Punish Man Accused of Beating Dog to Death With Baseball Bat

Target: Steve Kunzweiler, District Attorney for Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Goal: Demand maximum penalty for man accused of running over dog over with car and then beating it to death with a baseball bat. A dog died after a man reportedly beat it with a baseball bat and ran it over with his car. The attack was reportedly in response to the dog killing the man’s cat. Demand that this man be vigorously prosecuted and harshly punished, if found guilty.

The dog was already dead when Tulsa police arrived on the scene. There they reportedly found Darren White, a 36-year-old Tulsa resident, digging a hole to bury his cat. White reportedly claimed that the dog had killed his cat and that the dog had “learned what a baseball bat was.” Witnesses reported that they saw White beating the dog with a baseball bat and running it over with his car. White was arrested and is facing one charge of animal cruelty. However, he has already posted the $2,000 bail and is currently walking free. Sign below and demand that White be vigorously prosecuted and sentenced to the maximum penalty if convicted.


North Carolina: Are Ashe County Sheriff James Williams and Animal Control Director Joe Testerman lazy, incompetent or corrupt?

These Beagles are being cruelly confined
by Daniel Cruz in Ashe County, NC.

NORTH CAROLINA -- A local animal rights activist was charged with second degree trespassing on Feb. 5. Lisa Fitzpatrick, 50, of Todd, was charged after videos she allegedly posted to Facebook of a Lansing man’s dogs and property went viral. Fitzpatrick, who also goes by Lisa Neyland Delaurentiis Fitzpatrick, was released from the Ashe County Detention Center the same day after posting a $500 secured bond, according to Ashe County Sheriff James Williams.

“The property owner, Daniel Cruz, came to see me this morning (Feb. 5) and he was livid,” Williams said. “He said he works in Boone and that that business had been flooded with calls from people demanding that he be fired, that his boss man had been getting calls all day long from these nutcases from across the country.”

Why isn't the Sheriff "livid" that Cruz won't take proper care of his dogs? If I were the Sheriff, I would've told Cruz, "Maybe if you took better care of your dogs these people wouldn't keep calling in. Do what you need to do and the complaints will stop. In the meantime, don't bother me with your petty complaints about how you're the victim."

No proper shelter, no clean water, feces-filled muck in kennel. Yet
Sheriff James Williams refers to the owner Daniel Cruz as the VICTIM.

Those calls may have been prompted by a viral video posted publicly to Facebook on Feb. 4, by Fitzpatrick which appears to show a person walking up to a chain link enclosure that includes three barking dogs sitting on the roof of a doghouse. Williams said the video was taken on Cruz’s property, and said it was the video that prompted Cruz to bring the trespassing charge against Fitzpatrick. “This is OK in our county,” the person filming the video said. “I’ve been told Animal Control is on their way out, and see if the dogs are taken. I see no food or water anywhere.”

Online, Fitzpatrick has defended herself saying SHE WAS ON THE ADJOINING PROPERTY AND THAT SHE HAD THAT PROPERTY OWNER'S PERMISSION TO BE THERE. Whatever is "in plain view" is legal for her to photograph and record. It will be interesting to see how this case against her unfolds when she provides proof of her innocence.

Beagles in "good condition", insists Joe Testerman
The Director of Ashe County Animal Control, Joe Testerman, said he visited the property on the same day that Facebook video was posted. He said the dogs in question were in no immediate danger, and a note was left for the property owner to call Testerman’s office. “I’m sure Lisa will probably disagree with me, but the dogs were fat and there were no signs of distress and they were dry and clean,” Testerman said. “Yes there was some mud and standing water in one of the pens. We’d just had heavy rains and let’s be real, you’re going to see a lot of water in that situation, but the dogs had a house and they had an opportunity to get out of that. I saw no reason to take the dogs.”

Testerman said his office has periodically received complaints about that Lansing property in the past, and he said the dogs’ owner had been investigated on cockfighting charges several years ago. “But he’s never had any other charges brought onto him,” Testerman said. “Every time we’ve visited in the past we’ve seen a few little things that we think need to be fixed, maybe straw or wood chips that can help keep a pen from turning into a mud hole, but those are suggestions and it’s never rose to a level where I can take somebody’s dog.”


Per the Ashe County, NC Code of Ordinances, the puppy mill owner Daniel Cruz is REQUIRED by law to provide proper shelter and  clean water. Proper shelter in this kind of weather means a size-appropriate dog house with straw or cedar shavings stuffed inside for warmth - not just a giant plastic box doghouse. Each dog should have its own size-appropriate shelter because not all dogs want to huddle together at all times - sometimes squabbles break out and the low man on the totem pole gets left out in the cold - literally. Put three shelters out there and if they choose to share one, so be it, but you should have one per dog available.

Clean water means just that - CLEAN water. Do you see anything that could be remotely considered 'clean water'?

Are they even current on rabies vaccinations? Did Testerman bother to check? Is the food being dumped in the mud? Is the mud mixed with excessive amounts of feces?  I doubt Cruz is sloshing through that mess and picking up the feces. To get to any source of water or to go to the bathroom, the dogs slosh through the muck. Then they climb back on the dog house and lick their paws, ingesting rancid feces/urine/mud. Testerman himself says that Cruz has been complained on FOR YEARS and that they go out and always find something wrong. How many times do they have to go out there and 'nudge him' to do the right thing? Maybe you don't have enough to seize the animals and file criminal charges, but he is definitely in violation of numerous county ordinances - noise violations, public nuisance from the stench of uncleaned kennels, (possibly) no proof of rabies vaccination, not providing proper shelter, not providing clean water. Maybe if you'd pulled out your citation book and started writing him one ticket after another for violations on EVERY SINGLE DOG, you wouldn't have to keep fielding complaints from citizens and returning to tell this idiot the same thing over and over. And if Cruz wants to argue the tickets, tell him go ahead, and you'll show the judge the photos and let him/her decide if he's in compliance with the laws of Ashe County. It's called DOING YOUR JOB.

How many dogs are on Cruz's dilapidated property?
Another video seems to show dozens upon dozens
of dogs on this dumpy property.

Arkansas: Whitney Smither said she was working for a rescue called "Ark-La-Tex Rescue Group" so the shelter started handing her dogs - no questions asked. Police have found 8 of the dogs shot dead and dozens of other dogs are unaccounted for

➤ Eight dogs were found shot to death in Horatio, Arkansas in December

➤ A couple has been accused of rescuing animals and leaving them to die

➤ Brian Moore, 25, has been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty

➤ He and his girlfriend Whitney Smither, 'rescued' more than 100 dogs

➤ Smither worked at Ark-La-Tex Rescue Group in Texarkana, Texas

ARKANSAS -- Eight dogs have been found shot dead in the home of a woman who rescued more than 100 animals from a Texas animal shelter. Brian Moore, 25, and his girlfriend, Whitney Smither, a recent high school graduate, have been accused of animal cruelty after authorities found the remains in their home in Horatio, Arkansas, leaving dozens  of dogs unaccounted for, still.

Officials found the animals in the 100 block of Bradley Chapel Road in December, along with other dogs which had been abandoned and were suffering from eye infections, heartworms, and open, untreated wounds, Dallas News reported. Smither and Moore worked at Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue Group in Texarkana, Texas, where they had permission to pull animals from the Fort Worth Animal shelter and find safe homes for them. Whitney Harrison, who runs the animal rescue, realized the couple had been taking a lot more than they were permitted.

She thought Smither had only pulled about 12 to 15 dogs. The animal rescue director has put out a plea on social media asking people for any information on the other dozens of dogs Smither had rescued from the shelter. About 80 per cent of the 161 dogs taken from the shelter by Ark-La-Tex Rescue in 2016 were pulled by the teen.


Among the dead dogs found was a one-year-old pit bull mix, named Charlie, who used a wheelchair to get around.

According to a Sevier County incident report, Moore has been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty, but Smither has only been named as a suspect since she has not been questioned since she's moved to Indiana. The couple had been living together in the Arkansas home, but Moore told officials that Smither returned to her home state of Indiana in November.

Moore said he shot the dogs after she left and told police he killed the animals because they had heartworms and posed a threat, reports said.

Harrison said Smither had 'a lot of people fooled.' Neither the city nor the rescue group know how many animals for which the couple are to be held accountable. Out of the dozens of dogs pulled from the shelter, Harrison said she only knows of three that were adopted.  Smither was seemingly a lover of animals having frequently posted pictures of the rescue animals needing a home on her Facebook page. Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue took to Facebook to address the incident saying the surviving dogs that were rescued from the Smither's home have been sent to 'various rescues' in the Dallas Fort Worth area. DailyMail has reached out to Smither for comment.


North Carolina: Police say Terry Beasley and Tammy Griffin obtained 79 cats from the shelter with a promise to find homes for them. Instead, they dumped 16 on the side of the road and drove away

NORTH CAROLINA --  A man and woman from Johnston County are facing animal cruelty charges after authorities say they dumped 16 cats on the side of a Garner road, near Interstate 40, in November.


Terry Ray Beasley and his girlfriend Tammy Griffin appeared in front of a judge on Tuesday and are each charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of animal abandonment.

Kathy Kamins, an animal advocate, said she is upset because they each face only two charges, even though 16 cats were dumped. "It is supposed to be 16 counts of animal cruelty and 16 counts of abandonment. (One) for each cat," she said. Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle said her office is looking into the case, and more charges could follow.

UPDATE: I read that they've now charged them EACH with 16 counts of animal cruelty.

Most of the cats had not spent much time outside and some were declawed, didn’t have all their teeth or needed medication, Kamins said. After being dumped, some of the friendlier cats made their way to nearby homes, clawing at doors to find food and a warm place to sleep.Nine of the cats have been recovered. Eight are still missing. Advocates were going door-to-door in the area where the cats were dumped to see if they could help locate the missing cats and find them new homes.  Many of the cats were microchipped, said Jennifer Hutchinson-Tracy the shelter manager for Cumberland County Animal Control.


Hutchinson-Tracy had an understanding with Perezlazaro, that she would be allowed to adopt cats from Cumberland County if she agreed to rehome or send the cats to reputable rescues, she said. “(Perezlazaro) was to keep us updated as to where the cats went and was not to have more than 9 of these cats in her home at any time to keep in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act,” Hutchinson-Tracy said.

Between March and November 2016, Perezlazaro had adopted 79 cats under their agreement, Hutchinson-Tracy said.

OK and before you gave her the next set of cats, did you bother to check and verify that she had indeed found homes for the previous group you'd given her? Did you call any of the people listed that supposedly adopted these cats? Did you verify anything???

They are scheduled to be in Court on Tuesday, January 24th at the Johnston County Court House and we, those of us who have tirelessly been working on rescuing these PURRECIOUS, poor and innocent cats from the very beginning, Deleon Sylvia, Kellie Wester, and SO many more, would GREATLY appreciate it if you could come out and STAND STRONG WITH US!!!

We will be there with posters, going on Facebook with LIVE videos and into the courtroom to make sure we do EVERYTHING possible to ensure they get what's coming to them!! PLEASE, WON'T YOU COME WITH US?!?! LET'S MAKE SURE THEY DON'T GET AWAY WITH JUST A SLAP ON THE WRIST! WE'RE STILL MISSING 8 CATS AND THIS IS JUST HEARTBREAKING

Children and Animals Removed from West TH Home

INDIANA -- A neighbor notified Animal Control to investigate a house on US Highway 150 in West Terre Haute. But when police arrived, they say they saw much more than cruelty to animals. "In my 21 years, I have never seen a situation like this. It was disgusting," said Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing.

Sheriff Greg Ewing called the case the “worst case of neglect
 of children and dogs I have seen in my 21 years.”

Two children, ages 2-years-old and 6 months old, a 74-year-old woman, 21 dogs, two cats and one bird were all removed from the home Thursday afternoon. Three dead dogs were found in a cage in the basement in various stages of decomposition. Kenneth Walling, 37-years-old, and his wife, Tracy Walling, 32-years-old, were arrested for neglect of a dependent and animal neglect and cruelty. Police say there are more charges to come.

Police initially went to the house to investigate an animal neglect call. Neighbors say they have been calling police about the dogs for months but had no idea what may have went on behind the closed doors "Never really seen them out that much but you could hear the dogs barking all the time," said neighbor, Kathy Willis.

"About the only time you'd see them out during the day is when one of the dogs would get loose and they'd come out and put them back in the pin. Hardly ever go out and see them feed the dogs," said Rosa Willis, another neighbor of the home. The Board of Health tagged the home as "uninhabitable for human health reasons." Police saw the conditions first hand.

"The floors were covered. You could hardly stand up it was so slippery with animal feces," said Sheriff Ewing. “It was quite evident the occupants were walking through the animal feces on the floor as it was smeared,” Deputy Dayton Huebner said, noting that animal feces was also present on the two minor children. Neighbors and police agree the situation is heart wrenching.

"That's what's sad...to know that was going on so close to your house, those kids being neglected," Kathy Willis said. "The dogs were almost taken care of better than the children," Sheriff Ewing said. The children were removed from the home and placed in temporary foster care. The elderly woman living in the home is the mother of Tracy Walling. She was placed in the care of another family member by Adult Protective Services.

West Virginia: Tammara Briggs, 28, charged with cruelty over a pit bull puppy with a fractured spine

Full name: Tammara Kay Briggs
Race: White
Sex: Female
DOB: 04/24/1988

WEST VIRGINIA -- A Wood County woman is facing animal-cruelty charges related to the the abuse of a pit bull puppy named Casper. Tammara Briggs, 28, of Mineral Wells, was arrested today by Wood County sheriff's deputies and charged with cruelty to animals. She was arraigned in Wood County magistrate court and released on a $4,000 bond.

"He is not likely to ever walk again. His bladder needs
expressed  to urinate and he has no bowel control."

Deputies arrested Briggs at her home in Mineral Wells. Deputies say a second pit bull was removed from the residence and that it was taken to the Humane Society of Parkersburg. Hopefully child protective services also conducts an investigation to make sure she isn't neglecting them as well. Some locals are outraged over the mistreatment of a 7-week-old puppy who was later rescued by the Humane Society of Parkersburg. Casper was found thanks to a tip from a friend of the owner, and on Monday the Humane Society stepped in to care for him, and took him immediately to the veterinarian.


Doctors say they don't think he will ever fully recover or walk again. The x-ray and MRI showed Casper had a fractured spine.

Thanks to help from the community, the shelter was able to cover the cost of the funds to help Casper. On Thursday, he was transferred to a rescue in Maryland that works with pit bulls.

Casper is now released from hospitalization. He is on
pain medication and steroids. Still has no bladder control
but his spirit is strong. He is a typical puppy in every other way.

Michelle Earl, executive director for the Humane Society of Parkersburg, was devastated when she saw what happened to the young puppy. "We plan to be very involved with the prosecution of this," Earl said. "To take care of Casper and see how helpless he is now because of somebody inflicting trauma to him is just senseless, and we want people to know that we're not going to tolerate it. We are going to press charges and we are going to try to execute to the fullest extent to the law the punishment that we can give to people."

Casper has been renamed Trotter

Iowa: Lindsey Morrow was running a no-kill non-profit animal rescue. Police say it was a death camp for dogs. Morrow has been charged with multiple crimes

IOWA -- The photos are difficult to look at it. They show the bodies of dogs found in various stages of decay, in and around kennels covered in feces; the collars were still on the remains. Warren County authorities found the remains of at least two dogs on the property of a home on Iowa Street in Sandyville, near Indianola.Tina Petraline said she walked into the rented house of a woman who asked to be a volunteer for her dog organization and found the dogs’ remains. “I went to get some kennels, but I asked the lady while I was there if I can take some pictures while I was there, just to get in to the rescue community what was going on,” Petraline said.


Petraline said that of the 18 to 20 kennels left behind, two of the kennels had carcasses and leashes still attached and that all of the kennels were full of feces.

“She was operating a rescue without a license,” Petraline said. “Shelters were sending her animals; a lot of southern states were sending her animals.”

Petraline said the woman also collected money to keep the dogs healthy, then neglected them.

“She collected $3,000 for one of the dogs and we found him dead in one of the kennels,” Petraline said.

Some of the dogs were found in a garage Thursday, others, including 1 deceased, were found inside another residence, and the remaining dogs were found inside a camper that was attached to a truck, according to ARL officials.

   The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) met Sheriff's deputies on the property on Wednesday night. The Warren County Attorney's office says a deputy was first sent to the home on January 27.

The ARL said one of the dogs that was found inside the camper had been severely injured by some of the other dogs and was near-death when ARL and Warren County officials arrived. The dog was rushed to the nearest Veterinarian where they began steps to save its life.

Among the living dogs, many have visible urine and feces stains on their fur and sores due to their living conditions. An ARL groomer spent 4 hours removing nearly 5 lbs. of matting from a small dog that was removed from one of the properties. Many of the dogs are underweight


"I didn't know two doors down was doing anything like that," said neighbor Jacob Willson. He and other neighbors say they had no idea about the neglected dogs and they are disturbed by the images that have been released by ARL.

"Why would you let it starve? I mean, if it was sick or something...if there was anything wrong with the dog, that it couldn't survive if you will, the humane thing is to put him down," said Willson.

"I mean yes, there are medical procedures and things like that, but put it out of its misery you know, don`t just let it waste away to nothing," he said. Neighbors identify the person who was living in the house as Lindsey Morrow (also seen spelled on news sites as Lindsay Morrow) ... seen here in this photo.

The man who runs Phillips Auto Salvage, a junkyard across the street from where the deceased dogs were found, also owns the home where the remains were found. He declined to go on camera, but did confirm that he has been renting the house out to Morrow.


"We've offered that if the Warren County Sheriff's office would like to have the animals' body sent for necropsy, that we would be happy to cover that cost," said ARL Spokesperson Stephanie Filer. 
"We hope that, anticipate that they'll take advantage of that, whether it`s under our cost or theirs, but that's really the only way to determine from an evidentiary standpoint how the animals died," said Filer.

  The Warren County Attorney's office is considering animal neglect and animal torture charges in this case. So far, there have not been any arrests made. -- correction, she has been charged (see below)
Update: Lindsey Morrow, director for a "no-kill" rescue group called “Bully Breed Miracle Network and Rescue”, has been charged with multiple crimes, including animal cruelty. 

North Carolina: Sad news regarding the abused dog named Duck who was going to be adopted by the state trooper who rescued him

NORTH CAROLINA -- Poor Duck was found all alone on a desolate bridge by a state trooper. Instead of chasing Duck away from the road and driving off, the trooper stopped and called Duck to come to him.

Despite being horribly neglected and abused, Duck came right to the trooper, who was thoughtful enough to keep food in his vehicle. He took Duck to the animal shelter where animal control officers said Duck had suffered horribly in his short life. Animal services' supervisor, Joe Newburn, said the dog was likely confined to a cage for a long period of time, causing his growth to be stunted. Newburn said the dog's paws are swollen with blisters from living in its own waste. He said the dog was only 37 pound when it was brought in.

Because he didn't have a name, the came up with Duck because of the way he walked. Due to malnutrition and having probably lived most of his life in a cramped cage, his feet looked like duck's feet and when he walked they flattened out.

The state trooper felt an instant connection with Duck and decided that he was going to adopt Duck and give him the best life - one he deserved. But it wasn't meant to be. Just a few days after being found and cared for by animal control, Duck suddenly passed away during the night.

Thank you, Trooper Justin Gardner for showing kindness to Duck when you found him. It was probably the first bit of kindness he had ever received from a human being in his life. Thank you for offering to give Duck a forever home. Thank you to all who cared for Duck and showed him what love and kindness was like in his final days.

If you have any idea who abused poor Duck, please call Animal Services at (910) 296-2159.

North Carolina: Tommy Heath, 55, arrested after rope allowed to get embedded into his dog's neck, causing it to become "extremely swollen"

NORTH CAROLINA -- A man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say a rope became embedded in a dog's neck. 55-year-old Tommy Heath was arrested Thursday and charged with felony animal cruelty.

On January 20th around 3 p.m., a concerned citizen called 911 to report a dog in the area of the 300 block of East Blount Street with a rope or collar embedded in its neck, causing its face to become extremely swollen. Efforts were made to remove the rope were unsuccessful.

The dog was taken to Lenoir County SPCA, and then to Five Oaks Animal Hospital for treatment. Emergency surgery was performed for more than 3 hours. The dog, now named Angel, is in the care of a foster family.

Heath is in the Lenoir County Jail under at $5,000 secured bond. The investigation is ongoing.

Kentucky: Terry Miller accused of starving his Coonhound

KENTUCKY -- Perry County deputies charged a man with animal cruelty Thursday. Deputies said they got a call about cruel treatment of a dog in Upper Second Creek and found the dog with no food or water. The dog did not have proper shelter for the weather and was underweight from not being properly fed, deputies said.

The dog was taken to the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter in Hazard. "He was really dehydrated so we took him to the vet and then he had to stay overnight just to get rehydrated," said Allison Mullins, the Manager of the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter. Deputies said, unfortunately, animal cruelty cases are becoming more common.


"I don't understand why someone gets an animal and don't take care of it," said Sergeant Ruey Couch, with the Perry County Sheriff's Department. "I mean if they can't take care of it...they need to seek help. Call the animal shelter or try to call somebody to get them some help or get a better home. The community is obviously not going to put up with this." Terry Miller, the dog's owner, was charged with cruelty to animals.

California: Deviant cat torturer, cat killer and son of a retired San Jose police captain, Robert Farmer, may have to register as a sex offender

CALIFORNIA -- A San Jose man who tortured and killed 21 cats may have to register as a sex offender. Robert Roy Farmer, 25, was ordered to return to court on March 2, when a sentencing date is expected to be set, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

In October 2015, San Jose police found Farmer asleep in his car, with a dead cat beside him, and was arrested. He pleaded guilty to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty, one count of misdemeanor battery, and one count of being under the influence.

A necropsy on the orange female tabby cat found in his car determined that the animal died of blunt force trauma and may have been sexually abused. Farmer’s DNA matched samples found on the cat’s claws, evidence could may require the man to register as a sex offender. Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis told a crowd gathered outside the courthouse that the sentencing was taking such a long time because “there are so many sentencing laws at play,” the Mercury News reports.

“The people have asked the court to consider 290 registration, which is sex offender registration,” Ellis said. Farmer is in custody at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas. He faces up to 16 years and four months in prison.

(SF Gate - Jan 29, 2017)


New Jersey: Judge denies motion to dismiss bird-killing indictment against ex-councilman Carlos Luaces

NEW JERSEY -- Citing that he felt enough evidence was presented to a Passaic County grand jury to secure an indictment, a judge on Thursday declined to dismiss the indictment against a former Byram councilman charged with animal cruelty. Carlos Luaces is charged with third-degree animal cruelty and is accused of killing a baby bird by spraying it and its nest with pesticides while serving as the head of the West Milford Department of Public Works.

The charges are based on interviews with a half-dozen public works employees, who said Luaces first ordered them to destroy the nest by spraying it with pesticide. The employees refused, and on July 16, Luaces allegedly took a spray can filled with pesticide and doused the nest, killing the baby chicks and destroying another egg, Purcell said. “This was the second family of birds that had lived in the nest, and the employees had grown attached to it,” Purcell said. “They were feeding the birds strawberries and other things.”

Gary Kraemer, Luaces' attorney, argued that the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office had not presented sufficient evidence to the grand jury and because of that, the indictment should be dismissed. "There has to be some evidence that the bird was poisoned," Kraemer said. "It was presented in a way that leads the grand jury to infer that it (the herbicide spray) was poisonous to the bird." Kraemer said the weed killer Luaces is alleged to have used was non-toxic for birds and other animals.

Assistant Prosecutor Peter Roby countered that while the herbicide was found to be safe on full-grown birds, the manufacturer's safety data sheet does not say anything about it being safe for just hatched birds or bird eggs. Continuing his point that there is no definitive proof that the bird was poisoned, Kraemer said that an autopsy or a necropsy of the bird was never conducted and that when witnesses allegedly saw the bird struggling to live in the nest, it could have been caused by other factors. "A hawk could have flown down and nicked the bird, injuring it and that's what they saw," Kraemer said.

Roby contended that presenting the grand jury with evidence that witnesses observed Luaces putting down the chemical sprayer in the DPW shop combined with comments he made to witnesses about a bird growing three heads because it got sprayed with the chemicals and that the birds were cute but "had to go," was sufficient to obtain an indictment.

Judge Scott Bennion agreed saying the threshold for a judge to dismiss an indictment is very high and that he felt the prosecution had presented enough evidence to the grand jury. Bennion said whether the spray Luaces allegedly used was lethal to birds would have to be argued before a jury at a trial and it was not for him or a grand jury to decide. According to Bennion -- who outlined the facts in the case -- Luaces is alleged to have sprayed weed killer around the West Milford Department of Public Works yard on July 16, 2015, and on a robin's nest located behind a garage, which at the time of the spraying contained three unhatched eggs and one baby bird.

On July 17, 2015, DPW workers allegedly noticed a dead bird in the nest along with the three unhatched eggs and then relocated the nest with the eggs and alleged dead bird to a protected area of the DPW yard, the motion says. Three weeks later, on Aug. 5, 2015, two DPW employees complained of the incident to police and when police went to investigate found the nest, but not eggs, birds or mother robin. Luaces, of Byram, served on the Byram Township Council from January 2012 until his resignation in February 2014.

In a statement to the New Jersey Herald regarding his resignation, he said he was doing so because he was "embarking on a new career endeavor" that did not leave him time to dedicate himself to the people of Byram. Though originally just suspended, Luaces was terminated from his West Milford position in August 2015.

Following the judge's decision, Kraemer said he and Luaces were disappointed in the outcome as they still felt the evidence presented did not prove Luaces killed a bird."There is still not one iota of evidence that the spray is harmful to birds," Kraemer said. Roby declined to comment. Luaces will return to court on Feb. 13 for a pre-trial conference.

(New Jersey Herald - Jan 20, 2017)


Oregon: Meagan Lafferty charged with animal cruelty and theft

Full Name: Meagan Cathleen Lafferty
Gender: Female
Height: 5'07"
Weight: 187 lbs
Hair Color: BLONDE
Eye Color: HAZEL
Agency: Marion County, Oregon
Arrest Date: 01/30/2017
Total Bond: $20000

Oregon: Tyson Richison, 38, arrested on multiple charges including animal cruelty

Full Name: Tyson J Richison
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 09/16/1978
Height: 5'09"
Weight: 209 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
Eye Color: BRO
Arrest Age: 38
Arresting Agency: Corvallis PD
Total Bond: $257,500

Ohio: Lorain woman Dwana Smith thinks that being a "single mother and suffering financially" we should give her a pass after starving her dogs and leaving them locked in squalor

OHIO -- A Lorain woman was issued summons for three counts of cruelty to companion animals after police found the dogs malnourished and filthy. Police were called just after 11:45 a.m. Monday to investigate a report of three malnourished dogs, who belong to Dwana Smith, running around in the area of West 8th Street and Lovett Place, according to a police report. The three dogs were found running around and tearing into trash bags, eating what garbage they could find, the report says. The dogs also were fighting over the scraps, the report says.

The dogs were filthy and the two female dogs had blood on their fur and minor bite wounds from fighting over food, police say. All three of the dogs' ribs and pelvis bones were showing. None of the dogs had collars or tags. Police noted the dogs were friendly and not aggressive to each other when food wasn't around. The person who called about the incident pointed police to an open back door in the 800 block of Lovett Place.

The officer went through the open door, down into the basement and up to a closed door to the first floor of the home, according to the police report. The landing was covered in insulation, wires and other building materials as if the dogs clawed the walls to get out, the officer noted in the report. Police have been to this home before over tethering complaints of these same dogs, the report says. The dogs were taken to the Friendship Animal Protective League, the report says.

Smith used the excuse that she "is a single mother and is suffering financially", the report says. She also was in a support boot and unable to get around. Her children are too young to help, the report says. A friend of Smith's had been taking care of the dogs, but no longer does, the report says. Police are asking the court to consider her situation and willingness to surrender the dogs.

Oregon: Glenn Lacoss, 56, who purposely strangled and hanged his neighbor's cat named Sweetie, gets an updated mugshot

OREGON -- Back in April 2016, Glenn Lacoss was charged with animal cruelty after his neighbor found her beloved cat named Sweetie hanging from a fence. Police were called to the home and said they arrested Glenn William Lacoss, 55,  after he told them he killed the cat because it was scratching his trees.


Investigators said Lacoss told police he was upset there were feral cats in his backyard.

Her owner believes Lacoss beat the cat and then hanged her from the fence, letting her strangle to death.

According to the DA’s office, markings on the fence show Sweetie struggled before she died a horrific, slow death. Records show that Lacoss was to appear in court on January 23, 2017 for "Hearing-Sentencing". My bet is they gave him probation with no jail time.

FOR Deschutes COUNTY
JUDGE Bagley, Beth M - Courtroom B
January 23, 2017 - Monday
Case: 16CR22577
Case title: State of Oregon vs Glenn William Lacoss
Matter: Hearing - Sentencing
Aggravated Animal Abuse in the First Degree Offense - Felony
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Kentucky: Charles Beneke, 38, charged with animal cruelty after admitting to shooting and killing his neighbor's pit bull. Video shows Beneke kicking a ball and enticing the dog to come to him before shooting her three times in the head

KENTUCKY -- A family's pet dog is shot and killed and police say the man living next door is responsible. On Friday, Louisville Metro Police Department officers arrested Charles Beneke, 38. He was charged with animal cruelty and booked at Metro Corrections. The arrest comes weeks after the death of Cassandra Dunnaway's blue pit bull, Coco. Coco, who was about 1 year old, had been shot several times Nov. 2nd.

Dunnaway said she and her husband had not been home at the time, but had gotten a call from a concerned neighbor."He said, 'Well, I just heard three shots and I heard your dog barking and I don't hear it barking anymore.' My husband was just a few blocks away and rushed home," she remembered.
The couple found their dog lying against the fence. Dunnaway said the dog had been shot three times in the head. "I replay that over and over in my head, of her just laying there. Looking at me, like, 'Mom, help me,' and there's nothing I can do."

According to court documents, Beneke admitted to shooting the dog, saying Coco had charged at him. 
But according to investigators, video taken by Beneke's wife shows the dog had not been near him and appeared to be looking at a ball Beneke had kicked to 'entice the dog to jump the fence.'

The dog was later euthanized at the vet's office and the couple quickly moved out of their Accasia Drive home. "I had no choice but to move. It was either us move or us getting into a bigger situation," she said.

In fact, during a three-month period, she said Beneke called Animal Control 19 times, complaining among other things, that her two dogs were not being cared for. But according to Dunnaway, Animal Control never found any violations, and did not take action. She believes Beneke's actions Nov. 2 were not necessarily about the dog, but were personal. While Beneke did spend one night behind bars, Dunnaway said that is not enough punishment for the crime. She plans to contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and pursue legal action against Beneke.

"I don't want him to think he can do it and it's OK," she said. Meanwhile, the wife of Charles Beneke, tells WLKY there are two sides to every story and said Monday her husband had hired his own lawyer.

Full Name: Charles W Beneke
Arrest Age:38
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 11/13/1978
Height: 2'40"
Weight: 510 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
STATUTE: 02625

Kentucky: Wanted since 2012 on animal cruelty charges, police finally catch Edward Golden and Donna Golden

KENTUCKY -- It appears that animal cruelty charges were filed way back in 2012 for Edward Golden and Donna Golden. They were accused of abandoning their border collie mix to starve to death in a house they'd moved out of.

Authorities suspect other animals had been locked in the basement as well. Feces covered the floor and there was a hole in the back basement door. He said the hole appeared to have been chewed or scratched open for escape.


There were several articles posted in 2012. However, the stories stop so I suspect that they've been on the run all this time and have finally been caught and will face the consequences of what they've done to this poor dog.


Full Name: Edward Golden
Gender: Male
Block: Wallingford Rd
City: Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: GREY/PARTI
Eye Color: BLUE
Arrest Age: 44
Date: 01/11/2017

Full Name: Donna J Golden
Gender: Female
City: Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041
Height: 5'04"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Arrest Age: 42
Agency: POST 6
County: Mason County, Kentucky


Kentucky: Paul Schember, 70, was charged with animal cruelty back in 2010. Now's he's accused of driving around and abandoning his horses at various places

KENTUCKY -- A Nicholasville man was arrested on a warrant and charged with animal cruelty after he abandoned two Thoroughbred horses. Paul Schember, 70, of Nicholasville, was arrested by Nicholasville Police on Jan. 4 for illegally abandoning the Thoroughbreds at various farms throughout the county. Jessamine County Animal Care and Control Deputy Director, Frank Ruggiero, filed criminal complaints last week against Schember.

“(JCACC) has been involved since the end of October,” Ruggiero said. “We were called on a few occasions but couldn’t find anything to charge him with.” The deputy director said he has filed three complaints on Schember. The first time was in regard to his canines running at large on the streets of Nicholasville. The second and third time Ruggiero filed a complaint concerned Schember abandoning the horses — an off-the-racetrack Thoroughbred gelding and a filly bought from the Keeneland Sale.
Schember allegedly abandoned his horses, leaving them in a trailer for 24 hours straight. The horses reportedly appeared underweight and were found standing in their own feces. The man stated that the people who made the complaint were just trying to take his horses. Demand that justice is served for these innocent horses.

“The conditions kept getting worse. They were in about three inches of manure,” stated Jenny Hasson. She and other concerned neighbors filed a complaint against 70-year-old Paul Schember after he reportedly abandoned the horses on private property. She also reported that at least one of the horses appeared emaciated. Schember stated that he got permission from someone who turned out not to be the owner of the property. He claimed that all of the other complaints are lies.
JCACC aren’t the only ones who have filed complaints on Schember.

Jenny Hasson of Nicholasville met Schember when he approached her friend, Kathy Gonzalez. Gonzalez owns Karumel Farm Animal Rescue on Bethany Road. Schember asked her to help transport a few horses to a new location. “The reason he was moving horses was because he was being kicked off another property,” Hasson said. “Paul had notified her because she had horses and he asked if he could move his horses with her trailer.” But that is not what happened. On her way home Gonzalez noticed the gelding horse’s head sticking out of a barn on Bethany Road. “He had stashed the horse there and the property owner did not give him permission,” Hasson said. “Our main concern was the horse was not getting hay or water.” Hasson said she called Jessamine County Animal Rescue and took pictures to document the incident. "A gelding who was slightly overweight in September is now severely underweight. You can see all of his ribs," she said.

“We’ve been trying every angle we could to try and save these animals,” Hasson said. “I’ve pressed charges.” Schember says, "I grew up in a farm in Michigan. we always took care of our animals. we came down here. i love horses i take care of them. i love dogs. i take care of them. and you can see they're fat as pigs." “There are a lot of organizations in Kentucky that support Thoroughbreds,” Hasson said. This is not Schember’s first time being arrested on the charge.

According to public record, he was arrested in 2010 for second-degree cruelty to animals.

Full Name: Paul Schember
Gender: Male
City: Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
Eye Color: GREEN
Arrest Age: 70
Date: 01/04/2017
Time: 1:20 PM
County: Jessamine County, Kentucky
Total Bond: $500
BOND: $500

Brevard pet hotel employee accused of animal cruelty… caught on video

VIERA, Fla. (WKMG) — Brevard County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man who they said was caught on video swinging a shih tzu by its leash and slamming it to the ground at a boarding facility, breaking the dog’s leg. Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Joseph Pendergrass, who works at Barkingham Palace on U.S. 1 in Rockledge, was captured on video abusing the animal earlier this week. Ivey said Pendergrass also appeared to kick the dog.

In a message posted on Facebook Ivey called the incident one of the most despicable acts of animal cruelty that he’s ever seen. “Now, Mr. Pendergrass, I’ve told everyone before that if you hurt an animal in Brevard County, you’re going straight to jail,” Ivey said. “So the best thing for you to do is man up, do the right thing by turning yourself in, and face the consequences of your actions.” Ivey said the owners of Barkingham Palace did not learn of the abuse until they checked surveillance video after noticing the dog’s injuries. The owners immediately called police, Ivey said.

Anyone with information about Pendergrass is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.

Here is the video posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/921093631259148/videos/1212003315501510/

Milo famous bike riding dog killed, victim of animal cruelty

WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. – A White House man believes his dog was the victim of animal cruelty, and he wants the person responsible to be punished. Milo, a 6 year old Schnauzer mix, is well known in the community as the unofficial mascot at his owner’s business, Value Cargo Vans.  He has also earned the nickname the “Tennessee Biker Dog” for his love of riding motorcycles.

His owner, Joe Burris, said Friday at 5:30 p.m., a driver delivered some vans at the business, and Milo snuck outside while Burris was talking with the driver.  He locked up and left for the day, and later got a call from White House police that his dog had been killed. “I was devastated.  I was devastated,” aid Burris.  “ I was so sad, and I’m angry.” Burris said he believes the delivery driver kicked Milo, broke his neck and killed him.  However, the delivery company offered a different explanation.  The owner said the dog had charged at the driver, and he kicked it a couple times, and then the dog was run over by a truck. Burris said the story didn’t add up, and he didn’t feel like he was getting a straight answer.

“From looking at Milo’s body, there were no marks, no blood and no scars,” aid Burris.  “I’m confident he didn’t get hit by a truck.”Tuesday was the first day of business at Value Cargo Vans since Milo passed away, and the atmosphere was noticeably somber. “It just hasn’t been the same,” said Jason Lassiter, an employee at Value Cargo Vans.  “The news was hard to swallow.” Lassiter said employees were used to seeing Milo run through the halls, greeting customers, and even taking an occasional nap on their desks. Burris said he is struggling to adjust to a world without his best friend, and he is determined to get answers. “I want justice for Milo,” said Burris.  “I would give my business to have Milo back today.  That’s how much I loved him.” Burris has filed a police report and the White House Police Department is investigating. The C.E. Kord Animal Health Laboratory at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture will perform a necropsy on Wednesday.

Georgia man shoots 10-pound Chihuahua with rifle after ‘attack’

In Gainesville, Georgia, a 10-pound Chihuahua was shot in the front right leg with an air rifle after a man said he was protecting his own small dog from recent attacks. Pedro Javier Gallegos-Franco, 37, faces animal cruelty charges after admitting to shooting the pint sized pooch on Monday at the trailer park community on Casper Drive where he lives.

According to AJCNews, Franco just wanted to scare the dog. The ferocious Chihuahua had allegedly been terrorizing Franco’s little Shih Tzu named Toby including nipping off a piece of his dog’s ear. After the Chihuahua’s owner called authorities, Franco was arrested and charged with reckless conduct and animal cruelty. He is expected in court next Wednesday. Franco has since admitted he felt terrible at what happened, but he said the offending dog wouldn’t stop hurting his dog. The Chi has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery. Come on men – these are pint-sized pooches; you are grown men! Surely you can act like adults and just keep the dogs separated.

Couple blamed ‘horrendous’ sexual abuse on baby as dog mauling


When a couple claimed the horrific injuries on a one-year-old little girl on dog mauling, authorities found the wounds inconsistent with a dog attack. In San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, claims this could be the worst case they have even seen. The child suffered life threatening stab wounds and sexual injuries. Her condition has been upgraded to stable condition at the hospital.

According to Fox News, police had been called to a home on December 31 after a 911 call, stating a young child had been attacked by the family dogs when she wandered outside of the house. When questioned, the relative and boyfriend, Isaac Andrew Cardenas’ stories were not consistent with the crime scene and the evidence. According to the police report, the child suffered,

extremely serious and life-threatening wounds consistent with a brutal sexual assault and multiple stab wounds. The child did suffer stab wounds to her upper body, but additionally to her private areas.”

Animal Care Services (ACS) workers also picked up the dogs at the home and told investigators the dogs showed no signs of being aggressive. Medical staff agreed the little girl had not been a victim of dog mauling.

“I can’t even begin to describe to you the level of depravity that went into this crime,” stated Sheriff Salazar. “It’s been described to me and …just imagining it is enough to chill any of us.”

Cardenas has been charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child; bond has been set at $300,000. The relative was charged with injury to a child by omission.

The child will be in the care of Child Protective Services. Authorities are investigating if there was any prior history of child abuse.

Dog dies after neighbor admits to shooting it

Image result for Dog dies after neighbor admits to shooting it

A family’s pet dog is shot and killed and police say the man living next door is responsible. On Friday, Louisville Metro Police Department officers arrested Charles Beneke, 38. He was charged with animal cruelty and booked at Metro Corrections. The arrest comes weeks after the death of Cassandra Dunnaway’s blue pit bull, Coco. Coco, who was about 1 year old, had been shot several times Nov. 2nd. Dunnaway said she and her husband had not been home at the time, but had gotten a call from a concerned neighbor. “He said, ‘Well, I just heard three shots and I heard your dog barking and I don’t hear it barking anymore.’ My husband was just a few blocks away and rushed home,” she remembered.

The couple found their dog lying against the fence. Dunnaway said the dog had been shot three times in the head, “I replay that over and over in my head, of her just laying there. Looking at me, like, ‘Mom, help me,’ and there’s nothing I can do.” According to court documents, Beneke admitted to shooting the dog, saying Coco had charged at him. But according to investigators, video taken by Beneke’s wife shows the dog had not been near him and appeared to be looking at a ball Beneke had kicked to ‘entice the dog to jump the fence.’

The dog was later euthanized at the vet’s office and the couple quickly moved out of their Accasia Drive home . “I had no choice but to move. It was either us move or us getting into a bigger situation,” she said. In fact, during a three-month period, she said Beneke called Animal Control 19 times, complaining among other things, that her two dogs were not being cared for. But according to Dunnaway, Animal Control never found any violations, and did not take action. She believes Beneke’s actions Nov. 2 were not necessarily about the dog, but were personal.

While Beneke did spend one night behind bars, Dunnaway said that is not enough punishment for the crime. She plans to contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and pursue legal action against Beneke. “I don’t want him to think he can do it and it’s OK,” she said. Meanwhile, the wife of Charles Beneke, tells WLKY there are two sides to every story and said Monday her husband had hired his own lawyer. News video here:


Outrage pours over video showing dog chained to top of cage on I-95

Flagler County authorities are currently investigating a video that surfaced on Facebook showing a dog chained to the top of a cage that was traveling south on Interstate 95 headed toward Flagler. The video was posted on Wednesday in the Facebook page “Swip*Swap*Palm*Coast*FL.” It’s quickly gaining traction within the community with more than 2,000 shares and nearly 122,000 views as of 1:30 p.m. Thursday. A First Coast News viewer, Julie Andrews, sent us the video and said, “We just want this to be aired in hopes of catching that guy. It is clearly a dangerous situation for the dog and given they are pits, we all know (they are) most likely fighting dogs.”

Flagler Animal Services, which is leading the investigation and working with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, said the dog, a Blue American Pitbull Terrier named Zeus, had a single tether attached to the box and he was riding on top. The vehicle was heading from Hastings to Flagler County. First Coast News spoke with the man who claimed he is the dog’s owner, who didn’t want to be identified. He told us that the dog isn’t a fighting dog, but rather a hunting dog he uses to hunt hogs. He said this is an “OK” way to transport dogs and that is “how everybody transports.” The owner also said the dog likes to ride outside of the cage. He said the dog was harnessed and chained so it wouldn’t fall. Amy Wade-Carotenuto, the executive director at the Flagler Humane Society weighed-in on the video. She said the owner broke the law because he didn’t tether the dog two times. The law she is referring to is an ordinance in Flagler County about transporting animals. According to No. 93-15 S 4, 11-15-93:

Sec. 5-64. – Transporting in open vehicles. 

All dogs taken off their owner’s property and transported in the open bed of pickup trucks, or in any other type of open vehicle, to public places or residential areas shall be confined in pens in or on such trucks or other vehicles or be restrained by a minimum of two (2) tethers or some other similar method to safely control or restrain the dogs from easily escaping the vehicles.”

Jeffery Ritter with Flagler Animal Services said the dog can be outside of the cage as long as he is tethered twice and secure. But since the dog was only tethered once, Ritter confirmed the owner broke the law and should be receiving a ticket. The original post also stated that the dog has an “S” carved into its leg. The owner said the “S” was there when he got Zeus as a puppy.  He said the dog is not a fighting dog, but was branded. Flagler Animal Services said the driver in the video, believed to be the owner, has been cooperating with authorities and agreed to a wellness check. Once animal services completes their investigation, they’ll turn their findings over to the sheriff’s office. Stay with First Coast News as this story develops.

Suspect arrested on animal cruelty charge after cat set on fire in Montgomery County

Noah Riley was arrested in the case

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind. – A 19-year-old turned himself in after admitting he poured gasoline on a cat before setting the feline on fire. Police arrested Noah Riley, 19, Thursday night on charges of animal cruelty and neglecting an animal. The badly burned cat was found bound by a rope Wednesday in a cornfield near the Crawfordsville Municipal Airport off West 500 South. Retired firefighter Steve Wright said he was home watching TV Wednesday night when he noticed a flame shoot up from the field. Wright found the female cat drenched in gasoline; someone had laid a firecracker on top of her. The firecracker didn’t go off.

Animal care workers believe the cat survived because she was lying in a puddle that helped douse the fire. The cat went to Purdue Animal Hospital for treatment and faces an extensive recovery. Her ears are shriveled. Her fur is gone down to the skin,” said Misha Anderson, director of the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County. “She landed in a mud puddle. So I think that slowed down the fire or at least dampened her fur which caused the only flames to be gasoline so all the fur is mostly cinched.”

The organization has set up a fund to aid in the cat’s recovery. Anyone interested in donating can go here to do so. Wright, the firefighter who found the cat, has put in a request to adopt her. “Your words, thoughts, and prayers have helped energize our exhausted staff in this incredibly difficult time,” the group wrote on its Facebook page. “She is a fighter, and we will keep fighting for her!”

Animal Welfare League Of Montgomery County Indiana. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to each and every person who has helped us spread the story of our kitty in dire straights. Your words, thoughts, and prayers have helped energize our exhausted staff in this incredibly difficult time. She is a fighter, and we will keep fighting for her!

Laderrick O'Neal Rostchild, 24, was taken into custody Friday in connection with a viral video of an cat being tortured. (Photo source: Jackson County Sheriff's Dept.)


The man then holds the pan through the now opened window and looks down at the cat below. Beneath the window is a litter tray, which the cat stands alongside, as the man begins calling the cat to come closer. Suddenly he pours the boiling hot water on top of the cat, which reacts by screaming. The animal can then be seen running around in a panic – it continues to howl in excruciating pain. The clip concludes with the man hurtling abused at the injured animal as it attempts to make its way down a set of stairs.

The video was posted to Facebook where it received thousands of views before being taken down. Outraged social media users commented in great numbers calling for the man to be ‘skinned alive’ and stating that they hope the cat is no longer suffering. Little other information has been provided alongside the clip and the location of the incident is unknown. It is also unclear as to what injuries the cat sustained in the horrifying attack

The third and final suspect wanted in connection with a viral video showing the torture of a cat has been arrested. Laderrick O’neal Rostchild, 24, was taken into custody without incident Friday afternoon in Moss Point, just hours after Moss Point Police Department announced a $2,500 reward for information leading to his arrest. He is charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal Authorities had been searching for Laderrick since Dec. 27 when he was identified as suspect in a Snapchat video. Also identified as a suspect in the video — which garnered widespread attention after it was later shared on other social media outlets was Laderrick’s uncle, Larry Rostchild Jr.

Larry turned himself into police on Dec. 28 and is also charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal. Laderrick’s girlfriend, Karmen Coleman who police say is accused of initially posting the video to social media — turned herself in to authorities on Dec. 23. She is charged with rendering criminal assistance.

After a month of Laderrick Rostchild evading authorities, In Defense of Animals — the international animal protection organization that runs the Justice for Animals Campaign — offered up the reward leading to his arrest. “Laderrick O’Neal Rostchild’s criminal history of fraud, theft, domestic violence, resisting arrest, and contempt of court was alarming,” said Doll Stanley, director of the Justice for Animals Campaign. “Sadists rarely indulge only in violence to animals. Sociopaths and psychopaths are a menace to any vulnerable being in their path.”

In the video, two men are seen dousing a black-and-white male cat with two pots of boiling water while it is confined in a trap. The men in the video laugh as they kick the trap and mock the cat’s suffering. An unidentified female is heard off-camera, laughing and encouraging the duo. Officials say the cat was released from the trap afterwards and was later found dead due to thermal burns. All three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 14 in Moss Point Municipal Court

Maine: Man facing animal cruelty charges for crushing the skulls of two kittens during a domestic dispute

Vance Cayford

SKOWHEGAN — A Norridgewock man who was indicted by a grand jury in June on felony charges for allegedly crushing the skulls of two kittens during a domestic dispute in May has been indicted again by a Somerset County grand jury for having contact with the alleged earlier victim. Vance A. Cayford Jr., 46, faces 10 new charges of violating the conditions of his release on pre-conviction bail by having prohibited contact with the woman. The violations, all class C felony charges, are alleged to have occurred from July through the middle of December in Madison, according to the indictments handed up Thursday in Skowhegan. The person identified as the victim in the case for which bail was granted was a family or household member.

In a court affidavit, police said Cayford threatened a woman with a gun, refused to submit to arrest and killed the two kittens by smashing their heads on the corner of a refrigerator, all May 29. District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said Cayford is set for a dispositional conference with the court Feb. 15 on the earlier charges of domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and aggravated cruelty to animals, all punishable with a conviction by up to five years in prison on each count, and with misdemeanor violation of a protection order and refusing to submit to arrest. No date has been set on the new charges. Cayford also was indicted by a federal grand jury in August on six felony weapons charges. He is charged in U.S. District Court with three counts of possession of ammunition by a prohibited person and two counts of attempted possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. The grand jury in Bangor alleges that Cayford, as a convicted felon, violated federal law May 29 by possessing 92 rounds of .45-caliber Federal brand premium ammunition through interstate commerce. Anyone convicted of a felony in Maine is prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition.

The charges stem from a domestic violence conviction on April 23, 2014, in Kennebec County Superior Court and an illegal firearms possession conviction in Somerset County court entered on the same date, according to court documents. The grand jury also notes another assault conviction on Oct. 28, 2002, in Waterville District Court. The charge of attempted possession of a firearm allegedly involved Cayford’s effort to get a Heckler & Koch 416, a 5.56 mm by .45-caliber rifle, which also allegedly was shipped and transported through interstate commerce. All six counts are class C felonies under federal law, punishable with convictions by prison time of up to 10 years and $250,000 in fines on each charge. Cayford’s federal case is set on the trial list for Feb. 7 at U.S. District Court in Bangor, according to Maloney.

Ohio: Leetonia man accused of torturing and killing dog

LEETONIA, Ohio – A Leetonia man is jailed on $60,000 bond after being accused of torturing and killing a dog. Edward Altenburg, 42, is scheduled to appear in Columbiana Municipal Court on Thursday to answer two counts of violating the Ohio law protecting companion animals. Deputy Columbiana County Dog Warden Amy Dowd tells 21 News that a witness claims that Altenburg strangled the pit bull two days before Christmas. Dowd says when she saw the remains of the dog on December 26, there was blood on its swollen face. In addition, the genitals of the dog appeared to be swollen as well. An examination by a veterinarian indicated that the dog died of abuse and torture, according to Dowd. A public defender is being assigned to Altenburg, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Woman asks her sister to hold puppy in car. She tosses it onto interstate, police say

Tracy Carr

A West Virginia woman faces an animal cruelty charge after police say she threw a puppy out of the window of a moving car on Interstate 85 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The dog survived the incident with minor abrasions and a possible broken leg, according to WSPA TV. Tracy Nicole Carr, 26, remained in the Spartanburg County Detention Center on Monday afternoon on a charge of ill treatment of an animal. She was booked Sunday afternoon and is being held on $1,000 bond.

Carr was in a vehicle with her sister, who asked Carr to hold onto the puppy, according to an incident report from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office as reported by multiple outlets. According to the report, the sister heard the window roll down and then a thud. Carr told officers the window was rolled down accidentally and she “hoped the dog’s head exploded on the ground so that it died without feeling pain,” according to the report.

WSPA reported that Carr had recently been released from the Georgia Department of Corrections and she was being driven home by relatives.

A first offense in South Carolina is punishable by up to 60 days in jail and/or a fine of between $100 and $500, according to state code. South Carolina ranked 45th in The Humane Society’s 2014 ranking of state’s animal protection laws. South Carolina ranked 36th in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 2015 rankings of animal protection laws.

Neighbors Confront Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Family`s Dog

Residents in Riverside County community outraged after family dog fatally shot
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — (KTLA) — Residents in a Southern California community are outraged after a family`s dog was allegedly killed by a neighbor.  Some residents in the community of Canyon Lake in Riverside County are outraged after a family dog, Deuces, was fatally shot this week, allegedly by a neighbor. Steve Kuzj reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Jan. 17, 2017.

New Bedford Beef Buckets With 46 Dead Or Abused Animals In Their Hell Hole House Get No Jail Time Because The Court System Is a Joke


I love it when the state continuously fails to lock people up for horrible behavior. I wasn’t writing here in June in 2015 but I read about this back then and nearly lost my lunch. Well, the verdict came in…

NEW BEDFORD – Authorities in two states are investigating a shocking case of animal cruelty that left dozens of animals dead or starving and led to the arrest of two city residents.The horror unfolded Wednesday night when New Bedford animal control officers, acting on a tip, went to a 596 S. Second St. apartment and found 46 animals, half of them dead, the other half badly malnourished. They included cats, rabbits, lizards and birds, as well as an emaciated German shepherd leashed to a doorknob and standing in its own waste. Emanuel Maciel, the city’s animal control director, said the stench was overpowering, and some live animalswere found in cages with dead ones. Arrested on charges of animal cruelty were the animals’ owners, identified as Jake Brousseau, 24, of 441 Rivet St., and Sabrina Harding, 23, of the 596 S. Second St. address. They were held without bail Thursday and will undergo mental health examinations ordered by New Bedford District Court Judge James McGovern. The exam was to be done before the pair’s next court appearance today.

These two beef buckets, Sabrina Harding and Jake Brosseau, would “adopt” animals online and planned to sell them to turn a profit. The plan didn’t work out as well as they thought, because when police received a complaint, authorities found more than 46 emaciated or skeletal animals in their New Bedford apartment.

Some living animals were in cages along with dead ones. Lizards, cats, birds, and even a dog that was tied to a door handle, with no food or water, sitting in its own shit. A dead bird, found in a cage, had been there so long the only thing left of the poor bastard was feathers and bones. I can’t process how people like this work “Polly has been quiet lately. Can you pass me the queso?” Turns out they had a four year-old little daughter that would frequent the sty as well. Blech. Needless to say, authorities charged these two with everything they could. Not that it mattered because, well, Massachusetts.

So, after a year and a half of playing the court system, these two walked free yesterday. They can’t have any animals anymore but not even a slap on the wrist. More like a hug and a cookie. A three year suspended sentence and they have to promise not to get a new hamster. They should be rotting in jail and now they are roaming the streets like nothing ever happened. I can’t tell you how mad this makes me. Is this a face that says…

People, when you see someone selling animals on Facebook, which is against TOS for a reason, report it to authorities. Not to Facebook because no one works there. There are a million rescues and shelters that will make sure that animal is taken care of. If these people were living around poop, urine and the smell of dead animals, something tells me there should have been about fifteen red flags that original family should have seen before handing their pets over to Momma Boo Boo and her pleasure loaf.

For one, look at these people. She clearly can’t take care of herself. Think she’s going to be able to take care of Mittens? (and shut up whining about me being a “mean girl.” I’m not picking on the dork in high school. I’m tearing apart scumbags.) Secondly, the smell from that apartment would have been stuck to her like the soggy Cheetos she probably had in her bra. There is no way you can scrub off the smell of fat stink and dead critter. Lastly, don’t give your fucking animals away on Facebook. Simple as that. They should have found the people who handed these animals over to these slophogs and charged them too. Maybe if we started sitting people in jail, instead of giving them welfare benefits, it would make a difference in our quickly dwindling society. Oh, and did I mention, STOP GIVING YOUR ANIMALS AWAY ONLINE.

A woman and her ex-boyfriend have been charged with multiple felonies after they allegedly staged a home invasion last year in northwest suburban Maine Township

Woman, ex-boyfriend staged home invasion, killed dog: police

A woman and her ex-boyfriend have been charged with multiple felonies after they allegedly staged a home invasion last year in northwest suburban Maine Township and planted marijuana and a dead dog in her husband’s vehicle. Mehwish Memon, 30, of the 9400 block of Bay Colony Drive in unincorporated Des Plaines; and Syed Hassan, 38, of the 2800 block of South King Drive in Chicago, were each charged Tuesday with home invasion, aggravated unlawful restraint and filing a false police report, police said.

About 11:20 p.m. Dec. 30, 2016, sheriff’s police responded to Memon’s home for a report of a home invasion, according to a statement from the Cook County sheriff’s office. Investigators were told a man in a black ski mask who was armed with a gun forced his way into the home. The gunman punched Memon in the face and tied up her 32-year-old husband with packaging tape before beating him with a stick.

Investigators eventually determined Hassan was the masked intruder and Memon planned the home invasion with him, police said. Memon and Hassan were also charged Jan. 10 in connection with a Skokie police investigation in which a dead dog, marijuana and a gun were found in Memon’s husband’s vehicle, the sheriff’s office said. In that case, investigators determined Memon had given Hassan a key to her husband’s vehicle and – with her knowledge – shot and killed a dog, and placed its body inside the vehicle with the gun and marijuana.

Detectives also said Memon had filed a false domestic battery report against her husband on Dec. 16. Memon later dropped that charge. Before Memon called 911 to make the false report, Hassan slashed the tires of Memon’s husband’s vehicle, according to the investigators. Memon’s bail was set at $200,000 and Hassan’s was set at $400,000 during an appearance in court in Skokie on Thursday

Police: Woman tosses dog from South Florida bridge, claiming it can fly

0120 jack russell

Authorities in Florida said Thursday that a woman tossed a Jack Russell Terrier mix 30 feet off a South Florida bridge believing that dogs could fly. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Capt. David Walesky told the Palm Beach Post that the 8-year-old dog dislocated a leg in the fall Wednesday from a Riviera Beach bridge and onto Phil Foster Park.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that a lifeguard was comforting the dog until authorities arrived. According to sheriff’s officials, the woman was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. Authorities said she would likely face animal cruelty charges. She wasn’t immediately identified. Walesky said the 30-pound black and white dog suffered significant pain and was in serious but stable condition. “He’s not completely out of the woods yet,” Walesky said of the animal, which was being cared for by Animal Care and Control. Animal Care and Control said if the dog is given up, it will be up for adoption or handed over to a rescue facility.

Delco couple charged after abused dog rescued from ‘dungeon’

Since her rescue, Dolores or “Dolly” is scared but she’s not aggressive, officials said. When she’s shown attention, Justice Rescue Humane Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper says, “she gets excited and cries.”

COLLINGDALE >> The X-ray shows her left rear femur snapped in half, and authorities say the injured pit bull was left to writhe in agony for weeks before a tip led to her rescue over the weekend. On Thursday, Lance Marcell Bell Sr., 30, and his live-in girlfriend, Joie Jacqueline Gommer, 29, of the 100 block of Chester Pike in Collingdale, were charged with animal cruelty and related offenses. The charges against the couple include two counts of first-degree misdemeanor cruelty to animals, two counts of second-degree misdemeanor criminal conspiracy to engage in cruelty to animals, and six counts of summary cruelty to animals.

The pair will be notified by mail to appear in district court, Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams said. Preliminary hearings are listed for Feb. 28 before Magisterial District Judge Gregory J. Loftus, according to online court records. A joint investigation by Collingdale Police Officer Patrick Crozier and Justice Rescue, a local animal-advocacy group, began after Collingdale police received a phone call late Saturday reporting allegations of abuse involving the year-old dog – renamed Dolores or “Dolly” by her rescuers. “Dolly for short,” said Justice Rescue Human Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper.

According to Harper, the dog was mutilated, tortured and neglected. Her injuries were so severe, her left rear leg had to be amputated, he said. Surgery was performed Wednesday. “She will remain with me throughout her recovery,” Harper said Thursday night. Recovery will include rehabilitation, both physical and psychological. At 19 pounds, he said the dog is about 30 pounds underweight.

“Shefrom ‘dungeon’’s scared but she’s not shown any bit of aggression. She just wants you to love and pet her,” he said. When she’s shown attention, Harper said, “she gets excited and cries.”

According to the affidavit of probable cause supporting charges against the couple, it was shortly after 11:30 p.m. Jan. 14 that Collingdale police were notified about the alleged abuse. A woman provided an address and said a dog there was being punished and starved. “The dog’s skeleton could be seen,” the caller told police. The woman said she’d already called animal agencies in both Delaware County and Philadelphia, only to reach answering machines saying to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Officer Crozier told the woman he would forward her name and number to the Brandywine SPCA, only to be told that she should call during normal business hours. During the phone conversation, Crozier could hear the woman’s voice breaking up, trying to contain herself from crying. She identified the owners of the dog as Bell and Gommer. Within 20 minutes of the phone call, Crozier contacted Harper. “Wow, what a night,” Harper posted on the Justice Rescue Facebook page shortly after 10 a.m. on Jan. 15.“One poor little pup in emergency, starved, abused, beat badly and locked away in a dungeon,” he wrote.” She is in urgent care. She will need surgery from what she suffered in abuse. Let’s all pray for her and hope for this pain to go away soon.”

According to the affidavit, Crozier met Harper at Collingdale police headquarters about 1:50 a.m. on Jan. 15. Together, they went to the couple’s Chester Pike residence. Lance Bell answered the front door in a pair of shorts. Before stepping outside to talk to the officers, he asked if he could get dressed.

The officers were permitted to enter the residence, and they followed Bell to the living room area, according to the affidavit. The officers watched as a small pit bull that greeted them at the door roamed about the residence. The dog was emaciated and she was only using three legs, refusing to put any weight on her left rear leg, the affidavit states. The officers then told Bell the reason for their visit and started to question him about the dog.

According to the affidavit, Bell said he could not afford to take the dog to the vet for shots. He also said he thought the dog might have worms, explaining why she was so thin. He also said the dog had been limping for about two weeks. When the officers asked if anyone else was at home, Bell said his wife was asleep. The officers asked him to wake her up, which he did.

Gommer agreed to speak with the officers, the affidavit states. She also showed them where the dog stayed for the majority of the day. She escorted the officers to the rear door, and then opened it. “There was a small enclosed porch with numerous piles of dog feces on the floor. There was pieces of the interior walls missing with sharp points where the paneling had been broken, nails sticking out of the wall studs and a metal bowl with approximately 2 inches of water in the bottom and a dead mouse floating in the water,” states the affidavit, written by Crozier.

Harper then informed the couple that charges would be filed against them. He also requested that they turn the dog over to him if they could not afford to provide the dog with immediate veterinary attention. The couple turned the dog over to Harper, signing all the necessary forms, the affidavit states. The dog was taken to VSEC Animal Hospital in Philadelphia, where blood was drawn and the X-ray on her left rear leg showed the broken femur. Harper met again with the couple about 7 p.m. Sunday. Bell and Gommer arrived voluntarily at Collingdale police headquarters, the affidavit states. During that interview, Gommer said Bell got the dog about two months prior. According to the affidavit, she told Harper that she witnessed Bell hit the dog 15 to 20 times for urinating and defecating in the house.

Dolores was severely beaten over and over in her young life. It’s been reported that Dolores was beaten over 50 times and she shows the physical marks of the abuse she suffered,” Harper posted in an update Wednesday afternoon on Facebook. “Dolores was kept in a room resembling a dungeon … without heat or food, and the only thing in her water bowl was a dead mouse. She was forced to lay in her own feces and urine for a very long time. Not only was Dolores beaten and abused mercilessly, she received no vet care even after they broke her leg, and she was writhing in pain for several weeks. Can you imagine the depravity of anyone doing this? “Her life matters. There was no way we were leaving Dolores behind.” In seeking justice, Harper asked his legion of followers, “Pray for conviction.” Misdemeanor and summary offenses are punishable by fine and or jail time, according to Adams.

Crawfordsvillle man charged with animal cruelty after cat burned alive

Mugshot of Noah Riley. (Provided Photo/Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A 19-year-old Crawfordsville man has been officially charged with animal cruelty after police say he admitted to tying up a cat and setting it on fire. Montgomery County prosecutors charged Noah Riley with two counts of animal cruelty, one a felony. Police responded to County Road 500 South in New Market, just south of Crawfordsville, on Jan. 11 for the report of a cat that had been hogtied, covered in gasoline, and set on fire with an M80 firework attached to it. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said Riley turned himself in to authorities the next day and admitted his role in the case. He told deputies he wanted to resolve the issue and cited social media as making him feel guilty.

According to court documents, Riley and his juvenile girlfriend had the mutual idea to hurt the animal because both said they don’t like cats. They had received the cat the same night as a gift from a friend after a church study group. Documents state Riley told police he thought it would be funny to set the cat on fire. The girlfriend admitted to police at the time they took possession of the cat, it was their intentions to kill it.

The cat, who was recovering, died from its injuries five days later.

Man, woman arrested after 57 animals die in Brevard house fire

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A man and woman have been arrested and charged with several counts of animal cruelty after 57 animals died in a house fire, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies said Jacquelyn Traum, 67, and Daniel Brantley, 55, both of Merritt Island, inhumanely housed a large number of animals within a small space, WKMG-TV reported. The matter of confinement contributed to the death of 57 animals that were unable to escape a fire at the house at 473 Kennwood Ave. on Jan. 11. When deputies arrived at the home on Jan. 11, Traum and Brantley were attempting to remove dogs from the home, but it quickly filled with smoke, halting any further rescue attempts. Fourteen dogs and one cat were rescued.

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Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Service personnel discovered the condition of the house to be “deplorable and representative of animal hoarding” resulting “in inhumane and unsanitary living conditions.” Traum and Brantley are charged with four felony counts of animal cruelty (causing death, pain and suffering) and 74 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty (torment, deprive, mutilate, kill).

Brevard house fire deplorable conditions1_1485221203950.jpg
Brevard house fire deplorable conditions_1485221203619.jpg

Malcolm X’s Daughter, Granddaughter Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Two women were arrested in Prince George’s County this week on animal cruelty and theft charges, and TMZ.com reports they are the daughter and granddaughter of black Muslim leader Malcolm X.

They were arrested on Wednesday in a Wal Mart parking lot in La Plata Maryland

This Jan. 26, 2017 booking photo shows Malikah Shabazz, left, the daughter of Malcolm X, and her daughter Bettih Shabazz, are charged with stealing a rental truck that was carrying seven pit bulls in what police say were inhumane conditions. Love said the truck contained seven dogs, some with injuries, housed in stacked crates. Animal Control transported the dogs to the Tri-County Animal Shelter, where they are now in stable condition. The truck was reported stolen earlier in the day to Vermont state police. Mother and daughter have been charged with seven counts of animal cruelty, vehicle theft and an additional charge of theft between $10,000 and $100,000. FlapShip

Malikah Shabazz told investigators that she owns the dogs, according to charging documents. Malikah Shabazz gave an address in Stark, New Hampshire, but Bettih Shabazz gave no fixed address. They’ve been released after posting $2,000 bond. No defense attorneys are listed in court records. On February 21, 1965, he was shot 15 times at close range at a speaking engagement in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom. He was only married once to his wife Betty and the couple had six children together.

FlapShip http://flapship.com/2017/01/malcolm-xs-daughter-granddaughter-arrested-for-animal/

Trump Administration Strips Animal Rights Safeguards, Pets Now At Risk

On Friday, the Trump administration ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to remove inspection reports and other similar information regarding the treatment and welfare of thousands of animals from its website, The Washington Post reports.

Image result for trump animal rights

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health inspection Service released a statement claiming the decision came after a “comprehensive review”. According to the statement posted to their site, “As a result of the comprehensive review, APHIS has implemented actions to remove certain personal information from documents it posts on APHIS’ website involving the Horse Protection Act and the Animal Welfare Act. Going forward, APHIS will remove from its website inspection reports, regulatory correspondence, research facility annual reports, and enforcement records that have not received final adjudication.  APHIS will also review and redact, as necessary, the lists of licensees and registrants under the AWA, as well as lists of designated qualified persons (DQPs) licensed by USDA-certified horse industry organizations.”

Essentially now violations against the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act will only become accessible after submitting a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) — which can take several years to get approved. The statement goes on to explain:

‘Those seeking information from APHIS regarding inspection reports, regulatory correspondence, and enforcement records should submit Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for that information.  Records will be released when authorized and in a manner consistent with the FOIA and Privacy Act.’

The records previously made available by the USDA were often accessed by animal rights activists in their efforts to monitor animal welfare at circuses, zoos, and scientific labs. Individuals looking to adopt pets could also use the site’s online database to find information about dog breeders before purchasing pets. Seven states require pet stores to source puppies through breeders with clean USDA inspection reports, but with the removal of the documents, where the puppies come from will likely no longer be traceable.

Since the news surfaced Friday evening, animal welfare organizations have spoken out to condemn the USDA’s removal of the information, as many believe it will only allow animal abuses to be swept under the rug. Senior director of the Humane Society’s Stop Puppy Mills Campaign, John Goodwin, told The Washington Post:

‘The USDA action cloaks even the worst puppy mills in secrecy and allows abusers of Tennessee walking horses, zoo animals and lab animals to hide even the worst track records in animal welfare.’

It’s unclear at this point as to whether or not the information removed is a permanent or temporary change. The senior vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Kathy Guillermo, said it’s “a shameful attempt to keep the public from knowing when and which laws and regulations have been violated. Many federally registered and licensed facilities have long histories of violations that have caused terrible suffering.” Many have referenced the usefulness of the resource, saying it allowed organizations to track animal welfare in labs that otherwise lack transparency.

Woman arrested, 133 cats euthanized after recovery from meth lab

Sandy Chauvin (Source: LPSO)

LAFOURCHE PARISH, LA (WVUE) – A recent investigation into a meth lab resulted in an additional arrest aggravated animal cruelty, according to Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre. Sandy Chauvin, 60, of Houma, was arrested this week as a result of an investigation which initially included the arrest of her sons, 35-year-old Nicholas and 43-year-old Christian Chauvin.

On Jan. 13, agents with the Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force arrived at Chauvin’s home with two active warrants for the arrest of Nicholas Chauvin for distribution of methamphetamine. He was taken into custody without incident. After obtaining a search warrant for the home, the Lafourche Parish Combined Meth Lab Response Team discovered tools and other items associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine. Christian Chauvin was also at the home, and both brothers were booked with operating a meth lab. Christian was released on Jan. 17 after posting $50,000 bond; Nicholas was released the following day after posting $85,000 bond.

While the Meth Lab Response Team was searching the home, team members discovered a large number of cats. Investigators said the living conditions were very poor, and a large amount of fecal matter was discovered throughout the home. Team members took photos of five cats that appeared to have serious health issues and injuries. Seven dead cats were also found at the home. Animal control deputies responded to the scene that day and began removing the animals. Deputies made several return trips over the next few days and recovered a total of 133 cats from the residence, all of which were taken to the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter. According to officials at the animal shelter, all of the cats had to be euthanized due to their condition.

Following an investigation by the Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force, agents were able to obtain warrants for the arrest of Sandy Chauvin for five counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and operating a meth lab. Agents made contact with Sandy Chauvin on Feb. 1, and she was taken into custody. She was booked into the Lafourche Parish Detention Center in Thibodaux and released the same day after posting $40,000 bond.

Canada: Calgary man gets 1 year in jail for beating, stabbing and burying tenants’ dog

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A Calgary man who pleaded guilty to beating and stabbing his tenants’ dog to death — in what defence argued was an atypical fit of rage over late rent and missing property — has been sentenced to a year in jail. Robert Malcom Nicholson, 34, also heard Tuesday that he would face 18 months of probation and a five-year ban on keeping animals of his own.

The Crown had asked for a two-year sentence and a lifetime ban on keeping animals, telling the judge that Nicholson deliberately killed the dog to take revenge against his tenants. The defence had argued Nicholson committed the violent act in a fit of rage that wasn’t in keeping with his normal character. “This type of action is unacceptable in a society like ours,” provincial court Judge John Bascom said at Tuesday’s sentencing.

  • Image result for Calgary man gets 1 year in jail for beating, stabbing and burying tenants' dog

Court heard that Joe Hossay, his wife and three children lived with their border collie cross, Chevy, on the main floor of a home in the community of Renfrew that they rented from Nicholson, who lived in the basement suite. After a three-month trip to visit his wife in the Philippines, Nicholson returned to the home in March 2015 and found some of his belongings missing. He also claimed Hossay had been late paying rent. Nicholson then broke into the Hossays’ home and chased Chevy into the backyard, where he struck the animal with the blunt end of an axe. The dog suffered a fractured skull but was still alive, court heard. Nicholson then went back into the house and found a serrated knife, which he used to stab and saw at Chevy’s neck.

Robert Nicholson

Robert Nicholson hides his face as he leaves court after lawyers argued what his sentence should be for the fatal beating and stabbing of his neighbour’s dog, Chevy. (Meghan Grant/CBC). He told the court he used the knife because he believed the dog was suffering from the axe blow and he wanted to put the animal out of its misery. The Crown disputed that. “No one tries to end a dog’s suffering by literally trying to cut [its] neck in half,” prosecutor Rosalind Greenwood said. Chevy eventually bled to death in a slow process that a vet told the court would have taken at least 10 minutes, but likely “much longer.” Nicholson buried the animal in the backyard. He apologized at his sentencing hearing in November 2016, saying he had “great regret” over what he had done. “I think about this every day and every night,” Nicholson said. “I’m so terribly sorry.” Heather Anderson, founder of an animal support group called the Daisy Foundation, said Nicholson’s sentence shows some progress in punishing people who abuse animals. “The bottom line is that people are starting to realize that animals should be our equal and people that do these sorts of things should be prosecuted in the highest,” Anderson said.

Man who killed dog in Auburn gets 2½ years in prison

Image result for Man who killed dog in Auburn gets 2½ years in prison

WORCESTER – A former Auburn man charged with assaulting his girlfriend and beating her dog to death because it was keeping him awake was sentenced to state prison Monday after pleading guilty to animal cruelty, assault and firearm charges. Gregory Fargnoli, 27, formerly of 16 Hill St., Auburn, was arrested Nov. 17, 2015, after police were called to the Hill Street home in Auburn by a roommate, who said he found the dog, a 12-year-old Catahoula named Polka Dot, dead and that he was unable to awaken Mr. Fargnoli. Mr. Fargnoli’s girlfriend at the time, Tabitha L. Taylor, told investigators that when Mr. Fargnoli was finally awakened and asked what had happened, he said, “I silenced the dog.”

The woman told police she had gone to work and received a text from Mr. Fargnoli saying the dog had bitten him twice. The text also read, “I can’t take this. I should be sleep,” according to the woman. When she returned home that afternoon, she said, she found her boyfriend asleep and her dog dead.

A forensic necropsy by a doctor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University determined that the dog died from blunt force trauma. A broom handle and a broken mop handle found near the dog’s body bore bite marks from the dog, which suffered at least 23 rib fractures, collapsed lungs, ten broken teeth, a brain bleed, internal bleeding and cuts and bruises from multiple blows, according to the report by Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, research assistant professor at Tufts and president of the Boston-based Forensic Veterinary Investigations. The report said there was also evidence “consistent with animal sexual assault” and “suggestive of forceful penetration of the dog’s vagina.”

Image result for Man who killed dog in Auburn gets 2½ years in prison

While police were at the home, Ms. Taylor told them Mr. Fargnoli had tried to strangle her during an argument weeks earlier. After learning that Mr. Fargnoli had a firearm in the home, police said they obtained a search warrant and recovered a 9mm handgun with the serial number defaced and ammunition. Ms.Taylor, who is from Louisiana, said she met Mr. Fargnoli online in March of 2015 and later came to live with him in Massachusetts.

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