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Cruelty is beyond comprehension. These cowards have been convicted, will be or charged with random acts of cruelty crimes for their brutal, hateful, heartless, vicious, merciless and murderous acts of Animal cruelty. Please help vote, sign petitions and write your congress person for tougher laws to stop people like these.

A Pompano Beach woman is accused of confining dozens of animals in their own feces, without access to food or water.

65-year-old Nancy Burgess was in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom Wednesday for animal cruelty and 75 other counts. Her arrest stems from an investigation that began in July 2014. Deputies said Burgess ran a business called Dogarrific on 28th Street and Northeast 17th Avenue in Pompano Beach.

The business no longer exists and has been transformed into a beautiful health gym called Dance and Nutrition. Owner Emily Rivera said it didn't start out that way, "We really just had to try and scrub the walls and floor. Try to get rid of the smell, it was so bad."Deputies said they found 38 puppies, dogs and cats living in feces and urine, and many in need of grooming and medical care."The stench from the feces and urine from the business, that when they went in, they had to wear masks," said Det. Michael Vadnal with the Broward Sheriff's Office. Burgess also has multiple prior grand theft charges on her record.


Alabama Man Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison On Animal Cruelty Charges

Nick Patterson, 30, of Alex City, Alabama, was sentenced to 99 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty charges. Patterson starved and neglected purebred Collies on his grandparents’ property, leading to his arrest. A plea deal was struck on Wednesday between Patterson and the prosecution, where he pleaded guilty not only to nine counts of animal abuse, but also three counts of financial transaction card fraud, reports Alex City Outlook. Assistant District Attorney Damon Lewis, who negotiated the plea deal, hopes this will “send a message” to local residents. “If you hurt a child or hurt an animal in Tallapoosa County, you are going to prison,” Lewis said. “It’s that simple. This has been an emotional case and one that involved some of the worst animal abuse I have ever seen.”

Police discovered 14 living, but malnourished, dogs in outdoor enclosures where Patterson lived last June. The dogs only had dirty rain water to drink and it was found that they were only fed sporadically, and had been neglected for months. Police also found the remains of six other Collies on the property. To try and flee from police, Patterson went on the run. It is then that he reportedly fraudulently used credit cards and stolen checks in order to keep going. Patterson eventually turned himself in to authorities in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on July 24.

Patterson was sentenced to 10 years on each of the nine animal abuse counts, and three years on each fraud charge. All sentences will run concurrently. He may be eligible for parole after he serves a minimum of 18 years, per WSFA. Patterson is not allowed to ever own an animal again. WSFA reports that Patterson showed no emotion when the sentence was handed down. Sources: WSFA, Alex City Outlook / Photo Source: WSFA


Caught on camera: German shepherd beaten to death in Merced, Calif. (See video below)

A German shepherd was beaten to death in the Central Valley town of Merced. The gut-wrenching moments were caught on surveillance video. The attack on the Merced family's dog happened just after 8 p.m. Friday. Merced police officers believe the suspects maliciously and intentionally killed the dog. But the men accused of this heinous crime tell Action News it was an act of self-defense.

German shepherd

Family members in Merced say their 2-year-old German shepherd was viciously attacked and killed by their next-door neighbors. Surveillance video caught the disturbing images of two men beating a dog in the corner of their yard with a bat and flashlights. Kimberly Saesee said her German shepherd Kuma somehow got into the neighbor's backyard late Friday, and will never be seen again. Saesee's uncle is seen peering over the fence trying to see what's going on. He said he stayed quiet out of fear.  "That could've very well been a person," Saesee said. "How do you beat something living? I mean he was like family to us. He pretty much was a person to us. How do you beat someone to death?"

Dog beating suspects

Sam Clendenin, 24, and Tony Clendenin, 52, were arrested for cruelty to animals and conspiracy to commit a crime. Sam Clendenin, 24, and Tony Clendenin, 52, were arrested for cruelty to animals and conspiracy to commit a crime. The father and son live next door and bailed out late Friday. But they say they were defending themselves after the dog lunged to attack Sam while he was outside smoking. Neither party knows how the dog got over. The suspects say he jumped over but the neighbors say he got through broken boards in the fence and was baited. "I wasn't expecting to see a 200-pound dog growling right in my face in the dark in my own backyard. I should feel secure. It's my property," said Sam.  He said once they got Kuma into a corner, he stood on top of the dog to gain control. That's what you see in video from the Saesees' cameras just over the fence. He says that's when they started to hit the dog.  "It was on right then and there. I was on a landmine. I didn't know what to do. If I get my foot off this dog, it's going to charge. I already know that, so you need to help me. And the only thing that goes through his head is baseball bat," said Sam.

However, Merced police say otherwise. According to officers, the Clendenins gave inconsistent and conflicting statements. At this point, they don't believe the suspects were acting in self-defense. Instead, they went after Kuma and purposefully killed him.  "I hope they go to prison. I don't think anyone should be able to do that to anyone or anything. It's not right. It's not right," said Saesee. Saesee says her family may move at this point since they are so traumatized. They add that they may also file a restraining order against the suspects.


See the video below:

Utah: Santaquin police arrest man suspected of domestic violence, animal cruelty

A man was arrested by Santaquin police Wednesday evening for allegedly punching a woman and stabbing her dog. Officers were originally dispatched to the home of the suspect, Alain Goenaga-Puente, on reports he and a female were fighting. Reports state the male hit the female and a large amount of blood was visible as the female left the apartment.

When officers arrived on scene the suspect and victim left,  but police obtained a search warrant for the residence and made entry to gather evidence. Eventually, contact was made with the victim, who reported to police that Goenaga-Puente, 40, had punched her in the face and stabbed her dog multiple times. Her dog, she told police, is a therapy dog, and she provided papers as evidence. The dog had to be taken to the vet to have emergency surgery after the stabbings, reports state.

Additionally, the assault was committed in front of two children, reports state. Goeanaga-Puente turned himself in Wednesday night. He was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of one third-degree felony charge of aggravated cruelty to an animal, one class B misdemeanor charge of domestic violence assault, and two class B misdemeanor charges of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Fremont, CA Video Surveillance Leads to Arrest of Animal Cruelty, Burglary Suspect

Video Surveillance Leads to Arrest of Animal Cruelty, Burglary Suspect

Police say the suspects injured the dog when they threw food and dog treats on shattered glass from a window broken during the burglary. A 21-year-old man arrested Wednesday on suspicion of a burglary in Fremont last month is also accused of animal cruelty because a dog at the residence was injured by eating shattered glass during the burglary, police said. Valdo Diaz, 21, of Oakland, was arrested on suspicion of residential burglary, felony animal cruelty and a parole violation. On Aug. 28, Fremont police began investigating an incident in which video surveillance captured images of two suspects breaking into a home in the 40800 block of Amapola Drive. During the burglary, the suspects injured Marlie, the family’s dog, when they threw food and dog treats on shattered glass, police said. Marlie ate the glass and suffered cuts and injuries to her mouth, police said. The dog was treated for the injuries and has recovered.

Eden animal cruelty suspect enters plea agreement Russell Goodell, 50, pleads no contest

Russell Goodwell, 50, was living in a room in the Eden home where more than 70 animals were relinquished to humane workers in February. Goodell was the caretaker for two dogs named "Peanut" and "Reba." He plead no contest to two animal cruelty charges. The dogs, cats and duck found inside the home were living in boxes and cages, according to humane workers. The animals were found underfed and dehydrated. Goodell surrendered the two dogs that lived in his room to rescue workers during the massive rescue. "He understands now the level of care the dogs received was not up to what society would believe it should be," said Mark Keller, Goodell's lawyer. 

As part of the plea agreement Goodell will serve five years probation with a suspended sentence of up to one year in jail. During his probation period, he is not allowed to own or live in a home with animals. A town humane officer will make unannounced visits to make sure he complies. "Having witnessed the kind of misery these animals were living in I think personally I would prefer someone who kept animals like this never own another animal ever," said Deborah Loring, Spring Hill Horse Rescue.

The other suspect in the case is Carol Merchant. She was the primary owner of the majority of the animals. She plead not guilty to felony charges earlier this year. Lamoille County State's Attorney Paul Finnerty called the entire ordeal horrible. In court, he voiced his hope that Goodell will think twice if he ever owns a pet again. "The state's hope is that by admitting responsibility and participating in the reparative board, that Mr. Goodell will gain some insight into the seriousness of the charges and the community will be made whole," Finnerty said. Merchant is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 7.

See the video here:  http://www.wptz.com/news/eden-animal-cruelty-suspect-enters-plea-agreement/35584244

Arundel New York man charged with stabbing his mother’s dog to death

Police say the man was reported to be upset about the numerous dogs at the house.  An Arundel man is being held on $1,000 bail, charged with stabbing to death his mother’s 4-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever. York County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to 714 Alfred Road on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and learned that Jacob Belanger, 23, had killed his mother’s dog Annabel, according to York County Sheriff Bill King. Belanger lives at the home with his mother and grandmother but wasn’t there when deputies first arrived.

Belanger was reported to be upset about the numerous dogs at the house, especially the large ones, his mother told deputies. Before he left for work that day, Belanger threatened to kill the dogs if they were still there when he got home. While deputies were conducting their investigation, Belanger returned home and was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony. He was scheduled to be arraigned by video Wednesday. According to state law, a person is guilty of aggravated animal cruelty if they cause extreme physical pain or death to an animal while demonstrating a “depraved indifference to animal life or suffering.”


No jail, just rehab, for man that beat dog with a bat


A Philadelphia man, who beat his ex-girlfriend's dog with a bat, has been sentenced to anger management classes, rather than jail time, reported Friday's Philly.com. On September 6, 42-year-old Andrew Wallace allegedly attacked his former girlfriend's pit bull-mix, "Ruby," with a bat - the beating left the dog with a severe leg injury.

This week, Wallace was advised that he had to attend anger management classes, as well as an accelerated rehabilitative disposition program, for the charges of animal cruelty and possessing instruments of a crime stemming from the cruel incident. According to NJ.com, Wallace was also charged with one a second-degree misdemeanor charge of simple assault for attacking his ex-girlfriend on the same day. In addition to the classes, Wallace has been ordered to pay $2,500 towards Ruby's veterinary care.

Ruby has remained in the care of her owner and she is recovering at home. After sentencing, CEO of the Pennsylvania SPCA, Jerry Buckley, stated, "In this case, we are pleased that the dog in question, Ruby, will have the opportunity to recover in her home and have the financial support to receive the best treatment available. We can only hope that through his ordered treatment, the defendant will changes his ways."


Puppy seen dragged in video in NW Houston Texas taken away from owner

December 29, 2015 HOUSTON. A Northwest Houston woman caught on camera dragging and throwing her puppy on the sidewalk has lost custody of the animal and may now face criminal charges. A judge ruled today that Tara Dycus cannot have custody of her nine week old dog, Cookie. Cookie will live at the Houston Humane Society for now. Veterinarians say she doesn't appear to have any long term injuries or other health problems. Soon, she will be turned over to a rescue group and hopefully, she'll find a new family. "She gets along great with everyone. She's playful and energetic," said Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society. "I think a lot of time puppies know when they've been saved from a rough environment."

Dycus, who told us weeks ago that she didn't mean to endanger Cookie, could now be facing criminal charges. The District Attorney is reviewing the case.


Chief Of Police resigns after caging a puppy on a rife range and shooting it dead. (See the video clip below)

It’s yet another case of a violent, trigger happy cop brutally murdering an innocent animal. Sparta, Missouri Police Chief Andrew Spencer says he will resign his post in disgrace on December 14, 2015 after he shot and killed a family’s dog, who was lost.

A family had lost their puppy Chase, and Spencer, instead of trying to find the Chase’s owners, reportedly wanted to find “the cheapest vet to destroy the dog at the cost of the city.” But before he had a chance to carry out this plan, Spencer was called to a car accident. Spencer’s report says: “Due to the higher priority call and the imminent destruction of the dog, I decided it was best to destroy the dog and respond to the accident.”

So Spencer tricked the dog into a cage, took him to a firing range, and shot him dead. Meanwhile, Chase’s owner Elizabeth Womack was still trying to find her lost pet, having no idea what Spencer had done. Spencer later justified the killing by claiming the dog was acting aggressively toward the public, but did not present any evidence to back this up. Even if these claims were true, the dog was in a cage, unable to hurt anyone, when Spencer shot him dead.

To make the story even more heinous, Spencer lied about finding the dog. Saud Womack on Facebook:

    “I was told by a police officer that they didn’t catch any dogs that day. He said they got a call about Chase, but responded to an assault call instead. So we called for a whole week trying reach chief Andrew Spencer. He did nothing but give us a run around for days. So we called all dog pounds and shelters and rescue one where we got Chase from. A few days later we get a call from chief Spencer, saying he had shot a pit bull chow mix that he picked up in the trailer park down the road from us. He told us He buried him in the sludge field if we wanted to make sure it was him. We didn’t find any freshly dug holes anywhere. So we tried the Sparta shooting range but we only found a pile of burnt meth pipes, cell phones and pill bottles. Then we found out from our neighbor on Friday evening that Chase had been picked up from an unmarked police car in front of our house. So we call and call and call trying to get a hold of chief Spencer again. To pick up our dog. Finally, 5 days later, chief Spencer contacted us saying he dug him up and left him at the police station. We picked him up that night after work. He was wrapped in a garbage bag, no traces of dirt on him or the trash bag anywhere. We got the police report. It never showed who he supposedly bit. So we took our fur baby home after searching for him for a week and laid him to rest.”


Three men arrested on dog fighting charges, nearly 2 dozen dogs seized

According to Friday's WCNC News, three men in Huntersville, North Carolina, have been arrested for allegedly participating in dog-fighting related activities. The men, identified as 44-year-old Michael Cherry, 44-year-old Sean Burton, and 37-year-old Rondale Jetton, are facing multiple charges, including felony dog fighting and animal cruelty.

The men were arrested after the authorities obtained a search warrant following tips that injured dogs were discovered on the property - when the authorities executed the warrant, they found dog-fighting paraphernalia and dogs with injuries consistent with dog fighting.

Huntersville Police Chief Cleveland Spruill said, "While [officers] were there, they observed dogs that exhibited injuries, bites that are consistent with them being fought as well as tools and equipment that are commonly associated with dog fighting."

A relative denied allegations against the men, telling officials that the dogs were only being kept to be sold. A total of 23 dogs were seized from the property. See more on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/National-Dog-News-Examiner-151051931581705/?fref=ts


Authorities Searching For Woman Caught On Surveillance Throwing Her Dog

FAIRFIELD --California

A shocking surveillance video of a woman throwing her dog in Fairfield has gone viral and prompted authorities to investigate. Now the Humane Animal Services of Solano County and the Fairfield Police Department are looking for the dog and her owner. The video originally posted on Facebook has already gotten almost 40,000 views. Sergeant Michael Ramirez with Solano's Humane Animal Services told FOX40 his agency knows who the woman throwing the pug is. Brandi Chin is the suspect authorities are trying to find and believe has abused this dog before. "We are currently looking for her at this time. She is, from what I understand, hiding from us," Ramirez told FOX40. "She was recently seen walking down a business district in Fairfield, and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around."

At the home the surveillance video (Raw video posted below) was shot, near Texas and Pennsylvania Streets in Fairfield, the woman living there, Candy Seward, told FOX40 her roommate is Chin's boyfriend. Seward said the pug, named Ben, was hurt in a heated argument between the couple. "She got in a fight with her boyfriend, and she got upset and she... I don't know took the dog," Seward said.

Seward told FOX40 she and others in the video wanted to take Ben from Chin, but she stormed off with the pug before anyone could. Seward agrees Ben needs to be taken from Chin. "I think that she should be punished and maybe someone should talk to her about animal cruelty," Seward said. Ramirez believes Chin is hiding in the Vallejo area, and hopes people who know where she and Ben are will help end the dog's torture. "We are looking to file animal cruelty charges against her and have this dog removed from her because the dog doesn't deserve that," Ramirez said.

If you know where Chin is, you're encouraged to call the Fairfield Police Department at (707) 428-7300.


Syracuse man charged with letting 3 dogs starve to death

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A Syracuse man was charged Tuesday with not providing food or water for three dogs, all of whom died as a result. Aaron Jordan, 30, of 229 W. Corning Ave., began caring for the dogs on Nov. 12. The dogs were being held in cages outside 460 Shonnard St., Syracuse police Sgt. Richard Helterline said.

Police were called to the Shonnard Street residence on Nov. 21. There, officers found the three severely emaciated dogs dead in their cages, Helterline said. The dogs were found without any food or water.

Jordan was arrested at home Tuesday morning and charged with three counts of failure to provide proper sustenance, a misdemeanor. He was issued appearance tickets to City Court. Jordan was also wanted on an unrelated warrant. Police did not elaborate on the other charge he was wanted on. Jordan was booked into the Onondaga County Justice Center, but has since been released.

Contact Jacob Pucci: Email | Twitter | 315-766-6747


Man convicted of DESTROYING two dogs is still KEEPING pets, despite court order!

Jason Gentry of Salem, MA, a dog trainer, was convicted for destroying two dogs; a Lynn District Court judge gave a hand written order for the man ‘not to posses any dogs’.

In spite of this official decision, the man is keeping dogs at his home. Who is responsible for implementing court orders? Animal Control is! But Salem Animal Control Officer Donald Famico claims he responded to numerous noise complaints at the address where Gentry lives, but ‘was unaware of any court order’. ‘It does concern me’ he added. ‘I need to get further interpretation of what the judge’s wording is’. Mr. Famico, the judge specifically ordered for Gentry not to have dogs, why is this so difficult to understand.

The fact that a very dangerous man is keeping dogs in his home and authorities do not havre a problem with this is outrageous and unacceptable! Show your support to ensure Jason Gentry has his pet ownership ban validated and the dogs  are removed from the premises!


Woman charged with duct-taping dog's mouth appears in court
Katharine Lemansky, 45, is charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty, which carries a fine and up to 150 days in jail. At her court appearance in Wake County, N.C., Lemansky was given a court-appointed attorney.

The picture she posted Nov. 27 prompted a police search across multiple states for the woman, including Florida, because Lemansky used to live in Volusia County and still has some property there.

She was eventually tracked down in North Carolina, where officers say she admitted to the incident but said the dog's mouth was only duct-taped for about 60 seconds. She still has the dog.


INDIANA Animal hoarder Carol Leach pleads guilty to four more animal cruelty charges

Carol Leach, the Posey County woman charged with hoarding more than a hundred dogs in her cramped and sqaulid home in Griffin, Indiana, was convicted on four misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty, but the dog lovers that gathered in the Posey County courthouse looking for justice for the dogs left disappointed. "No, I can't say justice has been served because there were so many dogs that died needlessly," Brenda Vanderver, the president of Posey County Pound Puppies, said.

The state was seeking four felony convictions for animal torture and mutilation, but this push fell short. "It was a disheartening moment, but we kind of expected it," Tina Parker, the president of the Posey Humane Society, said. The judge ruled while Leach had shown neglect in allowing her dog hoarding situation to become uncontrollable, with the dogs fighting each other for food and living in a swamp of their excrement, he said there was not enough evidence from the state to constitute an intent to torture or mutilate the dogs. He found Leach guilty of four class A misdemeanors for animal cruelty, down from the level 6 felonies the state had hoped.

"What really happened was attempting to put guilt on somebody by omitting to do something," defense attorney Jake Warrum said. "I think this shows a deficiency in our laws concerning the neglect for animals," Posey County Prosecutor Travis Clowers said. "Basically these animals were neglected to the point of death. They were left in horrendous situations until the point that they died."

Dog lovers like Parker said they still remember the night of the rescue and still see the scars Leach's home left on the dogs. "When I see Chance with all the scars all over his face and the fact he cowers and he's timid when people he doesn't know come around, it's a sad situation," she said.  "It was the most horrendous conditions they had ever seen in their life," Vanderver said. "No one is ever going to forget this." And while they are not satisfied with the ruling, people like Parker say it opens up a conversation about Indiana's laws concerning animals. "We are one of the few states in the United States that actually does not have animal cruelty and neglect as a felony," she said. "There needs to be more action taken in cases like this just to show people it's not acceptable," Vanderver said. "It's not right and it won't be ignored."

Leach previously plead guilty to 60 counts of animal cruelty and one count of harboring a non-immunized dog, all misdemeanors. Her sentencing hearing is set for Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. Leach can face up to 65 years in jail, and Parker and others are asking her to not be allowed to own another animal ever again. "I'm hopeful that it's sending a message that animal cruelty and neglect is not going to be tolerated in Posey County," Parker said.


Another scumbag football player: Former Ravens player Terrence Cody convicted of neglect in animal cruelty case

Former Ravens player Terrence Cody was acquitted Monday of the two most serious animal cruelty charges against him but found guilty of multiple misdemeanors after a trial in Baltimore County Circuit Court. The charges stemmed from the January death of Cody's dog Taz, who lived at Cody's former home in Reisterstown. Prosecutors said the animal starved to death over a period of at least a month.

Cody, 27, was found not guilty by Judge Judith C. Ensor of two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. But Ensor convicted him of five other counts related to failing to provide care for Taz. She also found him guilty of illegally possessing an alligator and of neglecting the alligator. Before she read her verdict, Ensor said she was mindful that not every "morally reprehensible" action is illegal.

Defense attorney Joe Murtha had argued during the three-day bench trial that while his client was neglectful, he did not intentionally torture or kill Taz. Cody paid $8,000 to purchase and import Taz, a Canary mastiff, from Spain. He took Taz to the vet a few hours before the dog died. "If your intent is to kill the dog and to torture the dog, you're not going to bring it to the vet on the last day of its life," Murtha said during closing arguments. Cody also was convicted of two misdemeanor drug charges related to marijuana and paraphernalia that police found in his former home on Old Grey Mare Court. "I'm relieved and very grateful that he's been acquitted of the felony charges that were brought against him," Murtha said outside the courthouse.

The dog, which once weighed at least 100 pounds, was less than 50 pounds when it died, according to prosecutor Adam Lippe. "He let this dog starve over more than four weeks," Lippe said. "In the end, that dog was eating trash and eating bones to survive." Lippe said other dogs in Cody's home were in good condition, but for some reason Cody treated Taz differently.

Cody's girlfriend, Kourtney J. Kelley, 28, leased the home in Reisterstown with Cody and faced the same charges in the case. She was acquitted of the aggravated animal cruelty, drug and alligator charges. She was found guilty of five counts in connection with neglecting Taz.

Kelley and her attorney, Jose Molina, left the courthouse in Towson without commenting.


SAPD: San Antonio Texas Man beat pregnant dog to death after it urinated in home

SAN ANTONIO — A man suspected of beating a pregnant dog to death in October was arrested Wednesday on felony animal cruelty charges. Erving Hernandez, 35, was taken into custody at San Antonio Police Department's Prue Road substation.

Animal Care Services Field Operations Supervisor Audra Houghton said investigators believe Hernandez became upset after the dog, a Yorkshire terrier mix, urinated inside a residence in the 7500 block of Bluestone Road on Oct. 29. Houghton said Hernandez beat the dog severely, resulting in numerous internal and external injuries. "The liver basically looked like it had exploded," she said. "It was pretty devastating." A necropsy revealed numerous blunt force injuries to the pup, which was pregnant with three to four puppies that were also lost.

Hernandez's charge is a state jail felony punishable by up to two years of incarceration.As officers loaded him into a squad car to be transported to the Bexar County Jail, he told media that he wasn't thinking, and asked for forgiveness.


Dogs Euthanized, Owner Charged Over Poor Conditions At Valdosta GA. Home

A Valdosta man was in court Tuesday, after his wife told police he was involved in dog fighting. That woman, 40 year-old Melody Bell was later charged for giving a false statement , when she went back to police and recanted her claim about the dog fighting. She told police, her husband, 39 year-old James Bell, did in fact, not fight the dogs. However, the man was cited with 9 counts of rabies violations and 7 counts of having too many dogs on a property.

The Lowndes County Animal Shelter picked up the dogs on April 6th and say the animals were living in despair. A mother pit bull and her puppies are up for adoption, however the other dogs weren't as lucky. "The rest of the dogs unfortunately were euthanized", says Paige Dukes, Lowndes County Clerk. "Two of them due to physical conditions they had when they came in to the shelter, and the rest, the staff really tried to socialize them, but they were still so very dog aggressive that they were not dogs that could be made available for adoption and released back in to the community."

Officials say without a "venue" to prove the dogs were being fought, the State cannot press dog fighting charges. James Bell's case was continued after he requested a court appointed attorney. That hearing will be held at a later date.


Polk County Florida man gets 20 years in animal cruelty Dog Fighting

Bartow, Florida -- A 48-year-old man was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday after he was convicted on charges related to a dog fighting ring. Hewitt Grant II also is banned from ever owning an animal.

Hewitt and Nickie Sanders were arrested in October 2014 and 69 dogs were seized. A dog fighting ring was found at a property in Bartow, while 20 dogs and training equipment were found at a property in Fort Meade.

At the property in Fort Meade, 7 of the dogs were chained to heavy logs, a common practice in dog fighting operations and used to strengthen their necks for fighting. At the home in Bartow, 41 dogs were found, with four chained to logs. Police also found treadmills used specifically to train dogs. The dogs were taken to the Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control.

A jury convicted Hewitt on 84 counts of animal cruelty. Judge Wayne Durden also sentenced Grant to 30 years probation after he is released.


See the video below:


Teacher In Tampa Florida Juggles Dead Frogs For laugh.. I for one didn't think it was that funny. These are frogs that were wild at one time. They had souls, a heart beat and brain functions. This teacher showed these students that these frogs were nothing more than joke that they were dead and treated these once living creatures as garbage.

In a disturbing video that was apparently filmed at Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida, a teacher is depicted juggling dead frogs slated to be dissected in his science class.

In the video—which was posted online—a teacher can be seen juggling three frogs in front of the class and calling them "flying frogs" while his students watch and laugh. When the teacher drops one of the frogs, a student can be heard yelling, "You suck!" while the other students continue to laugh.

frog juggling sickles high school

More than ten million animals die every single year for this cruel classroom exercise that teaches you nothing. Studies even suggest that cutting up dead cats, rats, frogs, and pigs in classrooms can foster callousness toward animals and nature. And this video is more proof. 

What the teacher was doing in the video violates the guidelines of leading science education organizations which state that educators and students should treat animals, including those used for dissection, respectfully.

Students learn faster and better by using non-animal methods such as interactive software programs, and by using these modern tools, students aren't taught to treat or think of animals as inanimate objects for their amusement or as science equipment to be used and thrown away.

frog dissection

Tell this school that classrooms are for education, not for juggling and cutting into the bodies of dead animals.

Man That Beat His Dog With Dumbbell And Slashed Him Repeatedly!

Douglas County Sheriff's Department were called to a home to investigate a lifeless dog found a white plastic bag on the deck.The incident was reported at 1:30 a.m. Monday at a home near 144th Court and North 144th Avenue. An 8-year-old German Shepherd mix named Shoes, suffered multiple puncture wounds coming from a bladed object and blunt force trauma to the head. An investigation revealed that Nathan Mayer, 33, was bitten by the dog after an altercation and proceeded to chase the dog throughout the house and attack him with a bladed object and a dumbbell. Mayer was booked into the Douglas County Correctional Center Monday afternoon, and is facing felony animal cruelty charges. A necropsy was conducted and it confirmed that the dog perished from the puncture wounds.

Neighbors said that the dog was gentle and would never bite anyone unless he was provoked. Obviously something very bad going on in that house last night, and the dog died a very horrific decease. Blood was found throughout the house in various rooms, on both levels, which shows that the dog was chased through the house while being slashed. County authorities said Mayer called them after reports of a dog bite. He said the dog urinated in the house and then attacked him. Investigators said evidence shows Shoes tried to hide in a closet, and was eventually beaten with a dumbbell.

Mayer was charged with negligent child abuse in April. Those charges were dismissed. In 2013, he served prison time for driving under the influence.


Man Admits To Adopting Dog Off Craigslist, Burning Her Alive

A 27-year-old Virginia man plead guilty to the shocking torture death of his own dog, an act of cruelty that a veteran animal controller officer called "one of the worst cases" she had ever seen. The charred remains of the dog, a pit bull named Lucky, were first discovered by firefighters responding to a small brush fire in May.

After the fire was put out, the dog's body, nylon rope, a muzzle and a can of lighter fluid were found at the scene, The Virginian-Pilot reports. Investigators later determined Lucky had been burned alive.  Using a microchip recovered from Lucky's body, authorities were able to track down the dog's owner, 27-year-old Arthur M. Vieira, who reportedly adopted Lucky off Craigslist after her previous family could no longer afford to care for the dog.

According to police, Vieira initially said he had given the dog away, and then that she had run away, before finally admitting he'd tied Lucky's feet together, muzzled her snout, doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. Vieira then claimed he had punched Lucky after she bit him, and burned her body thinking she was dead, WTVR reports. "I can't even begin to comprehend why somebody would do something like this. I don't think any of us can," animal control officer Meghan Conti told WVEC in August. "If a person's capable of taking a living, breathing animal and torturing it in this manner, what else are they capable of doing?" Vieira now faces up to seven years in prison on charges of felony animal cruelty, misdemeanor obstructing justice and misdemeanor dumping companion animals on private property. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 13 2016.

"I intend to ask for the maximum," prosecutor David Laird told The Pilot.


Denver woman who kicked dog to death charged. I don't care what is happening in your life, an animal should not suffer for your short comings. NEVER NEVER.

DENVER - A woman who allegedly killed a family dog when she kicked him into the air earlier this week has been charged for the crime. Kanei Love, 25, is charged with one count of aggravated cruelty towards animals for the incident that took place on Oct. 18. She was released from custody on a $2,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 2. Melvin Lewis, 22, was cited with an assault charge for allegedly hitting Love during the altercation. It's unclear if the assault happened before Love kicked the dog. The relationship between Love and Lewis is also unclear at this time.


Two men arrested for beating senior dog with boxing gloves

Two scumbag men have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty for using boxing gloves to beat up a 12-year-old dog in Moline, Illinois. On Friday, Andrew Meegan and Ryan Ramon, both 22, were booked into the Rock Island County Jail according to jail officials. The disturbing incident occurred last Saturday when neighbors notified authorities of the elderly dog being beaten in the face and the head by two men. 

When authorities arrived at the 3800 block of 10th Avenue, they found Bear, a Chow and collie mix bleeding from his eyes. Meegan is reported to be a member of the family who owns Bear. The dog is currently in the care of the Rock Island County Animal Shelter and is recovering from his injuries. Although Bear appears to be scared, shelter personnel describe him as a great dog. The shelter director, Sam DeYoung has no idea why anyone would want to hit a dog with boxing gloves. Both men denied hitting Bear, but one of the men later said the dog had bitten one of them when he was giving Bear a bath. Authorities say there is no proof of that.

Both men have been released on $5,000 bond and are prohibited from having any contact with Bear. Police said the dog will remain in the care of the Rock Island County Animal Shelter until the case is resolved.


Maximum Penalty For Council Man In New Hamshire Toby Tousley For Fatally Kicking A Senior Dog For Entering His Yard!

A Keene man is accused of destroying a 17-year-old dog by kicking him when he tried to relieve itself in his yard. Toby Tousley, a 55-year-old candidate for Keene City Council, kicked Teddy, a Pekingese-Chihuahua mix, around 1 p.m. Saturday on Carroll Street after trying to shoo the dog when he came into his yard. Tousley is now facing charges and he was released on $1, 000 personal recognizance bail with an arraignment scheduled for Dec. 10 in the 8th Circuit Court in Keene. Tousley is a businessman known for registering the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival and Annual Pumpkin Festival as a trade name through the state to try to prevent festival organizers from using the name in Laconia. Tousley spoke to a Fox News reporter and told her that the dog was "menacing."  A witness recounted Tousley's words just before the kick, he claims that Tousley stated, 'You're not gonna crap on my lawn.'

Take action and make sure this lying animal abuser doesn't get away with inhumanely destroying a defenseless animal and ask the authorities to apply a harsh penalty against him! Demand justice for the senior dog and make sure Toby Tousley gets punished for his act of cruelty!


Poplar Bluff couple arrested for child endangerment after animal cruelty report

Heather and William (Billy) Dugger of Poplar Bluff, Mo. claimed their rise to shame this week as they were exposed as pet flippers. It was this exposure that led to their arrest and subsequent child endangerment charges for the pair.

Heather Dugger has several online aliases and Facebook profiles for each one. Those include: Heather Vaughn, Heather Nicole Vaughn, Heather Nicole, Heather Dugger, Heather Nicole Dugger, Mia Dugger, Heather Hastings, Heather Marie, and Ashley Hart. William Dugger has three separate Facebook profiles listed under the name William Dugger and at least one listed as Billy Dugger. Using these names and aliases the Duggers have acquired and resold more than a dozen animals in a period of about 4-6 months. That number continues to grow as the case unfolds and more and more people recognize their names, aliases, and faces. One of those pets, a Miniature Pinscher named Bear age 15 weeks, died under suspicious circumstances while in their care.

Late in February, Heather Dugger, acting under the name Heather Hastings, posted a Miniature Pinscher to social media groups, with the intentions of selling or rehoming the pup. She claimed the pup had bitten her child. On Feb. 26, Dugger was contacted by Miniature Pinscher fancier and rescuer, Jay Martin from Florida. Martin runs a Facebook page called Min Pin World Group, geared toward Miniature Pinschers. Dugger, replied to Martin’s inquiry and stated that he, "needed to come get the dog that night and it might not make it the night." Dugger went on to say, "I called the police department yesterday where I live at and they said to kill him because animal control wouldn't take him."

Martin immediately went to work to find transport for the pup from Missouri to Florida but received a message from Dugger the following morning that stated that Bear, the Min Pin pup, passed away. She told Martin in her message, “He bit my son and my husband yelled at him and he was on the back of my couch and he lunged at my husband and missed him my husband tried to catch him and he missed him and he fell and hit the floor."

Very concerned, Martin contacted the Poplar Bluff Police Department immediately. By this time the information about Bear had been posted online in Facebook groups and people began to come forward with information concerning this woman, her pet flipping practices, and the condition of her home where she, her husband, and two small children were living. Martin shared all of the information he had gathered with the Poplar Bluff Police Department and an investigation was opened into the matter. Police then visited the Dugger home where they found the dead body of Bear the Min Pin, and the two children living in deplorable conditions.

On March 7, Martin got wind that Dugger, had already acquired another pup; a Shih Tzu named Faith from a woman named Shelley, also from Poplar Bluff. Dugger had contacted Shelley, who was simply trying to rehome Faith on social media. Dugger was using the name Hannah Marie. She indicated to Shelley that her sister “Heather” would be picking up the pup for her. Martin immediately contacted Shelley and informed her of the situation surrounding Dugger. Shelley confirmed through photographs that it was indeed Heather Dugger who picked up the pup. Martin put the Poplar Bluff PD in contact with Shelley. These are not isolated incidences with Dugger as she apparently has quite a history of this type of behavior.

In Oct. 2014 a couple from St. Louis began corresponding with Dugger, over a period of two weeks, through a social media pet group. Dugger, identifying herself to the couple as Heather Vaughn, had posted a Min Pin named Mia for sale, and Mia had caught the couple’s attention. The couple decided to meet 15 week old Mia and contacted Dugger. They stated that they would like to meet the pup on a Friday as they traveled through the Poplar Bluff area, discuss the re-homing over the weekend, and possibly pick Mia up two days later as they traveled back home to St. Louis.

To read the rest: http://www.examiner.com/article/poplar-bluff-couple-arrested-for-child-endangerment-after-animal-cruelty-report

Man ‘ran over girlfriend’s puppies because they were making a mess’

A man put his girlfriend’s puppies in a bag and then ran them over in his van because they were making a mess of the house, police said. Jeremy Ellis, 41, was reportedly seen while his girlfriend was away opening the passenger-side door of his van and dropping a trash bag containing seven four-week-old Chihuahua puppies. Witnesses said they heard the distraught crying of the dogs. Ellis was then reportedly seen running them over.

‘Somebody needs to run over him,’ said an angry neighbor of Ellis’s, who chose not to be identified.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/19/man-ran-over-girlfriends-puppies-because-they-were-making-a-mess-5205774/#ixzz3jAopWHzz

Edward Nudel Plead Guilty To Strangling a Pomeranian After An Argument With A Relative!

This man is accused of strangling his relative's dog after an argument and then complained after he was arrested. The man said " Am I being arrested for a F----king dog?". 

Edward Nudel, 41, had an argument with the dogs owner and took his frustration on the dog. After destroying the animal, Nudel called his relative at work to tell her he'd destroyed her 2-year-old Pomeranian, Lola, inside her apartment. The owner called the police and when the officers arrived at the apartment, they found the door unlocked and Lola lying motionless on a pee pad with her tongue sticking out.

Lola was taken to the South Shore Animal Hospital but the vets there said it was to late for her. The reports state that the dog was destroyed by being strangled.

Edward Nudel will be sentenced Sept. 17 to 21 months in prison – three months less than the maximum. He pleaded guilty to the charges!
Edward Nudel pleaded not guilty through his lawyer at his arraignment in state Supreme Court, St. George.

The indictment accuses Nudel, 41, of destroying a companion animal, a 2-year-old Pomeranian named Lola, "in an especially depraved and sadistic manner."


A man, Nicholas Garcia, 24, thought it would be amusing to light fireworks, toss them lit and have a dog purposely fetch it.  The dog had to be euthanized.

The poor animal did fetch the explosive which detonated in its mouth while its owner stood nearby and witnessed the horrifying event.  His dog, young pitbull, died from its injuries as the fireworks blew off its face. Garcia thought it was amusing when the dog picked up the fireworks, exploding momentarily after that.  Police currently are charging the man with criminal damage to property!  We are urging the authorities to implement much stiffer charges that includes fines and severe jail time.  Police state that Garcia   intentionally tossed the fireworks so the dog would chase them and pick them up.  This guy is not currently in jail and charges of damage to property certainly does not fit this crime!! You can help us to speak out to the DA and ask that the charges be much harsher.  He took an animals’ life for the mere fun of it and then chuckled at the result. http://www.dreamindemon.com/#ixzz3h6HYN8KU

Chicago Man Jose A Lopez! Kept Dogs Without Food Water Or Shelter!

Jose A Lopez. 35, of the 1700 block of West Cullerton Street is facing animal cruelty charges for abandoning several dogs at his Heart of Chicago neighborhood home with no food or water. His bail was set at $100, 000 during a hearing while trying to explain to the officials that he did not have the money to take care of the dogs. An emaciated brown female pit bull was found at the property with no food or water. Her ribs were visible and she was very weak. Investigators also found a German shepherd which was in an advanced state of starvation. He was kept in horrible conditions without food, water or shelter.

Please sign and share the petition and help me persuade the officials to apply the maximum penalty for Jose A Lopez and have him prosecuted at the fullest extent of the law for leaving his dogs to perish of starvation and dehydration! Demand the maximum penalty in this case and make sure that justice is served!


Shot In The Head And Left To Perish In A Parking Lot!

On July 7, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office was called about a stray dog who had been attacked and injured in an empty parking lot. The deputy  responding to the complaint brought the shot dog to Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialty Clinic for treatment which saved his life. Investigation revealed that the dog's wound were made from a close range. The dog's jaw is fractured in many places. He is now named Beefcakes and he requires reconstruction surgery. This wonderful fellow is stealing the hearts of everyone he meets  at the shelter with his loving and outgoing nature.


Florida Woman Seen Tossing 4 Kittens Out of Moving Vehicle Onto Highway! Demand The Maximum Penalty!

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Florida-Woman-Seen-Tossing-4-Kittens-Out-of-Moving-Vehicle-Onto-Highway-Demand-The-Maximum-Penalty-t-2428
Florida Woman Seen Tossing 4 Kittens Out of Moving Vehicle Onto Highway! Demand The Maximum Penalty!

At about 11:45 a.m. Friday, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an animal complaint in the area of Highway 87 and Grady Tolbert Road in Navarre.

A witness told deputies they observed a blackSUV in the area throwing small kittens out of the vehicle window. Four kittens were seen being discarded along the highway.

The driver was identified as Veronica F. Gordon of Navarre, 39. During questioning, the driver admitted to the accusations. Based on the information obtained during the investigation.She is now being held on $5, 000 bond.

Deputies only found one of the four kittens — estimated to be about 7 weeks old. The kitten was in poor condition and was immediately taken to a local vet for treatment. The condition of the kitten is not known at this time.

Deputies have not located the other three kittens.

Please sign and share my petition and persuade the authorities to prosecute this woman at the fullest extent of the law! Make sure she gets a severe punishment for her act of cruelty and demand justice for the poor innocent kittens!

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Florida-Woman-Seen-Tossing-4-Kittens-Out-of-Moving-Vehicle-Onto-Highway-Demand-The-Maximum-Penalty-t-2428

Florida Woman Seen Tossing 4 Kittens Out of Moving Vehicle Onto Highway! Demand The Maximum Penalty!

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Florida-Woman-Seen-Tossing-4-Kittens-Out-of-Moving-Vehicle-Onto-Highway-Demand-The-Maximum-Penalty-t-2428

Reprimand Alabama cop that forgot police dog inside hot car, leaving him to DIE!

A police dog passed away after an officer forgot him in a heated car for hours. Mason, will be dearly missed.

Corporal Josh Coleman left the pooch in the scorching hot vehicle without even bothering to leave the window open. He went to attend a hurricane preparation conference and completely forgot about his voiceless companion. It was only after about three hours than Coleman returned to his car to discover Mason in extremely bad shape. Unfortunately, Mason did not survive and crossed the rainbow bridge as a result of heat-related causes. The Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama had recently celebrated Mason’s third birthday.

How does a person that graduates from police academy and is supposedly well prepared for his duties simply forget about a police dog? Do we really want such police officers roaming free in the city and being public servants? Of course, his colleagues took to his defense and claimed that officer Coleman and his family is devastated about what happened.

We would not let the Gulf Shores PD play the sympathy card. Mason had no chance of survival due to this unabashed negligence. Officer Coleman must face disciplinary actions and should be suspended for his duties! If Mason would have perished in the hands of a civil, than that person would have certainly been brought to justice. Just because you have a badge, this doesn’t mean you are above the law!

Reprimand Alabama cop that forgot police dog inside hot car, leaving him to DIE!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Reprimand-Alabama-cop-that-forgot-police-dog-inside-hot-car-leaving-him-to-DIE-t-3444

Georgia man who put cat in dog’s cage to watch it die sentenced to prison

A Georgia man who put a cat inside a ferocious dog's cage just to watch it die will spend eight years behind bars for the cruel act.

Jahmal Anthony Swaby, 21, was sentenced to prison and 12 years’ probation after pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty and admitting he threatened a witness who alerted police to the sick scene at his home, the Athens Banner-Herald reported Thursday.

The Athens man laughed and egged on the dog to "get it" as he watched the frantic feline "running around inside the dog cage screaming for its life," a witness told police.

The cat was killed, and the "angry" dog was chomping on its carcass when police arrived, according to the newspaper.


Pair Charged Over Dead Dogs at Dolton Animal Hospital

The owner and the manager of a Dolton animal hospital where several dogs were found dead have been charged in their deaths. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced multiple charges against Amardeep Sangha, 54, the owner and Sharon Cargile, 59, the manager. Both have been charged with five counts of cruelty to animals and eight counts of violation of owner's duties. 

Police said the hospital was rife with urine, feces and "animals in various stages of decay." A total of four dead dogs were found, along with 10 other animals in "various stages of emaciation," including nine dogs and one cat, according to investigators. Customer Patrice Burton said she wasn't surprised by the allegations of neglect after taking her dog to the hospital on Thursday. "It was clean, but I did notice a smell," Burton said. "It's very troubling, because it's not only me, other people have come here as well."

Donna Reed said when she came to pick up her dog, employees wouldn't let her get past the front door. And Donna Fox was disturbed when she picked up her dog in early August and "he was skin and bones." "You're trusting your dog, your pet, inside of a licensed place, and for them to treat your dog like that is unbelievable," Fox said.

The upper floor of the facility, located at 15022 Lincoln Ave., is used as an animal hospital. The lower floor is used to house stray animals through an agreement with the Village of Dolton. According to the Department of Agriculture, the hospital has an active kennel operator's license, which was renewed earlier this year. Several ill animals were transported to other animal hospitals for treatment, officials said. The owner, Dr. Amardeep Sangha, did not return calls for comment. 

Man charged in Chihuahua Hoarding

Winston Andrew O'Dell
Winston Andrew O'Dell

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Hixson man will face charges after officers found nearly 20 dogs in his home.

Neighbors reported Winston Andrew O'Dell to police because of excessive barking coming from his home. Officer showed up with an eviction notice Monday and discovered 19 Chihuahuas in the home. McKamey officials were called to remove the dogs from the home. Karen Walsh, Director of McKamey Animal Center, told Eyewitness News there was no power to Odell's trailer home. A kerosene heater was running, making the home 101 degrees inside. Walsh says the heat was a factor in charging O'Dell with neglect. The dogs had not been vaccinated and were not registered with the city. Walsh says O'Dell does not have a breeders permit either. The dogs have been taken to McKamey. O'Dell will answer to the neglect accusations in court on the 24th, the same day he is scheduled to appear on a domestic assault charge. Odell has a criminal record that dates back to 1994.


Caitlyn, the abused pit bull mix found in North Charleston a week ago.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Caitlyn, the abused pit bull mix found in North Charleston a week ago, spent two hours in surgery on Wednesday and veterinarians say they had to take less of her tongue than expected.

After the surgery, she rested in her kennel, covered by a blanket and getting attention from the staff at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant who have been providing round-the-clock care for the ailing pup. Dr. Henri Bianucci at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant said on Tuesday he thought Caitlyn may lose as much as 25 percent of her tongue during Wednesday's surgery to reconstruct her jaw and take out the dead tissue in her lip and tongue. "Her tongue was in way better condition that we anticipated. It was initially assessed that we would lose about a third of her tongue, and we sort of revised that estimate to a fourth, but I don't think she lost an eighth of it," Bianucci said shortly after the surgery. He attributed that to the use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the cold laser therapy for helping heal her tongue and lip.

Bianucci said once Caitlyn's wounds have healed she should be able to do all the things -- like eating and drinking -- she needs to do as she would normally. He added the surgery wounds will take about a week to heal, he estimates, and she will be available for foster care in about 10 days.

Bianucci said that even though the loss of a quarter of Caitlyn's tongue seems like a lot, dogs are able to compensate even when half of their tongues have been removed. "Functionally, I think she'll be able to lap up food and water and do really well," Bianucci said a day before the surgery. Bianucci says Caitlyn is responding well to treatment. The team at Veterinary Specialty Care is removing dead tissue from her face every day, he said, adding the hyperbaric treatments are bringing down the swelling.

The man accused of binding Caitlyn's face with electrical tape remained in the Charleston County Detention Center Tuesday afternoon after being issued a $50,000 bond for ill treatment to animals in the morning. The bond court judge told William Leonard Dodson, 41, of Quitman Street in North Charleston that he was not allowed to own pets and ordered to surrender another dog in his home to police.

Dodson was arrested Monday night and charged with ill treatment of an animal involving torture, North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said. Dodson's arrest record shows he was out on bond for drug charges at the time Caitlyn was abused. He also shows three previous arrests for not having a driver's license.

Aldwin Roman, the Charleston Animal Society's Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach, said the bond amount was too low. "I don't think $50,000 makes up for all the pain and suffering," he said. Roman said he had hoped to speak during the hearing to discuss the amount of damage that had been done to Caitlyn, but the judge set bond quickly and moved to the next case. "Her life is not at all going to be easy even after she recovers," Roman said. "She's going to be permanently disfigured and permanently disabled. The damage is done."

If convicted of ill treatment of an animal, Dodson could face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

"This is the most malicious case of animal abuse I have seen in my entire career,” said Roman. “To leave this dog in pain, unable to eat or drink and to now leave her in the position where her life is at stake because she may lose her tongue is heartbreaking."


Oregon: Ex-boyfriend accused of beating up Chihuahua that belongs to woman’s new lover in Applebee’s parking lot: reports 

John Isaac Pettay, 23, was charged with aggravated animal abuse after being accused of repeatedly punching his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s chihuahua on Saturday night. Multnomah County Sherriff

John Isaac Pettay, 23, was charged with aggravated animal abuse.


This tiny dog took a beating because its owner got the girl. A spurned lover allegedly took out his frustrations on a Chihuahua that belongs to a Portland, Ore. woman’s new beau in the parking lot of an Applebee’s on Saturday, according to reports.

John I. Pettay, 23, is accused of punching the defenseless animal repeatedly while his ex-girlfriend’s mother was eating at the restaurant in the northeastern section of the city, The Oregonian reported. Pettay had gone to the eatery with his ex’s mom, but he got up during the meal, telling her he had left his phone in the car, according to the newspaper. When the woman walked outside, a horrified crowd had assembled in the parking lot around her vehicle, where they told police Pettay was pummeling the screeching and whimpering animal, the newspaper reported.

The pooch, which, at one point, appeared to be dead from its injuries, received treatment at a local veterinarian’s office but was later released, according to the Oregonian. The vets who treated the dog didn’t identify any head trauma when they examined it, KOIN-TV reported.

Pettay, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with aggravated animal abuse. He had showed up at his ex’s mom’s house earlier that day and asked her to drive him to Applebee’s, according to KOIN-TV. She took the Chihuahua along for the ride and apparently informed Pettay that her daughter’s new lover, identified by police only as “Jesus,” owned the pooch, the TV station reported. A furious Pettay told the woman he would “blast” the new couple if he ever saw them, the Oregonian reported.

One bystander later tried to intercede as he allegedly hit the animal, but Pettay threatened him and said he should “mind his own business,” according to a probable cause affidavit cited by the newspaper. A police officer saw Pettay trying to flee and later located him in a stairwell, reeking of booze and denying he knew anything about the Chihuahua. Later, he told investigators he didn’t care if people implicated him because “nothing would happen to him anyway,” the Oregonian reported.

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Prattville man pleads guilty in animal cruelty case

A Prattville man pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges Monday afternoon, admitting he killed a neighbor's cat with a pellet gun.

Nathan R. Barber, 23 of the 1200 block of Cross Creek Road, entered the plea before Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds, courthouse records show. Barber was convicted in Prattville Municipal Court in April of 2014 on a charge of cruelty to a dog or cat, court records show. Barber appealed the conviction to Autauga Circuit Court. That charge is a Class A misdemeanor, carrying a punishment range of a year and a day in the county jail. City Prosecutor Brad Ekdahl amended the charge to animal cruelty, a Class B misdemeanor, with a punishment range of up to 6 months in the county jail.

Reynolds gave Barber a 10 day jail sentence, which was suspended, and ordered Barber to pay a $100 fine and court costs. "This case has been on the books for a while and it's good to get it behind us," Ekdahl said. "Mr. Barber did plead to animal cruelty which I think is important." Bradley Hawley, Barber's attorney, did not return phone calls seeking comment for this story.

There was no doubt that Barber killed the cat, described as an "orange and black calico," in court papers. The cat had gotten into Barber's backyard and was mauled by Barber's dogs, court records show. Barber put the dogs in the house, then let them out for a second mauling, Rob Riddle, the city prosecutor at the time said. It was that second mauling that constituted cruelty, Riddle said then. Barber said that after the maulings he was trying to put the cat out of its misery, when he shot it at least twice with a pellet gun, court papers show.


Severely neglected dog could be returned to callous owner!

A woman involved in an animal neglect case was present in court in Edmons, Washington. Reports indicate that she could receive 5 of her 14 seized dogs. Rose Adams is accussed of animal neglect; police received countless tips that the dog are not treated well and are even involved in fights. A neighbor even managed to bring video proof of the neglect. Adams acted as her own attorney and argued with Edmonds Municipal Court Judge several times, pleading for her dogs to be returned. We, the undersigned, find it unacceptable that the dogs be returned to Adams. This woman has deliberately neglected them for a long period of time. She is no way suitable of taking care of them.

Show your support to ensure Rose Adams will face the maximum penalty by law, in addition to receiving a ban on owning, having custody, or being in the company of animals in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Adams' charges are as follows:

Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
EDC 5.05.128 $1000.00 EDT
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
EDMONDS P.D. 5/15/2013 16:36:00 CITE

Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
EDC 5.05.128 $1000.00 EDT
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
EDMONDS P.D. 5/15/2013 16:34:00 CITE

Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
EDC 17.35.030.B $600.00 BND EDT
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
EDMONDS P.D. 5/14/2013 16:27:00 CITE

Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
EDC 5.30.130. $600.00 BND ED
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
EDMONDS P.D. 5/15/2013 08:32:00 ID

Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
46.61.020(2) $600.00 BND ED
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
EDMONDS P.D. 5/15/2013 08:30:00 ID


Woman who sold 'gothic' kittens with pierced ears guilty

of animal cruelty

Cruelty: Holly Crawford tried to turn three kittens into 'gothic cats' by piercing their ears and knecks and removing their tails

A woman who attempted to turn three kittens into ‘gothic cats’ by piercing their ears and necks and removing their tails has been found guilty of animal cruelty. Groomer Holly Crawford, 36, of Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania, tried to sell the ‘gothic’ kittens on eBay for $100.

Three judges of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania refused to repeal a lower court conviction for animal cruelty on Monday that sentenced Crawford to six months of home detention and electronic monitoring.

Guilty: Holly Crawford failed to overturn her conviction for animal cruelty

Guilty: Holly Crawford failed to overturn her conviction for animal cruelty

The court ruling revealed that Crawford has advertised the cats with piercings, alterations and mutilations on eBay. A picture of a six-week-old black kitten showed that it had 14 gauge barbell earrings in its ears, which were flopped, a small submission ring on the back of its neck, and a barbell earring on the end of its docked tail.

‘Metal protruded from the kittens’ small bodies, pierced through their ears and necks, and at least one of these kittens also had an elastic band tied around its tail, an attempt at docking, which is a procedure to stem the blood flow so that the tail eventually falls off,’ wrote judge Kate Ford Elliott

An undercover investigator from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) posed as an customer and went to Crawford’s house. She found four kittens on her floor, three had pierced ears, one had no tail and one had a rubber band around its tail. She noted that the three pierced kittens were not moving at all and were very docile, unlike normal kittens of similar age.

Submission ring: The kittens had piercings in their necks

Submission ring: The kittens had piercings in their necks

Crawford was described as having ‘several facial piercings’ and being ‘enthusiastic about piercing’. She admitted doing the piercings herself without anesthetic, but said that she had used antiseptic on the kittens’ ears.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004307/Woman-sold-gothic-kittens-pierced-ears-guilty-animal-cruelty.html#ixzz3Zl6GkDrY

Texas Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey Brags About Killing Local Cat With Bow And Arrow (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

A Texas veterinarian was fired after a Facebook photo showing her with her "first bow kill" a local cat went viral. Dr. Kristen Lindsey bragged online that she killed a "feral" cat in her neighborhood in Brenham.

She posted a photo on Wednesday, which shows her holding up the dead cat by an arrow protruding from its head, according to KBTX. The caption reads: "My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's head! Vet of the year award ... Gladly accepted."

Lindsey apparently didn't know that the "feral tomcat" she bagged was actually Tiger, a 6-year-old orange Tabby who went missing earlier on Wednesday. A Facebook page titled "Justice For Tiger" was quickly set up and called for Lindsey to be charged with a crime. The page has photos of Tiger as well as a video that the kitty's owner posted to YouTube in November:

Lindsey also wasn't aware that she'd be fired on Friday. After the photo went viral, she reportedly posted to Facebook, "No I did not lose my job. Lol. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!"



Press Release from Austin County DA's Office
The investigation of Kristen Lindsey for charges of Animal Cruelty was presented to the Austin County Grand Jury on June 24, 2015. The Grand Jury returned a "No Bill" in this case. A finding of "No Bill" indicates the Grand Jury examined all the evidence and determined there was insufficient proof to charge Kristen Lindsey with a crime.

The Brenham Police Department initially referred the case to the Austin County Sheriff's Office based upon one unsworn hearsay report that Lindsey may have acted to protect her pets from a potentially rabid stray cat in Austin County. After a thorough investigation, Sheriff's Office investigators were unable to confirm where or when the incident took place. Without this information, officers lacked probable cause to obtain a search warrant for any Austin County properties in this matter. It is a defense to an Animal Cruelty charge if a person is protecting his or her own pets from an attack.

Although evidence is insufficient that an offense occurred here, both Austin and Washington counties are suffering from an outbreak of rabies cases, and at least one local resident is currently undergoing treatment after contact with a rabid animal. Residents are encouraged to vaccinate all pets.

Subpoenas to Facebook failed to produce useable evidence, as the account was deleted the same day law enforcement became aware of the matter. Without more information, the State lacks proof that this incident even occurred in the state of Texas. ln some jurisdictions of the United States, hunting stray cats is expressly permitted. In the state of Wyoming, for example, citizens are permitted to hunt stray cats all year with very little restriction. [W.S. 23-1-101(a XviiiXA); W.S. 23-3-103].
lf the State could prove an incident did occur in Texas, Texas Penal Code 42.092 essentially requires the State to prove that either 1) a defendant killed a stray cat in a cruel manner, or 2) a defendant killed a cat without the owner's consent.

First, the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines state that physical methods of killing animals such as a gunshot or bolt to the head can be humane when done correctly. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, 2013 Ed., at 11-12). When performed properly, the animal may exhibit involuntary movements but is unaware and unable to experience pain. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, 2013 Ed., at 16). Evidence is insufficient, based on the online photograph alone, to determine whether the animal was killed in a cruel manner.

Second, investigators were never able to positively confirm the identity of the cat seen in the social media photograph. Although one witness believes the cat to be a pet named 'Tiger," three different area residents had fed similar looking cats at one time or another that had no collar and had strayed. Evidence was insufficient to positively identify an owner for the cat in the online photograph. The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has the sole decision-making authority as to whether Kristen Lindsey retains her veterinary license. The Austin County District Attorney is not involved in that decision.

The Austin County District Attorney's office appreciates the hard work done by the Sheriff’s Office and the diligent service of the members of the Grand Jury and their careful review of the evidence. No further criminal action will be taken in this matter.


Shelter takes in dogs found freezing in truck

MENANDS — Four adult pit bulls that were found sick and shivering in the back of a U-Haul truck Saturday in Colonie are being cared for by the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, though one of the dogs is in very poor health, the shelter said.

The Albany man charged with leaving the dogs in the truck in near-freezing temperatures, Anthony Walker, is the same man who was charged Jan. 14 with abandoning a trio of abused and malnourished pit bull puppies in September near an Arbor Hill railroad track.

Brad Shear, the humane society's executive director, said it was too early to tell whether the fully grown pit bulls were the parents of the puppies Walker allegedly abandoned. Shear said it was also unclear whether Albany police knew Walker had the adult dogs in his possession at the time of his Jan. 14 arrest in the earlier case.

For leaving the dogs in the cold U-Haul, Walker, 30, was charged Saturday with torturing and injuring animals, a misdemeanor under the Agriculture and Markets Law. For the "railroad puppies" incident, Walker was charged with abandonment of a disabled animal, also a misdemeanor.


What a scum bucket !!!
2 charged in connection with abuse of 9-week-old pit bull: See video below.
Prosecutors said the puppy named Artemus was hit so hard that its tail was broken. One of the suspects, Kamal Floyd, told Channel 11’s Alan Jennings that the entire situation is a big misunderstanding. "We pretty much we will resolve it. We'll resolve it when we get down there. We really we didn't know nothing about (the abuse)," he said. However, according to a confidential informant, Floyd was seen outside his Renwick Street home beating Artemus with a belt. Pittsburgh police told Jennings that when they seized the pit bull last week, the puppy was terrified, her ribs were sticking out and she was missing a chunk of skin on her face. According to the criminal complaint, Floyd told officers, “Yeah, I beat the dog with a belt. I paid $120 for it, and I'm going to beat it anytime I want.” "Animal neglect or abuse will not be tolerated in Pittsburgh,” said Pittsburgh police Officer Christine Luffey. Artemus was taken to Animal Friends, where she had already gained some weight and is slowly learning to trust humans again. In addition to Floyd, Luffey arrested Mary Ann Austin, who also lived in the house where the abuse allegedly took place. Austin claimed the beatings were justified because the puppy bit her son. Floyd also complained to police that Artemus would relieve herself inside the house. Both Floyd and Austin were charged with misdemeanor animal abuse and taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Justice For Miles Davis! Severely Emaciated And Starved By Its Owner!

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Justice-For-Miles-Davis-Severely-Emaciated-And-Starved-By-Its-Owner-t-1510
Severely Emaciated And Starved By Its Owner!

 A 25-year-old James Island man was arrested after his bull mastiff was found malnourished and 75 pounds underweight.

 Christian Jorgen Fahnoe is facing animal cruelty charges and he was released from the Charleston County jail the same day he was arrested.

 A neighbor called Charleston police and told the officers that Fahnoe's dog appeared to be malnourished and ill. 

 When police arrived they found the dog, severely emaciated with its rib cage and backbone protruding and a lack of muscle tone in its legs. The dog had mange covering its face, legs, sides and back. He was also covered in open sores on his hind legs and stomach.

 The owner said he was the only one who cared for the 10-year-old dog named Miles Davis. He said their last vet visit was two years ago.

 The dog slept in a closed upstairs. The closet was covered in garbage and feces. The dog's water and food bowls were empty in a kitchen covered in trash which included a tire, knives, beer cans and bottles.

 Miles Davis is now in the care of Charleston Animal Society. A dog his age should weight 150 pounds but Miles Davis only weights 75 pounds.

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/Justice-For-Miles-Davis-Severely-Emaciated-And-Starved-By-Its-Owner-t-1510
 A 25-year-old James Island man was arrested after his bull mastiff was found malnourished and 75 pounds underweight. Christian Jorgen Fahnoe is facing animal cruelty charges and he was released from the Charleston County jail the same day he was arrested.

 A neighbor called Charleston police and told the officers that Fahnoe's dog appeared to be malnourished and ill.
When police arrived they found the dog, severely emaciated with its rib cage and backbone protruding and a lack of muscle tone in its legs. The dog had mange covering its face, legs, sides and back. He was also covered in open sores on his hind legs and stomach.

 The owner said he was the only one who cared for the 10-year-old dog named Miles Davis. He said their last vet visit was two years ago. The dog slept in a closed upstairs. The closet was covered in garbage and feces. The dog's water and food bowls were empty in a kitchen covered in trash which included a tire, knives, beer cans and bottles.

 Miles Davis is now in the care of Charleston Animal Society. A dog his age should weight 150 pounds but Miles Davis only weights 75 pounds.


Police seized dozens of animals from home near Conway South Carolina

Horry County police seized 37 dogs Thursday evening after executing a search warrant at a home on Marsh Drive off of Highway 378 near Conway, according to Lt. Raul Denis with Horry County police.

Denis said the small to medium sized dogs appeared to be healthy, but the living conditions were horrible, including fecal matter and urine throughout the home. The dogs are now in the hands of the Horry County Animal Care Center, the same shelter were more than 120 dogs seized near Conway Wednesday were taken.

"When we get something like this, it is something we do plan for, but we have to look at how much space we have available and how much space we're going to need based on whether the animals are dogs or cats and their size," said Kelly Bonome, Operations Manager of the Horry County Animal Care Center. Shelter operators also look at whether the animals are sick and their behaviors.

The dogs seized today did not seem to have any behavior issues, according to an animal control officer who was one of the first ones in the home Thursday. She also confirmed the owners of the home used to have show dogs, and the dogs seized today were show breeds, including Lhasa Apso.

Bonome was quick to dispel rumors that the dogs seized Wednesday or Thursday will be euthanized in the next three days. She said there is no truth to a 72-hour euthanization rule, and the animals will not be put down unless there is some significant medical or behavioral issues.


Timothy Sams Dragged Dog Behind Car To 'Discipline' The Animal

A Tennessee man accused of dragging a dog behind his car and then running over it was trying to "discipline" the animal, according to officers.

Timothy Sams, 42, was arrested Sunday afternoon after a witness filmed the alleged incident and reported it to the La Vergne Police Department, the Tennessean reports. The person who called police also followed Sams to his home and waited until officers arrived, according to WGNS Radio.

Sams allegedly refused to come to the door for around 90 minutes. When he did come out of the house, officers said he resisted arrested when taken into custody. During questioning, Sams allegedly told officers he had been trying to discipline the animal, but didn't elaborate. Detectives said Sams' car was in the garage with a chain wrapped around the driver's side mirror, MyFox8.com reports.

The dog who had been dragged was also in the garage. Another dog was tied to a cinder block behind the house without food, water or shelter, police said. Amazingly, the dog that Sams allegedly dragged down the road did not suffer broken bones, Shea Davis of Rutherford PAWS, a local pet adoption service, told MyFox8.com.

Sams was taken to the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center and charged with aggravated animal cruelty and resisting arrest.


Dogfighting Suspected in Case of Florida Dog Tied to Railroad Tracks

IMAGE: Dog rescued from railroad tracks

Tampa Police on Thursday arrested two additional suspects in connection with a disturbing animal cruelty case that made headlines around the world. Also on Thursday, a Hillsborough County juvenile court judge allowed home detention for one of two Tampa teens previously arrested in the case.

Natwan Callaway and Bobby Hollinger, ages 17, appeared in a Hillsborough County juvenile court on Thursday morning. The pair was arrested Wednesday. They are accused of trying to kill a dog that had been purchased for fighting. Investigators say the teens and other unnamed suspects decided to kill the dog because it would not fight.

Tampa Police officers rescued the severely injured dog by untying her from railroad tracks on March 4. They were responding to multiple 911 calls about shots fired in the area when they came across the dog. The female dog survived and has since been nicknamed Cabela.

Investigators released new details about the crime after the teen's arrest on Wednesday. They say Hollinger threw the dog into the woods and fired at her. The dog then ran back home and sat injured on the front porch. The teens allegedly caught her and brought her back to the tracks and then tied her to the tracks where Callaway allegedly shot her several times. The boys then left the area.

The teens appeared in court for the first time on Thursday morning. Callaway was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, armed trespassing and possession of a firearm. A Hillsborough County judge on Thursday ordered Callaway be held in secure detention, because of the weapon possession charge.

Hollinger was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and trespassing. On Thursday, the judge released Hollinger from custody and allowed him to have home detention and monitoring, because he is not charged with possession of a weapon. The teens are scheduled to appear in court again on April, 8. Tampa Police on Thursday arrested two men who owned Cabela prior to her shooting; Darnell Devlin, 18, and Kenny Bell, 21.

Tampa Police officers and Hillsborough County Animal Services conducted a search warrant at a home on North 16th Street where Cabela lived before the shooting. Investigators say they found two additional dogs that had injuries consistent with dog fighting. Detectives say they also discovered evidence of dog fighting in the backyard. Investigators say Devlin and Bell admitted to owning the dogs as well as Cabela. Both men were charged with two counts of possessing a dog for dog fighting.

WFLA News Channel 8 spoke with Alicia Young, who is the mother of Darnell Devlin and Kenny Bell. She insists her boys are innocent, they did not own Cabella, they did not sell Cabella and they are not in the fighting dog business at all. Hillsborough County Animal Services took custody of both dogs.


oman accused of poisoning dog seen dying in video posted to Facebook

OLEAN, N.Y. (WKBW) - In a disturbing video posted online, a pit bull mix can be seen suffering as it slowly dies from being poisoned.

Police now say they have caught the woman responsible. A video posted on Facebook shows a man holding down 5-year-old Kita as she thrashes violently beneath him. The dog undergoes convulsions and howls out in pain.

NOTE: 7 Eyewitness News has seen the video. Due to its extremely disturbing nature, we will not be posting it with this story The man says Kita was poisoned by a woman who wanted to get back at him. He says the woman is his wife, who he is filing for divorce from.

Buffalo Police were contacted by several concerned citizens, but the incident took place in Olean. Police there arrested Gertrude McQuiller on New Year’s Eve. Officers say on December 23, the 60-year-old South 6th Street resident intentionally fed Kita Xanax pills by putting them in the dog’s food dish. She is charged with torturing and killing Kita, who later died and was buried near McQuiller’s apartment. Police say McQuiller admitted to the crime and that she told officers she poisoned Kita to get attention from her estranged husband.

Though many animal advocates expressed concern that Kita seemed to be suffering for hours, police say it happened very fast and that both they and Kita's owner attempted to provide medical attention but it was too late. While responding to this incident, police say McQuiller had to be taken to the hospital due to her own medical complications. Officers would not elaborate.


A woman is accused of torturing and killing dogs at a home in Crosby, according to court documents.
Rebekah Holly Speer, 36, is charged with cruelty to animals after authorities say they found several dead dogs at least one shot and stabbed at a home in the 3500 block of Deep Anchor Way in Crosby TX.  Deputies say they were tipped off to the situation at the home, and when they arrived, they located several dead dogs inside the house. 

Court papers indicate that while at the home, deputies met Speer's ex-husband who claimed he received a text message in which Speer took responsibility for one of the dogs' deaths. Records indicate the deceased animals were sent to the Houston SPCA.

Speer is now behind bars in the Harris County jail. She's being held on $30,000 bail.


Prosecute Hoarders of 54 Small to Medium animals in Kentucky

A recent investigation by the animal rescue and Ohio County Sheriff's Department discovered that approximately 54 small to medium dogs were running loose and living in a trailer and small yard in Whitesville, Kentucky. The animals included pregnant dogs and cats newborn litters living in this dilapidated trailer. All the animals were in poor condition, extremely dirty and covered with parasites.

No food was present for the animals, and the water available was dirty and broken buckets outdoors with visible algae growth. One of the investigators stated that “The conditions were typical of hoarding, which is a compulsive emotional attachment to things or animals, that often leads to a situation like this that causes immense suffering for both the animals and people involved. All of these animals are innocent victims and I commend the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Shelter for acting quickly and working with us to bring this very sad situation to an end."

The investigation came as a result of a tip concerning the neglect observed of several dogs. All the animals have been seized and are being held at various shelters while all being medically examined by a veterinarian. Authorities currently have not released the names of those possible for the situation state that they take animal cruelty such as this very seriously. We are asking for your help in this situation, to gain justice for all these sweet animals, by signing and sharing this petition to ensure that these animal borders held accountable for the pain and suffering these pets have endured.

Long Beach Man, 23, Arrested on Suspicion of Strangling Girlfriend’s Cat

Sergei Smirnoff is shown in a booking photo provided by Redondo Beach police on Dec. 24, 2014.

provided by Redondo Beach police on Dec. 24, 2014.

A 23-year-old Long Beach man was arrested early Christmas Eve on suspicion of strangling his girlfriend’s cat to death in a fit of rage, police said.

Sergei Smirnoff was arrested about 1 a.m. Wednesday at a home in the 2300 block of Carnegie Lane on suspicion of animal cruelty, according to Sgt. Shawn Freeman of the Redondo Beach Police Department. Smirnoff was at his girlfriend’s Redondo Beach home, where officers found a cat that had been killed. A witness told police Smirnoff had injured and strangled the cat, which was a rescue animal from a shelter, Freeman stated in a news release.

Smirnoff was booked in Redondo Beach jail and was being held on $20,000 bail. He was due in Torrance Superior Court on Monday.


Sheeeee's baaaaack

In all of my years blogging, I've only encountered a handful of lunatics that were worthy of their own dedicated blog. Laura Fitterman was the first.

Laura Fitterman, now neglecting and abusing and animals under the name Laura Sherwood, w
as busted for animal cruelty again. This time she had an accomplice, her new sex offender hubby, Patrick Joseph Sherwood.

Authorities found two dead horses and the remains of between five and ten horse skeletons. Animal control seized 161 lop eared rabbits, 50 mice & hamsters, 3 parrots, 9 dogs, 25 horses, at least 8 mules, a llama, an alpaca and a miniature horse.

Both Sherwoods are facing 16 counts of animal cruelty. Patrick Joseph Sherwood is also charged with failing to register as a sex offender. Patrick Joseph Sherwood crime was committed in Tennessee. He was convicted of assault on a child with the intent to commit rape. Laura Sherwood aka Laura Fitterman has been convicted of animal cruelty and animal theft in Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.


Soldier, wife charged with drowning puppy

— A Fort Bragg soldier and his wife were charged Thursday in what Cumberland County authorities called a horrific case of animal cruelty. John Garrett Burrow is accused of tying the legs of an 8-month-old puppy together, attaching the feet to the dog's nose with military parachute cord and tossing the dog into McFadyen Lake in Fayetteville.

The lab mix, named Riley, had run away from home on at least two occasions and had reportedly been injured, authorities said. The dog's body washed up on the shore of the pond on Jan. 2. Burrow had posted on Facebook shortly after Thanksgiving that Riley was being treated in Charlotte for a broken femur. But he and his wife later claimed they couldn't afford the veterinarian bills. Burrow, 22, of 440 Georgetown Circle, was charged with felony cruelty to animals. Kelsey Caroline Burrow, 20, of the same address, was charged with being an accessory after the fact, which is a misdemeanor.

Bond for John Burrow was set at $10,000, provided he would be released to his unit commander. He is expected to make his first court appearance Friday. Kelsey Burrow was released under a $2,000 unsecured bond.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/soldier-wife-charged-with-drowning-puppy/14380138/#Ix89QEjLgpiPUKc3.99

Man Who Poisoned 9 Cats in Salem, OR

38-year-old Antonio Ramaos-Perez was booked after admitting he had poisoned 8 neighborhood cats with antifreeze because he was tired of the animals constantly coming on his front porch!

He also claimed that he did not imagine it would be such a painful process, but rather believed the cats will pass away instantly. 

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Lets-call-for-maximum-sentence-for-man-who-poisoned-8-cats-in-Salem-Oregon-t-1336
38-year-old Antonio Ramaos-Perez was booked after admitting he had poisoned 8 neighbourhood cats with antifreeze because he was tired of the animals constantly coming on his front porch! 

He also claimed that he did not imagine it would be such a painful process, but rather believed the cats will pass away instantly.  

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Lets-call-for-maximum-sentence-for-man-who-poisoned-8-cats-in-Salem-Oregon-t-1336

38-year-old Antonio Ramaos-Perez was booked after admitting he had poisoned 8 neighbourhood cats with antifreeze because he was tired of the animals constantly coming on his front porch! 

He also claimed that he did not imagine it would be such a painful process, but rather believed the cats will pass away instantly.  

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Lets-call-for-maximum-sentence-for-man-who-poisoned-8-cats-in-Salem-Oregon-t-1336

Woman drowned puppy in airport toilet after not being allowed to go on board with animal!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Woman-drowned-puppy-in-airport-toilet-after-not-being-allowed-to-go-on-board-with-animal-t-1353
Woman drowned puppy in airport toilet after not being allowed to go on board with animal!

Woman drowned puppy in airport toilet after not being allowed to go on board with animal!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Woman-drowned-puppy-in-airport-toilet-after-not-being-allowed-to-go-on-board-with-animal-t-1353

Workers from Nebraska airport refused to let a woman board the plane with a three-week old puppy concealed in one of her bags. So the woman went to a nearby bathroom and drowned the pooch in the toilet bowl. 56-year-old Cynthia Anderson was immediately book and charged.

Evidence suggests the woman first tried to board a plane two days before with three puppies that did not have a cage; she was denied access on board. Two of the dogs where turned over to her parents, so the woman returned to the airport with the remaining one, hidden in a carry-on bag. After being denied on board yet again, she decided to drown the Doberman puppy.

The puppy was taken to the Humane Society, where it was discovered that the puppy had significant amount of water in one of its lungs. This woman is nothing but a danger to every pet nearby and has to be punished accordingly for her deeds.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ap-puppy-drowning-cynthia-anderson-20150126-story.html


S.F. cops: Burglar busted, pit bull recovered

   A 2-year-old pit bull stolen from her San Francisco owner has been recovered, and the burglar who made off with the dog is behind bars, officials said Tuesday. David Baker, a 22-year-old student, told The Chronicle Monday that his beloved companion, Mochi, had been stolen from his home off Brannan Street on Saturday afternoon. “Honestly, It’s hard to even put into words,” Baker said.

Pictures of Mochi on Twitter and Instagram spread like wildfire. Even Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong posted a picture of the dog on Monday afternoon. Then, on Monday evening, police responded to Sixth and Stevenson Streets after an individual reported a possible sighting of Mochi. Officers went to the 300 block of Eddy Street — where the witness had followed the suspect — and found Mochi with a woman. Officers arrested Melissa Perna, 31, on suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property, two drug charges and three traffic warrants, said Officer Grace Gatpandan, a police spokeswoman.

As for Baker, he posted on Instagram a picture of his reunion with Mochi.




Chandler Police have released the 911 calls from a police officer shooting involving a pit bull. The shooting took place earlier this month. Two people called police to report seeing two dogs fighting inside a yard.

Chandler police have also identified the officer that shot and killed the pit bull. Police say Officer David Pilkington was dispatched to the home where the dogs were fighting. According to a police report witnesses called 911 when one of the dogs would not let go of the other dog. According to the report witnesses described the fight as, "vicious and horrible.There was blood everywhere," said one of the witnesses who called 911. Pilkington arrived at the home at 12:20 p.m.. A detective arrived one minute later.

The report states a black pit bull in the front yard was fighting with another pit bull through a fence in the side yard. "One of the 911 calls received came from a person driving down the street and saw all of this," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo with Chandler police. According to the report a lady standing in the side yard with one of the dogs was spraying a hose to try and break up the fight. Pilkington pulled out his stun gun and sparked it with no effect. The detective tried using his baton to separate the dogs but was unable to. "There was certainly reports that the dog was screaming and howling," said Favazzo. That's when Pilkington pulled out his handgun and shot the black pit bull. According to the report it was three minutes after Pilkington arrived at the home.

The report then says it was at that point the detective noticed that the fence the dogs were in was secured. Along with the report Chandler police released video from one of the responding detectives body cameras. The video does not start rolling until after the shooting but does capture a very animated conversation with Pilkington and the dog's owner Javier Robles. Almost immediately after arriving at the home following the shooting Robles confronts the officer, according to a videotape. "I want to know what justified you shooting my dog?" Robles asks.

A supervisor would attempt to calm Robles down telling him an investigation into the shooting will take place."How am I going to calm down after one of your officers killed my dog in cold blood?" asks Robles.Robles, tells 12 News he has hired an attorney and plans to seek justice for his dog. He also says a security camera on his house shows a good portion of what took place including the shooting. Neighbors told police the dogs have a history of fighting. One neighbor took video of the incident before police arrived, that video is now in police custody.


Hoarder From Future Animal Ownership Along With Felony Charges

In Phoenix, an investigation revealed a huge hoarding situation involving zebras, alpacas, farm and domestic animals; about 100 animals in all. They were living in feces filled areas, some nearly four feet high. Police were summoned to this home due to the horrendous odor and noises sustained by neighbors of the woman.

The woman originally had all good intentions in caring for the animals but just got so overwhelmed, never tried to find homes for any of the animals she could not care for, had some that were not even legal like a zebra, and never called authorities to ask for help. The animals lived in squalor and many did not even have access to any water when authorities arrived. The woman was not cooperative and detectives had to obtain a search warrant in order to investigate and rescue the animals.

Despite good intentions, all of us with a strong heart for animals know the responsibilities and would turn to the professionals to help in times of need. This woman was capable of doing just that but did not. We are trying to ensure she does face felony charges and be banned from future animal ownership. Help in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition on all media sites to gain justice for all the affected animals in this hoarding situation.


He punched the dog which means he is capable of doing worse to an animal.

San Marcos Man, Jason Edward Stey, Charged with Rape, Burglary, Animal Cruelty

CALIFORNIA -- Sheriff’s Deputies from the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station arrested Jason Edward Stey, a 27 year-old San Marcos resident, after they responded to a 911 call at 940 W. San Marcos Blvd on Sunday, January 4, 2015. A 911 operator overheard a disturbance inside the business over the open phone line, and updated responding deputies. Shortly after arriving, deputies learned Stey assaulted a woman inside a business at the location.

The victim told deputies Stey choked her and punched her numerous times before assaulting her sexually. The victim said her dog was getting between her and Stey, and Stey punched the dog causing the dog to flee. The victim sustained injuries during the assault, and medics took the victim to an area hospital for treatment. San Marcos deputies and detectives from the Sheriff’s Sexual Assault Unit conducted an investigation which is ongoing.

Deputies booked Jason Stey into the Vista Detention Facility for the following charges:
 261 (A)(2) – PC – Rape By Force/Fear (F)
 245 (A)(4) – PC – ADW With Force:Possible Gbi (F)
 459 – PC – Burglary (Commercial) (F)
 220 (A) – PC – Assault W/Intent To Commit Rape (F)
 288 A (C)(2) – PC – Oral Copulation W/Force Or Fear (F)
 289 (A)(1)(A) – PC – Sexual Penetration W/Force/Fear/Etc
 (F) 597 (A) – PC – Cruelty To Animal/S (F)

Stey’s bail was set at $300,000. He is scheduled to be arraigned in the Vista Court on January 7, 2015. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Sexual Assault Unit at (858) 974-2316–after,hours at (858) 565-5200.


The suspect, 24, smiled for video camera while he brutalized girlfriend’s pet.

Pausing to smile and lick his lips in satisfaction for the benefit of the video camera, a 24-year-old Princeton, Minn., man dragged his live-in girlfriend’s dog in front of the lens, body-slammed the modest-sized husky on a concrete garage floor and beat the pet before taking him outside and fatally shooting the animal, according to charges.

Anthony R. Sather was charged Wednesday in Sherburne County District Court with felony animal torture, with many of the allegations based on three videos that Sather’s girlfriend found on his computer showing the assault by the 150-pound defendant in October upon Draco, a 3- to 4-year-old Shiba Inu husky, a breed that typically tops out at about 22 pounds.

Sather, who is also charged with two felony drug possession counts as part of the torture investigation, was arrested Monday and remains jailed in lieu of $250,000 bail ahead of a Jan. 28 hearing. “The torture, it shocks the conscience,” Sheriff’s Capt. Scott Fildes said Thursday. “[The video] was extremely difficult to watch.” Fildes said he and his colleagues in law enforcement “see things that we don’t want to see all the time, and this was just horrible.”

Within days of Draco’s death, Andrea M. Godfrey posted a memorial on YouTube to her pet, showing him playing about, having his belly rubbed and snuggling with her in bed. “When I was sad you were there,” the nearly 4-minute video noted to the echoes of Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On.”


Maximum Penalty for Man Who Used Sword on Family Dog

Punish a Maine who used a sword to attack the family dog during an altercation and assault on his wife. When trying to attack the wife during the argument, the dog tried to protect her at which time the man took a sword and attacked the dog. We are asking for the most severe punishment by law for domestic violence as well as animal cruelty.

It is so disturbing how many times a family argument or domestic dispute leads to an offense against children and pets within the same home! Such an incident occurred in St. Albans, Maine when a man, Mr. Bruce E. Bennett, 33, assaulted his wife during a verbal and physical altercation. The woman left the home to try to get away from the man but apparently the family dog tried to protect her during the assault.

As the woman left the home, the man turned on Malakai, the family's bulldog, using a sword. He was badly wounded by Mr. Bennett with the 2-1/2 foot long sword. Authorities were summoned to the home by the woman's brother's alarm who lives nearby the couple. Malakai is currently still at the animal hospital being treated for his wounds and appears to be making a good recovery.

It appears that the man is being charged and we want to ensure he gets the most severe repercussions allowed by law in the state of Maine. Along with using this extremely dangerous sword as a weapon, he needs jail time and fines for domestic abuse and animal cruelty abuse! Maybe he should also be required to take anger management as part of his sentencing. Help us to ensure the state inflicts upon him the harshest sentence allowed in addition to banning him from owning, caring or being near any other animals for the duration of his life.


Strictly punish Oregon man that chocked dog, threw it into Christmas tree in front of family!

Christmas is supposed to be the most peaceful time of the year of all of us. Taylor Jenson from Portland, Oregon, had something else in mind. The 29-year-old came home on Christmas Eve after a night soaked in alcohol and chocked his wife’s Jack Russell mix, before throwing it into the Christmas tree. His wife and 10-year-old daughter stood helplessly during the incident. The mother tried at one point to intervene, but was quickly pushed aside. The dog survived, but was pretty shaken up.

Trying to defend his actions, the man claimed he was experiencing a rough patch, since he was recently discharged from the Navy and had trouble adjusting to civilian life; in addition, his mother was very sick. In addition, he had a little problem with the pooch as well, because he believed ‘his wife loved the dog more than him’.

Jenson was charged on two counts and was set free without bail. He will appear in court on January 13th.

Please sign the petition and make sure this man gets what he deserves. We, the undersigned, ask the authorities to pursue the maximum penalty for Mr. Taylor Jenson. There is no justification for such acts whatsoever. He is a threat to both his family and pets.

Please show your support today and show the authorities how much we would like to see Mr. Jenson harshly punished for what he did to an innocent pooch!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Strictly-punish-Oregon-man-that-chocked-dog-threw-it-into-Christmas-tree-in-front-of-family-t-1051

  Christmas is supposed to be the most peaceful time of the year of all of us. Taylor Jenson from Portland, Oregon, had something else in mind. The 29-year-old came home on Christmas Eve after a night soaked in alcohol and chocked his wife’s Jack Russell mix, before throwing it into the Christmas tree. His wife and 10-year-old daughter stood helplessly during the incident. The mother tried at one point to intervene, but was quickly pushed aside. The dog survived, but was pretty shaken up.

Trying to defend his actions, the man claimed he was experiencing a rough patch, since he was recently discharged from the Navy and had trouble adjusting to civilian life; in addition, his mother was very sick. In addition, he had a little problem with the pooch as well, because he believed ‘his wife loved the dog more than him’.

Jenson was charged on two counts and was set free without bail. He will appear in court on January 13th.


Strictly punish Oregon man that chocked dog, threw it into Christmas tree in front of family!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Strictly-punish-Oregon-man-that-chocked-dog-threw-it-into-Christmas-tree-in-front-of-family-t-1051
Strictly punish Oregon man that chocked dog, threw it into Christmas tree in front of family!

Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: http://www.yousignanimals.org/Strictly-punish-Oregon-man-that-chocked-dog-threw-it-into-Christmas-tree-in-front-of-family-t-1051

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