Look at what people are saying about Animals, the Environment, and Wild Life. Create a profile or connect with other people. You can find websites to post comments, communicate, forums or blog with others. Some of the website are free to brouse but some may want you to joint to enjoy their great website. 


Blog too..

SeniorDogs.com is your one-stop-shop to find all the best information for senior dogs. There is an extensive library of senior dog articles and information on senior dog food, senior dog arthritis, senior dog supplements, senior dog allergies, senior dog medications, senior dog care, senior dog rescue groups, pet & dog insurance, older dogs, and older dog food just to name a few. If you are looking to adopt an older dog check out the following page that offers senior dog rescue groups and shelters in your area. Adopt A Senior Dog


   Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

Current Articles

This feed's current articles are shown below. Subscribe for updates to all the content available in this feed, or click through here to see the original article.

Just some of the stuff you can read:

A Second Federal Court Upholds Key Law to Crack Down on Sales of Dogs from Puppy Mills
2015-05-21 18:45 UTC by Wayne Pacelle

A number of pet stores have converted to a new humane business model with the help of The HSUS's Puppy Friendly Pet Stores initiative. Two locations of Alsip Home & Nursery store, in Illinois and Indiana, have adopted out nearly 2,000 dogs in less than two years.

A number of pet stores have converted to a new humane business model with the help of The HSUS's Puppy Friendly Pet Stores initiative. Two locations of Alsip Home & Nursery store, in Illinois and Indiana, have adopted out nearly 2,000 dogs in less than two years. Photo by John Moyer/The HSUS More good news from the federal courts – this time...

Read the whole entry... »

Only North Carolina Governor Can Now Stop Ag-Gag Measure
2015-05-19 21:05 UTC by Wayne Pacelle

The cleverly disguised ag-gag measure that is now headed for the North Carolina governor's desk will make it harder to document animal abuse and other problems on puppy mills and factory farms. Above, dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Rutherford County, N.C.

The cleverly disguised ag-gag measure that is now headed for the North Carolina governor's desk will make it harder to document animal abuse and other problems on puppy mills and factory farms. Above, dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Rutherford County, N.C. Photo by Jason E. Miczek/AP Images for The HSUS North Carolina has been the stage for...

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Popular Blog Posts

Heavy Metal Rockers Pose With Cats in New Book
By Laura Cross

7 Signs You're Ready to Get a Dog
By Shayna Meliker

Multidrug Sensitivity: What You Need to Know
By Dr. Marty Becker

What to Do After a Cancer Diagnosis
By Dr. Andy Roark

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Tip of the Week

Avoid using your hands when you play with a kitten. When he grows up and uses his teeth and claws to mouth and scratch you, playtime won't be so fun.

How to redirect this predatory behavior ›

Dog with Frisbee

Here's the link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.vetstreet.com/vscom/NewsLetter/*2014/4-16-2014/Petwire_4-16-2013_web.html


 In 2007, Michelle saw Toby and absolutely fell in love with him - and after much internal debate broke her long-standing rule that banned the first dog she solely owned from being a big dog and absolutely no chihuahuas. It was the best decision she has ever made.

She would take Toby with her everywhere she could, and would frequently post photos on her Facebook page, to the point where one friend commented that Toby traveled and got to do more things than they did. People encouraged her to start a blog writing about her adventures, and after some convincing, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much was launched into a website, and later a brand of its own.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or drop us a line at michelle maskaly (at) yahoo dot.com

To see and join in on what they are doing: http://www.mytailhurtsfromwaggingsomuch.com/p/contact-us.html


On Facebook


Help a Pet on death row by granting them a Pardon.

To follow and help these dogs on death row: http://www.facebook.com/petpardons

LGBT compassion

Fighting oppression and discrimination for all even gays


LGBTcompassion.org is run by gay San Francisco Bay Area animal advocates, in affiliation with the non-profit organization Bay Area Vegetarians. Our mission is primarily to help animals (with a focus on farm animals, who suffer and are killed by the billions each year), to promote the many benefits of a plant-based diet to our community, and to spread awareness of the relationship between the way we treat and view animals and the way we treat and view other humans.


It's situations like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that remind us how precious - and volatile - life is.  One minute you could be happily petting your cat or dog on your couch, and the next, homeless, injured, unable to locate loved ones, or worse.

BlogPaws Be The Change for Pets is committed to taking action to help relief efforts for animals in Japan. One of our community members, Cathy King, is the founder and executive director of World Vets, an organization dedicated to providing veterinary aid worldwide.  The first World Vets responder deployment is en route with supplies to Japan to meet up with a coalition of Japanese animal welfare groups.

To assist World Vets in their extremely important work, Be the Change for Pets is asking the online pet community to help raise funds and awareness for the World Vets efforts.

 To join in : http://blogpaws.typepad.com/community/



 Big Ears, Tiny Tales

Bunny Blog

Volunteers and associates of The Rabbit Residence Rescue hare experiences of our tiny fluffy friends.

60-Year-Old Dog Walker Stops Man from Throwing Baby Bunnies into River


Animal Attraction. A Place For Pet Lovers.                                                        

Enjoy Our FREE Community While Doing Something PAWsitive! They Have games, blogs, fun pet articles, and photo contests.. Lots of fun!

About Us

AnimalAttraction.com is THE PLACE FOR PET LOVERS.  Founded on the belief that pet lovers share common interests, characteristics, and values (warm, caring and responsible just to name a few), AnimalAttraction.com is dedicated to helping pet lovers make positive connections with each other. AnimalAttraction.com members create in-depth profiles for themselves and their pets.  Through AnimalAttraction.com's easy-to-use advanced search engine, members can locate and communicate with like-minded people in their area to make special connections in a safe, reliable, and convenient environment.  Connections are made online through instant messaging, email, chat rooms and message boards.

We're glad you've chosen to visit our unique and special community, and hope that you decide to join us, if you have not already done so!  

  • Home Pets Of The Homeless
I like to keep up with this blog because they do so much more to help in our communities.

  • Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Our Blog

    This is not an open forum, but Pets of the Homeless welcomes all comments and points of view. We will post selected comments that are considerate and thought-provoking, and we may edit comments for brevity, grammar and/or inflammatory language.

  • If you'd like to read more or join in: http://www.petsofthehomeless.org/blog

Special Needs Bunny Receives Prosthetic Device

Special needs bunny Pipkin was taken in by Haviva Lush,  founder of the Canadian charity Rabbit Rescue, five years ago.  Pipkin was born with several issues: his front legs were splayed, he was missing a hip joint, and one hind leg was shorter than the other (and was later amputated). Yet despite all this, Pipkin’s temperament remained surprisingly happy.  So when the opportunity arose to be fitted with a prosthetic bucket to help stabilize him and keep him upright, Pipkin was a great candidate. The device was created by Dr. Joyce Olynich, a Toronto-based vet who specializes in prostheses. It was the first prosthetic bucket made for a rabbit in Canada.

To read more of this blog: http://www.myhouserabbit.com/blog/

ASPCA Special Needs Animals Community..

1.Tell us all about your pets, start a blog, add widgets—have fun customizing your page!

2. Show off your pet’s silly mug!

3. Share your funny and sweet pet videos with the community.

4. Cats, dogs, bunnies—there’s a group for every pet!

If you'd like to join in: http://aspcacommunity.ning.com/profile/Handicappedpetscom



The Equation


mauna loa CO2

The New 400ppm World: CO2 Measurements at Mauna Loa Continue to Climb

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million for the first time in human history at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii in May last year. That same level has been reached again in the last few days. This year we’ve hit the target in March, two months earlier, and it will stay above 400ppm for longer. At that rate, it will only be a handful of years until we are living in an atmosphere permanently above 400 ppm. While 400 ppm is a somewhat arbitrary marker, humans did not exist the last time atmospheric CO2 was at that level. Read More


Welcome To SoulOfADog.Com – Enjoy Daily Dog News And Information!

The official dog news site. We created this website to provide dog owners with latest news about dogs around the globe as it happens. We also publish vital information about dogs on various topics like; breeding, training, health, feeding, adoption, food recipes and so on. Feel free to go through our website and get the best of top dog stories. If you have any comment or question, please go to the contact page.

Thanks for visiting our website!

If you'd like to read more: http://www.soulofadog.com/

Zeus Communications

About Us

We are a group of animal lovers, banded together by passion and our belief that we are the voices for the animals. Our aim is to elevate the status and significance of companion animals in our society, which is long overdue for the good of the animals and humanity. Our lack of respect for animals and nature reflects a deep spiritual disorder in our species.

Its Time for Changes for Our Street Dogs

Dear Friends,

The following article was sent to the Straits Times, Forum.

We would like to share with you that a group of passionate people who are involved in animal welfare are voicing their views from their hearts on behalf of the dogs who have shared this universe with us. 

We are hoping that the authorities will hear their views and it's time to make changes to our system. We want more compassion for the animals; do not cull the dogs and cats that have been sterilized. Caregivers have spent thousands of dollars to have them sterilized, so why should our hard earned money go down the drain?  Sterilization is the only key to reduce unwanted dogs and cats on the streets.  In no time - these sterilized animals will eventually pass away one day from old age and the number of dogs will eventually be reduced.

If you would like to be a part of our team of volunteers, please do send us an email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg
Together, we can help more animals, create greater awareness against pet abandonment and encourage adoption instead of buying.

To read more from these fine people:


911 Animal Abuse Exploitation of Tigers and Big Cats blog



911 Animal Abuse is where the pen is mightier than the sword.  It is your place to share videos, audio, photos, and reports of animal abuse. Join now and get your own profile page, blog and unlimited media uploads!  A real person manages this site daily to prevent spammers.

Most Recent Audio

  1. Fercos Bros Tony Fercos Escape Tiger, added by TheirVoice 
To read more or join: http://reporter.911animalabuse.com/


What are you and your dog doing right now ?

Bark! What Is Your Dog Doing Now? Is a fun way for dog lovers to interact and share their dog's activities through the exchange of Barks! A Bark! is short blurb about what their dogs are doing now! 

I Love Dogs is launching a fun new service called, 'Bark!'. It is a place where dog lovers can give updates on what their dogs are doing. Please join and post - we need to test everything and want our Dog Forums  members to be involved from the start!

They do have Breeders links but I choose to interact with just the Dog Lovers...  http://www.dogchatforum.com/stop_dog_barking.htm

Dog Swim Days are Here, Find One in Your Area!

Woof Report is thrilled to share the news that we’re nominated for two 2011 Pettie Awards – “Best Dog Blog” and “Best Designed Blog”!  The Petties are DogTime’s Pet Blog...         



An Eye on Wildlife

Patagonia Pinnipeds

Julie Larsen Maher

Julie Larsen Maher

Wildlife Conservation Society

Julie Larsen Maher is the sixth person appointed as staff photographer for WCS since it was founded in 1895. She is also the first woman to hold the position. Julie takes photos at WCS's five New York-based wildlife parks including the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and Queens Zoo. She also journeys to remote field locations to photograph some of the world's leading conservationists, and the culture, wildlife, and wild lands that they aim to protect in more than 60 countries. She is currently working on her MS in Interactive Media at Quinnipiac University.
Her Blog: http://blog.wcs.org/photo/author/jmaher/

Defenders of Wildlife leads the pack when it comes to protecting wild animals and plants in their natural communities.


 To join: http://www.defendersblog.org/

Be The Voice Of Angels Put up a fight for those who can't stand up for themselves!

Popular Posts

  • Denver - shutting his eyes & scrunching up his nose He looks so guilty in this pic :P Here Denver is not even looking directly at his owner ...
  • This is sickening & they give justification for eating dogs. They think eating dog meat is not different from eating chicken or beef. I...
  • The latest news on animal care from UK is that every new pet dog will be micro-chipped. The British government feels these regulations are...                                                                                                                                        
  • To see more posts: http://bethevoiceofangels.blogspot.com/

We provide an on-line spiritual meeting place for animal lovers.  Please stay and look around awhile!  We're glad you're here!

About Me

Animal Chaplain
A humble servant of humanity. Have a great husband and kids. Have a wonderful dog and "two cats in the yard". Loving parents, many brothers and sisters. A roof over my head, food in the frig, and enough troubles to keep me motivated. I have been blessed.

To chat with others or to read more: http://animalchaplains.blogspot.com/


About Us

ONLYforPETLOVERS.com is an innovative Web site developed by pet lovers, for pet lovers.
  • We are a social network devoted to pets and their parents, providing them with all the necessary resources and information to keep their pet happy and healthy.
  • We are a privately held corporation located in Miami, Florida. Our Web site enables us to reach any pet lover with access to the Internet.


  • ONLYforPETLOVERS.com is devoted to pets and their parents. We strive to be a one-stop site for everything pet-related; offering our members a variety of pet-related articles, a national pet-friendly resource guide, a social networking community and much more. We pride ourselves on offering pet lovers with everything they need to ensure their pet lives a happy and healthy life.

More Features

  • We have the most extensive feature list of any online pet community, including blogs, forums, live chat, free classifieds, streaming video and more.

More Content

  • Our content is regularly updated by writers from across the country, keeping pet lovers informed and up-to-date with the latest pet-related news and tips.

Site features

  • Interactive Online Pet Community
  • Pet-friendly Resource Database
  • National Lost & Found
  • Pet Event Calendar
  • Pet News & Articles
  • Blogs & Forums
  • Pet Photo & Video Section
  • Free Classifieds
  • Pet Polls
  • More to Come!
  • To read more or join: http://www.onlyforpetlovers.com/about_us.php

Bideawee. For The Love Of Pets.


About Bideawee

Welcome to Bideawee. We're animal lovers, just like you. Perhaps you already recognize us as one of the nation's leading animal welfare organizations; but there's so much more to what we do. Bideawee is a community of compassionate caregivers, volunteers, and friends dedicated to helping people and animals build safe, loving, long-term relationships. That's ambitious, we know. But we believe it's crucial for breaking the cycle of unwanted or abandoned pets in our world. Won't you join our community? Explore our site - learn about the innovative adoption, veterinary care, education, behavioral training and other services we offer - and see how you can be a part of our growing list of programs and activities. We can't wait to meet you.


About Hannah the Pet Society® Pet Parenthood. Redefined. Ready to try a "perfect Pet"? Pets add so much love and joy to our lives, but they can also add risks that make us think twice. Many people decide they just can't handle the obstacles, so they live without the fun and companionship of a Pet. It's sad. Hannah the Pet Society® was created to eliminate the barriers, so you can enjoy a lifetime of happiness and harmony with your ideal Hannah Pet. Matching you with your ideal furry friend is just the start. You get Customized Pet Food, veterinary care, emergency care, boarding and expert help with behavior — for the life of your Hannah Pet for a low monthly Pet Support Fee.

Pet Parenthood. Redefined.

Ready to try a “perfect Pet”? Pets add so much love and joy to our lives, but they can also add risks that make us think twice. Many people decide they just can’t handle the obstacles, so they live without the fun and companionship of a Pet. It’s sad. Hannah the Pet Society was created to eliminate the barriers, so you can enjoy a lifetime of happiness and harmony with your ideal Hannah Pet.

- See more at: http://hannahsociety.com/index.php#sthash.CCDrWvPl.dpuf

Innovative Placement In Portland Oregon

Blog and more: http://www.hannahsociety.com/members/blogs.asp

Learn from Others in Online Networks, Communities and Humane Organizations

Participate in forums and online communities with staff members from animal shelters and learn what types of rescue and fundraising activities work for them. Ask for advice. Share your successes so animals elsewhere will benefit. Here are a few examples:

In addition to posting photos of adoptable pets, success stories at your shelter, etc. check for ways to network with other animal people in your area. Our local paper has a "place for everything about animals and their friends" called the Santa Fe Scoop.

Resources from Humane Organizations

Shelter Professionals from the American Humane Society is a list of resources specifically for animal welfare professionals. So much information here! For example, see Foreclosure Pets Resources on ways you can advise foreclosed homeowners on finding shelter for their pets.

Also read The Deployment Dilemma: Pets of Military Personnel for ideas on finding temporary housing for our service members' pets plus links to organizations which help with this problem. With the danger they face daily, they shouldn't have to worry about their pets too!

If you'd like to read more:


About This Blog

Welcome to Engaging Volunteers, the VolunteerMatch blog for organizations that recruit and partner with volunteers to reach their missions.

Our President, Greg was part of the team that launched the original VolunteerMatch.org Web service in 1998. He is a life-long volunteer and regularly speaks at nonprofit events and conferences on the subjects of volunteering, communication, and the Internet.
Read all of Greg’s posts

As our Volunteer Program Manager, Jennifer is responsible for VolunteerMatch’s in-house volunteering program. She welcomes more than 100 people from the community to help us in our work.
Read all of Jennifer’s posts

To see what else they have to offer: http://blogs.volunteermatch.org/engagingvolunteers/contributors/



Our Mission

It's simple, really: to create a "place" for Mutts (though pedigreed dogs are certainly welcome). We call this place MuttNation, and its where "Mutts Rule. "While "mutt" is a good word at MuttNation, we think every dog needs an identity. Its knowing what to call yourself, and understanding where you might have come from. It "completes" you, don't you think? You'll never again be called "just" a mutt, because now you're a mutt with an identity. And a purpose. You probably know that millions of dogs are locked away in shelters, waiting for that special mom or dad to come along. They look to us to let them into our hearts and our homes. It's a proven fact that every time one of us humans loves a dog, our blood pressure drops. As if the love from a dog, truly unconditional, isn't enough. You open our hearts, literally. In return, we can do something about our friends who just need a chance. Every time you purchase one of our MuttNation products, 70% of its net profits will go to making a shelter dog's life better and longer, so maybe he will get his chance. Thank you, on behalf of our MuttNation family, and especially on behalf of all the dogs who can't represent themselves.

Their website is currently under construction but you can read what Twitter and some other folks are saying about it..




Rachel Cohen
Hand2Paw Founder and Executive Director

Rachel Cohen is the Founder and Executive Director of Hand2Paw, a unique organization that brings homeless youth and shelter animals for mutual benefit. After launching in 2009, Hand2Paw now has two chapters in the city of Philadelphia alone and big plans for the future. Rachel, 20, has been a devout animal lover from day one. She is also a Penn student, a research assistant at Penn Vet School, and has been nationally recognized for her work around Hand2Paw. She is a current nominee for the Washington Campus Compact’s Students in Service Awards and the winner of a DoSomething Grant. She lives in the freshman quad at Penn, where she works as an RA. Contact Rachel at hand2paw.program@gmail.com.

Hand2Paw: The magic behind the scenes

My name is Amy Rossi, and I am currently involved with Hand2Paw public relations and blogging. I've been in daily contact with Hand2Paw founder, Rachel Cohen, an inspirational woman who tirelessly pursues her non-profit work even as a full-time college student at UPenn (not to mention her added responsibilities as a Resident Advisor and president of Penn Alternate Spring Break). Since the day Rachel informed me about Hand2Paw, I've been a major advocate for the program. An animal lover myself, I was thrilled to hear that a program like Hand2Paw existed in Philadelphia, a city with a major stray animal and homeless youth problem.

I'd met Rachel in person only once, and had heard so much about Hand2Paw, but I'd never witnessed it in person. That changed yesterday. See what changed: http://hand2pawblog.blogspot.com/

Cool Cat Sites


Cool Cat Sites is all about cats… from breeder and rescue listings to the best gifts for Cat Lovers, you will find everything cat at Cool Cat Sites
Cat Chat Sites
Cat Tales
Cat Travel
Feline Freebies
General Information
Gifts For Cat Lovers
Health Issues


Welcome To My Rescue Blog!

My name is Ashley, & I am an animal rescuer.
I was born an animal rescuer. It is truly the reason I was put on this Earth.
As a little girl, I would bring home every stray dog & cat in sight. Nurture them. Find them homes.  I remember how heartbroken I was the first time I realized that not everyone was like me.  As I get older, I realize just how few people actually are like me.

It’s difficult to explain the way I feel to someone who doesn’t share my passion. Most people will admit that it is painful for them to witness a case of animal cruelty. However, most people are able to see a dog in need, resolve to themselves that they cannot help the dog, and go about their lives as if they never saw the dog in the first place. I am incapable of doing this. 

The image of the dog in need will slowly eat away at my soul. I have nightmares about the dogs I cannot reach. I am not the kind of person who can just look away. When others turn their heads, I look harder & take action. I see the world for what it is, & I fight against it. I don’t live in a bubble where I think everything is okay. I know that things are not okay, and I do everything in my power to change that.  I am a voice for those who cannot speak. And I am a voice to be reckoned with. The animals need me. In most cases, I am their only hope.
Lucky Dog Rescue. I'm also involved with these amazing animal organizations: Pet Pardons, Animal Rescue Corps, & Dogs Deserve Better. luckydogrescueblog@gmail.com

To join in: http://luckydogrescueblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/test.html

Dog Day Afternoon


Dog Day Afternoon

This site is devoted to all our furry four legged friends, especially the Basset Hound. In that case, our four short legged friends! What does a Basset look like? Well, if you've seen one, you probably will never forget it! Bassets are typically about 15 inches in height, and weigh between 50 - 80 pounds as adults. They have very, very long ears and can be found in a wide variety of colors. They are basically big dogs on short legs!

If you'd like to help:




Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul    

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul™ They can help with these questions and more...

·  Do I need to brush my pet's teeth?

·  Do you have a vegetarian diet?

·  How do I get rid of fleas?

·  How do I add a new pet to my household?

·  How can I tell if my pet is too fat or too thin?

·  How does a dog or cat get heartworm?

·  How do I know if my dog is considered a small breed? Or a large breed?

·  Is it ok for me to feed my pet table scraps?

·  My pets are eating grass. Why?

·  My dogs are eating feces. Why do they do this?


Or Blog them to read more story’s or add some of your own…


Dog And Catster                                                                         

Dogster, Inc., makers of Dogster & Catster

We are dog freaks and computer geeks who wanted a canine sharing application that's truly gone to the dogs. Such a site didn't exist, so we built it ourselves. The fluffy love is backed with serious technology and years of coding experience under our collars. Dogster has since become more contagious than kennel cough.

Our goal is to allow for the purest online reflection of people's love and enjoyment of their dogs and cats. As long as our members keep thinking we're the cat's meow, we'll keep adding features customized to just how they want them. For us this is the dream opportunity and we've never had such serious professional fun in our lives. Since launching, we've already added forums, classifieds, diaries, treats, private messaging, Gimme Some Paw, DogsterPlus, photo tagging, themed strolls, pet-friendly travel and pet-personality matrix. Despite all these awesome features, we feel like we're just getting started.

Shelter and Rescue Organizations
Post your adoptable dog on Dogster and we can help you find homes for them fast!



 United Avian Registry For Bird Lovers


The United Avian Registry (UAR), an all-inclusive, elite all species Avian / Bird registry.
The UAR registers and then issues kennel club type registration papers for over 200 different species of poultry, waterfowl, game birds, ratites, softbills and parrots and is dedicated to their preservation, conservation and advancement.

Our commitment to all avian enthusiasts & fanciers and the birds themselves is distinguished by our strict policies of breed & species verification, validation of our breeder's code of ethics and our FREE clutch registrations.

BirdySites.Com Directories:
Breed Information
Associations & Clubs
Miscellaneous/General Info

Website: Http://www.avianregistry.com

 Pet Community  Lefty 

YouPet.Com  Your Social Network For Animal Lovers.                                   

About Us

Hey, we love our pets and we like meeting new people that own pets. We thought, "Let's share our love and interest that our adorable animals bring to us."  That's why we decided to develop YouPet.com, so pet owners could have a safe and informative place to meet other pet lovers and have fun exchanging pictures, videos, blogs, and having discussions on our forums, or chat live in our chat rooms. YouPet.com is an online social network devoted to Pets and their Owners who regard their pets as family. Pets are an important part of our lives, and we want you to share the joy and love your pet brings to you with all of us.


Greyhound Pets Of America


Mission Statement: Greyhound Pets of America North Texas is a chapter of GPA, the largest, national non-profit corporation, a dedicated to finding loving responsible homes for Greyhounds that either fail to or no longer qualify for the racetrack.  We consider ourselves to be Pro-Greyhound, we do not take a stance on the racing issue. The philosophy of GPA is to work very closely with the racing industry and other Greyhound adoption organizations.

If you'd like to know more or help:



“Petcentric” in Petropolitan from the folks at Purina…

Good stuff, gossip and goings-on in the pet world


1. Log in with your current email address.
2. Enter your current password
3. Create your profile
4. Create a profile for each pet
5. Upload photos of yourself and pets
6. Choose friends Visit the Petropolitan – an artful way to send e-cards! New Doggie-Mail and Kittie-Mail pet e-cards are animated, personalized greetings from your own dog or cat!

Home Page:  http://www.petcentric.com/

K9 Mania Dog Lovers Community


This website is for Animal Forums and they have lots and lots them on every subject under the sun. It is also for Animals by Animals lovers.

Forum Members: 16,505
Total Threads: 7,513
Posts: 58,773


 Peoples Pets

PeoplePets is an exciting new pet celebrity and lifestyle community!
Brought to you by the People Magazine folks...

Why Join?

  • Create a profile page for you and your pets
  • Connect with other animal lovers
  • Upload pictures and video of your funny, furry pals
  • Express yourself in a personalized journal about you and your pets
  • It's FREE
 Read the latest in trends for pets, enter contests or show off your pets photos.

Ruling Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs hacked this website, to supply you with funny pet pictures, great pets stories, rare trivia, and lots of facts about us pets. The main menu is to the left, the ads are to the right, and here you are stuck in the middle again. Pfft!
  Check out the stuff on the lower left side for some amazing pet pictures, humor, short jokes, quotes and even some pet poems. We separated two of the main categories into Cat Facts and Dog Facts because our writers just can't seem to get along. Plus we also have Funny Pets Stuff, Pet Stories, Animal Shelters, and of course Pet Links. If you have some great true stories that you want to submit or send to us, by all means do so, and send your pets pictures too. It's a dog eat cat, cat scratch dog, world in here, so visit every part of this site to learn everything about us. After all, a feline's health and a canines happiness, is all that should matter to you, because we know where you sleep, we're there too. Our health tips and medical facts are taken from well known publications and well respected vets. We try to provide as accurate information as we can, so don't hesitate to email us and give us what for and all that. We may not always be able to fix it, but we will try.



United Dogs Community



Create a profile for your dog

  • Upload as many photos you want!
  • Take part of Dog of the Week selection
  • Send cute gifts to your new dog friends

Get answers to dog questions

  • Discuss your dog topics in Forum
  • Post your questions to Q&A
  • Share your dog knowledge in blogs!

Here at Uniteddogs.com you can create a detailed page for your dog - add his/her breed, date of birth, lifestyle, favorite food etc.

Communicate with other dog lovers

Uniteddogs.com has a huge forum, where you can ask for advice about veterinarians, your dog's health, eating habits, dog trainings or anything related to dogs. It's a place to share your experiences and opinions.

Discover dogs

Create yourself an account and become the member of Uniteddogs.com even if you don't have a dog yet - there are a lot of nice photos waiting for your comments. Besides that you will have the chance to communicate with other dog lovers via doggie-mail or our forum. This will give you maps: http://en.uniteddogs.com/dogs

You never know, Uniteddogs.com might just be the place where you will find your new puppy!



KittySites.Com   Great Source For Cat Clubs & Other Information.

The Cat Lover's Online Directory

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Cat Clubs: Here are just a few.Abegweit Cat Club - ACFA Affliated
Alouette Cat Club - CFA Cat Club dedicated to the promotion of pure breed cats by the organization of Cat shows. Buckeye oHIo Rollers TICA Club - Ohio Tica Club Bucks Oxon & Berks Cat Society - Club coveringthe three counties mentioned but membership open to all. Site includes breeders listing plus other interesting. Catclub: Fun, Facts, Care, Resources and Shop. 'Remember we're cats thats our job'!CatEmpire.org - club where people take on their cat's persona's and name's. Cats and Kittens Club at Yahoo! Cats In Company



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Welcome to The Daily Puppy; your source for cute puppy pictures, videos, articles and supplies. Browse pictures of the puppy of the day, create a profile for you and your puppy or dog and connect with other doggie parents. Don't forget to check out different dog breeds, our puppy related articles and videos too! Here at The Daily Puppy, we love puppies of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors. We encourage visitors to browse our puppy picture archives to look at all the adorable photos of past daily puppies, and to bookmark this page and visit often to see what cutie-pie graces the front page. Want us to run a feature of your special little puppy? We are always looking for submissions of the cutest puppies on the planet. They have Puppy Videos and videos Here you'll find videos on building a good relationship with your puppy and understanding behavior and positive reinforcement.                                   



PetConnection.com is the online home of "Good Morning America" resident veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, award-winning pet-care writer Gina Spadafori and a team of pet-care experts. Welcome!

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Irish Cat Lover Songs...



Cat stories, poetry, news, and songs for and about cats. Blog and Podcast for Cat Lovers. Welcome to the Cat Music Blog and the Cat Lovers Podcast. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic folk singer and podcaster. In 2005, I had these crazy idea to release a CD that combined my love of Irish and Celtic music with my love of cats. It was called Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. Little did I know there were thousands of other Celtic cat lovers out there. I started the Cat Lovers Podcast to share my Cat songs and to entertain other cat lovers with news, stories, jokes, and more in a podcast form. Now in it's third year of production, the podcast is produced by Tracey Tracy and comes out once a month. Subscribe or download past shows right now. Or read the Cat Music Blog. http://www.catmusicblog.com/

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