decomposition, and the home is condemned.  The woman owning the property is skilled in generating sympathy for herself, although, this time around there  has been a lot more media coverage to her discredit.  The home has no heat or running water and broken windows allow the animals to exit and enter the home at will. Health and code reports report 4-6 inches of a combination of feces and garbage throughout the home, including human waste in buckets.

To read more:


Sled dog neglect - 28 seized in Mat-Su, AK (US)

Defendant/Suspect: David Straub

Incident Date: Saturday, Oct 16, 2004
County: Matanuska Susitna
Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted

Mat-Su animal officers are looking for foster homes for 28 sled dogs taken away from a Willow musher. According to Dave Allison, the chief of the Mat-Su Borough's Animal Care and Regulation office, musher David Straub was cited Saturday with 17 counts of animal cruelty. Allison says all of the dogs were thin and dehydrated, with 10 being described as emaciated, while one dog died a week ago Sunday at the end of his line. Allison says he revoked Straub's kennel license. He told KTUU-TV that he wanted to make it clear that Straub is not representative of the dog mushing community. A former Iditarod musher said he wants satisfaction from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough for seizing his malnourished dogs three years ago and curtailing his mushing career.

Case Updates:

David Straub, 48, of Willow filed a "non consensual common law lien" several months ago that holds the borough responsible for his claimed loss in October 2004 of $1.5 million in property, namely his kennel of sled dogs. The property on which Straub placed his lien, 77 acres at 1200 N. 49th State St., is the site where the borough plans to expand its crowded animal shelter. Straub's lien muddies the title to borough property where animal control officers held the dogs they seized from Straub in 2004.

"I want to forgive them, but it's hard to forget," Straub said Wednesday. "I had a 25-year dream ripped out from under me."

The borough filed suit against Straub on Dec. 16 in Palmer Superior Court, seeking to remove the lien. In court filings, the borough claims that unless the lien is lifted by Jan. 28, plans for a new, $5 million shelter are in jeopardy.

The borough three years ago seized 28 of Straub's 32 dogs. Some of the animals were so emaciated their bones showed, according to witnesses, including four-time Iditarod winner Martin Buser, who testified against Straub in 2005. The Associated Press reported at the time that 10 dogs either died or were euthanized after arriving at the borough animal shelter.

Straub in April 2005 was convicted of animal cruelty and fined $300 for violating borough code. Two weeks later, he was cited again, this time for keeping seven dogs, including two involved in the cruelty case, without the proper kennel license. At the time, Straub said Wednesday, he'd broken his neck in a fall at a Wasilla construction site. He was out of work for many months, and that led to money problems that he blamed for the condition of his dogs.

Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details: Sled dog neglect - 28 seized - Mat-Su, AK (US) http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/2817/AK/US/#ixzz19oSbYJqB


Noel Guido-Silva

Noel Guido-SilvaAfter a night of partying, Noel Guido-Silva and another ranch hand started racing their car and truck, chasing down a horse in a fenced pasture. Gentle Song was a 23-year-old mare owned by a 13-year-old girl. The truck knocked the horse into the path of the car, and she suffered a fatal head injury. Guido-Silva was found guilty by a jury of felony animal cruelty, felony vandalism, misdemeanor trespassing and misdemeanor hit-and-run driving. He was acquitted of felony conspiracy and intentionally killing a horse. He was sentenced to three years in prison and was to be deported after his time served. However, an appellate court, citing faulty jury instructions, overturned Guido-Silva’s cruelty and vandalism convictions, and prosecutors dropped the charges, rather than refilling them.

Six years later, in 2009, Guido-Silva was convicted of one count of felony Force with a Deadly Weapon (against a human victim). He was sentenced to six months in jail and three years formal probation with the conditions that he pay fines to the probation department, not possess a weapon, may be searched by an officer at anytime, and have no contact with the victim.



Alex Greger can never adopt an animal again. 

           A Beaufort County judge says 23-year-old Alex Greger can never adopt an animal again.  Greger is accused of some terrible acts that made us all cringe when we heard about them: the brutal torture and killings of dogs he adopted from Lowcountry animal shelters. He was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday.  Greger pleaded guilty to four counts of ill-treatment of animals.  According to investigation results, two of the three dogs he tortured died. Judge Perry Buckner sentenced Greger to five years behind bars and will not let the nearly six months he’s served at the Beaufort County Detention Center count toward that time.  If he should be granted parole, he must enroll in substance abuse counseling and be subject to random drug tests.  He is also never allowed to adopt an animal from a South Carolina shelter again.

If you like to read more: http://www2.wsav.com/sav/news/local/lowcountry/article/lowcountry_man_gets_five_years_in_animal_cruelty_case/12861/

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Alexander Gregor

Alexander GregorThe girlfriend of Alexander Gregor, 22, came home from work one day in 2008 to find him beating their German shepherd, Jake, whom had been adopted from the Hilton Head (S.C.) Humane Association. She tried to stop him, and he allegedly hit her and bit her several times. While his girlfriend ran and hid from him, he shot Jake in the head with a pellet gun and submerged his head underwater in the bathtub until he died. Gregor was arrested on a criminal domestic violence charge.

Just days after Jake’s death, Gregor adopted a German shepherd-mix puppy from another animal rescue group; he allegedly threw the puppy, Tag, against the floor until he died, according to his arrest warrant. Acting on a tip from his girlfriend, deputies uncovered the buried remains of both dogs.

Ongoing animal abuse and even torture are often the terrifying reality in homes plagued by domestic violence. Gregor was also accused of beating his girlfriend’s Husky mix and spraying cologne directly into his eyes, causing them to swell shut. Gregor plead guilty to four felony counts of animal cruelty, and he was sentenced up to the maximum of five years, required to complete anger management classes, and is forbidden to adopt an animal again in South Carolina.


    Arrested Clint L. Wilkes  

Kittens beaten, burned Salt Lake City, UT (US)

Incident Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 Charges: Misdemeanor Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Clint L. Wilkes

Police are investigating a man who may have a history of abusing and killing kittens. Investigators say the unidentified man is alleged to have gotten free kittens from ads in Salt Lake area newspapers then abused them.  In June the man's girlfriend brought in several kittens with broken bones to Salt Lake County Animal Services, say police. One kitten had a broken leg, broken tail and trauma to the body, as well as a mild concussion. Police told us when she returned home she found a second kitten with a broken tail and chemical burns. He may face animal abuse charges in these cases. In Utah animal abuse is a class B misdemeanor.

Case Updates
A Salt Lake County man accused of assaulting a girlfriend and abusing kittens was sentenced Monday to 60 days in jail and probation for one year. Clint L. Wilkes, 29, had pleaded no contest to animal abandonment and guilty to simple assault, both class B misdemeanors. Salt Lake Justice Court Judge Peggy Acomb ordered Wilkes to obtain an evaluation and treatment, and submit to random drug testing. Restitution for both cases is yet to be determined. Of five kittens that Wilkes found through newspaper ads, several suffered injuries and all eventually disappeared, according to prosecutors. The girlfriend suffered bruises and hit her head when Wilkes threw her down onto paving stones last summer. Read more: http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/9689/UT/US/#ixzz0lT3oYkge

 Kitten stomped to death, this piece of sh_t got 6 years.

La Crosse, WI (US)
Incident Date: Tuesday, Jun 14, 2005
County: La Crosse
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Randy Lee Whitney

A 22-year-old La Crosse man accused of stepping on a kitten's head was charged with a felony in La Crosse County Court on June 21. Randy Lee Whitney was charged with a felony count of mistreating an animal resulting in death and a misdemeanor count of mistreating the same animal.

When he was arrested by La Crosse police on June 20, Whitney said it was an accident, but the people Whitney was staying with gave police a different story. A woman told police last week that on June 14, Whitney intentionally stepped on the head of her 10-week-old kitten named Baby in her apartment on the 800 block of State Street. The woman and a male friend took the kitten to the veterinarian, but the animal did not make it through the night.

When police found Whitney on June 20, he said he was helping the woman move some things in her apartment when the kitten ran under his foot. If he had not stepped on the animal, he would have lost his balance, Whitney said. Another woman told police she saw Whitney hit the kitten in the head and throw it to the floor a few days before the animal's death.

According to police reports, another person said Whitney admitted he killed the cat in an instant message sent to a friend. During Tuesday's hearing, La Crosse County Circuit Judge John Perlich ordered Whitney held on a $2,500 cash bond.

Case Updates
The man who stomped on a kitten's head will spend six years in prison. Citing Randy Lee Whitney's "absolute lack of remorse," La Crosse County Judge John Perlich sentenced him to prison Tuesday, citing the need to protect society.

Read more: Animal Abuse: Kitten stomped to death - La Crosse, WI | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/4909/WI/US/#ixzz1j1xv6Pkb

Robert Rydzewski

Robert RydzewskiIn 2004, the then 29-year-old Robert Rydzewski shot his neighbor’s dog Mollie in the face twice, claiming she was going after him and his rabbits. The upstate New Yorker was charged with torturing and injuring an animal. Two months later, he killed another neighbor’s Welsh Corgi, named Sis, with an ax, resulting in yet another charge of torturing and killing a domestic animal.

Rydzewski pled guilty, and the judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail and one year of probation, and also granted both dog owners permanent orders of protection.  His plea bargain included the dismissal of other charges including reckless endangerment for allegedly pointing a rifle toward someone during the shooting incident. He has since been arrested for assaulting people and resisting arrest, and his whereabouts are unknown.




Stephen Barry King, convicted in August of 2002 of animal cruelty.

                     Stephen Barry King, convicted in August of 2002 of animal cruelty in the UK is now working as an dog trainer in Reno, NV. This is not a nice guy! Not only does he perpetrate his cruelty upon defenseless animals, but women and children as well. Zeider states that during the 4 sessions King became increasingly agitated and ended up attacking a Burmese Mountain dog puppy. The dog was screaming and King has both hands on the leash and was jerking the dog hard to the right and left and holding him up in the air. The dog was fighting for his life, biting at the choke chain, trying to get free. Kristin Beck states that King beat the Burmese Mountain dog puppy so badly that it “shit all over himself and was bleeding all over the floor”.

If you'd like to read more:



Hyrum Long

Abused Dog Beaten with Hammer Then Buried In Oregon backyard. 


VIDEO: http://www.nwcn.com/video/index.html?nvid=297382

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - The Forest Grove man and woman under investigation for an incident in which they tried to euthanize their dog with a hammer, were arrested on animal abuse charges Monday night.  Officers from the Forest Grove Police Department arrested 75-year-old Hyrum Long and 49-year-old Susan Johnson around 8:15 p.m., Monday. Long was charged with aggravated animal abuse in the first degree, a felony, and Johnson charged with animal neglect in the first degree, a misdemeanor. Both were released from jail Tuesday morning with no bail

Johnson is now set to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. on November 7th for her arraignment and authorities said Long would likely have his first court appearance on Monday, November 10th, at 8:30 a.m.  Police spokesperson Aaron Ashbaugh said a necropsy report from the Oregon Humane Society indicated the labrador mix named Molly had suffered from a chronic skin disease, body sores from lying down for prolonged periods of time, and that she had suffered from long term lack of nutrition and chronic starvation. Ashbaugh said there were also also indications the 13-year-old dog had not eaten for at least four to five days.  Earlier in the day Long said he made a terrible mistake when he tried to euthanize his daughter's dog by hitting it over the head with a hammer last weekend. Long and his daughter Susan were charged after they hit the dog on the head with a hammer and then buried her up to her neck in their back yard.

In October, Hyrum Long and his daughter, Susan Johnson, were arrested after police found a dog buried alive in their backyard. The dog, Molly, who belonged to Johnson, had been bashed over the head with a hammer by Long in an attempt to kill the dog.

In January Long pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree animal abuse, a misdemeanor.  The original charges of felony aggravated animal abuse and animal abuse were amended to the single misdemeanor charge. Today Judge Rick Knapp sentenced Long to to 120 days in jail, with two years of formal probation and 100 hours of community service to follow. In addition, Long was forbidden to own, control or possess any animals. Knapp also called the situation appalling and said, “I would not empathize with anything about your situation at all, what you did was monstrous and barbaric.”


Woman Pleads No Contest In Animal Cruelty Case Tulsa County, Utah

Roberta Christian's husband Darrell Christian pleaded guilty to six counts of animal cruelty. He also received a four year deferred sentence.

A woman accused of neglecting her horses will not see any prison time. Roberta Christian was arrested back in May, along with her husband Darrell. Sheriff's deputies say many of the horses were malnourished and some were in confined spaces. Deputies say they had to use machinery to pry the gate off one of the stalls, because it was blocked by so much manure. The News On 6’s Steve Berg reports Roberta Christian pleaded no contest to one count of animal cruelty Monday, and gets a four-year deferred sentence. Christian avoided our camera at the Tulsa County Courthouse after she entered her plea on Monday. She was originally charged with two-dozen counts of animal cruelty, although all but one of those were dropped. As part of her sentence, she will be supervised and the judge ruled she can not own or possess any more animals.



Craig Boyd

Craig BoydIn June 2000, sanitation workers found five dead dogs in trash cans outside Craig Boyd’s home. Witnesses complained of a foul odor from dead and live animals kept in the hot basement. Chicago Police Department’s Animal Abuse Control Team (AACT) raided the residence and found a basement area allegedly used for dogfight training. Six live dogs, including one puppy, were found in terrible conditions: tightly confined without room to move, without food or water, emaciated, and suffering from infected ears and multiple lacerations consistent with dogfighting injuries.

Following this raid, Boyd and an accessory tricked the Smith* family, who had raised their beloved dog Jake for over a year, into thinking that he was an expert in training aggressive dogs. Boyd convinced the Smiths to meet with him, and assured them that Jake, who had started showing aggressive tendencies, would be his “special” dog, living in his apartment and being a trained demonstration protection dog. The Smiths transferred ownership of Jake to Craig Boyd.

In April 2001, AACT arrested Boyd again for cruelty to animals. They seized 10 dogs, many scarred and malnourished. In March 2002, Boyd pled guilty to misdemeanor cruelty to animals for the June 2000 raid and was given the paltry sentence of 6 months probation.

Meanwhile, after several failed attempts to check on Jake’s progress, the Smiths found out about the charges against Boyd. They went to the Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) shelter, where they found their beloved Jake, who had arrived there in a malnourished state from the April 24 raid on Boyd’s residence. He had scars on his face and chest. The Smiths brought Jake back home and tried to rehabilitate him with a professional trainer in their home, but the damage the dog suffered at Boyd’s hands was too much. His temperament and behavior had become too aggressive. Mrs. Smith stated, “Eventually, we made a decision to put him down fearing that he would harm a child or another animal. I cried for months.”

Criminals convicted of organizing dogfights and cockfights are usually involved in other dangerous criminal activity, like drugs and gambling, in their communities, and they will often go on to abuse more animals in fighting rings following convictions. In August 2002, Boyd went to Bermuda with a bogus rescue organization to select American Bulldogs for transport to the U.S. from the local SPCA. At the time, Boyd was on probation for animal cruelty, which included a condition that he was not to acquire new dogs.

In another raid in December 2004, Chicago Police arrested Boyd at his residence. They seized 10 dogs (including one puppy), 4 guns, crack cocaine and cannabis. Boyd was indicted on 13 felony counts: 9 for dogfighting and 4 for drugs and weapons violations.

In June 2005, Boyd pleaded guilty to one count of cocaine possession, one weapons violation, and one count of dogfighting. He was sentenced to 4 years prison on each of the first two counts and 3 years for dogfighting. The sentences were concurrent, gave credit for time served (174 days) and included recommendations for boot camp. Boyd was paroled before the end of the year.



Jeffrey DahmerSerial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to prison in 1992 for murdering and cannibalizing at least 17 people in a Milwaukee killing spree between 1978 and 1991. As a child, he would capture animals and torture them, impaling frogs, cats, and dogs’ heads on sticks.

Decades ago, the FBI recognized that many serial killers started out torturing and killing animals as children.  Here are just a few of the many high profile examples:

  • The school shootings that took place between 1997 and 2001 in:  Pearl, Miss.; West Paducah, Ky.; Jonesboro, Ark.; Springfield, Ore.; Littleton, Colo.; Conyers, Ga.; and San Diego, Calif., all contain a common element. Prior to killing their classmates and teachers, all of the boys involved in these school shootings had performed acts of animal cruelty such as shooting dogs, setting cats on fire, blowing up cows, and killing other small animals, prior to killing humans.

  • Albert DeSalvo, the “Boston Strangler,” killed 13 women.  When he was a boy, he put cats and dogs into orange crates and shot arrows through the slats to kill them.

  • Ted Bundy was a serial rapist and killer of at least 30 women. As a youth he tortured and killed animals.

  • Patrick Sherrill, who killed 14 coworkers at a post office and then shot himself, had a history of stealing local pets and allowing his own dog to attack and mutilate them.

  • Dennis Rader, the BTK killer in Wichita, Kan., killed at least 10 people. He abused and killed animals for practice prior to killing people.

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