Help The Dalmatians

The Dalmatians need your help!

Foster Homes: There are more Dalmatians dying in shelters than we can rescue.  What we need the most are foster homes! If you are interested in becoming a foster, please check out our foster guidelines or send us an e-mail at

Can’t foster? That’s OK, there are still other ways you can help us save more Dalmatians.

Make a Donation

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Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue is a tax-exempt organization, so your donation will not only help the Dals but, it is tax deductible too!  We depend on monetary donations to help cover all of the costs of rescuing and caring for our foster dogs.  Any amount, no matter how small is appreciated.  We are all unpaid volunteers so 100% of your donation goes directly to helping the Dalmatians in need.

Sponsor a Dalmatian

Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue needs sponsors for sick and/or injured Dalmatians whose medical care exceeds the adoption fee of $250. Click here to see the sponsor list. Sponsoring a Dalmatian will not only help that Dal but, it is tax deductible too!

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