Cruelty beyond comprehension. These cowards have been convicted of random acts of cruelty crimes for their brutal, hateful, heartless, vicious, merciless and murderous acts of Animal cruelty. Please help vote for tougher laws to stop people like these.

This just makes me mad!! Dog Torture = Slap on the Wrist

Braden Paul VoigtYes, sadly this is yet another story of a lack of justice in the “justice system” especially when it comes to animal abuse.  The abuser; 23 y.o., 6’2″ Braden Paul Voigt.  The abused; his girlfriend’s tiny 15-pound rat terrier named Lacy. On April 1, 2011 Clackamus County deputies responded to a 911 call and when they finally made it into the Lake Crest apartment, found the dog cowering in the bathtub covered in urine and feces.

Standing at the door to Voigt’s apartment, Dep. Bryon O’Neil said he heard yelling and thumping consistent with the sound of someone hitting a body and a high-pitched guttural screaming. O’Neil said he wasn’t certain what he was hearing.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever heard … more animal than human,” testified O’Neil, who briefly considered kicking the door in when no one responded to his knocking or statements. O’Neil checked the door and found it unlocked. He walked in and found Voigt on a living room couch. (OregonLive)

They found hemorrhaging in the dog’s eyes and injuries consistent with strangling or use of excessive force in the dog’s upper body.  Of course the coward denied hitting the dog, said he had shouted loudly and both he and his supportive girlfriend (that’s right, the dog’s owner) blamed the girlfriend’s ex for the poor dog’s injuries.

Voigt said the dog chewed on some tanning goggles and attacked him. Yeah, big tough guy got a little scratch from a tiny little 15-pound so he brutally beats and tortured the dog.

And what kind of justice is meted out by our (in)justice system?  This bully, Braden Paul Voigt, was found guilty of second-degree animal abuse but not guilty of neglect and also not guilty of aggravated animal abuse, ie. torturing an animal.  So he get 15 days in jail (which will probably be already served or suspended, something easy), 2 years probation and 3 years prohibited from owning and animal.

And we wonder what’s wrong with our kids and young adults today! God help and children this “man” has or will have in the future.  Will he go “overboard” with them as he said he did with this tiny, defenseless dog?


Man Who Duct Taped and Dumped Sick Dog in Jail… Finally

Meet Shane Morehouse, 52, of Fort Edward, NY.  He’s one of two men who were accused of duct taping then dumping a big shaggy dog along a rural road in Argyle, NY in Feb. of 2012.  The other was Louis M. Hart, 43, of Hudson Fall, NY.  When found, the dog had both legs duct taped together, was seriously underweight and  had a serious wound on it’s neck from wearing a too tight collar.

“It was just laying there,” a Trooper said. The dog’s back legs had been taped together, as had the front legs, and it had been able to work free of duct tape that had been put around its mouth. It also had a nasty wound to its neck, police said. Jason Rozelle, one of the town workers who helped the dog, said it ate grass along the side of the road after it was freed and was drinking water from a ditch.

After some investigation it was found that the dog, Chubby, belonged to Hart.  Hart decided rather than pay for the medical care that Chubby, a ten-year-old Malamute-mix, needed due to wearing a heavy chain and too small collar, he’d dump the dog.  So he and his buddy, Morehouse planned to do just that.

Sadly, just days after being rescued and saved, poor Chubby’s life came to an end after it was found that he also had advanced cancer.  A sad end to what was a sad and neglected life on a chain, outside year around, tossed scraps to eat. At the time, both men were originally charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, but a Washington grand jury upgraded the charges to felony animal cruelty along with the misdemeanor charges. Eventually both Morehouse and Hart were sentenced to 30 days in Washington County Jail and put on probation for 3 years. So much for justice, eh?

To read more:

Dog thrown down stairs, put in dryer Jonesborough, TN (US)Dustin Ricky Harrell pleaded guilty.

Dustin Ricky Harrell pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty in Washington County, TN court today. He admitted to the judge he killed his family's Yorkie last November after nearly four hours of torture.

"I threw it down the stairs, I put it in the washer and dryer, and I held the dog underwater," Harrell told the judge. "I killed and tortured my family dog and I tried to be truthful from the start. I did not want to hide anything your honor. I wanted to come in and tell the truth from the very first time."

During Wednesday's hearing Judge Robert Cupp asked Harrell what possessed him to be so cruel to an animal. Harrell testified he was sexually abused as a child and that his own alcohol and drug abuse played a role.

"That combined with drug and alcohol abuse, it don't mix and it will take you down a long, hard road," Harrell said. "I can tell you what I did with drugs and alcohol, but I have no excuse for it. At the time, I'd done synthetic drugs such as bath salts. I'd done heroin and Oxycodone."

Harrell told the judge he went into a rehab treatment center in January and spent 30 days there. Judge Cupp will sentence the man on July 10.

His sentence could range from one to two years in prison unless the judge decides to grant him judicial diversion. According to Assistant District Attorney Erin McArdle, since Harrell pleaded guilty to the original charge, the judge has more discretion than usual when it comes to sentencing. However, prosecutors say they will push for the maximum sentence.

"The volume of the crime that he committed, aggravated animal cruelty, and the steps that he took to commit that crime, he deserves to be in prison for that," McArdle said.

Animal activists were also on hand for the plea hearing. Seven members of Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue told us at the least, they believe Harrell should spend some time behind bars.

"Even if it's half the time it's a good beginning for justice," Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue President Regina Isenberg said. "We would love to have the maximum, but we're also content if that's what the judge decides. I hope the young man had learned his lesson and the little treatment he got, I hope it's the beginning and not the end. We're here for justice for Honey and it looks like justice could come."
Source: - May 30, 2012

Read more: Dog thrown down stairs, put in dryer - Jonesborough, TN | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

Killers of War Hero’s Dog Sentenced

lutrell_daisyWell, it’s justice of a sort and better than nothing.  Two of the “men” who brutally killed Marcus Luttrell’s dog Daisy were sentenced; Alfonso Hernandez, 27, was given the maximum sentence for the state-jail felony charge of cruelty to non-live stock animals, Michael John Edmonds, 24, was sentenced to five years probation and fined $1,000.  Edmonds received a lesser sentence because he pleaded guilty and  testified against his friend and cohort in the killing.

In 2009, on the night in question, Marcus Luttrell heard gunshots and after checking on his mother, grabbed his gun and took off out of his Texas home.  He tracked the commotion to a roadside ditch where he saw what was going on; four young punks laughing over the brutally shot and killed body of his dog, Daisy. The punks had taken Daisy, who was a friendly dog, from her home, dragged her to the road, beat her with a bat and shot her with a .357.

marcus_luttrellLuttrell, a former Navy SEAL, Navy Cross recipient and sole survivor of a deadly June 2005 firefight with Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Daisy, or actually DASY, wasn’t just a dog, not that any are, DASY was actually a natural therapy dog given  as a puppy to Luttrell as he lay in the hospital recovering from his wounds and her name was a acronym that stood for the names of four of the men in his unit.

edmondsYou can imagine the pain, grief and anger he must have felt watching these punks laughing over Daisy’s body; Daisy, his best friend, the dog he thought of as his “daughter,” his connection to his fallen comrades and friends.

The punks, two identified as Michael Edmonds, who is on the run and Alfonso Hernandez, who has been arrested and charged, started running then.  Luttrell got in his truck and chased them across four counties, keeping in touch with authorities who whole time.  There was numerous times that Luttrell could have shot them and didn’t, although you will see in the interview below, he wanted to.

hernandezIn Huntsville, TX,  a roadblock was set and the four punks were apprehended, stil laughing and they actually threatened Luttrell’s life.

Unfortunately only 2 of the 4 were charged, the remaining two were seen as “bystanders” even though they stood by laughing.

Alfonso Hernandez was charged with animal cruelty and if convicted faces up to two years in prison but Michael Edmonds is on the run and authorities want him caught.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Texas Rangers in Huntsville, Texas at: (936) 435-0152 and ask for Sgt. Steven Jeter.

If you been around this website for any length of time, you know that I have great respect for our soldiers and troops and support them. Sure, there are some bad apples but I believe most of them put their heart in the defense of our country. Most are quiet heroes with untold stories of horrors and hardship but the ones that do stand out, Like Marcus Luttrell represent them all and when something like this happens it is a blow to them all.

To read more:


Puppy swung around by leash, videotaped New York, NY (US)

Incident Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Irving Sanchez

An East Harlem man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after being caught on security camera brutally attacking a pit bull puppy inside his building's elevator, police said. The dog's owner, Irving Sanchez, 46, who lives in the building, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, officials said. Sanchez has nine prior arrests for drug possession. Irving Sanchez, 46, of East Harlem, was riding inside the elevator in the Wagner Houses public housing complex at 2370 First Ave. around 9 p.m. Sunday night when he was caught on camera swinging a brown-and-white puppy named Max around by its leash, according to the video released by the NYPD. Sanchez can be seen slamming the cowering pup into the metal walls of the elevator, whipping it with the leash end across his face, kicking it, and backing it against the door. The dog in turn cowers.

Case Updates

The Manhattan district attorney's office said Sanchez, 46, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in July and was sentenced last month to six months in jail.

Read more: Animal Abuse: Puppy swung around by leash, videotaped - New York, NY | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

Owner of Courage the Starved Dog Arrested

Arrested yesterday was Kimberly Nizato, 26, in the near starving death of Courage.  After receiving an anonymous tip, animal control authorities found that Kimberly Nizato works part-time as a veterinarian technician for Southern California Veterinary Referral Group in Irvine.  Kimberly Nizato went with her father to Southeast Area Animal Control Authority to complete a request for paperwork on her dog (named Bosco) and was arrested after questioning.

Kimberly Nizato

Yeah, the veterinary technician that starved her dog, now known as Courage.   Read about this pathetic veterinary professional here. She pled no contest to felony animal cruelty back in June, but Nizato’s attorney asked the judge that the charge be reduced, saying it was a “crime of omission, not commission.”  That was one hell of an omission.  A dog in your house starving to death.  She just didn’t care. So she was sentenced on one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty instead of the felony charge she originally faced.  Thirty days in county jail and three years’ probation and was ordered to pay the Orange County German Shepherd Rescue organization $2,034 in restitution.  She was also banned from owning a pet and ordered her to undergo counseling.  Good luck with that. Now here are a few interesting tidbits.  Abusers appealing their sentences.  Boy they never quit.

This just makes me ill to see such a horrific tragedy turned even worse... This is just sickening to use a dog like this...

Bear. A Dog used for 9-11 Fraud and Deception

Captain Scott Shields and his eleven-year-old golden retriever, Bear, traveled to Ground Zero from Connecticut to help in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. Bear was the first canine inside to search the rubble. He worked eighteen-hour days, and he is credited with finding the most victims, including FDNY Chief Peter Ganci and FDNY Commissioner Thomas Feehan. Because of Bear’s heroism, Scott Shields established the Bear Search and Rescue Foundation that deployed 27 teams to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  They were credited with 847 live rescues and the evacuation of over 4,000 people by boat. Bear also responded to the Oklahoma bombing site searching for victims.  And it was all lies.

According to court records, Scott and Patricia Shields applied for mortgage and rental assistance from FEMA after Sept. 11, 2001, claiming they lived in Manhattan at the time. However, government records show they were living and working in Greenwich, Connecticut – not New York – and not eligible for FEMA assistance.  The aid was only meant for people who lived near the World Trade Center, those who had been injured by the events, and businesses that were damaged.  Not for those who moved to Manhattan after the fact.  Shields received money earmarked for those living near Ground Zero: $38,906 from FEMA and $10,553 from the Red Cross after he gave false information to the agencies.

Shields was sentenced to eight months in federal prison after his conviction.  After his release from prison, Shields entered into three years of supervised release. He was ordered pay back $49,439 to the government.  His sister, Patricia Shields, received an identical sentence.

And then there is the matter of the Foundation, The Bear Search and Rescue Foundation.  According to the Foundation’s IRS submitted form 990, in 2003, there was over $37,000 in donations but only $2,000 of it was given out as grants.  Except for a few expense deductions by Scott Shields, the bulk of it was never accounted for. In February 2011, Scott Shields was back in court to answer for probation violations.  It seems once Shields was out of prison, he continued his con at other events and rescues.  Further probation restrictions were applied:

  • Filing all delinquent or amended tax returns.
  • Shutting down the Foundation website.
  • Not to possess any law enforcement i.d. (Police, Fire, Military, Rescue, etc.)
  • Not to engage in any fundraiser or public speaking.
  • Not to sell the book “Bear: Heart of a Hero”

And just this past July, Scott’s sister, Patricia Shields, was led from a Stamford, Connecticut courtroom to serve a two-year prison sentence for violating her probation.   In 1999, Shields was handed a five-year suspended sentence and five years probation for first-degree larceny. She was ordered to make full restitution of $41,624 as part of her probation, but had failed to do so.

To read more:


This could go either way but with your help it could go Mammas way !!!

Mamma was murdered according to the Bottom Line

Bill Richards is employed by Lawrence County in Kentucky as the Dog Warden.  He takes his job seriously.  Very seriously.  In fact, he is quoted in the news after shooting a very dangerous dog. “All I can say is that I was just doing my job, and I felt I had to shoot the dog or I wouldn’t have done it.   These things happen and it is my job to protect the public and myself from dangerous animals and that’s all I did.” “Bottom line.” Um…lets take a look at that “very dangerous dog”.

This is “Mamma”, a pit bull that had 8 puppies.

She strayed into Jessica Shane’s yard and almost immediately gave birth.   Even though Jessica somewhat believed the bad hype and bullshit dished out about pit bulls, this little mother charmed Jessica’s heart.   These two mothers made sure the puppies were safe and well cared for.  But Jessica Shane could not keep them and made arrangements with the local humane society to have them picked up for a chance at life.

Enter the Bill Richards the Dog Warden.  He arrived at the Shane residence when no one was at home.  Claims Mamma tried to attack him 3 times, even chasing him down the street.  Never mind that Mamma was attached to a 15 foot chain.  Bill Richard then decided to do his job.  He shot the mother dog dead.  Then, took the puppies to the human society where they were euthanized. You can read Jessica’s account here at You can read Richards’ rebuttal to the account at as well.

There are no witnesses to Richards’ account on what happened.  And as a Dog Warden, he should have known a mother animal would defend her young if she felt threatened.  Bill Richards could of handled this way different Or, did you just shoot poor Mamma because she was a Pit Bull. Well, the Wild Internet Kingdom has now caught up with Mr. Richard and his Bottom Line. is keeping an account on all the news related to Bill Richard’s Bottom Line. Also keeping tabs on the Bottom Line is Fire Bill Richards and Charge Him with a Crime Blogspot.   Where they organized all the elected officials to be contacted There is also a petition Demand Justice for Mamma pit and puppies killed by KY dog warden. than giving up, pulling out a gun, and firing at Mamma between the eyes killing her.  Seems like Bill Richard’s *Bottom Line* was taking care of business because it was the close of “his business day”.  Congratulations Bill.

And for the Facebook users, there is an online event.

Seems like the public wants Bill Richards’ buns served up on a platter.  As much as you and I would like to see that – don’t contact him.  There have been too many threats made against him.  Concentrate on the contact list following this post. In addition, Bill Richards actions ar being defended by Lawrence County Judge John A. Osborne.   For you Lawrence County, Kentucky voters…remember this when election time rolls around again for this guy. There was absolutely no excuse to execute this dog.  Any Dog Wardens out there that operates by Bill Richards and his Bottom Line are not to be trusted.

To read more:

6-month-old dog repeatedly slashed in the face Denver, CO (US)

Incident Date: Monday, Jun 27, 2011

Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Matthew Davonn Weatherspoon

Police have arrested a 19-year-old Denver man accused of repeatedly stabbing his 6-month-old puppy. Police arrested Matthew Davonn Weatherspoon in the Monday puppy attack, said Denver police spokesman Detective John White. He was being held on investigation of felony aggravated animal cruelty. Someone found the American bulldog, named Diamond, wandering around an apartment complex at 6875 E. Iliff Ave. early Monday morning. The owner of the American bulldog pup said he became angry after the puppy bit him, so he grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed the dog, "slashing his face," Doug Kelley, director of Denver Animal Care and Control, told the Denver Post.

Case Updates
A man who pleaded guilty to stabbing a 6-month-old American bulldog five times in the face is back in jail.
When Matthew Witherspoon pleaded guilty in the animal cruelty case, he was on probation for a juvenile property crime he committed in 2009. The current case was a violation of the juvenile probation, so that was revoked and the judge ordered Weatherspoon to 30 days in jail. Weatherspoon is still under 30 months probation for the animal cruelty case which states that he can not own any animals during that period and that he must receive mental help.
Source: - Nov 17, 2011

Read more: Animal Abuse: 6-month-old dog repeatedly slashed in the face - Denver, CO | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

9 dogs seized, starving & dehydrated, one dead Waianae, HI (US)

Incident Date: Thursday, Jun 9, 2011
County: Honolulu

Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Ruth Lum

The owner of nine dogs that were rescued in Waianae earlier this month has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty. KHON2 first told you about this case two weeks ago after Hawaiian Humane Society rescuers said nine dogs were found starving and dehydrated on a Waianae property, one was dead. "On the afternoon on June 9 one of our humane investigators was flagged down by a pedestrian that reported that some of the animals weren't being cared for and they didn't see the owner in about a month," said Hawaiian Human Society Field Services Manager Delvin Honda. The dogs were removed; two were taken to a vet clinic in critical condition.

Case Updates
A 56-year-old Waianae woman was sentenced to a deferred one-month jail term after being found guilty of six counts of animal cruelty in state District Court this afternoon. Ruth Lum pleaded no contest to the charges today. Hawaiian Humane Society officials said nine dogs were left without food or water for up to a month at a remote Waianae Valley site in June. One animal was found dead; the others were nursed back to health by the Humane Society and have been placed in new homes.

Under the terms of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Lum will not need to serve the jail term if she passes a one-year probationary period without any incidents. District Judge Dean Ochiai ordered her to pay $3,346 in restitution, to be paid in monthly $30 increments, to the Humane Society for the care of the animals.

Additionally, Lum was sentenced to 180 hours of community service. Ochiai said he will recommend to the Hawaii Judiciary's Community Service Sentencing Branch that she fulfill her community service as a volunteer at the Humane Society.
Source: - Dec 7, 2011

Read more: Animal Abuse: 9 dogs seized, starving & dehydrated, one dead - Waianae, HI | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

This could go either way....

For Immediate Release: May 26, 2011
Says zoo’s decision to keep Nico Dauphine in her position “profoundly troubling”

BETHESDA, MD — Alley Cat Allies, the national advocate for stray and feral cats, today called on the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo to suspend Nico Dauphine, a wildlife researcher accused of attempting to poison cats at a park near her home in Washington, D.C., until the criminal charges against her have been resolved. In a letter to the zoo’s director, Dennis Kelly, Alley Cat Allies president Becky Robinson says the zoo’s decision to keep Dauphine in her position despite the serious allegations of animal cruelty against her “sends a message to the Washington, D.C. community and all of America that the lives of cats have no value.”

“Keeping her on staff during this time would be a violation of the public’s trust in the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution,” Robinson wrote. In the letter, Robinson points out that Trap-Neuter-Return, a humane program for feral cats that ends the breeding cycle and stabilizes the population, enjoys widespread support from city officials and residents in Washington, D.C. The park where Dauphine’s alleged poisoning attempt occurred is home to many feral cats who are cared for by local residents.

“Intentionally poisoning and killing a cat by any means is a felony crime in virtually all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Attempting to perpetrate this cruelty with rat poison and anti-freeze—as Dr. Dauphine is charged—is even more stunning in its brutality. Poisoning is a slow and painful death,” Robinson wrote. Robinson also notes that according to national media reports, Dauphine’s current research project involves “mounting small cameras on domestic cats that roam outdoors to see how they affect wild bird populations.”

Alley Cat Allies also asked supporters to sign a petition calling on the zoo to suspend Dauphine from her duties until the matter is resolved. The petition has so far garnered more than 6,000 signatures.

For full text of the letter to the National Zoo, see

To read more:

I know she wasn't convicted but she is someone to watch if she's capable of this.

Woman who dumped cat in bin given 'police protection' as thousands join Facebook protest group

A middle-aged woman caught on camera dumping a cat into a wheelie bin is being offered police protection as thousands join a Facebook group protesting against her actions.  The woman - a bank worker from Rugby who has been interviewed by police - is then seen grabbing the cat, called Lola, by the scruff of her neck and throwing her into the green bin before slamming the lid shut.

Scroll down to see video

lola and the stanger

The woman appears to be harmless as she strokes four-year-old cat, Lola, as it walks along a wall on a street in Coventry

The middle aged woman then grabs the cat by the scruff of its neck and puts it in the bin before shutting the lid

The middle-aged stranger then grabs the cat by the scruff of its neck and puts it in the bin

The woman appears to be harmless as she strokes the four-year-old cat as it walks along a wall

After dropping the poor moggy in the container, she shuts the lid, trapping it inside

The woman then casually walks away. The cat was found by its owner 15 hours later

The woman then casually walks away. The cat was found by its owner 15 hours later She then calmly continues on her way. The woman is due to be interviewed by the RSCPA today. The four-year-old rescue cat was trapped in the bin for 15 hours before her owners found her the next morning.

Today, more than 5,000 people have joined a Facebook group to track down the grey-haired woman, whose identity has been revealed to the RSPCA and Coventry Police.However, a force spokesman denied the woman has been offered 'official police protection' but admitted there are police community support officers outside her home as a 'sensible precaution'. 'Coventry Policehave not arrested the woman because she has not committed a criminal offence.

Read more:


Couple kidnaps dog and shoots him. A video captures the kidnapping in Toledo Ohio. Sentenced


Eric Skowron and Alisha King

Found guilty last month of cruelty to animals after having pleaded no contest. Skowron also entered a no contest plea to firearms discharge and criminal trespassing. Alisha King pleaded no contest to petty theft.  City prosecutors dropped charges against Skowron of theft, endangering, and filing a false police report. They also dropped a trespass charge against King.   Dumb faced up to 13 months in jail, and Dumber could have received a year.

Skowron was sentenced to a total of 30 days jail time, with an 60 additional days in either work release or electronic monitoring.  He also must serve four years’ active probation, two years of inactive probation, 100 hours of community service, and pay $100 in fines, plus court costs.  He left the courtroom straight to a jail cell. King was sentenced to 30 days electronic monitoring, 100 hours of community service, two years’ probation, and $100 in fines plus court costs.They both were ordered not to have contact with Tyson or his owners. Tyson’s owners have filed a civil lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court against  Skowron and King.  That suit seeks in excess of $25,000 for Tyson’s care, plus $150,000 in punitive damages. So…are they still an item?  To read more:

Original story:                                                                                                                                               

Couple kidnaps dog and shoots him. A video captures the kidnapping in Toledo Ohio. A judge has set a trial date Wednesday for the man and woman accused of trying to steal and shooting a dog. Eric Skowrun and his girlfriend Alisha King are both charged with animal cruelty in the case. Skowrun was trying to work out a plea deal after refusing to serve jail time, but the judge would not accept the deal.

Tyson was shot twice, once through the eye and once through his chest. Luckily the bullets managed to miss major artery and organs.  But two .45 bullets remain lodged in his front right leg.   

Josh Luck’s neighbor has surveillance video around his home. It shows two suspects, a male and female, in Josh’s driveway.

Eric Skowron and Alisha Marie King

Eric Skowron on Myspace.  It’s reported he works for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant, and has been bragging about shooting a dog to his coworkers and Facebook friends.  Skowron was fired from his job at the Fermi 2 Power Plant. If you would like to read more:

Woman charged animal cruelty after mutilating cat to wear to the Lady Gaga concert. See video below

 See video below


I for one, am sorry she did not get more time for these horrific crimes.

From my friend Phil:

Woman who tortured and killed dozens of family pets in front of her seven children is jailed

By Daily Mail Reporter  31st March 2011

  • Woman buried 42 dead dogs in her back garden
  • One cat was hanged on child's bunk bed
  • Children - all now in care - made to use bucket as a toilet and were banned from showering
  • Judge disappointed he could not give heftier sentence than two-year maximum
Sharon McDonough, 44, tortured and killed dozens of family pets in front of her children before burying the animal carcasses in her back garden

Sharon McDonough, 44, tortured and killed dozens of family pets in front of her children before burying the animal carcasses in her back garden A woman who abused her seven children and tortured and killed dozens of family pets, sometimes in the presence of the children, was given the maximum two-year jail term yesterday.

Sharon McDonough, 44, pleaded guilty last month to animal abuse and child endangerment charges after authorities said she created what her son called 'a concentration camp for the animals' in her New York home, burying animal carcasses in her back garden. It was that adult son, Douglas McDonough, who turned in his mother to authorities in 2009. Neither he nor his six younger sisters attended the sentencing in Suffolk County Court, but Assistant District Attorney John Cortes read a pre-sentencing letter that Douglas McDonough sent to the judge.

McDonough was sentenced to two years at New York's Suffolk County Court. Her adult son, Douglas McDonough, said his mother had created 'a concentration camp for the animals' and turned her in to authorities in 2009. The children were not only abused but were also forced to witness the deaths of family pets. They lived amid the animals that were kept in wretched cages filled with urine and faeces. McDonough acknowledged once placing duct tape over the mouth of a cat and hanging it from the ladder of a daughter's bunk bed until it died.

Read more:


He Kicked a Dog to Death in Front of Children

Michael Tessmer

His idea of stress relief is to kick his black labradoodle in front of his kids.  So hard the dog died later the same night.  His idea of explaining it to his kids and his soon to be ex-wife was “poor Zorro must have had a heart attack”.  But he was definitely at a loss to explain it when he got arrested because his son, 11-years-old at the time, goes to school and draws a picture of the incident entitled “My Dad is a Killer”. A jury found Tessmer guilty of causing mental harm to a child and mistreatment of animals, causing death – both felonies.  Tessmer is facing up to nine years in prison when he is sentenced May 9 2011. The mental harm charge carries a 7 1/2 -year prison term; the mistreatment of animals, a 1 1/2 -year term. To read more:

Original story:

Michael TessmerIt’s horrific enough to viciously abuse an innocent animal but to kick a dog to death in front of your own children is beyond unconscionable! It takes a really sick a heartless person to do something like that and that’s just what 52-year-old Michael H. Tessmer of Waukesha, WI did.

Tessmer and his wife are in the process of divorcing and the children were staying with him for a few days.  On the day in question, the two children went with their father to his workplace for the day.  When they returned home after about 8-hours, they found that the dog, a 3-year-old labradoodle, had had accidents in the house. That was when Tessmer became enraged and kicked the dog in the chest between 5-10 times.  The following morning, Tessmer’s son overheard his father on the phone with his mother telling her that the dog died from a heart attack. Tessmer was arrested this past Friday and charged with felony mistreatment of animals. He’s also been ordered to have no contact with his children, wife or animals, and he had to surrender all weapons to police.  To see it:

This has been a long time coming...

Glynn Johnson – And the Verdict is…. GUILTY! YES!

Glynn JohnsonI know that, like me, many of you have been following Glynn Johnson’s brutal killing of 6-month-old puppy, Karley, from the beginning, hoping and praying for justice.  Well, we are one step closer to justice for Karley with Johnson’s guilty verdict today!!  Yes!  After less than 3 hours deliberation the jury returned a guilty verdict on both counts, felony animal cruelty and a sentence-enhancing allegation of using a deadly weapon against the puppy. Johnson faces up to 4 years in prison. Sentencing is to take place on March 8. Needless to say, the Toole’s are pleased with the verdict;

Original story:

Puppy Brutally Beat, Self-Defense Claimed – VIDEO

Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson and 6 month-old puppy, Karley

Update 2/13/09 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Suing the Owners of the Puppy He Killed

Update 12/23/08 – Glynn Johnson’s Puppy Killing Defense – VIDEO

Update 12/16/08 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Arrested… Finally!

Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson is in the hot spotlight after he beat a neighbor’s 6 month-old shepherd mix puppy so brutally he had to be put down.

On Monday evening, Jeff and Shelley Toole’s puppy, Karley, got out and went to visit neighbor, 24-yr-old Travis Staggs. Staggs lives one house over from the Toole’s and the house between belongs to Glynn Johnson. Staggs was walking the puppy home to the Toole’s when Johnson stepped in and told Staggs to give him the puppy, that he would take it home. Staggs wasn’t real happy but I guess you don’t argue with a guy when he’s a Fire Chief, a public official and a big guy and you’re a young guy just trying to do the right thing so Staggs reluctantly handed the puppy over to Johnson.

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image  Pit bull found tied to a picnic table, bloody, in sub-zero temps. Michael Jenkins sentenced but it shows once again our legal system is broken. When I get a picture of Michael Jenkins I will post it.

Monday February 7th Update:

CNY Central's Brandon Roth spoke with Michael Jenkins, Apollo the pit bull's former owner, outside of court in Utica where he was sentenced to community service Monday morning. Jenkins will perform 75 hours of community service at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society in Utica. He was charged with having an unlicensed, unvaccinated dog and having a dog running at large. The dog was found tied to a table in freezing temperatures on January 31.

Apollo today: See where he is:

Original Story: Pit bull found tied to a picnic table, bloody, in sub-zero temps

UTICA, January 24, 2011 -- Utica Police are looking for the owner of a dog that suffered extensive injuries after being left out in sub-zero temperatures -- tied to a table on a street corner -- Monday morning. The photos of the three-year-old pit bull, a white and brown male, are arguably disturbing. The small dog has wound markings all over his body – including patches where skin and hair have been torn away. He is bloody, and visibly distraught – ears back, tail curled under his legs and eyes drooping.  “A neighbor called the police around 5:30 a.m. after hearing the dog crying outside,” Hauck said. When police responded to the corner of Whitesboro and Dewitt streets, they were disturbed by what they saw – blood on the snowy sidewalk and the picnic table where the dog was tied up. “He had icicles all over him,” Hauck said, pointing out the various areas where the dog’s skin was bare and bloody with patches of fur missing from it. “Animals try to curl up in a ball to stay warm. That’s from him lying out in the cold. Probably his skin froze and when he tried to move, it tore.” The owner of the pup is being sought by UPD. Anyone who might have information about who the dog’s owner is and where that person could be should contact UPD’s Criminal Investigation Unit at 223-3500. All calls can be kept confidential.

Dead and Emaciated Dogs, Fire Captain at Center of Investigation – VIDEO

Jeff Ivey, Fire Captain of Petersburg Fire Department in Chesterfield, VA is at the center of an animal cruelty investigation after police found 8 dogs on a River Road property he moved out of only days ago.  Four of the dogs were dead and the other four were emaciated and dehydrated. Video:

A captain with the Petersburg Department of Fire and Emergency Services has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after authorities found eight dogs, four of them dead, in pens outside his former Chesterfield County home on River Road. Jeffery T. Ivey, 36, of the 9200 block of West Oak River Drive was charged Wednesday with one count each of cruelty to animals and failure to bury or cremate dead animals. Ivey recently had moved from the River Road address to a residence on West Oak River Drive, also in Chesterfield. Ivey is set to appear Jan. 14 in Chesterfield General District Court on the animal-cruelty count. A Feb. 25 court date has been set on the second charge, according to court records.

Case update: Justice is broken:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! An outstanding citizen.  A decorated fireman.  A nine-year veteran of the Petersburg Fire Department and a captain.   Well, this outstanding pillar of society had abandoned eight dogs at his home. Four of the dogs were dead and four others were barely alive.  They had no adequate food, shelter, or medical care.  Jeff Ivey faced two counts of felony animal cruelty and four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.  However, a jury convicted Jeff Ivey of four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. He will not serve jail time as part of his conviction. He has been ordered to pay a fine totaling $10,000.  And he remains a captain with the Petersburg Fire Department. Yeah, things are broken out there.

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Dog Dead After Having Plastic Spoon Inserted in Rectum

Michael WondraOkay my friends, we’ve got a sick one here! Meet Michael Wondra, 25, of St. Croix, WI.  He was arrested on suspicion of animal mistreatment after he is “alleged” to have put a plastic spoon in a dog’s rectum which has resulted in the dog’s death.

Neighbors heard a dog’s yelping for a couple hours and finally someone went to check out what was going on only to find a 9-month-old golden lab with a spoon protruding from its rectum. When the police arrived they found an 8-inch plastic spoon with a bloody handle and the dog severely injured.

The dog was transported to an emergency animal clinic in St. Paul and was found to have a punctured intestine. The injury was so severe that the dog had to be euthanized. Police arrested Wondra who resided at the home for intentional mistreatment to animals and as of Monday the St. Croix County District Attorney’s office had yet to review the case for possible charges against Wondra. No word whether the dog actually belonged to Wondra or not.

Conviction of Michael Wondra:  January 2011

 Michael Wondra was ordered to serve eight months in the St. Croix County Jail, three years on probation and he was fined $385.  Other conditions of his sentence include continued mental health programming, absolute sobriety and not to vote until his civil rights are restored.  He is also forbidden to have any animal, no matter what genus or species, in his home without approval of the courts. Michael Wondra is a species unlike no other.  Is there any chance in this lifetime that this species can become extinct by natural selection, asteroid collision, or alien abduction?

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Man Decides Disabled Dog Rabid, Shoots and Decapitates It – VIDEO

Humphry A Standfordville, NY man, Stanley Jablonka, 50, decided a dog that belonged to a friend staying with his family was potentially rabid and rather than turn to authorities, he took matters into his own hands  shot the dog then decapitated it.

The 3-year-old Great Dane, Humphrey, belonged to Tracey Sturgess, his ex-wife’s sister who was staying with Jablonka while he fixed her car so she could be on her way to California. Not only was Humphrey up to date on his shots, he was also blind and deaf and chained up in the garage at night for his own safety and this was where the atrocity took place.

Jablonka’s brother, Michael said the dog was aggressive and was barking at him and had him pinned. When Jablonka was told he decided the dog probably had rabies so he shot him and being the real brainiac figured he had to chop the poor dog’s head off so it could get tested for rabies, even though Tracy had shown him Humphrey’s up to date vaccination prior to that.

Stanley JablonkaSturgess said that Jablonka’s brother woke her up around midnight Sunday and told her there was a problem with her dog.  She rushed out only to find a pool of blood but no dog and that was when they told her they had shot Humphrey and cut off his head. “[Stanley] tried to say that the dog went after his brother,” she said, “but they shot the dog at the end of the chain. He was chained.” Sturgess told people there that she was calling the police. Jablonka, she said, told her she could be shot.

Case Update: 

Stanley Jablonka

The, uh, public health “expert” who decided a deaf and blind Great Dane was aggressive and rabid.  So pretending to be the professional he imagined himself, shoots the Dane and decapitates him.  Read the story about the knuckledragger  HERE. Found guilty of the inhumane destruction of a dog and was sentenced to six months in jail.  He was also found guilty of criminal possession of a firearm and criminal mischief.  As a convicted felon, Jablonka isn’t allowed to own weapons. Jablonka was not found guilty of animal cruelty. In addition to the six-month jail sentence, Jablonka has to pay a $1,000 fine, plus a $205 court surcharge. That’s not the end of the story.  Jablonka’s lawyer intends to appeal the verdict.  Wait…appeal a verdict that includes a convicted felon guilty of possession of firearms?

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Yeah, it’s broken. 

The Scale of Justice is horribly off balance.  The punishment of animal abusers is def not a priority in this country.  It’s an assembly line of delays, motions, tactics, deals, apathy, rich vs. poor, who you know, poor laws, and poor enforcement and administration of these laws. 2011 is going to be quite a year if this keeps up.

Christopher Comins.

Something really stinks down in Orange County Florida and it ain’t cattle droppings.  After 32 months, Christopher Comins Felony Animal Cruelty trial was held this week.  A jury was selected, opening statements were made, and the prosecution presented their case with witnesses and evidence.  But right smack in the middle of it, the presiding judge acquitted Comins of all charges, and the jury was dismissed.   Yeah, something really reeks down there

One of Chris Butler's HuskiesThe day that Christopher Comins brutally shot Chris Butler’s two huskies was just a normal day to start with. But when Chris Butler was out walking Raley and Hoochie on Monday, May 19, they got away from him and shortly thereafter the nightmare began.

He searched for Raley and Hoochie on foot then went home and got his car to track them down. When he found them, they we in a neighboring field near some cows. They were being playful and curious as dogs can be, not chasing the cows as some initially reported. This is backed up by the video you can view below.The cows were not intimidated, running away, clustered in a tight group or showing any indications of fear.

Charges in Orlando Dog Shooting Petition for Hoochie and Raley

Case Update

According to Orange County Judge Bob LeBlanc, the testimony did not indicate that Comins had acted cruelly.  Comins was only out there trying to “remove the dogs from the cattle”.  He said “This was not someone who was torturing an animal”.  According to the video, it certainly looked like torture to me.  Upset witnesses along the road honking their car horns and yelling to stop.  The dogs owner, Chris Butler, running up in panic over one of his dogs after it was shot – not once but several times.  Then Comins turning around and shooting the other dog in front of the distraught owner.   And that’s not torture.  Judges are elected in the State of Florida and Judge Bob LeBlanc is up for re-election in 2012.   Hummmmmm

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I thought this worthy of a double post. I also posted it in "Other Countries" cruelty.  I was thrilled to hear when President Barack Obama signed the bill to ban " Crush Videos" here in the USA.   There is a website that promotes the banning of this fetish. chinaSMACK

She is the women pictured all over the internet representing " Crush Videos". High-heeled kitten killer apologizes (Shanghai Daily)

Woman in sexy clothes caresses a kitten's fur along a riverbank.

Then she puts the small kitten on the ground.

She stomps on the head of the kitten with her high-heeled shoes and crushes it into death at last.
The woman, a Heilongjiang Province nurse named Wang Jue, said she was despondent over a failed marriage and allowed herself to be talked into crushing the animal to death while the cameras rolled. The video was later posted on the Internet and could be downloaded for free. It was used to attract viewers to a Website that featured videos of small animals being stomped to death by aggressive women. The Website, which sold the discs for 15 yuan each, is no longer operating. Immediately after the video was posted several weeks ago, enraged animal lovers began tracking down those involved in making the video. The actress and the video's producer were traced to Luobei County in the northern province. The woman's apology, and an earlier mea culpa from the video's producer, a cameraman at a provincial TV station, were posted this week on the county government's Website. The woman expressed remorse for her actions and their effects on others. Wang said she is divorced, depressed and having trouble figuring out what to do with her life. She said her despondence led to the cruelty against the kitten. She also said that her behavior had deeply hurt her family, especially her daughter. Both Wang and the man who produced the video were suspended from their jobs after they were identified. It was not clear what further punishments they might face - if any - as China does not have clear-cut laws preventing cruelty to animals.

Here's another stupid bitch without any regard for animal life: I hope she too burns in HELL along with her stupid little friends !!!!!!!

Young girl abuses and kills little rabbit

November 19th, 2010 by Key

A similar incidents of girl killing kittens with high heels happened in 2006 and also 2008 which caused a storm  each time on the Internet.  The incidents ended with netizens eventually human fleshed out the identity of the kitten killer and made her feel so ashamed to ever show her face again.  Let the human flesh search begin on the rabbit killer, we hope she too will get what she deserves.Recently "2010"a video of this young girl senselessly killing a little rabbit had appeared on the Internet.  In the video, a young girl with long hair dressed in white abused and killed the little rabbit.  She put a piece of thick glass plate on top of the the little rabbit and then sat on top of the glass plate.  Using her body weight she crashed the little rabbit to death.  Her 2 female friends watched and laughed when she committed the crime.



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