This is just wrong by any standard by the worst kind of offenders. With cowards and sicko's like these, there should be tougher laws. If a person is violated why is it any different for an animal that is violated by a person they trusted. This sort of cruelty should come with the same penalties a person gets for this barbaric sexual act. Please, if you run across one of these barbaric websites look for the "Contact Us" and let them know what you think. I do !! There are 31 states that it is banned in but 13 that haven't.  We CAN make the difference !!

A Florida man is behind bars for allegedly having sex with a pit bull in his yard as shocked neighbors pleaded with him to stop.

Bernard Marsonek, 57, was arrested early Wednesday after reportedly seen having sex with a pit bull in his Tampa yard by shocked neighbors who begged him to stop.

Tampa police were called to the house of Bernard Marsonek Tuesday afternoon after the 57-year-old was reportedly witnessed performing the sick act in broad daylight. "When officers arrived on scene, they were greeted by a small crowd of residents who were disturbed by their neighbor's activity with the dog," police told Fox13.

"Several of the witnesses stated that they yelled at the suspect to stop, but he ignored their commands."

Officers found Marsonek, a convicted felon, inside his home and spoke with him before obtaining a search warrant for the property.

Inside they seized a gun with ammunition and animal services took custody of eight large pit bulls found at the home, Fox13 reported. He was arrested on two counts of a felon in possession of a firearm, animal cruelty and sexual activity involving animals. He was released on $17,500 bond.

Strange disturbing Bestiality texts Led to Jared Fogle’s Child Porn Charges

The story of the unnamed woman who tipped off the authorities to former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is unfolding: It all began one year ago when she was sexting with family friend Russell Taylor—Fogle’s friend and former employee—and he offered to send her child pornography. Jane Doe had met Taylor and his wife Angela through her husband, who died in 2013. In 2014, according to The Indianapolis Star, Taylor’s texts took a disturbing turn. Doe’s friend, who spoke to the Star anonymously, remembers Jane saying “I’m not dealing with this anymore. This is going to stop.”

Her friend suggested she call a state police officer he knew, and she did. Her tip was given to the Indianapolis Police’s Cybercrime Unit, along with a record of the texts, which also referenced bestiality:

In one of those text messages, according to the affidavit, “Russell Taylor asked her if he and another adult female she identified could come to Jane Doe’s residence and engage in” an act of bestiality. The woman did not agree to that request, but told investigators “you could tell (Taylor) was serious.” She also told investigators that “she received an image file via text from Russell Taylor that depicted (another act of bestiality).”

When the cops eventually searched Taylor’s home, they found videos he’d secretly recorded of “nude girls ages 11 to 16 in a bathroom,” another of a young boy nude, and others of the same kids naked in a bedroom. Taylor admitted to hiding the cameras in clock radios.

For admitting to secretly producing pornographic videos of 12 children as well as sharing some of those recordings with Fogle, Taylor is facing 15 to 35 years behind bars. Fogle is facing five to 12 1/2 years for child pornography charges, and is slated to be sentenced on November 19. Taylor has no sentencing date yet; Taylor’s wife Angela has not been charged in this case. Fogle had originally hired Taylor to head his childhood obesity charity.

Couple charged with over 100 counts of sex crimes with child and dog

Hardy (left) Wallace (right)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A Wilmington man and woman have been arrested and charged in connection to over 100 counts of sex offenses with a child and family dog. Amos Lavon Hardy is accused of 70 sexual offenses between 2006 and 2014 while living in Southport. The 36-year-old is accused of violating a female victim between the ages of 8 and 16.

Angela Renee Wallace, 36, was arrested by Wilmington Police Department officers on behalf of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. Wallace was charged with 40 counts of felony child abuse-sexual act with a animal. Hardy was previously arrested in connection to four counts of sex offense parental role, three counts statutory rape/sexual offense and second degree rape.

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Disgusting teacher caught with very bad crimes returns to classroom

June 19, 2016

FIXATED: Neil Deller pleaded guilty to an addiction to child and bestiality porn.

He had 3,500 images and videos of child and bestiality pornography.Neil Deller, 42, had a daily “fixation” watching sex assaults on girls as young as three. He also had bestiality videos with dogs and horses. On Tuesday, Deller, from Bishops Stortford, Essex, pleaded guilty to seven offences involving downloading and possession of child porn.  Deller continued to teach privately since his arrest two years ago and in state schools across Essex and Hertfordshire. “By the very nature of your dealings and teaching them you have had opportunity to interfere with them if that was your interest and that’s not your interest”.

Twelve parents of children, who were aware of his case, wrote references to the court on his behalf. Judge Christopher Ball QC spared the sick teacher from a possible three year jail term. He was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court to a community order and an internet sex offender treatment program. Judge Ball said that there was compelling evidence that he did not pose a significant risk of sexually abusing young people. He added that Deller showed “a very real prospect of rehabilitation” through the treatment program.

The music teacher will be require to disclose his conviction to parents. Prosecutor Daniel Taylor argued that Deller should be removed from teaching. Taylor said: “He comes into contact with children on a regular basis so it is proportionate in order to protect those individuals. ”The judge instead ruled that if Deller teaches under 16s then he must disclose his offenses to their parents. He said: “There’s no reported history from any of the people who have had dealings with you. ”By the very nature of your dealings and teaching them you have had opportunity to interfere with them if that was your interest and that’s not your interest.”

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Mesa “Furry” Enthusiast Charged with sick crimes against children and animals

Usery's mugshot, taken after being busted by Mesa cops.

A selfie by Aaron Usery on his profile under the name "Zel-the-Wolf." A Mesa man, who according to police went by the online alter ego “Zel the Wolf”on the digital art-sharing site, was arrested this week for alleged online sexual contact with two 12-year-old girls and for bestiality. Mesa police say Aaron Thomas Usery, 21, engaged in virtual sexual relationships with two 12-year-olds in Overland Park, Kansas, exchanging nude photographs with the girls, and communicating with them “while using ‘Skype’ and ‘Google hangouts,'” according to a probable-cause statement on file with the Maricopa County Superior Court. The probable-cause statement reveals that Overland Park police contacted Mesa cops in March 2015 about the inappropriate relationships, after the parents of one of the 12-year-olds reported the situation to authorities.

Days later, Mesa cops raided Usery’s home, seizing Usery’s desktop, two laptops, and a red Nikon camera. The police investigation revealed that Usery’s relationships with the minor girls began in September 2014. Nude photos of the girls were found on his computer equipment, according to the probable-cause statement. In a recent jailhouse interview with Channel 12, Usery admitted his guilt, expressed remorse for the alleged crimes, and said he did not plan to contest the charges. The probable-cause statement says a video showing the alleged bestiality with a family pet was found during investigators’ examination of Usery’s computer.

The statement says Usery told police that he met at least one of the girls through the website, where users submit “deviations,” or art that has been created or altered digitally to meet the user’s needs or wants. The site, founded in 2000, boasts 38 million registered members and “over 65 million unique visitors per month,” according to’s “about” page. “Our members — known as deviants — upload over 160,000 original art works every day,” the site says, “everything from painting and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, films, and anime.” also is a social-networking site for artists and the artistically-inclined, helping them, “find their identity through self-expression.” Usery called himself “Zel-the-Wolf”on his account, which states that he had been a “deviant” for three years.

According to his journal on the site, Zel-the-Wolf was Usery’s “fursona,” as furries refer to the personas they create for themselves. He commissioned depictions of his wolf character from other members of the DA community. One of these shows a black-and-white wolf, standing upright, with green eyes, green markings, and Japanese kanji characters on one of his haunches. Usery’s personal “gallery” on includes several poems, arty photographs of trees, numerous illustrations of “Zel-the-Wolf,” selfies showing a much heavier Usery, and photos of individuals dressed from head-to-toe in anthropomorphic “fursuits,” which Usery admired.

On his Google+ account, Usery has posted several videos of people in fursuits at furry conventions, along with his comments about their onstage performances or offstage antics.  (Usery claims to have attended Arizona’s annual “Furcon” event.) “Does anyone know who the fursuiter at 1:20 is?” Usery asks regarding one video. “I see him all the time, but I still don’t know his name! His fursuit is just awesome.” Of another, Usery enthuses: “This video has got to be the best I have ever seen in regards to fursuiters dancing!” Furry videos also were uploaded onto Usery’s YouTube account.

On April 11, 2015, about two weeks after his home was raided by Mesa cops, Usery posted a goodbye note to the DA community, stating the following: “Zel’s unfortunately had to bid you all farewell. He’s likely not coming back…life has called him to a newer, braver path. He wants you all to know that he holds the utmost respect for those whom he was lucky enough to call friend, and that he loves all of you… and will never forget any of you.” At the time, many of his fellow DA-ers seemed confused by his departure. Since then, there have been derogatory comments about the allegations concerning him and the 12-year-olds to what he called his “Au revoir” post. “How’s jail?” asks one user in December. Another commenters quotes a news account of Usery’s  getting charged, with a warning: “Be careful kids. You don’t know who you are talking to online. YOU could have been the victim!”

Interestingly, Usery offered similar advice to parents in his Channel 12 interview, explaining how they should speak to their kids about the Internet and social media. “Let them know, ‘Hey, I know that you’re on the internet a lot. I know that this is really exciting for you, but be mindful that there are things out there that you will want to avoid, and here are what some of those things are and here’s why we want you to avoid them.'”

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Bestiality Case | Cody Slaughter, 22, admitted to sex with several species of animal, and to a history illegal drug use.

Yuma man suspected of molestation, bestiality

YUMA, AZ (CBS5) - A Yuma man has been arrested on suspicion of several sordid sex crimes after a month-long investigation by the Yuma County Sheriff's Office. Cody Slaughter, 22, of Somerton, is suspected of molesting a 2-year-old girl eight years ago, and having sexual contact with a pig, dog and horse, according to a sheriff's office spokesman. The sheriff's office was originally contacted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection about possible criminal activity that was discovered during a pre-employment screening with Slaughter.

Deputies interviewed Slaughter and he admitted he told the Border Patrol of his past. YCSO investigators served a warrant at Slaughter's home in Somerton and found evidence linking him to the molestation and supporting his admission of bestiality from 2004 to now. He was booked into the Yuma County Jail on one count of sexual conduct with a minor and three counts of bestialWhen asked specifically which species of animal, involved were a horse, a dog, and a pig. The acts of bestiality went back as far as 2004 and continued to the present.

Man Accused Of Sex With Dog In San Pedro 9 years in prison

Christopher Caceres, 22, is charged with felony animal cruelty, burglary and misdemeanor sexual assault of an animal. Caceres is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.
The mother of a 22-year-old San Pedro, Calif., man who is at the center of a sordid case of bestiality, has apologized to the owners of the victimized dog, reported Thursday’s Press-Telegram. Caceres, who remains behind bars, has pleaded not guilty to the charges stemming from the alleged sexual assault of an 80-pound Akita.

After viewing surveillance footage of the sexual assault, the dog’s owner went to the police. The victimized dog’s owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, installed security cameras on his property because he feared that his house was being targeted by a prowler; the man had heard his dog “shriek,” during the night, on two separate occasions. Prior to viewing the recorded video, which showed a two-plus hour long encounter, the man had no idea that his dog was being forced to engage in sexual activity with Caceres. Caceres’ mother has elected not to watch the video which implicates her son. Christopher Alexander Caceres is accused of sexually assaulting an 80-pound Akita; according to footage captured by the dog owner’s surveillance camera, the attack went on for two agonizing hours.

The dog’s owner had installed security cameras because he feared that his house was being targeted by a prowler. The dog’s owner had heard his dog “shriek” during the night, and he has also found fur from the dog scattered in his yard. After viewing the security camera footage, the man witnessed the suspect feeding something to his dog, believed to be a drug of some sort, and then, after approximately 15 minutes, the lengthy sexual attack began. The police were notified after the dog’s owner viewed the surveillance footage. The victimized dog has been seen, and treated, by a veterinarian.

Psychiatric report outlines bizarre relationship that led to sex with children and animals

BARRIE – Avery Taylor was prepared to do “anything” to gain Shayne Lund’s love — even supply him with children for his perverted sexual needs, a psychiatric assessment says. The 60-page report released late Tuesday describes the bizarre relationship between Taylor and Lund, 24, who was dating several other women at the same time. Lund, of Midland, along with Taylor and another girlfriend, Kathryn Thompson, both 21 and from Orillia, have all pleaded guilty to charges including conspiring to kidnap, drug and rape children, making child pornography and bestiality with horses and dogs. Psychiatric and psychological assessments on all three are being prepared for dangerous offender and long-term offender hearings.

In the report about Taylor, she describes being enslaved by Lund and working to pay bills while he watched television or had sex with other women and underage teens. To keep him happy, she would ask parents if she could babysit their children. “She wanted to be around him, and getting a child would give her ‘an up’ in terms of spending time with him,” Dr. Treena Wilkie wrote. “I just wanna make him happy,” Taylor is quoted as saying. She admits she brought a preschool girl to a public beach so Lund could touch her and videotape the assault under the water, but the child began to scream, the report says. Lund later bit, punched and choked Taylor during sex as “punishment.” The report says Taylor also admits she photographed small children while taking them to the toilet or dressing them, and she organized a “taste test game” where the child was blindfolded and Lund wore a strawberry-flavoured condom.

In another instance, she texted Lund that she was trying to kidnap a child but the parent was watching. Taylor tried to justify her actions, insisting if she didn’t help Lund, he might have kidnapped a child on his own. “This way I would have control over the situation,” she told Wilkie. “It was a way to placate him without him actually having independent access to a child … I didn’t want someone to get hurt.” As Lund’s cravings for children escalated, he threatened to kill Taylor if she didn’t help him, the report says. “He was physically violent toward her. He dragged her across the floor, kicked her, punched her, choked her while telling how easy it would be to kill her.” Now in custody, Taylor says she’s happy to be away from Lund. “I’m free.” The report suggests she’s in denial about her role but is a low risk to reoffend, provided she gets extensive counselling and is supervised while around children

Woman performed sex acts on 1-year-old boy and family dog, recorded it on borrowed phone

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Police say a woman in Lafayette used another person’s cellphone to record herself performing sexual acts on a 1-year-old baby boy and the family dog. According to court documents, Jessica McCain, 23, borrowed a woman’s cellphone last Saturday, according to WXIN. McCain returned the phone the next day, and the owner of the phone discovered a shocking video that wasn’t hers. The video allegedly showed McCain performing oral sex on the boy, while the family dog was performing oral sex on her. McCain later admitted to police that she had performed the sex act on the infant,and dog. according to the documents. Police arrested McCain, who now faces several charges including child molesting and child exploitation,and felony animal abuse. McCain is currently in the Tippecanoe County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

Teacher jailed for possessing child and animal porn

Caroline Parry appeared at Teesside Crown Court.

A “highly-respected” teacher has been jailed for 18 months for possessing indecent images of children on a USB stick alongside school work. Caroline Parry, 45, was head of English at a Middlesbrough secondary school when the authorities became aware she was swapping sick fantasies with a man in the US, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Caroline Parry, 45, arrives at Teesside Crown Court

The married mother got involved in an online relationship with the man, who disclosed early on that he was a paedophile. He sent her images of serious sexual abuse of children which police found on laptops and on a USB stick when they raided her home. At a previous hearing Parry, of Ryhill Walk, Ormesby, Middlesbrough, admitted making and possessing indecent images of children and one count of possessing extreme pornography involving a horse.

Police found 20 indecent images of children, both moving and still, with 16 of them being of the most serious category.

Sentencing the former member of her school’s senior leadership team, Judge Stephen Ashurst said: “You are a 45-year-old woman whose fall from grace is nothing less than spectacular. “You are regarded by the outside world as being a responsible mother. “You have been well-respected for many years as a senior teacher at a local school. “Your marriage is now in tatters, your home life disrupted, your career in ruins and, I am sure you will appreciate, all of this is self-inflicted. “For a number of years you maintained an online relationship with a man in the US. “He described to you at an early stage that he was a paedophile and he described in explicit details his sexual preferences, for sex with children, in particular very young girls and also with their mothers, and he sent very disturbing still and moving images to you.“Far from being repulsed by what you were either viewing or downloading, you encouraged him in his sick fantasies. “He referred to you as being a ‘fellow paedo’ and you went along with that.”

The judge said the local community could be reassured that the victims, who were as young as two, were not family members or pupils. But he said that, regardless of where they lived in the world, the gravity of the offending was such that an immediate custodial sentence could not be avoided. She was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years and made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order for the same period.

Harry Hadfield, prosecuting, said the investigation was launched by the National Crime Agency while it was looking into the conduct of the man in the US. On the USB stick which contained images of abuse, they also found school materials relating to Key Stages 4 and 5, he said. Rachael Dyson, defending, said Parry was “extremely remorseful for her actions” and keen to work with the authorities to address her behavior. She described her as working long hours. “It is expected that her arrest, charge and guilty plea has sent shockwaves through that profession – people being completely surprised that a woman who had been so highly-respected would commit offenses of this nature,” she said.

After the case, Colin Radcliffe, operations manager at the NCA’s CEOP Command, said: “Whilst there is no evidence that Caroline Parry abused her position of trust at her place of work, we consider that she poses a significant risk due to the nature of the images she was downloading and viewing. “The chat logs which she had engaged in seemed to span a number of years, and were extreme in nature. “Individuals who think they can share indecent images of children under the radar of law enforcement should know that we will pursue them and ensure they are brought to justice.”

21-Year-Old Babysitter Records Sex With 11-Year-Old Boy and Dogs Under Her Care on Webcam

Megan Nicole Hayes

A Florida woman allegedly had sex with the 11-year-old child she was hired to babysit and two dogs. Megan Nicole Hayes, 21, was arrested Thursday on felony charges for the sexual battery of a child under the age of 12. The young woman is intellectually challenged and does not know right from wrong, her father told local media. He later informed the Orlando Sentinel that the family is not interested in addressing the media anymore. She was on a social site with her webcam. Was reported having intercourse with the boy and two dogs…The woman confessed this is not the first time. She has babysat another toddler boy aged 3. She said she web cam with that boy also.

After the confession Police searched her computer and found 100’s of child porn and Beastiality images on her laptop. Seems she is most interested in toddlers both boy’s and girls.

The Cocoa Police Department told station WKMG that Hayes confessed to the sexual abuse that occurred May 27 in the coastal city of Cocoa. Hayes, from the city of Rockledge, is being held without bond at the Brevard County Jail. She was arrested back in February on credit card fraud and petty theft charges, court records show.

New Jersey: Police Officer and girlfriend Charged With sexual assault on three under-aged girls beastiality


Moorestown Patrolman Robert Melia, 38, is every criminal defense attorney’s nightmare. First, Melia was charged with aggravated sexual assault on three underaged girls. Now, he has been arrested for sex with cows. In April 2016, Melia and his then live-in lover, Heather Lewis, 32, were arrested for the sexual assault on the girls. In that case, Melia and Lewis were charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of criminal sexual contact in his home from 2009 until 2016. In the latest arrest, Melia was charged with four counts of animal cruelty after allegedly engaging in sex acts with cows between June and December of 2015. For those who find this “udderly” disgusting, this is only the latest case of bestiality that we have seen this week.

Upper Dublin, PA. High School teacher charged with sexual assault on student and dog

UPPER DUBLIN >> An Upper Dublin High School English teacher accused of having inappropriate contact with a student at the high school was arrested Monday, according to Upper Dublin police. Rose M. LiMuli, 39, of the 1500 block of North Line Street, Lansdale, was charged with 12, third-degree felony counts of institutional sexual assault for her alleged sexual relationship with an 18-year-old male student at the high school, according to a criminal complaint. LiMuli has been an English teacher at the high school for more than two years, this being the third, and taught previously at Sandy Run Middle School, the document states.

LiMuli was placed on administrative leave by the school district April 19, pending the outcome of an investigation after the alleged relationship was reported to police. In a May 2 letter to parents, following the teacher’s arrest, district Superintendent Deborah Wheeler said LiMuli has been suspended pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings. The events occurred between December 2015 and the time the Upper Dublin police became aware that LiMuli was reportedly having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student, police said.

The student, in a statement made April 18, told police that he and other students would hang out in LiMuli’s classroom “because she was cool” and would bring in baked goods, the complaint says. In November, after he turned 18, he and LiMuli began to talk through Snapchat, phone calls and text messages, and in November, she began to pick him up and drive him to the dog park on Camp Hill Road, where she allegedly performed oral sex on him, and her pet dog while he watched. The encounters occurred outside of school on “at least 10 occasions” between December and March, it says.

In January, LiMuli allegedly went to his home while his mother was working and the two engaged in sexual intercourse, the complaint says. She also allegedly made sexual comments to him in the back of her classroom while class was going on, it says. LiMuli, who warned the student that she could get in trouble if anyone found out about the relationship, bought him gifts, including a dirt bike, sneakers and clothing and gave him more than $1,000 in cash, according to the affidavit. She also gave him access to her credit card number to purchase food, clothing and shoes, it says. The two exchanged 262 phone calls between November 2015 and April 17, 2016, the complaint states.

Following an investigation by police and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, which began after the allegations were reported by the Upper Dublin School District to the police at the end of March, LiMuli was arrested on the charges May 2. She was arraigned before District Judge Patricia Zaffarano and released on $50,000 unsecured bail with conditions including that she have no contact with the victim or other students. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 16. Background checks of LiMuli “gave no indication of any previous criminal behavior,” Wheeler’s letter says. “Recognizing the emotional impact” of the news, guidance counselors are available for any students or staff who wish to speak with them, it says.

Arazona Mesa man arrested in bestiality case 

James Hauser (Source: MCSO)   (Source: MCSO)

PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) – Detectives from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Crimes Unit have arrested a Mesa man on charges related to bestiality. According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, James Trent Hauser, 47, brought his dog to a Tempe hotel, allegedly to participate in sex acts. MCSO says that on the evening of May 4, Hauser brought his dog, a boxer mix, to the Holiday Inn Express at 1520 W. Baseline Road in Tempe. Hauser had allegedly set this up to meet a woman whom he had met on a Craigslist messaging service, in order for him and his dog to engage in sex acts with the woman, according to MCSO. The “woman” with whom he was communicating was, in fact, a male detective with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. MCSO says that during the progression of computer messaging over several days, Hauser asked the “woman” if she was a cop. The detective answered, “Yeah I am Sheriff Joe…LOL”.

Hauser then proceeded to set a time to meet and announced that he would give the dog a bath. When Hauser, with his dog in tow, arrived at the hotel, he made contact with a Sheriff’s Office female detective, who was posing as the awaited sex partner. Undercover video of the meeting between Hauser and the detective was all captured on camera. You can see that video HERE. [Warning: EXPLICIT VIDEO AND CONTENT]

Hauser was arrested a short time later. Sheriff Arpaio has written letters in the past to Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craig’s List, asking him to consider better monitoring of the site to prevent this kind of solicitation. Just after detectives arrested James Darland for trying to arrange sex with various farm animals in October, detectives received information there was a warning to the “zoosexual community” interested in bestiality, to stay away from Arizona because Sheriff Joe Arpaio would conduct undercover sting operations.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says, “Hauser must have not got the warning and if he did, it didn’t matter to him. This is my 10th bestiality case. Warning or not I will continue to crack down on animal abuse and bestiality.” Hauser was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on one count of Conspiracy Bestial-Sexual Contact with an Animal and one count of Facilitating Bestial-Cause Sex with Animal.  Hauser’s dog has been turned over to the Sheriff’s Office MASH Unit.

Woman caught having sex with 2-year-old granddaughter and dog pleads guilty

FLINT, MI – A Kalamazoo woman has pleaded guilty after authorities say she sent photos of herself engaged in sexual activity with her 2-year-old granddaughter and a small dog to an Imlay City man. Crystal Runyon pleaded guilty Wednesday, March 30, in Flint U.S. District Court to a single charge of conspiracy to manufacture child pornography.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations claimed it began investigating Runyon after it started a criminal case against David Gors, an Imlay City man who allegedly was using social media websites to meet children in order to manufacture his own collection of child pornography. Runyon admitted to producing sexually-explicit images of the child and sending to Gors through email. Gors allegedly told authorities he met Runyon through a social media website and the two began an online relationship that involved a role-playing scenario that involved Gors man pretending to be an 11-year-old old boy, according to criminal complaint filed in November 2014.

Authorities claim the relationship was sexual and revolved around the fictional sexual assault of the 11-year-old boy’s made-up younger sister, according to the complaint. However, federal investigators claim in the complaint that the relationship strayed from the imaginary when Runyon allegedly sent Gors photos of herself performing sex acts on the child. Runyon also allegedly told investigators that she sent him photos of herself engaged in a sex act with a small dog, according to court records. She did not face any charges in connection to her alleged activity with the animal.

Federal sentencing guidelines call for Runyon to serve up to 27 years in federal prison. The charge carries a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison. The agreement also calls for Runyon to forfeit multiple sex toys, a whip, five cell phones and four computers to federal authorities. She is scheduled to be sentenced July 12. A June 20 trial date is set for Gors, who is currently facing multiple sex crime charges.

A third man, Mark Tooley, who was Runyon’s boyfriend, was sentenced in December 2014 to up to 50 years in state prison after he uploaded sexually explicit photos of children to Twitter, recorded himself performing a sex act on Runyon’s granddaughter and admitted to having “thousands” of images of child pornography investigators found on his computer.

Oklahoma: Del City Woman Accused Of Child and animal Sex Crimes

Angelique Mendell was arrested on Feb. 6 and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. She’s been charged for Publication and Distribution of Child Pornography, Lew Acts with a Minor Under 16, Beastiality and Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

DEL CITY, Oklahoma – A Del City woman is behind bars, accused of a multitude of horrific sex crimes involving her own children and pets, making videos of the crimes and distributing the content on several lewd websites and messaging apps. The investigation into the case began after the FBI contacted Oklahoma City police about the manufacture and distribution of child pornography originating in the metro area. An undercover investigator working out of the Washington DC metro police force had already established an online relationship with someone in Oklahoma, which led police to 35-year-old Angelique Mendell. The undercover officer began communicating with Mendell on the messaging app “Kik” in late January.

In explicit messages with the officer, Mendell admitted to sexually abusing her two sons, ages 10 and three, and recording some of the encounters. She also told the officer that she engaged in sexual activity with her Chihuahua and was “training” her Rottweiler. According to the report, in one conversation with the undercover officer Mendell said she was not worried about her 10-year-old son telling anyone about the abuse because he was a special needs child and was unable to speak.

During the investigation it was also learned that Mendell had previously abused her teenage daughter as well. Mendell was taken into custody on Feb. 6 and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. She’s been charged for Publication and Distribution of Child Pornography, Lew Acts with a Minor Under 16, Beastiality and Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. Her bond was set at $250,000.


Angelique Mendell’s arrest came about as part of the FBI’s Innocent Images National Initiative. The unit investigates both real world and virtual child exploitation cases. An officer in Washington D.C. had taken over a group of web identities belonging to a known child pornography distributor. He was led right to Mendell. According to court documents, an agent working undercover chatted online with Mendell and said she informed him she sexually abuses a 3-year-old and a 10-year-old. She even sent the undercover officer videos to prove her story.

Court documents allege that Mendell had profiles on websites for people interested in bestiality. The description of one the websites she frequented said it was “designed to match individuals who share an interest in cross species sexual activity with non-human animals.” Neighbors we spoke with were shocked and horrified by the allegations. “I had no idea she was doing that kind of stuff.  I really didn’t,” said Tara Williams-Morgan, who lives across the street. “You can’t pick your neighbors. You just never dream that’s what’s going on behind closed doors like that, not at all,” said Mendell’s next door neighbor, Joni Wageck. Mendell is charged with beastiality, child pornography, indecent or lewd acts with a child under 16 and unauthorized use of a computer. “There are no words. That just goes beyond any realm of belief that anybody could do that to a child,” said Wageck. Mendell is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a $250,000 cash bond, meaning she can’t post bail.

Fort Bragg soldier and wife arrested after having sex with dogs and posting videos of the acts online

Ruben Fox and Amber Fox, both 23, face multiple counts of crimes against nature for filming themselves having sex with dogs and sharing the clips.

Ruben Fox and Amber Fox, both 23, face multiple counts of crimes against nature for filming themselves having sex with dogs and sharing the clips.

A filthy Fort Bragg soldier and his wife remained locked up Tuesday after having sex with dogs and sharing clips of the encounters online, cops said. Ruben and Amber Fox, both 23, were caught Monday in Raeford, N.C., south of the Army base. Their capture followed an investigation that culminated two weeks ago, when Fairfax County authorities in Virginia alerted Raeford about the criminal activity, police Maj. Marc Godwin told the Daily News.

The couple has been charged with bestiality, disseminating obscene materials and conspiracy. Amber Fox was additionally charged with soliciting a crime against nature, police said. Two mixed-breed dogs and three cats were rescued from the couple’s Raeford home and brought to an animal shelter.

Amber Fox remains in Hoke County Jail with her husband, Ruben Fox. The couple was booked into Hoke County Jail and bail was set at $15,000 each. Fox is a specialist assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, which is home to the Army’s Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets. A soldier found guilty of a civilan crime may be reprimanded by a commander, a spokesman said. On her Facebook page, Amber Fox left a cryptic posting Sunday for her friends and mentioned her husband, who goes by the name Chance.

Pictures reveal Maryland teacher having sex with family dog

Stephanie Mikles was arrested earlier this year when child-advocacy officers searched her home and allegedly found photos and videos of her in the act.

Stephanie Mikles, 45, a special education specialist in Harford County, allegedly took pictures of herself engaged in a variety of unnatural or perverted acts with the animal

A Maryland teacher has been busted for bestiality after sick footage emerged of her having sex with her family’s pet dog, police said. Stephanie Mikles, 45, allegedly engaged in a variety of sexual acts with the canine over a month-long period in August 2008. But she was only arrested earlier this year after child advocacy center officers searched her home on an unrelated matter and found pictures and video of the disgusting acts. Mikles, who looks after special needs students for Harford County School District, was charged with unnatural or perverted sexual practice. She denies the allegations and has been suspended from her job pending the outcome of the case.

If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison and a $1,000 fine. The dog, reports ABC2, is still living with the family. Mikles is out of jail on $5,000 bond.

Florida Woman Facing Bestiality Charge Says Dog Did It ‘On His Own'( This story contains explicit language )


A Florida woman is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a pit bull.  Earlier this month, Bradenton Police detective Kevin Bunch discovered 17 photos of a dog performing oral sex on 18-year-old Ashley L. Miller, according to an arrest report obtained by the Smoking Gun. The photos were allegedly found on Miller’s cellphone in a folder titled “2-face fun.” In a subsequent interview, Miller told Bunch her dog’s name is 2-Face and that the dog performed oral sex on her “30 to 40 times,” according to the report. Miller also allegedly told the detective she never forced the dog to give her oral sex and that he did it “on his own.”

The dog showed no signs of injury and was taken to a vet as a precaution, the Bradenton Herald reports. Police allegedly learned of the existence of the explicit photos during a sexual battery investigation in May, a news release obtained by the Herald said. Miller was arrested on Friday and charged with two misdemeanor counts of sexual activities involving animals. The Bradenton Police Department did not immediately return calls from The Huffington Post.

Justin Mustafa, 24, of East Falmouth, pleaded not guilty to multiple assault-related charges Monday. A woman told police he held her hostage for several days while he beat her, made her perform sex acts with a dog and injected her with heroin.

   The Barnstable County Correctional Facility where 24-year-old Justin Mustafa, of East Falmouth, Mass., was jailed in 2012.

A Massachusetts man is accused of holding a woman hostage for almost a week while he forced her to have sex with a dog, beat her and then repeatedly shot her up with heroin. Justin Mustafa, 24, pleaded not guilty Monday to several assault-related charges in Falmouth District Court and remains held without bond, the Cape Cod Times reported. A police report said Mustafa held the woman captive because he believed she was unfaithful while he was in jail.

The East Falmouth man had been sentenced in February 2012 to two years at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility on a charge of secretly filming his then-girlfriend while they had sex. He was released early on probation. As part of his release, he is supposed to remain drug- and alcohol-free, and have no contact with the victim. It’s unclear whether his ex-girlfriend is the person involved in the latest incident.

Mustafa allegedly abused the woman from June 28 to July 4. She was able to break free July 5 and go to a police station. According to the report, the woman said she was beat several times, including once with a belt, and was injected against her will with heroin. During one heated argument on July 1, Mustafa allegedly forced the woman to perform sex acts on a dog. He then filmed it on a cellphone and threatened to use it as blackmail, police said. The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office didn’t immediately return a request for comment Wednesday.

Among the charges against Mustafa are assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, bestiality and five counts of assault and battery with a hypodermic needle. He’s also accused of throwing the woman’s cellphone out of a moving vehicle. A hearing is scheduled for Monday to determine whether Mustafa is a danger to the community and should remain jailed, the Cape Cod Times reported.

NY foster parent charged with sexually abusing boys and a dog

In this undated photo provided by the Suffolk County District Attorney's office in Riverhead, N.Y., Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu of Ridge, N.Y., is shown. The Long Island foster parent is being held on $1 million bond after prosecutors say he sexually abused at least seven young boys over two decades. (Suffolk County District Attorney's Office via AP)

In this undated photo provided by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in Riverhead, N.Y., Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu of Ridge, N.Y., is shown. The Long Island foster parent is being held on $1 million bond after prosecutors say he sexually abused at least seven young boys over two decades. (Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office via AP)

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — A suburban New York foster parent who cared for up to 140 boys over the past two decades has been charged with sexually abusing seven of them and prosecutors say there are more victims. Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu, 60, of Ridge, New York, on Long Island, was ordered held on $1 million bond Friday after being charged in a 17-count indictment with child endangerment and sexual misconduct. He is accused of victimizing children as young as 8. He is also accused of sexually abusing a female dog in front of a child last September. His attorney did not immediately return a telephone message seeking comment.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota told The Associated Press that Gonzalez-Mugaburu earned as much as $18,000 a month as a foster parent for the children. He cared for between six and eight children at a time since at least 1996, the prosecutor said. He said prosecutors were only able to charge Gonzalez-Mugaburu with abusing seven children in the indictment unsealed Friday, because statute of limitations laws prevent filing charges involving other victims. He said two boys came forward in January and reported the alleged abuse to a caseworker, who contacted police. Detectives then launched a wider investigation. “We know there were other victims,” Spota said.

Authorities the foster children were placed in his care by Brentwood, New York, non-profit St. Christopher Ottilie and the New York City Administration for Children Services. Rose Anello, a spokeswoman for St. Christopher Ottilie, says the organization placed 71 children with Gonzalez-Mugaburu over the past 19 years. “This investigation should expand well beyond the offender to those who helped to enable this offender to access potential victims,” said Laura Ahearn, a victims’ rights advocate and executive director of Parents for Megan’s Law, which tracks alleged sex offenders. Spota said the investigation is ongoing, and will include how the alleged abuse went undetected for so long.

Gonzalez-Mugaburu had no prior arrests, prosecutors said; Spota said investigators also are trying to determine how the suspect was permitted to be a foster parent, because he said the man has no employment record. “He claims to be self-employed,” Spota said. Statements issued by both the ACS and the non-profit said they were cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Woman has webcam show of raping toddler and family pet dog

Police call it one of the most shocking and disturbing crimes they’ve seen after a woman allegedly broadcast herself on a webcam having sex with her toddler and her dog.

Police call it one of the most shocking and disturbing crimes they’ve seen after a woman allegedly broadcast herself on a webcam having sex with her toddler and her dog. “It’s one of those things that just makes your stomach roll,” said Essex County OPP Const. Janet Hayes. “It’s hard to believe there are people out there that can commit these despicable offenses, especially against their own child. You can’t comprehend someone that could do something like that.”

The Lakeshore woman police are keeping her name and age a secret to protect her child’s identity is charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation and bestiality. Further charges related to making, possessing and distributing child pornography are possible, once the OPP E-Crimes unit in Orillia finishes a forensic examination of the woman’s computers. Investigators seized several computers from the woman’s home along with other “possible offense-related devices.”

Police aren’t revealing the gender or exact age of the child to ensure its identity will remain a secret. The OPP also wouldn’t give details of the alleged sexual activity involving the toddler and the dog, which was a pit bull, but said it was unsettling. “It was extreme, very extreme behavior,” said Hayes. “Disturbing. Incomprehensible, just that someone is able to conduct this type of behavior. A normal person can’t even really comprehend that it’s possible for someone to behave that way. This is very disturbing.”

Police began investigating after a man called Saturday to report that he’d seen a woman online the night before performing the sex acts on a webcam feed. He originally called Windsor police. They contacted provincial police because the woman lived in Lakeshore, which is OPP territory. The man had just met the suspect over the Internet. “Then she had the webcam going,” said Hayes. He told police he saw the woman performing sex acts first with her dog, then with her young child. Despite having limited information about the woman, Officers were able to identify her, track her down at her home and arrest her. The officers turned the child over to the Children’s Aid Society. No other children appear to have been involved. “This was all done very quickly as a result of the concerned citizen coming forward,” said Hayes. “It all happened in the same day, fortunately for the child. The OPP definitely wants to give huge kudos and our sincere appreciation to the concerned citizen that did the right thing and didn’t ignore what they observed on the Internet.”

Hayes made a plea for others to follow that person’s example. “If anyone is aware of these types of behaviours, contact your local police service or Crime Stoppers immediately,” she said. “The police will intervene immediately. Don’t turn your head. Maybe it doesn’t affect you, but some child is being abused.”

Mother, 20, ‘told boyfriend she has been having sex with her dogs since she was 13 and often fantasizes about incest’

Brittany Angelique Sonnier, 20 in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

A 20-year-old mother was arrested after she confessed to her boyfriend she enjoyed – and had been engaging in – sex with her dogs since she was 13-years-old and often fantasized about incest. Brittany Angelique Sonnier, 20, is accused of committing ‘vaginal and oral sex with two canines’ in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and has been charged with two counts of crimes against nature. She had originally been charged with bestiality.

The police were alerted to the alleged animal sex by Sonnier’s boyfriend, who has not been named. He said he was worried about her 11-month-old son, feared she may be addicted to sex and need help and believed she turned to animal sex at 13 because she could not get a partner at that age. According to the police report, the man had been in a six-month relationship with Sonnier, who he thought was a ‘nice, sweet and innocent girl’, and thought everything was going really well.

During the summer, problems started to arise and their sex life started to suffer, he said. It was during this time she came home from work one day and told him they needed to ‘talk’. ‘They sat down and Brittany used his phone to look some things up,’ the police report states. ‘He expected Brittany to ask if they could have a threesome or if he wanted to be a swinging couple. He would have been fine with either of those things – he is very open. ‘Instead, Brittany started to show him pictures of people having sex with animals. She told him that she was interested and into having sex with dogs. She went on to tell him that she has been having sex with their family dogs since she was 13 years old.’ He told police that she claimed to have both ‘vaginal and oral sex’ with the dogs. He did not know what type but called them ‘medium sized’ and said one was 13-years-old and the other just a couple of years old.

Confession: Brittany Sonnier allegedly told her boyfriend she was interested and into having sex with dogs and has been having sex with their family dogs since she was 13 years old

Speaking about her interest in incest, she showed him images on her phone of family cartoon characters having sex. The ex-boyfriend told police he was ‘disturbed and freaked out’ and said he told Sonnier ‘she was disgusting.’ The two broke up shortly after, according to the Huffington Post. Before calling police, he thought he would broach it with the girl’s father who revealed he knew about the dog sex and said he was trying to gain custody of her 11-month-old son because he felt his daughter was not a good parent. The boyfriend also revealed the 20-year-old may be pregnant with his child as she had stopped taking her birth control pills and had displayed signs of being pregnant, though she refused to take the test. He also believes she intends to become a prostitute because ‘in the past she told him she is good at sex and enjoys doing it and feels like she should get paid for it’. The police report adds: ‘She will have sex with anyone anywhere, at any time because she is an addict.’ Sonnier is back in court tomorrow.

AZ couple plead not guilty in Beastiality case

From left, Sarah Walker, Shane Walker and Robert Aucker

A self-employed photographer and her flight-attendant husband pleaded not guilty Monday morning to conspiracy to commit bestiality, according to a Maricopa County Superior Court official. Sarah Dae Walker, 33, and Shane Walker, 38, both of Pinal County, were two of three people arrested Feb. 27 after a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office investigation. Robert A. Aucker, 29, of Gilbert, was also arrested. All three are suspected of using Craigslist to find a dog for the woman to have sex with, according to the sheriff’s office.

The three are alleged to have contacted an undercover deputy for the services of a male golden retriever-German shepherd mix. A sheriff’s office spokesman said the Walkers described themselves as “swingers” who enjoy an “open marriage.” Aucker told detectives he and Sarah Walker have had a sexual relationship for the last month and that she shared with him dreams of having sex with a dog. Shane Walker is a flight attendant and Aucker a car salesman, according to a sheriff’s office news release. The Walkers are Pinal County residents.

The arrests prompted Sheriff Joe Arpaio to issue a second warning to the head of Craigslist. “You are essentially providing a platform for the propagation of unconscionable behavior,” Arpaio said in a letter to CEO Jim Buckmaster. Arpaio expressed his disapproval of Buckmaster for failing to make improvements in procedures the sheriff cited in his first letter sent to the CEO on March 15, 2011, after a similar arrest. Arpaio has asked Buckmaster to re-evaluate his monitoring procedures and policies for the popular website. The Walkers’ next court appearance will be at 8:15 a.m. May 14.

Arizona man who branded girlfriend’s genitals is arrested for ‘dog porn’

Arizona man who branded girlfriend's genitals is arrested for 'dog porn'

Arrested on bestiality charges A sordid tale of sexual perversion was uncovered in Chandler, Ariz., this week reported Wednesday’s ABC 15 news. On Monday, while executing a search warrant, deputies with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office discovered “dog porn” at the home of 47-year-old Christopher Lynn Jackson.

Jackson had been arrested on aggravated assault charges earlier this month after a girlfriend told the authorities that she had been branded with Jackson’s initials in her genital area. According to Thursday’s publication of Gawker, authorities described the pornographic videos, involving Jackson, a German shepherd and two women, as disturbing and Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated:

Another woman, identified as 61-year-old Josephine Erikson, was also arrested after authorities discovered that she had taken part in the videotaped acts of bestiality. Jackson’s German shepherd, Dirk, was seized from Jackson’s home and is currently being cared for at the Sheriff’s MASH unit.

Autistic Boy Tortured,raped and forced to have sex with animals by two girls

Lauren A. Bush, age 17, of Mechanicsville, MD, was arrested and charged as an adult with 2 counts of Assault 1st Degree, 2 counts of Assault 2nd Degree, Soliciting Subject in the Production of Child Pornography, False Imprisonment and incarcerated in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center on March 10, 2014.

Lauren A. Bush, age 17, of Mechanicsville, MD, was arrested and charged as an adult with 2 counts of Assault 1st Degree, 2 counts of Assault 2nd Degree, Soliciting Subject in the Production of Child Pornography, False Imprisonment and incarcerated in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. Two young women in Maryland have admitted to torturing a 16 year old mentally disabled boy over a period of months, including putting a knife to his throat on several occasions, kicking him in the groin, forcing him to masturbate and have sex with animals, making him walk across a frozen pond where he fell into the icy water several times, dragging him around by his hair and other acts which they reportedly recorded on camera phones.

Despite the fact that the mother of the autistic boy knew that he was associating with the two (and spending excessive amounts of money on one of them), she admits she had never bothered to meet either of them. Now the mother is afraid people will judge her for that. So is Hanna Rosin.

Writing for Slate Magazine, Rosin empathizes with the Mother, not so much the tortured boy, crossing the line in writing what amounts to a series of scripted excuses for the maternal clueless. “I feel her pain,” says the End of Men author. “From the little we know of the mother, it sounds as if she had to work a full day.” Surely that left her no time at all to get to know anyone her mentally disabled son was spending time and money on. The 15-year-old, who is charged as a juvenile, also is facing assault counts, authorities said. She is being held at the Waxter Children’s Center, they said.

All three teens attended Chopticon High School in Morganza.

Second woman faces 16 charges in sex-abuse case involving children and animals


She looks happy in the photograph. Her boyfriend "Shayne Lund" who is charged with a slew of sex-related offences against children and animals. Kathryn Thompson, 19, of Orillia is dressed in a bright green shirt, green eye shadow highlights her bright eyes and her hair is topped with a green bow while her beau. It’s the profile picture uses on his Facebook page, although friends say they weren’t steady. Lund apparently divided his affections between Thompson and the third accused, Avery Taylor, 20, also of Orillia. Both women remain in custody. They are each charged with 16 sex-related offences that involve separate allegations of child pornography and bestiality.

While police have not talked about the charges, court dockets show Lund, who is from Penetanguishene, is facing 110 charges including counselling and conspiring to kidnap a child, making and selling child pornography, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, sexual assault and bestiality. Many of those charges are in connection with his co-accused. Thompson, who went to Twin Lakes Secondary School with Lund and Taylor through their teens, was an active advocate for lesbian rights at the school. “She was a nice girl,” says a friend who went to school with her and asked not to be identified. “I never would have thought she could be involved in anything like this.” The friend said she knew all three accused, but was never friends with Lund. “I was good friends with both girls, but I never felt comfortable with Shayne,” she said.

So far five children between the ages of two and 10 have been identified as alleged victims of sexual assault and child pornography. The mother of one alleged child victim told the Toronto Sun outside court this week that Taylor often babysat her five-year-old daughter and says she was horrified to learn from police that her child was sexually abused. In one instance, the child was allegedly used in a taste test game where flavored condoms were involved. But not all of the alleged victims are children. One woman says she was devastated to learn that her dog and horse were allegedly abused sexually “I know they are not human beings,” says the woman as she wrapped her arms around her dog. “But to me, they are part of my family.”

The Toronto Sun was given the woman’s name by a source and, while she would prefer to have her full name published in connection with this story, her identity as a possible victim is protected under a publication ban. A month ago, OPP officers knocked on her door, asking her questions about her pets, she said. The officers then told her people had been charged with abusing them. “I felt so betrayed,” said the woman. She said her big, lovable dog seems as “happy and goofy” as ever, but her horse has been timid and shy. “He’s not right,” she said. “It seems like he is afraid … I just need to know what happened.”

But police haven’t given her the details, she said. “The police won’t tell me what was done to them, only that it was something,” she said, frustrated. “They tell me I’m not allowed to sit in bail court to hear the details. And I don’t understand why. They are my pets, I need to know. She is not alone with her questions. The mother and father and family members of the five-year-old girl said they were also told they are not allowed to sit in on the bail hearings. If any of the trio are found guilty the Crown has indicated it will seek to have them declared dangerous offenders and therefore sentencing them indefinitely.

So far, only Taylor has had a bail hearing and she was denied bail. Evidence heard at her bail hearing is covered by a publication ban. Lund and Thompson remain in custody waiting for their bail hearings. In Lund’s case an out-of-town justice of the peace must be brought in for a special bail court to ensure impartiality, court heard. He also has yet to be assigned a legal aid lawyer as his lawyer removed himself from the case Friday for medical reasons.

Michelle Owen – Woman Hoping To Bust Ex-Boyfriend For Child Porn Ends Up Arrested On Multiple Beastiality Charges

Whitehead, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) — Michelle Owen, a 24-year-old Indiana woman attempting to turn ex-boyfriend in for downloading child porn, is arrested herself for bestiality. According to police, Owen asked investigators to search her computer for child pornography, claiming that she believed her ex-boyfriend downloaded child pornography to it.

During the search, police came across two video files that allegedly showed Owen engaged in a sexual act with a dog. Owen was reportedly incarcerated on a public intoxication charge when she signed a release volunteering her computer for testing. She had hoped investigators would locate child pornography files downloaded to her computer. She told police that the video clips were recorded when she was intoxicated and then attempted to delete them the next day when she was sober. Obviously the delete button didn’t work. Owen has now been charged with two felony counts of bestiality.

According to a police affidavit, a copy of which you’ll find here, a cop told Owen that he had found videos of her on the laptop and asked if she “knew what those files might be.” Owen replied, “The one with the dog.” Cops believe that the dog in question, Toby, is a beagle. After asking if she was “going to be charged with this,” Owen said that the videos “were just something she did when she was drunk and barely remembers it,” adding that she tried to “delete them the next day when she was sober.” 

Jenna Louise Driscoll charged with  Beastiality

Jenna Driscoll leaving the Brisbane Watch house. She is pictured preparing to hit Photographer Robert Shakespeare on the ...

A warrant had been issued for Ms Driscoll’s arrest after she failed to appear in court on Monday on seven charges of supplying or trafficking drugs, one charge of unlawful wounding and three charges of bestiality. Police had allegedly found footage of the sex act while investigating the alleged trafficking offenses. Ms Driscoll’s defence counsel, Kate McArthur, told the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday her client was not aware she had missed Monday’s court date. Ms McArthur said Ms Driscoll had tried to contact her previous legal counsel, whom she was no longer paying, to find out when she would need to appear in court on other matters, but her calls were not returned. She accepts she should have been more proactive in getting the details from the court,” Ms McArthur said.

Magistrate Bronwyn Springer granted Ms Driscoll bail and fined her $250, which she said took into account her early guilty plea for her failure to appear in court. Ms Springer ordered Ms Driscoll, who lives in Brisbane’s CBD, to report to the Brisbane City police station every Friday as a condition of her bail. Ms Driscoll, who the court heard had a six-year-old child and was completing a diploma in business management, was told told she would be required to reappear in court on April 27. Outside court, Ms Driscoll lashed out, hitting a Fairfax Media photographer with a plastic bottle and yelling at him to “f— off”

Couple accused of bestiality after filming the wife performing sex acts on their pit bull


A married couple from Indiana were charged with bestiality after police say they made a video showing the wife performing sex acts on their dog named Lucky. Nikki Colleen Murphy-Johnson, 33, and her husband, Jason Johnson, 37, were charged Thursday with three counts of bestiality. Police in Anderson arrested Mr and Mrs Johnson on Friday.

Prosecutors say the couple, who have been married since June 2013, recorded sexually explicit videos and took photos featuring their pet pit bull. Investigators say the sexual encounters took place in June and July 2015 in the couple’s home on Fletcher Street in the Indianapolis suburb of Anderson, reported the station WTHR.

Mother arrested for sexual abuse and Beastiality

On January 14th, 25-year-old Krystal Violet Norby was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual assault and one count of bestiality. The story begins on January 7th, when the US Postal Service Inspector, relayed a report from the Child Exploitation Unit of the Toronto Police Service, to the Chisago County Sheriff’s department.

The report, resulting from an undercover Internet investigation, stated that on Dec. 21, 2010, numerous images were downloaded from a peer-to-peer file-sharing network, know for trafficking child pornography.  The images depicted a woman, identified as Norby, two small children and a dog engaging in sexual acts.

A search warrant of Norby’s residence, Toronto police had located the address after an undercover agent engaged in a chat with Norby and verified her identity. She was booked on January 12th, her unconditional bail was set at $60,000 and conditional bail was set at $40,000, the conditions being, no contact with the children in photos, or any children, no access to computers, cameras or animals. The children have been taken into protective custody.


Krystal and her 11-month-old daughter.

American Pie Actress Natasha Lyonne accused of  Beastiality Related Charges

“American Pie” star Natasha Lyonne, arrested after threatening to sexually abuse a neighbor’s dog, left court a free woman Friday. Judge Anthony J. Ferrara said that because Lyonne successfully completed a court-ordered drug program and paid $2,000 restitution, he was sentencing her to a conditional discharge. Lyonne, 27, was charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass and harassment in December 2004 after she entered a female neighbor’s Gramercy Park apartment screaming and yelling, according to a misdemeanor complaint filed in court. Specifically the complaint said Lyonne banged on the female neighbor’s door, entered the apartment, ripped a mirror off the wall, picked up the woman’s pooch and said, “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.”

I find a couple things strange about this story. First kinda strange thing is how turned on I am while thinking of Natasha Lyonne molesting a dog. More importantly than pooch molestation is the fact that someone, somewhere, in the heat of the moment, will use the phrase “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.” I don’t get it, why couldn’t she use big girl/beast lover words. Oh well, I’m gonna go get a poodle in case Natasha swings by to smoke some crack with me later.

Judge shocked at accusations of parents having relations with their children and animals

The kids were forced to have sex with their parents; and the sexual abuse of the children was recorded.

In what the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD ) called “one of the worst cases of child abuse ever seen,” Christopher Sena, 48, Deborah Sena, 48, and Terrie Sena, 43, were all arrested once the investigation into allegations of   child sexual abuse of at least eight children and young teens got underway, according to a Dec. 15 report from The Review Journal. Police said that some of the abused children were forced to have sex with their parents.

The investigation into the three Sena adults began in September after “Deborah Sena, another adult and a child told a family law attorney about the abuse.” The lawyer contacted police “as required,” which led to the first arrest in the case, that of Christopher Sena back in September. Police said that some of the allegations of child sex abuse date back to 2002 and that there still could be more victims out there, according to KLAS-TV in Las Vegas. Deborah and Terri Sena were both arrested on Thursday.

Woman arrested for killing animals while performing sexual acts for a fetish video

Sara Zamora and Adam Renford

28 year old Sara Zamora, from Miami is facing up to 40 years in jail after being charged with animal cruelty while performing sexual acts for a fetish video. Miami-Dade Police claim that Zamora decapitated chickens with hedge clippers and beat rabbits to death while performing sexual acts on a number of men for a fetish video called ‘SOS Barn’. An arrest report stated that Zamora, together with other women were clearly shown in the video,’ torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers.’ Also arrested with Zamora was 54 year old Adam Redford; it was allegedly his home that was used to do the filming. According to police reports, Redford is already on parole for similar offenses that occurred last year, however, he has not been officially charged yet.

Police said that the footage shows Zamora groping a man’s genitals in one hand while decapitating a chicken using hedge clippers with the other. Another scene features Zamora beating a chicken to death with a wooden stick before karate-chopping the necks of rabbits as they wince in pain. The defence attorney for Zamora told the press, “I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast because I would have puked all over the place,” adding, “It was disgusting.” Sara Zamora is now facing eight counts of animal cruelty, each with a maximum five year prison sentence if convicted.


Beastiality ,and Child molestation charges for CDC official

An official with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kimberly Lindsey, was arrested over allegations of bestiality and child molestation. Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, was suspected of molesting a young boy in Decatur, Georgia. A six week investigation into the matter led to Lindsey’s arrest. She is being charged with two counts of child molestation. The investigation also revealed evidence of bestiality. DeKalb County police Lt. Pamela Kunz told the Huffington Post: “The bestiality charge is a result of evidence recovered during the investigation. The investigation is still is active and we are not releasing further details.

DeKalb County police allegedly found photographs of Lindsey performing sex acts on two of her pets. The Huffington Post notes that Lindsey’s live-in boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, was also charged with two counts of child molestation, but he was not charged with bestiality. The child molestation took place between January 2010 and August 2010. Lindsey and her boyfriend allegedly used the child during sex. The 6-year-old, whose relationship to Lindsey was unclear, would allegedly spank Lindsey and use a vibrator on her.

Lindsey is a top official in the CDC and has earned several awards since joining the organization in 1999. According to the CDC website, Lindsey was a senior scientist with the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program where her primary role was to oversee “the $1.5 billion fiscal allocation process for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response funding agency wide.”Lindsey is currently being held at a Dekalb County prison on $20,000 bound. Her court hearing is scheduled for April 1st.

Overland Park police help nab Arizona man accused of engaging in beastiality, exploiting minors

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – MESA, AZ (KNXV ) – An Arizona man has been arrested after police found video of him having sex with a dog during an investigation of an online sexual relationship with minors. Court records show that on Tuesday, Mesa, Arizona police arrested 21-year-old Aaron Thomas Usery who allegedly was in a sexual internet relationship with two 12-year-old girls. During the police investigation, they not only found video evidence of that crime, but video depicting bestiality. On March 23, the Overland Park Police Department alerted Mesa police to a sexual relationship Usery was with the minors.  A parent of one of the children told Overland Park police that their daughter and her friend were in an inappropriate relationship online with a man from Mesa since September 2014.

Overland Park police said evidence found on the victims’ electronic devices had photos and videos of Usery, also known as “Zel the Wolf,” that were sexual in nature. The girls also sent him nude pictures and videos of themselves, according to authorities. Mesa police seized Usery’s computer and phone and also found sexual pictures and videos of Usery and the girls.

During their investigation, Mesa police said they located a video showing Usery engaged in sexual activity with the family dog. Usery was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of sexual exploitation a minor, providing obscene material to minors, luring a minor for sexual exploitation and bestiality.

Denham Springs couple charged with 250 counts of crimes against nature

DENHAM SPRINGS Louisiana – An undercover online child pornography sting has led to the arrest of a Livingston Parish couple on hundreds of charges. Minton and Nina Morris are charged with 250 counts of crimes against nature, as well as several drug charges. Minton Morris also faces charges for possession and distribution of child pornography. Investigators say they found evidence of beastality during a raid on the Morris’ home yesterday.

Couple Arrested After Shooting Porn With Woman and Dog; Videos Surface Online

A Raeford woman accused of engaging in sexual acts with her dogs while her husband filmed her was arrested on animal cruelty charges. Chance James Fox, a Fort Bragg soldier, and his wife Amber Nicole Fox are facing multiple counts, including bestiality, conspiracy and disseminating obscene materials, “Anything you can ever imagine a man and a woman doing to each other, she was having the dogs do,” Raeford Police Chief Franklin Crumpler.

The Humane Society told Fairfax County police that the couple was posting their beastiality home videos online, according to the Observer.  Authorities searched the couple’s home and seized their recording devices and computer hard drives. The couple, both 23, appeared in a Hoke County courtroom in North Carolina on Tuesday.  Bail was set at 15,000 each. Authorities also seized the couple’s two dog and three cats, placing them at a local shelter.

Woman, 23, got intimate with Dachshund

MARCH 25–In what is now officially a trend, a South Carolina woman, 23, has been charged with engaging in sex acts with a dog, videos of which the suspect e-mailed to an acquaintance. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office deputies yesterday arrested Hannah Marie Haynes on a buggery charge for allegedly having sexual contact with a Dachshund. An unnamed witness told investigators that Haynes “was sending them videos of her performing sexual acts with a canine.” The videos triggered Thursday’s arrest of Haynes, a shoe store employee.

According to an arrest warrant, Haynes “did carnally copulate against the natural order” by “performing sexual acts with a Dachshund canine” inside her home in Chesnee.  The alleged encounter with the dog occurred on March 9, which was Haynes’s 23rd birthday. Haynes was booked yesterday afternoon into the county jail on the felony charge. She was later released on $5000 bond.

Florida woman, 21, arrested for having sex with her two pet dogs after 'her boyfriend showed police videos she sexted him'

A woman in Florida was arrested after reportedly filming herself having sex with her two pet dogs. Miranda Johns, 21, was arrested by Collier County deputies on Monday and charged with three counts of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal, NBC2 reported. 

Authorities were interviewing her boyfriend about a sexual battery case that involved Johns, when he denied harming her.  Instead, he showed deputies videos that she allegedly sent him of herself engaging in oral sex with two dogs that are believed to be her pets.  In addition, Johns also allegedly sexted images of the encounter to the man.  She was released on $6,000 bond from the Collier County Jail.

Johns is due in court on April 13 and it's unclear if she has a lawyer. A spokesman for the Collier County Domestic Animal Services said Johns, who is from Naples, does not have a record with the agency.  

Ricky Lewis and Sally Deupree Charged With Child Porn,Sex Abuse Of Dog…


TULSA, Oklahoma -

A man who entered a blind plea to child pornography charges was sentenced to 60 years in prison Thursday.

 Ricky Lewis, 31, was charged last year with eight felony counts including procuring and attempting to procure the participation of a minor in child pornography, manufacturing, distribution, and aggravated possession of child pornography, as well as two counts of manufacture of obscene material and one count of use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime. A Tulsa County judge sentenced him Thursday to 60 years in prison.

3/4/2013 Related Story: Tulsan Charged In Child Pornography Case Enters Blind Plea

Last year, Lewis was arrested twice within a week. The first arrest happened after a search warrant led investigators to nude images of a girl on his computer. He was arrested the second time after evidence on his cell phone showed he was meeting women on Craigslist and then asking them for naked pictures of their kids. Two women were charged for complying with his requests. Sally Deupree, 55, of Glenpool, pleaded not guilty to possession of child pornography and attempting to procure the participation of a minor in child pornography. Brittiny Dick, 21, of Vinita, pleaded not guilty to two counts of manufacture of child pornography and two counts of distribution of child pornography. Dick was arrested after Tulsa Police reportedly found pornographic photos of her daughter on Ricky Lewis' cell phone. They say she had sent the photos to him.

According to court documents, Deupree received naked photos of a 2-year-old girl. Tulsa Police say in those documents she also corresponded with Lewis about him engaging in sexual activity with the toddler, asking him to tape the act and send the video to her. Both women have trial dates set for September 16.

Louisiana Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church

Chris Labat, Louis Lamonica, and Austin Bernard

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office has broken up what they call a “child sex abuse cult.”  Three members of a Ponchatoula church have been arrested for allegedly raping children, and in some cases, having sex with animals. Some of the kids are as young as two years old.

The Tangipahoa Sheriff’s office says the alleged abuse occurred two years ago. Sheriff Daniel Edwards says his office began investigating the Hosanna Church more than a month ago, after getting information from a mother of an alleged victim. The big break in the case came Monday when the church’s minister turned himself in to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office, and allegedly named names, one of whom was a Sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff’s officials say certain church members allegedly raped children and animals in a cult-like fashion at the Hosanna Church. A nieghbor says when he found out about it, “It surprised me. But I wouldn’t put it pass them. They were weird looking people to begin with.” Livingston Sheriff’s Detective Stan Carpenter says church minister Louis Lamonica turned himself in on Monday and admitted to having oral and anal sex with kids for years… and that’s not all. “He was basically showing the kids how to have sexual relations at a very young age. That is just something children at that age, they shouldn’t have to know anything about that,” says Carpenter. Lamonica also allegedly named other church members in the child sex ring. They include Austin Bernard and Chris Labat.  Labat is a patrol deputy with the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s office.

Livingston Sheriff Daniel Edwards says, “It certainly doesn’t make me happy to be a human being to have fellow human beings that are capable of doing what is alleged to be done here. To have a member of this Sheriff’s department involved in any way is disheartening.” How many others were allegedly abused at the church? No one knows. But investigators have faith more arrests will be made as they uncover what really happened inside the church..

All three men are in prison on aggravated rape charges, and Deputy Labat has been fired.  The Tangipahoa Sheriff’s office is asking anyone who is a victim to come forward. Call the Sheriff’s office at 985-345-6150. You will remain anonoymous. Sheriff Edwards says the death penalty could apply in this case because of the alleged victims’ ages. Edwards says it will be up to the District Attorney’s office if they want to pursue that end.


Woman Charged in Sex Assault Involving Dog and 16 year old girl

Waterbury Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl in connection with a sexual assault on an underage girl. Linda Boles was arrested on Monday, according to Waterbury Police Capt. Christopher Corbett. The alleged sexual assault happened outside in the area of Wood and Oak Streets and involved a dog, Corbett said. He would not go into detail about the details of the attack, but said that others, including at least one man, were involved in the sex assault. Police may make additional arrests in the case. Boles was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated first-degree sexual assault, accessory to aggravated first degree sexual assault, two counts of risk of injury to a minor, and cruelty to animals. She is being held on $95,000 bond and is due back in court Dec. 28. The identity of the 16-year-old girl arrested, and the charges against her were not made public because of her age.

NH Man Accused Of Having Sex with Dog Is A Repeat Offender?

After his roommate had been shot to death in the home they shared in Keene, NH on December 21, Nicholas R. Coll is now accused of bestiality with a dog - and it isn’t the first time, either, reports The 25-year-old man is currently held at the Cheshire County jail on a $10,000 bail. Coll owns two dogs that he and others interviewed by the police, say he “doted on.” Police haven’t commented on whether either of his own dogs was the victim of the alleged assault.

Coll was convicted of having had sex with a dog back in 2007. He lived in Hancock, NH at that time, and had just started an informal dog walking business. One of his clients reported him to local police when their dog was returned home showing signs of an assault. When the pooch was seen was their veterinarian, it was concluded that the injuries were “caused by likely sexual trauma.” On July 17, 2007, Coll received a 180-day jail sentence. Coll’s now deceased roommate, David E. Wheelock, was a registered sex offender.

Hidalgo County man back in jail after having sex with a horse again

Cirilo Castillo has been charged with 2 counts of trespassing and 2 counts of animal cruelty.
Cirilo Castillo has been charged with 2 counts of trespassing and 2 counts of animal cruelty.
The Houston Chronicle/ Hildago County Sheriff's Office

Cirilo Castillo Jr., 43 of Edinburg, Texas was back in court on Wednesday and charged with criminal trespass and animal cruelty for having sex with a horse.

Most animal welfare laws view zoophilia as animal abuse. According to Wikipedia, there are 18 states that have no specific bestiality laws; Texas is one of them. Florida passed a bestiality law in 2011. According to the, Castillo was released from jail on June 25 for public lewdness and having sex with the mare named Nadia. On June 28, he was caught on a video surveillance camera having sex with the same horse again. A previous record shows another arrest in January 2012 for similar allegations.  The Houston Chronicle states Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino describes Castillo as a laborer with prior arrests for theft and possession of marijuana. The Sheriff stated: The Sheriff is hoping Justice of the Peace Bobby Contreras will order Castillo to get treatment. Bond was set at $35,00.

Porn Star Is Finally Arrested for dog abuse.

Porn star Carla rhea Maldonado, 41 and her husband porn producer/director David Maldonado, 42

Carla's employer, Flagler county humane society, found a cd of their vet tech doing the wild thing with several dogs that she adopted from the shelter. the kooky state of Florida has not yet criminalized dog screwing. But not to worry Carla is a versatile actress, she will be doing time for molesting a teenage girl which her director hubby was all too happy to film.

Carla offered up a no contest plea. how can you deny video tape evidence? she will be sentenced October 19. hopefully judge Hammond will give Carla the maximum sentence of 15 years.
David Maldonado is charged with 50 counts of possession of child porn.

This was sent to me by a concerned reader Misty Richardson.. Thank you Misty..

Claremore couple arrested on Beastiality complaints after woman-dog sex video discovered


CLAREMORE AZ — A Claremore couple was arrested last week on bestiality complaints after police found at their home a video showing a sex act between the wife and the dog.

Brenda Mettler, 42, and Robert S. Mettler, 44, were jailed Thursday on complaints of crimes against nature/sodomy, cruelty to animals and distributing obscene material.

CLAREMORE — A Claremore couple was arrested on bestiality complaints after police found at their home a video showing a dog performing oral sex on the wife.

The pair each posted $60,000 bail and were released from jail Friday, said Investigator Kyle Baker of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office. After issuing a search warrant, Baker searched the residence and located several videos showing different breeds of dogs performing sexual acts  including intercourse  with women, according to a police report.

Brenda Mettler said she and her husband made a video of a white boxer performing oral sex on her a long time ago, records indicate. The woman said it was a "one-time deal," adding that the dog has since died and she didn't know her husband posted the video to the Internet, documents show. Robert Mettler told police it is a "fantasy of his to see dogs and females engage in sexual activity," a report stated.

He initially told authorities he didn't know the video was posted on a website that features bestiality, saying his account must have been hacked. But police were able to match the video that appeared on the website with a video in the husband's cellphone, an affidavit claims. Rhett Morgan 918-581-8395

Man’s online photos lead to animal abuse charges in  Gresham, Oregon

(news photo)

Brandon Vongthongthrip

Screwed the pooch over 400 times over 5 years. Pled to three counts of sexually assaulting an animal and was sentenced to one year in jail, five years of probation, and a $500 fine payable to the Oregon Humane Society. He must undergo sex offender treatment. During his probation, Vongthongthip won’t be allowed to own animals or to contact the family dog he abused. The man lived with his mother and her boyfriend and abused the family dog 400 times over 5 years.  Tell me nobody noticed?

To read more:


Dogs sexually assaulted Jefferson, OR (US)

» Rachel Mae Petterson - Convicted
» Sam L. Petterson - Not Charged

A Jefferson woman has been arrested on accusations of sexually assaulting dogs after police found home video of the woman and her husband with the animals. Police were investigating allegations of sexual abuse and child pornography related to Sam L. Petterson, 34, of Jefferson when they found the footage. Petterson was arrested and charged in March. Rachel M. Petterson, 32, was arrested April 14 and released from Marion County jail the same day.

A probable cause statement written by Marion County Sheriff's Detective Ted Burwell accuses Petterson of two counts of sexual assault of an animal, a misdemeanor. If convicted, Peterson could face penalties of more than $6,000 in fines and as long as one year in jail for each charge, according to Oregon Revised Statutes. A probable cause statement is a document that provides legal ground for holding a person in jail.

Case Updates

A Jefferson woman was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail and 60 months of supervised probation after pleading guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault of an animal and criminal mistreatment. Marion County Judge Mary James also ordered Rachel Petterson to undergo a sex offender evaluation and any treatment recommended as a result of that evaluation. She will not have to register as a sex offender. Petterson and her now ex-husband, Sam Petterson, were arrested in April on allegations of sexual assault of an animal after police found home video of them sexually assaulting dogs.

Rachel Petterson also was charged with criminal mistreatment, and Sam Petterson was charged with child pornography, including encouraging child sex abuse and using children in display of sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced five months ago to 43 years in prison. Judge James' sentencing also prohibits Rachel Petterson from owning or having contact with domestic animals and from having any contact with Sam Petterson.

Source: -
Update posted on Apr 23, 2011 - 10:55AM

Read more: Animal Abuse: Dogs sexually assaulted - Jefferson, OR | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

Dog beaten, choked, sexually assaulted Portland, OR (US)

Person of Interest: Gene David Fosdick, Jr.

Incident Date: Friday, Jan 7, 2011, County: Multnomah/ Charges: Misdemeanor, Felony CTA

Disposition: Dismissed (Conditional)
A maintenance worker at Cascadian Terrace Apartments couldn't understand where a roll of paper towels he had placed in a common area had gone to so he checked the complex's video surveillance images. He was horrified by what he saw. A resident repeatedly hitting, slapping, whipping, choking and sexually abusing a little dog. And, the activity went on for awhile, police and prosecutors said.

The worker turned the video images over to Multnomah County Sheriff's Detective Ken Yohe, which led to the arrest of resident Gene David Fosdick Jr. Fosdick, 38, was arraigned Tuesday morning on a two-count indictment charging him with first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal. The Chihuahua belonged to Fosdick and was named Peanut. Fosdick pleaded not guilty to each of the charges. He told police he was rubbing and scratching the dog because it had fleas, the affidavit says.

Case Updates
A 38-year-old man who slapped and excessively rubbed the genital area of his Chihuahua in the middle of the night in a common room of his North Portland apartment complex pleaded no contest to animal neglect and must undergo a drug evaluation and possible treatment. Gene David Fosdick Jr. also must attend a class specially designed for him by the Oregon Humane Society on how to care for his dog, Peanut. Authorities plan to eventually return the dog to Fosdick.

He was charged with first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal. Today, he was charged with a third count, animal neglect. Wearing a jean jacket, black pants and white athletic shoes, he stood with his hands clasped before the judge and pleaded no contest to animal neglect.

Circuit Judge Christopher Marshall ordered Fosdick to return to court in one year. If he follows all laws and completes the drug evaluation, goes to drug treatment if directed and attends the Humane Society class, the judge will dismiss the animal-neglect charge against him. And the prosecutor's office also won't pursue any other charges against him. Fosdick has previously been convicted of drug possession. At the time of his arrest, he was unemployed and taking medication for depression.
Source: - May 12, 2011

Read more: Animal Abuse: Dog beaten, choked, sexually assaulted - Portland, OR | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

2 Pitbull Puppies Were Sexually Mollested And Physically Abused.

Here is the article Posted on by pitbullfriends

Three Pit bull puppies were sexually molested and abused in North Carolina. Metal screws and other foreign objects were placed in their rectums causing intestinal perforations. Charity has since died of her injuries. Hope and Faith are in rescue but are still emotionally vulnerable. They have had four surgeries each so far, due to the injuries. The plight of these three innocent pups – the abuse happened when they were 6 weeks old – has spurred a desire for new laws.

Even though a police report was filed and evidence was collected, there was no forensic evidence with which to prosecute.  More importantly, under present laws, the dogs would have been confiscated as evidence, sent to live in the shelter until the case came to court. That would have been a certain death sentence for all three dogs because they would not have had access to the multiple surgical procedures they required. To date, each pup has had four invasive surgeries.

Currently, only 17 states make bestiality a felony. They are: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. Fourteen states consider it a misdemeanor, those being: Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin.

To read more:

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L.A. man gets probation for sexually assaulting dog…

In Los Angles, a 62-year-old man has been convicted of having sex with a dog he adopted from an animal shelter. The Animal Cruelty Task Force arrested Wade Strickland on February 2nd after he was seen sexually violating the female German shepherd mix beneath a freeway over pass. On Tuesday, Strickland pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and lewd conduct and was placed on three years probation.  Only probation?  According to the City Attorney’s office Strickland has adopted shelter dogs in the past and was reported for mistreating them.  Ok he is a repeat offender. Again, he only gets probation? Hmmm…Witnesses were willing to testify in the latest case.  Well finally gawd damn poor dogs. When he was arrested he was in possession of 2 dogs, one being the dog he was seen assaulting.  Along with probation, Strickland is prohibited from owning any animals, must submit to law enforcement searches at anytime and attend 24 animal care counseling sessions. You think the counseling sessions will help out this depraved individual?  I am doubtful. Thanks to my girl April for sharing this lovely tip with me.

To read more:

Caroline Willette Shares Her Adventures - Videotapes Herself Having Sex With Two Dogs, Shares It With Unimpressed Friend

Sarasota, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Caroline Willette, a 53-year-old Sarasota woman was jailed Wednesday after admitting to investigators that she watched child porn and had sex with two dogs.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, deputies became aware of the alleged sex acts after an acquaintance of Willete. Investigators say Willete videotaped herself having sex with two dogs and watching child pornography. She then reportedly gave a CD containing the material to a friend, who turned it over to investigators. Willete admitted to detectives that she had sex with the animals and watched young girls perform sex acts on the Internet.

She was booked into the Sarasota County Jail on three counts of possessing child porn. Bond in her case was set at $3,000 Bestiality is currently not a crime in Florida (it is Florida after all)

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice
handed over a CD with sexually explicit images.

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Animal cruelty, sodomy suspected Lawrence, KS (US)



County: Douglas
Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Cem Basoflas

A 20-year-old man was arrested by Lawrence police Wednesday on suspicion of animal cruelty and criminal sodomy of an animal. Police announced the arrest Thursday, and the suspect was being held in Douglas County Jail. Charges are pending. The same man also has a pending case of animal cruelty in Douglas County District Court stemming from an alleged incident in August. Officers were dispatched about 10 a.m. Wednesday to investigate suspicious activity in the 2100 block of Heatherwood Drive. A property manager reported that maintenance crews found a substance thought to be blood inside a residence, according to a police news release. Police obtained a search warrant for the residence. Shortly before 3 p.m. the suspect returned to the residence and was questioned by police before being taken to jail. An investigation is continuing. Prosecutors are waiting on additional information from police, but charges are expected to be filed today, Chief Assistant District Attorney Dave Melton said.

Case Updates

A former University of Kansas student will be deported to his home country of Turkey for abusing a cat and a dog. Twenty-one-year-old Cem Basoflas received the sentence Friday in Douglas County for two counts of animal abuse. He pleaded guilty in April to severely injuring a cat in August and torturing and killing a dog in February. Prosecutors said he will remain in jail until immigration authorities take custody of him.
A judge also sentenced Basoflas to 30 days, which he already has served, fined him $1,000 and ordered him to pay a total of $4,873 restitution to the Lawrence Humane Society and a veterinarian.


Nicholas Densmore - Florida Man Found Guilty, Sentenced After Sexually Assaulting Grandparents Pooch

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clearwater, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Nicholas Densmore, a 20-year-old Titusville man has been sentenced to four years in prison for sexually assaulting his grandparent's dog. Densmore was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading no contest to one county of animal cruelty back in October, 2008.

According to police, Densmore was staying at his grandparents home in St. Peterburg, Florida on July 30, 2007 when his grandmother saw him with the dog in a motor home behind the house. When the grandmother approached, Densmore allegedly grabbed his grandparent's Yorkshire Terrier and fled. The dog was later found injured in a nearby trash bin. Medical examinations of the dog, revealed the animal had a torn rectum. In addition, DNA evidence revealed Densmore's semen mixed with the dog's blood deposited on towels the dog bled on. Densmore was ordered to a four year prison sentence. After the completion of the jail term, Densmore will be monitored and evaluated for an additional year during a one year probationary period.
Densmore's family had requested that he remain in his grandparent's care, so that the family could monitor his medication dosage. The judge however rejected that request, citing that the approach had already failed.

The dog has recovered from it's injuries.

If you'd like to read more:

Dogs sexually assaulted, videotaped Tulsa, OK (US)


Incident Date: Monday, Jun 23, 2008
County: Tulsa
Disposition: Convicted
» Donald Roy Seigfried
» Diane Whalen

After authorities discovered more than 150 homemade movies of a "jawdropping" nature, a Tulsa County man and woman have been charged with committing crimes against nature, according to the Tulsa County Sheriff's office. Donald Roy Seigfried, 55 and Diane Whalen, 54, were charged with the crime, which deals with bestiality, after deputies discovered dozens of videos of Whalen engaging in sex acts with three dogs, Captain John Bowman said. Authorities were notified of the tapes, after one of the woman's relatives accidentally stumbled on one of the movies and then alerted the sheriff's department. Authorities initially believed the tapes were being produced for commercial distribution, but now believe they were strictly for personal use. The tapes, along with three dogs, a Labrador, a blue heeler and a mixed breed were also taken into custody and Bowman said his office is recommending that they be taken away from the suspects and be put down. "To me, the biggest tragedy in the whole thing is that someone trained dogs do something against their nature, and those dogs may have to pay the ultimate price for the selfishness of their owners. Euthanizing the dogs, however, is not a view that is shared by some animal activists. Christy Counts, president of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society said she thinks the dogs could be rehabilitated. "Certainly, if the animals aren't suffering, absolutely they shouldn't be euthanized. They should be put with a reputable organization" and given a new home," Counts said. While working at Oklahoma City's animal shelter, Counts said she came across one bestiality case. The dog ran away from its new home because it became so distrusting of people after the incident, she said. Seigfried was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond on Tuesday, and Bowman said Whalen had not yet been arrested but authorities were in contact with her lawyer. A 56-year old Tulsa man pleaded no contest to a charge of crimes against nature in a bestiality case. Donald Seigfried and Diane Whalen were charged in June. Seigfried allegedly videotaped Whalen engaging in the act. Whalen received a five year suspended sentence and was ordered to have no custody or control of animals. Seigfried will be sentenced in January. The abused dogs were sent to a rehabilitation center in Utah earlier this year.

Local man accused of bestiality

At a Tuesday court appearance, a homeless Texarkana man told a Miller County district judge there was “no way” he would plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of bestiality and fleeing.

Harry Johnson, 57, was arrested shortly after noon Saturday in a field where a horse was penned in the 1600 block of East 24th Street in Texarkana, Ark.

The following is an account of allegations against Johnson, according to the arresting officer’s report:

 The following is an account of allegations against Johnson, according to the arresting officer’s report:

I received a call in reference to Indecent Exposure in a field in the 3600 block of University Street. I advised dispatch that I was one block away. Dispatch advised that a passerby observed a black male having sex with a horse in a field. I got to the 3600 block of University Street and I observed a brown horse with a black male standing close behind it. I quickly pulled into the driveway of 3602 University Street and I saw two people standing beside their car and watching the man and the horse. I ran to where they were and one subject was standing with his mouth open and pointing toward the horse. I observed the black male making motions with his hips, that led me to believe that he was having sexual intercourse with the horse. I jumped a metal gate and entered the field. The sound of the metal gate, alerted the suspect and he backed away from the horse and began pulling at the front of his pants, leading me to believe that he had pulled the front of his pants up. The subject turned toward me and I saw that it was Harry Johnson. Harry, upon seeing me coming towards him, turned and began to jog away from me, in a southerly direction. I yelled for Harry to stop and he continued south and I yelled again and he stopped. I ordered Harry to the ground and he knelt down, at which time I ordered him to lay face down. I got Harry in handcuffs and placed him in the back of my patrol car. I transported Harry Johnson to the Jail where he was booked for Bestiality and Fleeing.

Transportation of bestiality pornography Hobart, IN (US)


Incident Date: Sunday, Jun 1, 2008
County: Lake
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Michael Bessigano

A man whose animal cruelty conviction led state lawmakers to pass a law making sexual relations with animals a crime has been indicted on charges of downloading obscene images and videos involving sex and animals. Michael Bessigano, 37, of Hobart was arrested Thursday by federal authorities on a charge of transportation of obscene materials involving bestiality between February and June. U.S. Magistrate Paul Cherry also ordered Bessigano to undergo psychological evaluation to determine whether he was sane at the time of the most recent alleged offense.  The Associated Press left a telephone message seeking comment from Bessigano's defense attorney, John Martin, at his office Tuesday. Bessigano served more than four years in state prison for a 2002 animal cruelty conviction for stealing a chicken from a farmer, having sex with the animal in a motel room, killing it and discarding the carcass. Although Bessigano had a history of alleged abuse against other animals, he could not be charged with bestiality in 2002 because there was no law against it at the time. Bessigano was also convicted of animal cruelty in 1993 for a matter involving a dog. Bessigano was released from prison in January, and last week's federal indictment alleges that he began using an interactive computer service to download images and video of bestiality beginning in February. Bessigano's family members have complained of harassment from neighbors in the Hobart subdivision where he lived with his brother and mother. He was arrested June 12 on an undisclosed parole violation and held for two weeks in the Lake County Jail for the safety of himself and the community, state parole officials have said. He was released June 30.

Case Updates

A man whose animal cruelty conviction led Indiana legislators to pass a law making sexual relations with animals a crime has been sentenced to two years and nine months in federal prison for downloading images and videos involving sex and animals. U.S. District Judge Philip Simon agreed on Tuesday to recommend that Michael Bessigano, 38, of Hobart be sent to a federal prison in Massachusetts that specializes in mental health treatment. Simon said he hopes Bessigano can end the "merry-go-round of incarceration" for bestiality crimes. "I've been trying," Bessigano told Simon. "Nobody wants to help me." Bessigano also faces three years of supervised release after his prison sentence, a term at the low end of federal guidelines. The judge two weeks ago threw out a plea agreement that called for Bessigano to serve two years in prison, stating that Bessigano's history did not make him eligible for a below-guidelines sentence. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bernard Van Wormer said the sentence was appropriate for Bessigano, who served time prison for killing a neighbor's dog in 1993 and was jailed again in 2001 for having sex with a chicken in a motel room and killing it. Bessigano could not be charged with bestiality because there was no state law against it at the time, but he served more than four years in prison for an animal cruelty conviction.


Dog sexually assaulted Wichita, KS (US)


Incident Date: Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008
County: Sedgwick
Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Joshua Coman

A man who Wichita police say was caught in the act of having sex with a dog will only face a misdemeanor charge, despite committing a similar crime last year in Reno County. Police arrested Josh Coman, 20, on Tuesday evening. A woman in the 3700 block of E. Clark heard someone break into her garage. When she went to check on the noise, she says she found Coman sexually assaulting her four year old female rottweiler. Initially arrested for aggravated burglary of a home and criminal sodomy, will only face the misdemeanor sodomy charge. Authorities say because there was no intent to commit a felony or theft, he can't be charged with burglary. A bench trial has been set for March 6. If a judge or jury finds that the crime was sexually motivated, Coman would have to register as a sex offender. Coman pleaded guilty last year to a similar crime involving a dog in Reno County. Police say the state's new Magnum's Law, designed to protect animals from abuse, does not cover sexual assaults. Authorities say Coman knew the family of the dog in Wichita, and had lived in the home for a short time last year. Authorities release a new photo of Coman on Thursday.

Case Updates

A 20-year-old Wichita man pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sodomy today for having sex with a dog; lawyers will now argue over whether he should have to register as a sex offender. Joshua Coman entered his plea in Sedgwick County District Court, but Judge Joseph Bribiesca set sentencing over until Wednesday. Coman's lawyer, Eric Svoboda, said he plans to challenge the state's attempt to require Coman to register. Wichita police arrested Coman on Feb. 19 after an acquaintance found him having sex with her 4-year-old female rottweiler in her garage. Kansas' sodomy law makes having sex with an animal a crime punishable by up to six months in jail. Coman pleaded guilty to a similar charge last year in Reno County.


Joshua Coman

Joshua ComanIn 2008, a Wichita woman heard someone break into her garage. When she went to check on the noise, she discovered 20-year-old Joshua Coman sexually assaulting her four-year-old Rottweiler. "My mom turns on the garage light and steps out the door and catches him, well, having intercourse with our dog," explained Justen Tracy. Coman was already on probation after pleading guilty to assaulting another dog in a neighboring county in 2007. Coman wasn't registered as a sex offender at that time because the victim of his crime was an animal, meaning he would only be charged with misdemeanor criminal sodomy.

According to authorities, Coman knew the Tracy family of Wichita, the owners of the Rottweiler he assaulted, and he had even lived in their home for a short time the previous year.  A search of Coman's cell phone revealed several photos of dogs and one video clip of a man engaging in sexual intercourse with a canine. He was sentenced to six months in jail and mandatory mental evaluations while in custody.

There is a high correlation between sexual abuse of animals and sexual abuse of children. A 2002 study found that 96% of the juveniles who had engaged in sex with nonhuman animals also admitted to sex offenses against humans and reported more offenses against humans than other sex offenders their same age and race.


Horse sexually assaulted Conway, SC (US)


Rodell Vereen

Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 50
Location: Longs, SC (US)


Jul 27, 2009 - Conway, SC (US)
Alleged: Horse sexually assaulted

Nov 22, 2007 - Conway, SC (US)
Convicted: Horse sexually assaulted

Vereen pleaded guilty to buggery on July 21, 2008, and was sentenced to three years' probation, ordered to undergo mental health counseling, and told not to go near Lazy B Stables after he was caught having sex with a horse on Thanksgiving Day of 2007, according to the 15th Judicial Circuit. Vereen has also been registered as a sex offender since pleading to the buggery charge, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.


Animal-shelter volunteer charged with bestiality Denver, CO (US)


Incident Date: Saturday, Sep 22, 2007
County: Arapahoe
Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Gustavo Castanon

A volunteer with a Denver animal shelter has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a dog, police said. Gustavo Castanon, 33, of Denver, is being held at the Denver Jail on $10,000 bond after he was arrested on Sept 26 on suspicion of cruelty to an animal, a misdemeanor charge, said Sonny Jackson, a Denver Police spokesman. Castanon is accused of coaxing the dog to perform oral sex. Castanon has also been suspended from his volunteer position for "inappropriate behavior with a dog," a shelter official said. Officials at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter, 678 S. Jason St., "initiated the investigation" against the volunteer, said Ellen Dumm, spokeswoman with Denver Environmental Health. "We've asked for an investigation by police and the district attorney's office," Dumm said. A witness told investigators Castanon had sexual contact with a basset hound at the shelter on Saturday, Sept 22, at about 5:30 p.m. In 1998, Castanon was arrested for unlawful public indecency in Cheesman Park, according to Denver court records. He pleaded guilty to the charge and paid a fine of $200 and court costs. Police were notified on Monday of the alleged animal shelter incident. Dumm declined to go into details, pending the outcome of the investigation. She said the dog was not physically harmed.

Case Updates

A former dog shelter volunteer was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to stay away from animals after he was caught having sex with a basset hound outside the shelter. Gustavo Castanon also will get surprise visits from probation officers at his home to ensure there are no animals there, said Denver District Judge Robert B. Crew Jr. The judge also ordered Castanon to enroll in an anger-management program and undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. Castanon has no pets, but his partner does, so Castanon cannot live at that house if the pets stay there. Castanon will remain in the Denver County Jail for another 10 days on an immigration hold. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials don't pick him up by then, he will be released and begin his probation, Crew said. Castanon was dismissed as a volunteer at Denver's Municipal Animal Shelter after being spotted in late September by an employee behind the building with the dog. Castanon was half-naked and coaxing the dog to perform oral sex, the police report said. Castanon has remained jailed on animal cruelty charges, unable to come up with $10,000 bail. Castanon was convicted in 1998 of exposing himself at Cheesman Park, according to court records.

Distribution of child and animal pornography Pennsauken, NJ (US)

He was a Police Officer

Incident Date: Sunday, Jul 1, 2007
County: Camden
Charges: Felony Non-CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: John E. Schenberger, Jr.
Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

Moments before John Schenberger Jr. was arrested on child pornography charges earlier this week, he sat at a desk inside the Pennsauken police department, waiting for a computer screening to begin showing a sexual assault on a 5- or 6-year-old child, a federal prosecutor said Friday. Strongly opposing a defense request to release Schenberger on bail while plea negotiations are under way in the case, Assistant Camden County Prosecutor Howard Wiener said Schenberger had included photos of himself in images he transmitted over the Internet. Four of those photos showed his genitalia, said Wiener. In a two-count indictment returned in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Tennessee on Tuesday, Schenberger is charged with distributing 1,072 images determined to be child pornography. Some of the images portrayed adults and children involved in bestiality and bondage, Wiener said. The arrest followed an investigation, headed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency in Memphis, Tenn., targeting crimes against children. The large number of images raises the potential sentence for Schenberger, if he pleads guilty or is convicted at trial, from five years in federal prison to almost 12 years, Wiener told U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider. Details of how the investigation focused on Schenberger are under seal. Defense attorney Timothy J.P. Quinlan had asked that Schneider release Schenberger on bail, to be monitored by his father, a retired Delaware River Port Authority police officer, and occasionally by his brother, James Schenberger, also a Pennsauken police officer. Schneider said the defendant's 16-year career history made the pending charge against him more serious. "He took an oath to uphold the law and protect the public. He's not trustworthy," Schneider said. Schneider said he also was concerned that Schenberger's computer knowledge and police experience would give him the ability to change his identity and evade capture if he chose to flee. Schenberger remains at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia.

Case Updates

A former Pennsauken police officer was sentenced to 170 months in federal prison today for his guilty plea to charges of transportation and shipment of child pornography over the Internet. U.S. District Judge Renee M. Bumb also ordered John E. Schenberger Jr., 42, of Winslow Township, to serve 10 years of supervised release upon the completion of his prison sentence. Schenberger has been detained without bail since his arrest on July 10 by special agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. On Jan. 2, Schenberger entered his guilty plea before Judge Bumb to a two-count Indictment that was returned in the Western District of Tennessee and transferred to the District of New Jersey. At his plea hearing,

Schenberger admitted that on June 5 he was using a computer at his place of employment, the Pennsauken police department, to have a conversation with another person through the instant messaging feature of the Web site. Schenberger admitted that during the conversation, he sent the other person approximately 539 digital picture files and eight digital movie files, using the file sharing software. While all of the files were sexually explicit in nature, about 373 of those files portrayed prepubescent children participating in sexually explicit poses and/or acts, Schenberger admitted. Furthermore, Schenberger admitted that about six of the eight digital movie files portrayed prepubescent children participating in sexually explicit poses and/or acts.

Schenberger admitted that on July 5 he again used a computer at the Pennsauken police department to log onto the instant messaging feature of the Web site and again transferred approximately 532 digital picture files and three digital movie files to the same individual. Schenberger admitted that about 426 of the 532 picture files and all three of the movie files portrayed prepubescent children participating in sexually explicit poses and/or acts.

I pray for Karma to come get this son of a ......

Abused dog's owner charged with sexually abuse in Windsor, Ont. Canada


Abused dog's owner charged in Windsor, Ont.

The owner of a dog that was put down after it was found sexually abused near a school in Windsor, Ont., has been charged, in a case so shocking that it has the community in an uproar.

Anjalo Abeywickrema, 51, has been charged with one count of permitting unnecessary pain, injury or suffering to an animal. City workers on Monday found the black Lab mix with severe genital injuries, lying in the grass on Louis Avenue near the back of Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School in downtown Windsor. The school is not far from Abeywickrema's house on Cataraqui Street. The dog, named Tyson, was unable to move and in a lot of pain. Humane society veterinarians had to sedate the dog to treat it and later euthanized the otherwise-healthy animal. Part of the police investigation included fingerprinting a condom and a bicycle inner tube used in the assault.

Police arrested Abeywickrema on Thursday. They said he had been given the dog by a friend a few months ago. Accused convicted in 2005 death Abeywickrema was on parole when he was arrested Thursday, but that parole has now been revoked, said Windsor police Sgt. Brett Corey. Abeywickrema was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2007 and sentenced to seven years in prison in the 2005 stabbing death of Tomislav Cepo. He had been initially charged with murder.

Abeywickrema had lived with Cepo at a rooming house after Abeywickrema fled war-torn Sri Lanka and arrived in Canada 21 years ago. During his trial, court heard that Tamil Tigers raided the village where Abeywickrema's wife and children lived and that he believes they were murdered.

Abeywickrema had been left permanently disabled after being attacked by muggers. He is in police custody at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital with an undisclosed illness. His bail hearing has been set for Wednesday. He faces what is known as a dual procedure offence, meaning that the maximum possible sentence for a conviction would depend on whether the Crown views the charge as a summary or an indictable offence. If convicted, Abeywickrema could receive up to five years in a penitentiary or 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

"It's OK to be angry, OK to be emotional. We're all upset," she said. "But let's take the positive and really make a movement with this." Deslauriers's group, which she named Windsor Dog Abuser Sought, has organized a march for animal rights for Saturday at noon at Dieppe Gardens on Windsor's riverfront.

Deslauriers is asking people to wear red and bring their pets along. 

To read more:

Dog found burned, maimed, sexually assaulted
Tucson, AZ (US)

Incident Date: Tuesday, Mar 28, 2006
County: Pima

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Wayne Allen Dean
Case Updates: 5 update(s) available

Pima County authorities investigate an animal abuse case they call the worst they've seen in years. The dog's owner Wayne Allen Dean is a suspect in this animal cruelty investigation but has not been charged with any crime. The case is headed to the grand jury in early April.  When KOLD News 13 cameras arrived to Dean's residence junk littered his three points home and he had a pallet wall surrounded with barbed wire.  Neighbor Cynthia Hemminger said, "No food, no water no septic and he just doesn't pay the bill to get it turned on."  Hemminger lives across the street from Wayne Allen Dean.  She says Dean has threatened her with guns. Cynthia say she has no doubt dean abused his animals.  Pima County Sheriff's removed two dogs from dean's home. The neighbor knew Sissy and Otis. Otis was Cynthia's favorite.  "Ah! He was about eight years old and very sweet. He's a beautiful and lovely dog."  Vet said, "There was a tail cut off and a tailbone sticking out," said Bonnie Lilley a Veterinarian at the Pima Animal Care Center.  The animals were malnourished when they arrived at the Pima Animal Care Center. But, Otis' wounds were even greater, the greyhound mix was found burned, maimed and sexually abused. Authorities also said it looked like Otis' ear was bitten off by a human.  Otis had to be put to sleep. 

Case Updates

The veterinarian was matter-of-fact when she spoke about how the dog's tail was sawed off, how his left ear was bitten and how his face was burned with cigarettes. She was even able to speak calmly about how the dog's legs showed signs of having been tied up, possibly with barbed wire, and how his ribs and hipbones stuck out too far. It was only when Lilley had to describe the worst act perpetrated on Otis, the greyhound mix, that she had to pause a moment. Wiping her eyes and taking a breath, Lilley gave Pima County Superior Court Judge Howard Fell details too graphic for most. Lilley was in Fell's courtroom Monday for the sentencing of Three Points resident Wayne Allen Dean, 39. Dean was indicted last year on nearly a dozen felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty counts pertaining to both Otis and Cissy, a German shepherd mix. The dogs were seized by the county after a concerned neighbor reported suspected neglect. The indictment accused Dean of physically abusing Otis and leaving Cissy improperly tied up without food or water. Dean pleaded guilty last month. Fell could have sentenced Dean to probation or up to five years in prison. The judge gave him two years after listening to Deputy Pima County Attorney Kathleen Mayer, a string of witnesses she brought in, defense attorney Barry Baker Sipe and Dean himself.
Both dogs - and the puppies Cissy gave birth to afterward - did end up being euthanized weeks after their rescue. They contracted distemper.
Source: Arizona Daily Star - March 27, 2007
Update posted on Mar 27, 2007 - 6:32AM


Dog sexually assaulted by convicted sex offender Sherwood, OR (US)

Incident Date: Wednesday, Feb 1, 2006
County: Washington
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Jason Dane Tapken

A convicted sex offender, under probation supervision after serving four months in jail, could face 30 years in prison if a judge finds him guilty of alleged violations that include repeatedly engaging in intercourse with his stepfather's dog.  Jason Dane Tapken, 24, of Sherwood appeared in court February 14, 2006 to answer allegations of abusing an animal, consuming alcohol, entering an establishment where children congregate and being out of sight of a chaperone. Animal abuse is a criminal misdemeanor under Oregon law. While none of the other allegations represent criminal acts, they do represent violations of the terms of Tapken's probation, if proven.

Tapken pleaded guilty in August 2005 to three counts each of attempted first-degree rape and attempted sexual penetration with a foreign object. Judge Carol Jones sentenced him to 110 days in jail and 10 years probation.  He was picked up again February 1, 2006 after allegedly admitting to a polygraph examiner that he had engaged in intercourse with his stepfather's dog five to seven times, drunk on rum and Coke, and entered a video arcade where children congregate. After listening to the state's presentation, Judge Ronald Stone set Tapken's hearing over until April 7, 2006. Stone said the stakes were so high - a potential for 30 years in prison - that he wanted a psychological evaluation conducted and additional information gathered before rendering a decision.


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